What a performance.

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  • Aragorn


    I was quite confident about Marion’s chance of getting nomination. However, after seeing Helen Mirren in previews, and a possible inclusion of Jessica Chastain, do you still think that Marion may get in? I have my fingers crossed, even though I havent seen her performance yet, but read great raves, including yours.

  • g

    She has to get in, even though Jennifer Lawrence will probably win. She was amazing!

  • Genadijus

    I’ve just seen “Rust & Bone”, and Marion is incredible. I don’t believe that two French actresses will be nominated in the same category, for me Marion looks more realistic for Academy Awards. Emanuelle has bigger chances for BAFTA and Screen Actors awards.

    My prediction for Best Actress in a Leading role:
    Jessica Chastain – Zero Dark Thirty
    Jennifer Lawrence – Silver Linings Playbook
    Helen Mirren – Hitchcock
    Naomi Watts – Impossible
    Marion Cotillard – Rust & Bone

  • d2

    Naomi Watts, Marion Cotillard and Keira Knightley all feel like 1-hit-wonder nominees…

  • Aragorn


    I like your list…

  • Jo

    M. Cotillard, Kiera K and Naomi W. feel like a 1-hit-wonder nominees? That’s total bullshit! Why trolling? Of course it’s because you are a fuck*** JLaw super fan, every time you post a comment it’s for praising Lawrence and trolling the others. Let me tell you one thing about Hollywood, nobody stay at the top forever. Next year, there will be a new It girl and your Lawrence is gonna be forgotten as fast as she became famous. Outside the US she is TOTALLY unknown unlike Cotillard, Knightley and Watts.
    Lawrence is a big joke around the world, she wasn’t even consider for a Bafta for Winter’s Bone and isn’t this year either. While the academy seems happy about her, the rest of the world is laughing at you for picking that kind of poor roles.
    Cotillard is praised by a lot of amazing directors such as Mann, Nolan or Marshall. She proved that she wasn’t a 1 time thing like Watts, Knightley or Lawrence and she actually won ! Why coming on a post about “Rust & Bone” and saying that? You are so insecure about your little princess that every time people talk about actresses in the race you fuck*** jump in with useless statements. Next time think twice before making such a stupid statement.

  • Jo

    She proved that she wasn’t a 1 time thing like Watts, Knightley or Lawrence[…]

    I meant Watts, Kgithley and Cotillard proved to not be a 1 time thing.

  • Ben

    Had the chance to see the film as well as the interview with Ms. Cotillard at the AFI Fest the other day and I just have to say that a nomination is a sure thing. I have no qualms about calling her a frontrunner at this point either. If the Oscars were today I think she would win.

    This actress is the real deal and it’s high time she received her second nomination.

  • Wellington

    My GOD! Somebody gives this woman her second Oscar!!! Everyone is talking about Jennifer Lawrence as the front-runner, but I really can’t see how Jennifer can top Marion in this. I only hope the studio responsable for “Rust & bone” makes a strong campaing for Marion.

  • Aragorn


    She cannot top Marion but then she doesnt need to. Remember, even Sandra Bullock won an Oscar with a bad wig and bad accent…

    I dont think any of those three actresses are one-hit wonders. Especially Marion has been consistently good in almost everything she did.
    However, Jennifer Lawrence has already showed some potential as well. I wouldnt call her “the it girl of the year”.

  • Jo

    Actually i have absolutely nothing against Lawrence but d2 pisses me off with his comments. Always trolling Knightley, Cotillard or Watts. I only attack Lawrence to pisses him off. lol. It’s Pretty immature. But I agree with Aragorn I think Lawrence got real potential.

  • Sasha Stone

    I think so, yes, Aragorn. The reason being Cotillard does the publicity thing and Helen Mirren will not be, or so I’ve heard. Chastain is still an unknown.

  • Aragorn

    Thanks Sasha,

    Nov 23 cannot be here earlier:) But first, this friday is reserved for Lincoln, at 9.30 am on friday…Then to A Royal Affair on saturday, and Skyfall if time permits on sunday…Hope to fit Middle of Nowhere somewhere too

  • Lukas Weinstein

    I love this site, and Sasha I think you’re an awesome critic. First of all, I haven’t seen the movie. That being said, I read the caption, and then watched the movie…and then I realized that there wasn’t any acting in the scene. Is she any better in the rest of the movie? Just thought it was kinda funny.

  • Mel

    Didn’t need a single word or to know a single thing to feel a lot of emotion watching that. Just a beautiful scene.

  • phantom

    Just because on a yearly basis the Academy ignores stunning performances like the ones these three ‘one-hit-wonders’ delivered in Mulholland Dr., The Painted Veil, Fair Game, King Kong, Eastern Promises, Mother & Child, A Very Long Engagement, Public Enemies, Inception, Atonement, The Duchess, Never let me go, A Dangerous Method, does NOT mean they will never get recognized by the Academy ever again, it probably means they would rather WORK on interesting projects in those 4-5 months when they are supposed to be campaigning. Just look at this list and their post-nomination career. You managed to single out 3 of the rare kind of Oscar-ladies who actually put their nomination to good use…so congratulations !

    P.S. A case could be made that Jennifer Lawrence should be nominated for ‘The Hunger Games’ in the lead category, and a campaign would be definitely well-deserved, but her role in ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ has no place there, it was a textbook female supporting part. Ironically enough, if Harvey didn’t try to commit category fraud, Lawrence would actually have a decent shot at two nominations this year, but this way the THG-people probably won’t even give it a shot.

  • steve50

    I love Cotillard and see no reason not to nominate her. This silliness about 2 French actresses being unlikely is just that – there’s never any complaining when it’s 2 Brits, a Brit and an Aussie, etc. Is it the subtitles that are spooking everyone?

  • Joe

    She’s just a spectacular actress. Really pulling for her to get in, even though I think, in the end, she won’t. There seems to be a curse with the winning ladies of 2007 (that’d be Tilda Swinton and Marion Cotillard). Both of them have done PHENOMENAL work post-Oscar, but just can’t seem to get in year after year.

  • Kurt

    Out of the leading actress contenders, I’ve only seen Anna Karenina and this so far, and in my opinion, Keria Knightley stands absolutely no chance of getting nominated. The film is messy and her character is not sympathetic enough to elicit her a nomination.

    Cotillard, on the other hand, is a stunner in the film, particularly the scene where she realises her condition and a well-executed club scene. It will have to take a very popular contender to knock her out in my opinion

  • Zach M.

    What a performance, indeed. That orca has been overdo for an Oscar nomination since Free Willy.

  • Joseph

    I really hope the Academy recognizes non-conventional nominees Riva, Wallis and Cotillard.

  • Ruth

    Loved the film, and Marion is amazing in it (she has an intriguing screen presence in practically everything). Im also a longtime lover of Orcas, so for them to be displayed in such a way was breathtaking for me. They are clearly the most intelligent species outside humans and certain primates, that above clip beautifully shows that on film.

    As for Marion’s prospects? I see a likely nomination, but not a win. Dont know why, I just dont see ‘Best Actress’ going to a film like Rust & Bone for whatever reason. She is the best performance I have seen so far this year though.

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