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Lena Dunham Stirs Things Up – Conservatives Totally Flip Out

But oh how they huffed and puffed! Oh how they wagged their fingers at Dunham for daring to — um — use a funny metaphor? There is nothing the slightest bit filthy in what Dunham has said. She says “my first time” and she means it’s supposed to be about voting. If Ann Romney were saying the exact same thing no one would draw the conclusion that she was being vulgar. But because it’s Lena Dunham, outspoken, sexually expressive “bad girl” they figure — oh, it’s controversial. Watch the video. Does she ever say anything remotely vulgar? No!

She could have said: “your first time you want it to be with a guy who knows how to wait to come before you do!” But she didn’t. She could have said “you want the guy to be sensitive enough to put the condom on himself” but she didn’t.  Conservatives, heal thyselves.

What they are really afraid of is powerful women. Hell, you don’t have to look very far to find people who feel that way even in our own party — even from our once beloved Aaron Sorkin! Powerful women are scary. Neocons like their ladies so batshit-crazy they become ineffectual (but look great in heels and long nails while doing so) like Sarah Palin and that horrid Ann Coulter and Michele Bachmann. They can stay because no one takes them seriously anyway. They are happy to hand over our rights and tell their own kids to “practice abstinence” so that their daughters can then show up pregnant and on and on and on it goes. We’ve been down this road before, haven’t we?

And so they are SHOCKED shocked that any woman anywhere would make a mention of sex (although Dunham never mentions sex, not one time). Remember Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a slut just for bringing up the subject of having birth control covered by insurance plans? So you can imagine what he and his kind might think of Dunham drawing this metaphor. You know Limbaugh curls up with a bowl of corn swirls and watches Girls when it’s on.

Some have accused Lena Dunham of loose morals — for … drawing … a … metaphor.  But I think it’s pretty great that she would do this in hopes of catching the attention of young women voters, many of whom are too busy doing god knows what all to pay attention to the issues. But they might pay attention to Lena Dunham, especially if a hint of sex comes up. Remember, it’s 2012 so women aren’t supposed to be even having sex, let alone talking about it.

But here you go – just some of the hypocrites passing judgment on her:




I’m going to take the liberty of adding another reaction to Lena Dunham’s video — a reaction from a sane person, a smart person, a liberal person, Lawrence O’Donnell:

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