Brave, Beautiful Lana Wachowski Gives Moving Speech at HRC

Worth noting for the record: Cloud Atlas is currently getting pounded by the critics. But mark my words, it will find its audience … From the Hollywood Reporter-=

(Thanks, Daren)

  • moviewatcher

    DAMN YOU critics who hated Cloud Atlas!!! I haven’t seen it but I follow a couple of the critics who loved it and others who hated it. And it’s always the same thing:

    The ones who hated it were either going into it thinking it would be a downer and too ambitious or they simply don’t like those kinds of grand scope, spiritually-themed, rule-breaking movies (and the tree of life doesn’t count alright? it’s completely different, seeing as there is almost no dialog which makes a big difference)

    Those who loved it (Sasha, I know you and Anne Thompson are not critics but you count, and Ebert for the win!!!) are much more open-minded, and like those kinds of movies (Ebert and 2001: A Space Odyssey had a love affair back in the 60s, didn’t you know?).

    So, I’m pretty sure Christy Lemire (who thought Cloud Atlas and the Dark Knight Rises were “unbearably self-serious”, but loved The Tree of Life? Come on. And plus, so what? I like a movie that takes itself seriously as a work of art, or at least as an attempt at one) and the others just aren’t open minded enough for Cloud Atlas. Anyway… I’ll soon find out…

  • Squasher88

    Exceptional speech. Having great parents is like winning the lottery indeed.

  • rufussondheim

    I guess yours is even worse since you have nothing better to do than trash her life.

    I guess that makes me even worse! Hooray for me!

  • The Pope

    @stone-sober. Go crawl back under your rock. Nothing you wrote is of any relevance or holds any interest to anyone here.

  • Aaron B

    As someone who does not know Sasha at all, I have to tell you that all your post does is make you look like a complete nutjob. I now still feel exactly the same about Sasha as I did 10 minutes ago, except I also know she is apparently harassed by at least one moron.

  • Jesse Crall

    Haha, I know. Stone-sober sounds like a fucking lunatic, a double-digit IQ version of Donald Trump waving papers that will “Bring ____ Down!” Besides, the whole “Your whole life is online, how sad” commentary is garbage because Sasha obviously has a close relationship with her daughter, reports from international film festivals, and works in a forum that allows for more discourse than most offices.

    Oh, and good on Lana. Looking forward to Cloud Atlas big time.

  • Sasha Stone

    I have a stalker … he posts on my other site so I had to turn off comments over there. Really pissed off at me for some reason. But. Um. Yeah.

  • Tye-Grr

    @”Stone-Sober”- Woof. Are YOU one of her exes? Yikes. Thanks for reminding me of how intelligent and thoughtful anonymous online posters can be.

    Back to the topic at hand, I give much credit to Lana (as well as Andy) not only for the moving speech and publicly expressing how comfortable she is now in her own skin, but for even attempting to take on a film version of ‘Cloud Atlas’. I know the critics are going to town on this one, and there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with that (when you make something this ambitious you know you run the risk that it’s going to have wildly mixed responses), but I’m still looking forward with fervent anticipation to seeing it this weekend. I greatly admire Lana’s passion for getting this film made as well as the obvious connection she has to the source material. It’s inspiring to say the least.

  • helios

    Who is “we”?? Newsflash: Nobody has to allow you to insult them on their personal blog.

  • steve50

    Well, I missed seeing whatever this freak “stone-sober” is, but I’m glad I missed it.

    What a smart, delightful person Lana is. The world needs more like her and I’m dying to see Cloud Atlas for myself, critics be damned.

  • Jake

    I know you say “Cloud Atlas” is taking a beating, but Ebert has gone balls out and given it the full 4-star rave. I know that doesn’t mean as much as it used to (especially after “Prometheus” and “Watchmen” got similar treatment) but it still has to be a little heartening, no?
    In any case, i am eager to see “Cloud Atlas” on the largest screen possible. Guaranteed to be a helluva ride, one way or the other.

  • Daren

    A beautiful, powerful, and important speech. Here is a link to the whole speech for those who missed the original video posted here:

    Also, please circulate this video, because trans* visibility is extremely important and this video will help in the fight for trans* equality.

  • Ryan Adams

    Thanks, Daren. Really appreciate you tracking this down.

  • Ruth

    As i’ve said a few times previously on this site, I myself am a fully-transitioned transwoman, and somewhat because of that I have been following Lana’s story for a couple years now. Good on her! She seems like a cool person. I’ve had my own industry-specific walls to break down, it takes some guts, but ultimately people like me and Lana have no choice, transition or die.

    I remember growing up when the only people like me on television were white trash trannys on Jerry Springer. Having someone like Lana step occasionally into the spotlight will do wonders for trans youth, they just need a few examples of people to look up to, and from what I have seen, it is getting better each year. Trans youth suicide attempt rates are at 50%, its obvious that transgender rights must be dealt with asap, and should be a priority over other social issues such as gay marriage.

  • Rudi Mentär

    What a speech and what a delightful person Lana seems to be. I hope Cloud Atlas will do great at the box office.

  • Brian Whisenant

    Finally watched this. Beautiful indeed.

  • Casey

    What a brave and beautiful woman.
    I now want to see the movie … only because of this speech

  • Tufas

    The more I see and read about Cloud Atlas the more I’m craving to see this movie.

    Speed Racer as so much fun, V for Vendetta was masterful and Matrix 1 a masterpiece (loved Reloaded too, I know I’m going against the stream on that one)

    Lana was hilarious at times on this speech! Kudos for her.


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