A funny Facebook chat we had after the election you might like:

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  • Oh thank god!

  • Sean T.

    I’m glad. It wasn’t really a surprise to me though. I was much more shocked at how close the popular vote is!

  • Oh I would have gone with a photo like this

    I told you there was nothing to freak out about. 😛 All that worry. Now it’s time for fun.

  • Rebecca

    Still love him. So good to have a complete policy nerd as prez.

  • phantom

    Thank God it was worth staying up all night (it’s 6 A.M here), also it was great that Yahoo live streamed ABC News. Oh, and as much as I hate people who gloat, I simply can’t let this one slide : SUCK IT DINESH !

  • Matt

    Who will protect the unborn? No one in power is left, not celebrity not politician. The common person? Maybe, though the common person is so powerless. isn’t that true? Oh unborn person, who will stand up for you? Who will love you? Who will protect you? I cry tonight.

  • steve50

    Big congrats! The landscape hasn’t changed, but it didn’t get worse.

    Now that it’s over, wtf is an “energy voter”? Please tell them to go away now.

  • Tero Heikkinen

    Congratulations USA… and the WORLD!

  • How long is Goofus gonna take to concede? I want to hear speeches and go to sleep.

  • Matt

    Oh the unborn…and what of the lost income for the middle class? Will that go up? I hope… But oh for the unborn… Oh for the unborn. Who protects you?

  • Sasha Stone

    There are better ways of protecting the unborn than outlawing abortion. Better education, a society that values women as equal in the work force. THe trouble with religious folks is that they want to outlaw birth control too. So what’s a horny teen to do?

  • THE Diego Ortiz
  • Rg

    Im jobless lol

  • Matt

    There are?! Lets do it! Protect the unborn! Can we provide jobs!? Where. For particular people!? Where??!!

  • Tero Heikkinen

    One problem, I can see. Just 18 women in Senate and being a record high. How many total then?

    We have 50/50 men and women in Finland, so USA is not there yet.

  • I think you protect the unborn with garlic, holy water, stakes and possibly sunlight.

    Oh no wait, that’s what you use to protect yourself from the undead. I keep mixing up the two.

  • rufussondheim

    This is a great night for liberals/progressives like myself. First off we re-elect a president (who, granted, is not as liberal as I’d like) who has been progressive on such issues as universal healthcare and equal rights for homosexuals. Secondly, the Senate has become decidedly more progressive with people such as Elizabeth Warren and the first openly gay Senator in Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin. And, lastly, the first time gay marriage has been publicly approved by voting rather than by the courts or by legislatures. And then we have the legalization of marijuana in Colorado (and Washington) which is where the country needs to go over the next generation or two.

    But mostly, I am happy for the residents of this country who cannot vote even though they have made it their home. These people are my co-workers, my friends and maybe this is the start of them being able to get legal recognition of their valuable contributions to this country.

    This is a good day.

  • Matt

    But what do I do? Really… What do I do?

  • Matt, give kids other options besides abstinence, give women other options besides celibacy, and you’ll not have unborn to worry about.

    You could also speak with as many of your male buddies who will listen to you. Talk to your men friends and advise them about smarter methods of sticking their dicks in people, yeah?

    Or you can just keen and wring your hands some more. Whichever action makes you feel you best about yourself.

  • Someone

    Surely better choice than Romney but still – horrible winner.

  • Caonan Projectio

    Here’s to a prosperous 4 years!

  • Or you can just keen and wring your hands some more.

    Or if you put your peen between your hands before you wring them, no babies.

  • I love the irony of talking about both the unborn AND the lack of jobs on a planet that is already overpopulated.

  • David

    Sasha & Ryan im so thrilled and happy for you both!! You should be so proud!! We can finally take a deep breath!

  • Matt

    So many words… Are we futile as humanity? So much to think upon. Thank you.

  • smith

    Thrilled about Obama but also thrilled about the pro-gay outcomes in several states. The electorate is skewing younger and more diverse which spells trouble for the GOP in national elections.

    Where’s the troll from last week who said that Romney would “landslide” this election?

  • Jesse Crall

    That Facebook banter was better than Nick and Nora. Funny stuff.

  • Friedl

    Ha! AND you found a way to link Obama’s win to the Awards race! Very crafty 🙂

  • Tony

    I fear that the dollar is doomed and the country is doomed. I want to be wrong. I don’t want to have to use my escape hatch, but I’m glad that earlier this year I added EU citizenship to my options. (I speak Italian and French, and I’ll learn German if I have to!)

  • Ricardo

    I am an EU citizen , the last thing you should do with your life is coming to an obsolete continent that is being sent back to poverty.

    As a foreign i want to congratulate my American friends for this decision. The last thing the world needed right now was a nutjob in the presidency of USA.

    Mr. Obama Congrats !

  • Sonja

    I do think America has made the right choice.
    Congratz from Germany!

  • m1

    I think Clint Eastwood is a little confused by this. How can an empty chair serve as an effective president for America?

  • Eric

    I’m actually in love with that Facebook convo

  • steve50

    New Hampshire elected all women – now that’s called going in the right direction

  • Rudi Mentär

    Congratulations to you Americans! I think you have choosen well 🙂

  • Jerry

    Big sigh of relief! Maryland, Maine, Washington residents I salute you for your pro-gay marriage vote. #rightsideofhistory

  • The Pope

    A very nice night and a very warm congratulations to all you American voters. I don’t have a vote but I do have a dog in the race (we all do), and I’m delighted to see that America pulled back from the precipice of impending plutocracy and religious conservatism. As far as I know, Obama will be in position to appoint two new seats on the Supreme Court bench, which will carefully shape and guide America in a more inclusive and open manner for years to come.

  • Max G

    I’d wish less political issues on this blog. Especially as an EU citizen I come here to find news and opinions about films and the awards race.

  • Bridgie James Rosenthal

    Bittersweet cheers from someone who lives in a land that is a loyal and strong U.S. ally, period.

  • Trucker2012

    “What is a horny person to do?” Ms. Stone, we are superior to dogs; therefore, we could act as mature adults and abstain from sex when it’s risky, inappropriate, or stupid. That would require wisdom and virtue.

  • Ricardo

    steve50 i also think women in power is the right direction , and i hope in the future they will be able to change some of the paradigms of politics. Yet i cannot forget the worst european leader after ww2 is a woman. Mrs Merkel is suffocating an entire continent , forgetting completely what were the origins of the creation of the European union. With her hesitancy and inability she was able to allow endemic problems becoming systemic. This is all very ironic , considering she leads the country who brought the biggest devastation to Europe , and that was able to rise with the biggest help that ever existed from other nations.

    In that sense is very good Obama won , specially because he has been following a completely different strategy , with much better results and we can never forge something…in westerns civilizations , leaderships have been torn apart by the Crisis , yet Mr Obama was able to resist it. It tells a lot about him.

  • That would require wisdom and virtue.

    Don’t know about the rest of you, but at the age of 15 I wasn’t so wise and virtuous.

    trucker, tell me straight up that you think I was nothing but a dog when I was 15, I’ll be happy to ban your snotty hateful ass.


  • steve50

    You may have a point, Ricardo, but this is the first time a US state has broken the glass ceiling and elected all women to the House, Senate and as Governor. I’m not saying they will be superior to their male counterparts, but the US has lagged behind the rest of the developed world in sexual equality and this is a good start. At least now they have the opportunity to screw up or succeed equally.

    Perhaps they should consider a woman for President in 2016? Just might be in the cards.

  • Sarah Palin & Michelle Bachmann vs. Hillary Clinton & Elizabeth Warren

    Can’t wait!

  • g

    God I am so glad this election is over…I’m so happy. What an exciting night but geez I’m exhausted! Romney challenging the call for Ohio delayed everything last night…

    I’m so proud of the people in Virginia, Ohio, and Florida who stood in horrible long lines last night, some didn’t even get to vote until after the election was called. Those three states really showed that every vote really counted! When they called Ohio last night I was crying my eyes out!

    Michigan went democratic again thank you! And all those rape comment idiots lost their elections last night!

    And finally thank you to Nate Silver who kept my hope alive that Obama would be reelected, he got all 50 states right, too bad for Mr. Rove, and Mr. Morris!

  • steve50

    “Sarah Palin & Michelle Bachmann vs. Hillary Clinton & Elizabeth Warren”

    We’ll just advise Nurse Noakes of Palin and Bachmann’s whereabouts and it should be a done deal.

    Yes, g, Nate Silver’s stock has just gone thru the roof. Amazing what can happen when science and logic replace reactionary kneejerk punditry.

  • Patryk

    Gee, is that two times the door slammed on both Willard Romney and Linda MacMahon?

    Guess all the coin in the world just can’t buy your way in politics.

  • rufussondheim

    For those not keeping score, Nate Silver’s stock went through the roof in 2008.

    He is now stratospheric. But he shouldn’t be given all the credit. Some pollsters and polling organizations have shown how accurate polling can be. Silver deserves credit for figuring out which ones should be heeded and which one should be ignored.

    Either way, it’s a great day for ignoring punditry and looking at data.

  • rufussondheim

    On a side not my favorite I-can’t-believe-I-like-this-idiot politician won last night (after losing in 2010)

    I really urge you to watch this clip, it’s worth it!


  • Stefan

    @ Ricardo: Yep. Blame Ms. Merkel. It’s her fault and her fault alone that responsible, mature and intelligent governments with prosperous economies, intact budgets and creative innovations like Greece and Italy suffer from the current crisis. Who needs Ms. Merkel, when one can have a bright and bipartisan leader like Mr. Berlusconi.

  • VVS

    Sasha, you laugh, but Washington is an actor’s City. All these politicians are actors. The drama is scripted, and manipulated to manipulate you.

    The real leaders are hidden, meanwhile we watch a fucking broadway show play out, thinking we have a voice and control over the direction of our country.

  • Joe W

    Nerds, haha

    (re: facebook chat)

  • julian the emperor

    Congrats America on making the only sound decision (even though the popular vote was eerily close). A big thank you from Denmark (via Argentina)!

  • Jack Traven II

    Go Barack! Go Democrats! Go Freedom! (Just when I thought that it would be A Good Day to Come Back.)

  • Tony

    HRC will be 69 in ’16. I don’t know if she wants anymore as much as Bill does.
    Fauxcahontas Brown may not play well outside of Massachusetts.

    Palin/Bachmann ain’t gonna happen.
    Rubio/Cruz — now that could be interesting. (Texas Senator elect Ted Cruz is way more impressive that Dem. mayor of San Antonio Julian Castro.)

  • LaQuifa Wadley

    @ Tony, are you serious? Ted Cruz is a Tea Party nutjob. He believes that he should make decisions for women.

  • Tony

    @LaQuifa, Cruz is pro-life, but I don’t think he’s a nutjob like Akin and Murdouck were. His academic and professional credentials are extremely impressive.

  • Matt

    Perhaps I could continue the conversation from earlier following the train of thought tending towards the issue of the unborn, but I do know people understand my view on that (ha ha), but there are some interesting things I would like to say in response to some interesting comments there as well…

    But I hope to try and be a little bit more bipartisan with another side of my response right now. I believe I also have an emotional and very real response that is more devoid of politics (at least as devoid of politics as it could be in response to an election). But I need to say I am scared. To be quite frank, things are not really going too well. Things are beginning to go a bit pear shaped right now… It is not a hope or desire for the economy to improve, it is necessary. Things really have to get better soon or I’m not sure what is going to happen, and I mean that personally. The unemployment number is something of a football, and I’m not entirely sure how that number factors in what constitutes employment, but I understand it may include part time work. I know that it certainly includes full time work that pays insufficiently. The issue i see is not an entire inability to find employment, but employment that pays sufficiently. The troubling statistic that is very real out there is the fact that household income has tanked, those in poverty and on food stamps has skyrocketed, the individual share of national debt is astounding in itself, but even if that might be put to the side for the moment. The fact is that things are bad out there. They really are. I am very very concerned with my own situation, trying to provide for a wife and child. I am also incredibly baffled by the reactions to this election. ‘A win for liberalism’ it is certainly called. It astounds me that this could be the response. There is a liberal zeitgeist of gloating out there that I have seen rampant. For instance, look at Hollywood elsewhere’s sight. White males getting their ass handed to them? It is really really bad out there and people are happy about white males getting their ass handed to them? Lets celebrate ‘white males’ getting their ass handed to them. Why would anyone want to celebrate that? I am a white male. So is there some kind of vendetta against me? Maybe I get too off track and partisan. Mean to mainly say that there is something very real and very difficult going on on the ground in this economy. It’s really tough. I am angry that so many could be so excited and celebratory when things are so bad out there. What is Obama going to do differently now? What possible change is going to come that would convince me that anything will change in the economic situation. Because this is very real. Unless companies begin paying more money to higher numbers of people, things will stay as they are. All I know is that the main things that will now happen are (1) most likely the tax rates on higher income will probably go up. I can’t say how this will benefit me, I can only say those who pay me will see their taxes go up and therefore have less to pay me. (2) the health care law will go fully into effect, raising the cost of employing someone, therefore lowering the amount companies pay employees. I could be wrong, but I promise you this is not an academic discussion but a very very serious real life discussion. If I am wrong, i will be very very happy. All I know is things have to change. Now, even as one many of you know, who is very pro life, I did actually vote for Obama in 2008, it may surprise some to know I actually knocked on doors in the primary for Obama. I had a bumper sticker. I was excited about, and allowed to lamentably put other issues lower, the prospect of someone who wasn’t an establishment politician getting into office. A non career politician who deep down was perhaps more bipartisan, at least in the mode of thought. I think for what it was there was an encouraging movement in America there, and an excitement based around some good principles. I kinda get the landslide in that situation. But now, I’m a bit baffled. Why is it that those in my own demographic of those who don’t make enough money, why did they vote for Obama so overwhelmingly? But now, even if some effects of Bush linger, it is Obama’s. as the weeks and months progress, this is the effect of major legislation. A president can’t do everything, but there is no doubt that the major pieces of legislation that have passed have an effect. So I need to know what to do. Now that I no longer see the chance that someone else will get into office and try something different, we can basically hope for the same thing. So maybe I don’t quite fully understand how this is supposed to work? So I need to know, Obama is the leader of, not only the government, but the country. I need to know what it is I am supposed to do. I will contact his office, the large living organism that the White House represents. Not him himself perhaps, but someone who is a part of what their vision is about. If there is some strategy behind the ideas out there, I need to know what it is we are supposed to to. Because to run again and to accept another 4 years is to accept a leadership role in the path ahead. Or those who support Obama, any of you… What is it I am supposed to do now? People seem to be very excited. What opportunity excites you? I can only ask. I may still have differences, important ones socially, but I can only measure the economic situation on my own situation. And I breathe the same air anyone else breathes, walk the same streets, live in the same America and it is an objective reality. I face whatever anyone else faces. Now, none of the stats matters, but what the reality we face. Consider the effort of the campaigns. That must mean belief in a vision and real impact of an election. Does that belief include a specific idea of how things will improve economically, specifically speaking about the ability to find work that pays well? Because we also see the printing of money that results in a continued weakening of the dollar. I know this sounds like I am a conservative pundit or something there, but it is a reality. I work 60 hours a week and the issue might partially be quality of work, but it is also what things cost and how much those earnings can take care of. So therefore I am a bit in despair about this all. I believe 2008 represented a time when it is good to take a risk and try and buck the system, and we can handle trying out something like that in the US. It’s good to not be complacent all the time. But I am having trouble seeing that that has payed off. And please, I don’t mean this as ‘blaming Obama’ instead of ‘blaming Bush’. I just mean that the desire to continue into the next 4 years represents someone who has an incredible amount of confidence about what exactly is going to help the very very serious situation that we, that I am in. I simply want to know specifically what that is. Therefore I need to know what I am supposed to do or what exactly I am supposed to be looking for.

  • AD

    I am so proud of our President. I am in VA and stood in line for 1 1/2 hours with my children and it was the most exilarating experience to be part of this. I am so happy with this victory 🙂

  • rufussondheim

    First off, Matt, you need to learn how to use paragraphs. They were invented for a reason.

    But I did manage to get through part of your post.

    (1) most likely the tax rates on higher income will probably go up. I can’t say how this will benefit me, I can only say those who pay me will see their taxes go up and therefore have less to pay me.

    2) the health care law will go fully into effect, raising the cost of employing someone, therefore lowering the amount companies pay employees. I could be wrong, but I promise you this is not an academic discussion but a very very serious real life discussion.

    My response

    1) First off the tax rates are going only as high as they were in the Clinton Admin, and it will likely be only the highest rate. If you do your research you will see that 20,000,000 jobs were created under Clinton. Since the tax rates were dropped in 2001, we’ve only added 1,000,000 jobs. That’s 5% of what Clinton did. (For the record, Bush2 lost 2 million jobs, and Obama gained 3 million jobs)

    Secondly, your employer will always pay you the minimum you will need to stay on the job. If there are no new jobs, then there is no reason to pay you more since you will likely not leave your current job.

    Combine these two bits of info and it suggests that a higher tax rate will likely raise your income. Sadly I can’t find any data on what the wage rates are during this time frame. I know it’s not great for anyone except the very rich.

    Maybe we should keep raising the minimum wage as that keeps everyone’s wages going up.

    2) Sounds like you would support single-payer healthcare, then. That way no employer needs to pay healthcare benefits and they will be free of that burden. And if there is a single payer, it will streamline the whole industry allowing providers to concentrate on outcomes rather than paying people to constantly be on the phone with the countless number of insurers out there.

    The American healtcare system is horribly inefficient and as a result we pay more for healthcare by far than anyone else in the world, and we get a pretty crappy system as a result. It works well if you’re rich, but if you are not it really sucks. The UN recently ranked us #37 in the world. That’s terrible for what we pay.

    But that’s not even addressing the most scary aspect of your point, that you seem to think that only rich people are deserving of healthcare.

    As for your concern about our weakening dollar, that’s a good thing. Right now the rest of the world sees us an extraordinarily stable economy so they put their funds with us and that strengthens our dollar. Because it is so strong, other countries can’t afford to buy our products and therefore we can’t export anything. So as we weaken our dollar, it is easier for US companies to export goods and services created here, increasing the number of US jobs.


    Our economy is not as bad as people think (with that said, I agree it should be better) but non-partisan studies show that 12 million jobs will be created over the next four years. And that was a baseline number that was true no matter who won the election.

    People forget how much trouble this economy was in 2008. It contracted 9% which is an incredibly high amount. Most recessions we’ve experienced in the past decades the contraction rate was less than 3%. This is not something we get out of in just a year or two. Most economists are predicting a continued recovery over the next four years. Right now there are more reasons to be optimistic about the economy than any time in the previous 5 years.

    Chin up.

  • Matt

    Sorry about the paragraphs. I respect your figures, but there are other economists who would present alternative interpretations. It’s very complex. The simple and undeniable statistic is what it looks like on the ground, which doesn’t seem good. I’m glad you think it will get better. I so hope it does and I will give Obama the amount of credit a president can take for those changes. But right now things don’t look so good.

  • Matt,

    You just have to hang in there. That’s all anyone is really doing. You’re not supposed to do or look for anything. All you have to do is take care of your family. If you ever need help it’s much more likely you’ll get it when there is a more liberal government in charge. Now see, you’re worried about the unborn. Why? Are you going to have an abortion? Doesn’t sound like it. So taking on these problems that aren’t yours is a waste of your time. People had abortions when they were illegal. We won’t go back to a time when it will be illegal again. That issue is from the past.

    Everything is moving forward in a new way. A lot will change. Probably not the way anyone really wants it to. But we’re going to have to make up for all the wrong that’s been done over the years. Romney wasn’t going to be that guy. I don’t think Obama is either. It’s going to be the “folks” that President Obama talks about who are going to do it themselves.

    Look at the hurricane last week. Look at how it ended up being people taking care of each other, not government. Sure Mayor Bloomberg, Gov. Christie all those guys did a good job. But in the end, it was people who made sure their neighbors were warm and fed. This is going to be our future. It won’t be like any of us hoped or planned. All that is gone I’m afraid. We’re going to have to adjust and dream different. Dream less selfishly. Dream better. I’m going to sing you an old song.

  • Matt

    Thanks… Some good thoughts… Very nice words… But I won’t give up on the unborn.

  • Jesus Alonso


    Well, he didn’t lose time and his crimes against humanity continue. Thanks USA for continuing with the “lesser evil”. Signed: the world.

    P.S.: please don’t come to me with the cynical “they’re terrorists and they deserve it” or “collateral damage” bullshit. International law is something written NOT for the rest of the world.

    Sorry I’m pissed the good cop, bad cop old song continues and no one reacts in the USA to this childish manipulation of the masses.

  • rufussondheim

    Sadly, American Drone attacks are something that really isn’t discussed in the US. And there’s certainly no push to end them as both Obama and Romney supported them with no reservations.

    I don’t think the American Public is that worried about terrorism anymore, though, so this is an area that grab hold, but I seriously doubt. Americans are a selfish lot and most of us don’t give a shit about the rest of the world. Yes, I do mean to sound that harsh.

    Personally, I think it’s disgusting what we are doing with Drone attacks and at some point they will be our undoing as they do nothing but cause more and more anti-US sentiment.

  • steve50

    Have to agree. While the better choice was made on Tuesday, we have to remember that Obama is the only Nobel Peace Prize winner that has a “kill list”.

  • Matt

    … … …

  • Manuel

    Absolutely love that facebook conversation!

    Congrats to you America for doing the right thing for once! But only 19 women in the Senate? Wow sounds so like Norway in the 1970s. And according to a Norwegian national survey, over 90% versus 7% would have voted for Obama. But compared to the social democracy here, both Democrats and Republicans are too conservative for us

    And it proves that older men talking romantically about rape is politically dead. Awesome! Some times fellow penis brothers do (rapists)and say (stupid horned up politicians) the weirdest things and make me feel so ashame about being a man

  • Matt

    Okay. So what do you want me to do… What… do… you… want… me… to… do? You tell me. Obama or someone, someone who supports Obama. It’s all fun and games and jokes about Mitt Romney and how much everyone hates him and how easy he is to make fun of and oh isn’t it great that the rich guy didn’t win, although Obama is in terms of potential wealth and privilege, easily the richest… That doesn’t matter a whit to me. You can play those games but I… can’t. So tell me, what am I supposed to do? Where are the jobs. Where can I make enough money. My son is easily the most beautiful and amazing boy that ever existed and he deserves better. This is why he had his shot and so we’re supposed to just keep giving his chances. This is his bag now. And it was pretty apparent first time around was a failure so far as poverty figures and such, but now 5 months later, after that second chance, where are the results. Maybe Mitt Romney made some comments and he seemed out of touch. I… don’t… care. Give someone else a chance, because this is serious. So what am I supposed to do. Tell me.

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