More about the film after the cut — video from Sundance.

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  • twinzin

    Can’t wait to see this, hope this can do what Pariah couldn’t last year. Get a nom.

  • VVS

    this guy Hardwick is really swaggerjacking my boy Joe Budden like that?

  • LilyB45

    Not much interest in this film around these parts. Oh well, it is what it is.

  • Tony

    In the Bay Area, San Francisco is the first city or town to get a movie 99.9999999% of the time. Last week “Middle of Nowhere” opened only in Berkeley and Union City. This week, Union City dropped it, and no other locality added it.

  • g

    I’m seeing Thursday! Can’t wait..

  • SFMike

    @Tony – Yes, I mentioned the SF problem last week. Shameful, really. I went to Berkeley this weekend to see it, it’s only being shown twice a day there; I’m guesing it will be gone in another week. But it’s as wonderful as Sasha and others have said. Participant seem to have dropped the ball.

  • SFMike

    SF Update: the movie will be playing at the Stonestown Twin starting this Friday.

  • Bethany Nanc

    It’s going on third week at Stonestown here in SF. Playing alongside The Master for the last three weeks. I’ve seen it twice. Once at Shattuck in Berkeley with a mixed crowd and again at Stonestown Twin. Brilliant character study that I hope gets more attention.

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