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HFPA Continues to Honor Women in 2012 with Jodie Foster Named Cecil B. DeMille Recipient

The HFPA is kind of showing up the AMPAS this year, what with Foster receiving the Cecil B. Demille award and the telecast on Jan. 13th being hosted by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Something wicked this way comes and I’m liking it. I’m really really liking it.

Moreover, the person who announced the award was none other than Kristen Stewart, for whom the great Ms. Foster went to bat earlier this year over a flap that was none of our business. Way to go, Kristen Stewart. Way to go, Foster. Way to go, HFPA.

Of Foster, Variety says “the youngest actor to earn honor since Charlton Heston in 1967.”

Winner of two Oscars, star of Taxi Driver, and director in her own right, Jodie Foster is someone who has never stopped challenging herself. The award will be handed out January 13th.