(Thanks, mecid!) Two more after the cut.

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  • moviewatcher

    I won’t watch any of these clips. I try to never ever watch clips. They spoil the movie and in this case, they spoil Tony Kushner’s words, which will be essential for the movie. The trailers have spoiled enough.

  • Ryan B

    Sally Field might just be the smartest bit of casting in the entire movie.

  • Liam

    JGL performance doesn´t convince me at all. The rest of the cast looks great.

  • mecid
  • therealmike

    I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but he looks like he´s doing a Tony Danza impression in this. Weird.

  • Didn’t history already spoil it, moviewatcher?


    Slavery gets abolished. Lincoln gets shot.


    JGL isn’t convincing me either. His demeanour is so anachronistic. He cheapens the work of the other actors in the scene.

  • VVS

    JGL is so out of place

    I’ve been saying this for 2 years now, but dude is really overrated. His acting in every character is the same.

    And here he can’t even shake his contemporary mannerisms and vocal modulation to fit the ensemble and the period style

  • therealmike

    I know it´s cheap to say something about the movie and it´s performances without having seen it but those clips look like a parody. The only one who´s convincing here is Sally Field. Oh, please pay closer attention to Lee Pace from the clip mecid just posted. Hilarious!

  • ralph

    I agree with everything you say about JGL, but the problem is that the journalists advocate him, compulsively and excessively all the time .

  • d2

    JGL looks ore convincing in this than sally field who is just adding a southern twang to her Brothers and Sisters schtick…that said, i wish sally were my mom…she’s so lovable

  • Kim


  • Kim

    I haven´t watched the clip yet, but when I saw JGL in that wig, for a second I thought it was a very young Heath Ledger.

  • Lofat

    Forget JGL. Lee Pace(Democrat Fernando Wood) is the real deal and a hidden gem, if talking about heartthrobs with amazing talent.

  • Question Mark

    Huh, I didn’t even know JGL was in this movie. Talk about a busy year for him.

    And I sure didn’t know about Lee Pace! He was fantastic on the short-lived but brilliant ‘Pushing Daisies’ show, so I’m happy to see him with a role in a major film like this.

  • Jack Traven II

    I don’t want to watch the clips either. I just want to wait until it comes out in theaters here, even though that’s not until 1/24/13. The reason that made this film an irrefutable must see for me (just like Argo) was the international trailer, which was way less emotive and much more powerful than the US-Trailer. This will definitely be one of the most interesting Oscar seasons ever (IMHO, of course). So many potentially great films. I was even positively surprised by the Les Miserables-Trailer – and I actually don’t like sing-sang movies.


    (I don’t know if the link works, or maybe the trailer is nothing new here. In case of the latter, never mind. Anyway, I just thought it to be interesting.)

  • vvs

    @ralph yes

    the problem is, any young actor with a decent mug gets toted as being an amazing actor. When in reality every good actor should be acting at the level that DDL is, or Heath Ledger was in TDK, or Tom Hardy is, or Joaquin PHoenix is in The Master

    we accept mediocrity

    these actors that get heralded nowadays just serve the directors vision, but what do they bring themselves artistically? nothing. any other decent actor can do their job exactly as they did it, so what is so special about them.

    Critics have yet developed their understanding of acting to be able to separate the work from the story, and objectively judge it. If you are a critic, and you are moved by the story, you are more likely to say that the actor did an amazing job. But press that critic a little bit into explaining what it is that they think the actor did amazing, and you’ll notice nothing that they bring up will have anything to do with the acting.

  • Sonny

    Lee Pace new fan here, knew him since The Hobbit casting. He did a fantastic job against Tommy Lee Jones from what i saw so far.

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