What is that sound? Oh, that’s the sound of panic.  The Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision opened the spigot for unlimited spending on candidates by Super PACs and while Obama’s campaign is taking in substantial donations it can’t compare to dump-trucks of cash the Romney campaign commands. So many billions of dollars are at stake here, not just the money being funneled with a fire hose into swing states as we speak, but hundreds of billions in lost revenue for the next 4 years if Romney takes over to extend the tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. The power elite wants a candidate they can control and Romney is their guy — an etch-a-sketch cipher who stands for nothing. The less he stands for, the less he knows, the higher his poll numbers climb.  America eats stupid for breakfast, we’ve known this for a long time, but this kind of thing seems like it crosses the line.

Now, a major cable provider is allowing viewers to watch the Obama hate movie, arguably one of the stupidest things ever put on film. A 90-minute campaign ad called a documentary and then pawned off on the American people as a legitimate film, for free. Let’s see how many people we can brainwash with out-and-out lies?

A major cable provider is offering a notorious anti-Obama movie to all its subscribers for free. The company, Armstrong Cable, operates in six states including Pennsylvania and the critical swing state of Ohio. The move comes just days after the Armstrong’s Chairman of the Board donated tens of thousands of dollars to the Romney campaign and the Republican National Committee.

The film, “2016: Obama’s America,” has been widely panned by critics and debunked by fact checkers. Written and narrated by conservative author Dinesh D’Souza, it claims Obama’s “worldview… was largely shaped by the anti-colonalist, anti-white and anti-Christian politics of Obama’s supposedly radical Kenyan father,” who was largely absent from his life. The point of the movie, according to a review in the Washington Post, is to convince viewers “that Obama hates America.” It ‘s been roundly rebuked as “fear-mongering of the worst kind.”

Armstrong recently started offering the movie for free, on demand, to all of its subscribers.

Our country is being hijacked by right-wing extremists who have convinced many Americans to fear the black man because the black man will cause you harm. It’s really as simple as that, folks. And it’s working. Too many people watch Fox News and they want to believe what Fox News tells them. Now millions of viewers who know to avoid Fox News will have garbage pumped into their homes through channels they normally trust.

An Armstrong executive confirmed to the Pittsburgh City Paper that “this is the first time the cable provider has offered such a deal for a recently released feature film.” Armstrong claims it will offer a free recently released film each month to encourage use of its premium on-demand offerings. But the company acknowledges no other recent releases are currently available without charge.

On September 21, just days before the promotion began, Armstrong Chairman Of The Board Jay Sedwick gave the maximum $5,000 to Mitt Romney’s campaign and an additional $25,000 to the Republican National Committee.

Armstrong cable is available in over 50 cities and towns in 10 Ohio counties. Analysts believe the outcome in Ohio may determine the outcome of the election. Most current polls in the state are within the margin of error.

D’Souza’s fake-umentary inaccurately portrays Obama as a socialist hellbent on destroying America. Funny, last time I saw their candidate, Mitt Romney, facing off the president, he agreed with everything the president said with regard to foreign policy. So, that would mean Mitt is a socialist too? Get out.

These are dark and dangerous times, my friends. Anyone who isn’t taking it seriously needs to sit up and take notice. Take a good long look at that sign. Those proportions are correct. Lies are taken as truths, smears are ignored and blatant propaganda like this, bought and paid for by conservative activists, can pass itself off as a “documentary.” Where have all of the smart journalists and reporters gone?

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  • smith

    What, no mention of how the cretinous D’Souza recently was forced to resign from his professorship for having an affair with his married girlfriend? Oh by the way, D’Souza is married too. He has spent his career trashing liberals as “godless” people who lack morals and values.

    Yet again another douchebag hypocrite who lectures people on morals yet doesn’t live up to the standards he demands from everyone else.

  • Patrick

    … but would their target audience actually sit down and watch a documentary when there might be a football game or an old episode of Honey Boo Boo on the other channel?

  • steve50

    Good point, Patrick! That’s exactly how they end the day after watering the horses and polishing the bayonets.

  • Rashad

    Of course, the irony here is that the “outrage” it’s being made available for free is going to cause more people to watch it, than if no one brought it up.

  • alexg

    Hey Patrick, BACK OFF of Honey Boo Boo. 🙂

    All kidding aside, Sasha you’re a champ. Seeing this kind of coverage from the other side of the border (Canada)is quite depressing. We have some big time crazy right wingers, but not quite to this degree.

  • phantom

    I would like to believe that the likes of Dinesh D’Souza and Ann Coulter will be partly responsible for Obama’s victory…I mean, let’s face it, who would want to EVER admit agreeing with either of those lunatics ?

    Same goes for Lindsay Lohan’s endorsement…she helped Obama A LOT…by stating that she is pro-Romney. Now potential Romney-voters have to ask themselves : are they really THAT sure they want to vote for the guy Lindsay Lohan considers the right choice ?

    Obama has Kerry Washington who was accepted into Yale University and Dartmouth College but declined both; Oscar-winning Harvard-grad Natalie Portman; acclaimed stage (Tony-winner) and film actress (Lost in Translation, Match Point, Vicky Cristina Barcelona etc.), recently turned international superstar (The Avengers) Scarlett Johansson…meanwhile Romney has Lindsay ‘notmyfault’ Lohan, Dinesh ‘hypocriticalliar’ D’Souza and Ann ‘anythingforattention’ Coulter ? Well…

    The fact that D’Souza felt the need to give away his ‘film’ for free and Coulter felt the need to call the president a retard, at least proves that Republicans are fully aware that they are losing. Good. Now I only hope they WILL keep losing.

  • LaQuifa Wadley

    I think they have dumped Honey Boo Boo after she endorsed Obama.

  • jake

    You get more and more naive, Sasha. There are many billionaires who support the Democrats. Have you heard of Geffen, Spielberg, Katzenberg… ? Not counting those less famous.

  • Jerry

    Last desparate move and shows more than ever the film is nothing but propaganda to get Obama out of office with lies. Way to be obvious there right wingers. We can see you are sweating.

  • Trucker2012

    Comment I, “one of the crazy lunatics,”
    could care less who in Hollywood endorses whom. I’m voting for Romney.

  • Reality check. Armstrong Cable’s total subscriber base is 257,000 people, across 5 states. 2 of those states, New York and Pennsylvania are solid Democrat. Obama’s chance are not going to be hurt by this crap in New York. North Carolina was probably already going for Romney, with or without additional propaganda.

    That just leaves Ohio and Virgina. Let’s say each state has 50,000 Armstrong subscribers. Let’s say 1 of every 10 households watches this junk (seems like a high estimate, but we’ll say so anyway). 5000 households (10,000 voters?)

    Let’s assume a lot of the people who would tune in to watch d’Souza’s smear would have already been motivated to see it theaters. No way to guess how many, but I’ll say 1 out 10 again. So that leaves 9000 viewers per state.

    Who’s going to be watching? Democrats? No. Most all the viewers will be conservatives already in the tank for Romney. We can be wildly generous and say maybe 3000 voters in Ohio will watch this who remain undecided. And how many will see it for what it is? — a silly piece of shit. Half? Leaving only half the undecided viewers who might be influenced. — 1000 persuadable viewers in Ohio? 2500 max, I think.


    Meanwhile, the Bin Laden Raid movie backed by Harvey Weinstein is airing on the National Geographic Channel two days before the election. Impossible to know how many people will watch it. But 6.6 million viewers tuned in to watch the premiere of ‘Alaska State Troopers’ on the National Geographic Channel a couple of years ago.

  • jake, who’s naive?

    Jeffrey Katzenberg is Obama’s biggest fundraiser. He’s raised a grand total of $2.5 Million

    Sheldon Adleson is Romney’s biggest fundraiser. He’s raised $34 Million.

    (^ as bundlers, not individually)

    Obama’s top 5 billionaires have raised $11 million.
    Romney’s top 5 billionaires have raised $74 million.

    Check the facts, jake.

    Sheldon Adelson ALONE has pledged to spend $100 million for Romney. All by himself. The Koch brothers could match that. It’s crazy to think Obama has backers who are individually throwing $100 million into this race.

    Speilberg and Geffen together have a net worth of $9 billion.
    Adleson’s net worth is $25 billion.

    By the way, Jeffrey Katzenberg is not a billionaire.

    If Katzenberg gave Obama $100 million, that would be 13% of his total net worth.

    When Sheldon Adelson gives Romney $100 million, it’s only 1/3rd of 1% of his vast hoards of cash.

    Please try to have a sense of proportion.

  • d2

    When Sheldon Adelson finally crokes, he’ll probably be aske to be cremated with all his hoards of cash so no one else can get it, the bastard

  • Nik Grape

    I’m reminded of Maher’s interview with this clown, when DeSouza was pushing the Kenyan father angle like a spoiled brat desperate for attention and Maher asked him, “How far up your ass did you have to go to pull that out?”

    The Republicans are reaching pretty far, and if by some kind of disaster Mitt Romney actually ends up winning, the shock will have bigger consequences than when Bush won over Gore. I honestly don’t see it happening, people can’t be that shortsighted can they?

  • The name “Citizen’s United” is richly, sadly ironic. Don’t you think?

  • g

    My parent’s friends saw this movie and they loved it, and believe everything it said! This movie is a disgrace!

  • My parent’s friends saw this movie and they loved it, and believe everything it said!

    That’s how I am about Ancient Aliens.
    Based on nothing more than my wacky desire for everything it says to be true.

  • steve50

    To think people believe that crap….

    When I saw Darby O’Gill and the Little People, I believed in banshees, then I grew the fuck up and believed Sean Connery had the cutest dimples. Guess which image was nicer to fall asleep to.

    You have to wonder how people who believe this other stuff sleep at night.

  • Determined

    I have a general sense that, based on what has been written, many are panicking. Let’s face it…President Obama is in trouble. He could possibly lose Ohio, but if what I’ve been hearing about Pennsylvania, Romney could landslide this thing. Which will be interesting to watch the reaction. 2 more weeks.

  • smith


    Yes, of course anything can happen. But Obama leads by 5-10 points (depending on the poll) in Pennsylvania and Romney has pulled all his advertising from the state and isn’t making any stops there. He’s all but conceded the state. That doesn’t mean that Romney still can’t win there, but at this point it doesn’t look likely.

    Why do people keep saying this is going to be a “landslide?” This is going to be a close race either way. Obama either leads all the national polls by a slim margin or else they are virtually tied.

    Although Romney and his family partially own many of the voting machines that will be counting votes in Ohio and other states. Is that why you think there will be a Romney “landslide?” Got some insider information for us?

  • MrLew

    So lets see…

    You anti-whites think you can DELIBERATELY single out white children and force them to become minorities in their own homes. I could post weeks of footage of you anti-whites BRAGGING about forcing white children into the most massive program of GENOCIDE in human history. YET you want to scream RAYCISS at anyone who doesn’t embrace your program of genocide or simply would prefer a white president.

    There has been 6 decades of this blatant anti-white hatred, massive violent crimes committed towards white children & deliberate media coverups of these crimes. We know that the anti-white system has forced massive nonwhite immigration and forced assimilation targeted at EVERY and ONLY white countries in an attempt to genocide white children via assimilation as what happened to Aboriginis

    White people are waking up to see that you anti-whites have declared war on us, we are scanning and acknowledging our enemy. We know that the problem is not non-whites but the anti-white traitors within our own race, & we know who you are. We also know that you are cowards and will PLAY VICTIM when it’s time for us to respond to the war you declared on us and our children.

  • GaryDMN

    This is funny, the Republican’s are copying the Democrats and the Democrats are mad. Michael Moore had his Bush 9/11 documentary before an election and it was promoted 100x as much by the press than any conservative film ever. If you don’t like the movies, don’t watch them, but stop whining.

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