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Deadline Gets Ready to Launch Site with Oxymoron, “Awards Intelligence”

Every time one of these erupts God punches a kitten in the face.  I suspect it will be similar to the LA Times, the New York Times and various other sites that cover Oscar news.  So, get ready Oscar watchers.  Here comes another one.

AwardsDaily’s saying has long been “covering the Oscar race 24/7” but we expect others to steal from us – that’s how it goes in the blog eat blog world of Oscar coverage. But they’re planning to also call their sight “Awards Intelligence” – which  is, come on, a bit silly. Most would agree there is nothing intelligent about awards coverage.  The awards coverage is competitive because of one reason and one reason only: ad money. Very few of us are out here because we actually care about how the Oscar race turns out. You can tell the difference by those who were out here doing it long before they ever got paid to do it.  I’ve been doing it since 1999, when Tom O’Neil and I were the only ones covering it year round. Lots of great sites have come and gone since – Fennec, Zeusefer, Alex Fung — but few of us have the stomach for it to last.