You can hear our pal Craig Kennedy talk about Holy Motors in this week’s episode of Oscar Podcast.

  • The Case for: Holy Motors

    by Russell Hainline When I first experienced Holy Motors, Leos Carax’s sprawling surrealis…
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  • Simon Warrasch

    My Personal TOP 5 for Actor in a Leading Role – right now – are:

    Joaquin Pheonix – The Master (WINNER)
    Mads Mikkelsen – The Hunt
    Omar Sy – The Intouchables
    Milan Peschel – Halt auf freier Strecke
    Denis Lavant – Holy Motors

  • Andrew Sidhom

    I didn’t think it was possible but this trailer actually got me kind of interested in the film.

    Did they tone down the weirdness here ?

  • Hands down the most misrepresentative trailer I’ve seen for a film. Shamelessly done. Most of what this trailer implies has utterly nothing to do with what actually happens in the film. There must be about 20 or 30 shots which, in this context, mean something entirely different to what they mean in the context of the film. At least that means that there remains plenty to discover when people see the film despite the fact that this trailer reveals quite a lot – it’s just impossible to contextualise it based on the edit job here.

  • white russian

    Amazing movie, one of my favourites of the year. No chance the academy will garner it with any awards though.

  • It could make it in Original Song, white russian. It’s merited a nomination for Original Song at least.

  • white russian

    That whole sequence was hilarious, one of many in that movie, Paddy. Can’t imagine kylie showing up performing it though.

    Unlesss the awards show won’t bother with the artist performing again.

  • I thought that sequence was quite moving, actually. There were many funny moments in Holy Motors, many emotional ones too, and this was one of the latter, I thought. And Kylie would totes show up to perform it. Totes.

  • “Most of what this _____ implies has utterly nothing to do with what actually happens in the ______.”

    Versatile template for selling any ______ in America.

  • steve50

    I’ll see anything with Denis Lavant after Beau Travail, and Holy Motors looks like fun.

    Maybe Lavant’s award chances would increase if they were reminded he did an incarnation of Les Mis back in the 80s (since that material is giving off some kind of pixie dust, it appears).

  • Houstonrufus

    Looks totally bananas. I can’t WAIT to see it. 🙂

  • Jeremie

    To be fair I don’t think any 2.30min trailer could do any justice to that film, and I don’t think this one is particularly misleading. If it makes people go and see the film, that’s a very good thing. It’s a great film, it has it flaws and lengthy bits, but it certainly is the most incredible and riveting film I have seen this year so far. And Lavant and Scob are just a pure joy to watch. Go and see it peeps, leave your preconception at the door and enjoy.

  • The Dude

    Holy Motors is awesome- I have no idea what it was about, but it was great. I don’t remember seeing a movie this surprising and unpredictable.

  • Mattoc

    “There were many funny moments in Holy Motors, many emotional ones too”

    And sometimes funny and emotional all at once…

    In respect to the trailer, it did conjur up a vibe that isn’t really the tone of the film. I would be quite happy sitting through the film they’re marketing in this trailer, but hey the real thing is sooo much better.

    If it is nominated for original song, which means it’s being seen, then Lavant is a show. I don’t think either will happen unfortunately. In Lavant’s case, his performance may come across as too ‘panto’ if you’re not feeling the movie.

    I’m very grateful Holy Motors was made, pure art, pure cinema and not even my best film of 2012 so far. I urge people to go see it if you can.

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