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  • d2

    and the winner for best cinematography goes to…

  • Christopher Lewis

    I get a total Homeland feel from this movie and I think Chastain will get the chance to shine that Claire Danes does every week. This movie is going to be amazing.

  • therealmike

    Probably the best poster I´ve seen this year. Amazing.

  • Mitch

    Amazing poster. One of the best i have seen this year. Cinematography is going to be a very competitive category.

  • Yogsss

    “d2 / November 7, 2012
    and the winner for best cinematography goes to…”


  • Filipe

    Christopher Lewis, if her performance is half of Claire Danes’ in Homeland she’s shoo-in. Claire Danes is killing it in Homeland!!

  • Jerry

    Looks good. A new 30 sec TV spot for Les Miserables was on MSNBC yesterday. Don’t know if it’s on line yet.

  • My excitement for this film grows and grows as time goes on. This poster only increases that. I love the look on Chastain’s face in the “E”.

  • Radich

    What a great poster! Cannot wait to see this one.

  • Raygo

    I love the look on Chastain’s face in the “E”

    Seriously, you guys crack me up. Chastain going lead in ZDT is akin to Anne Hathaway going lead in TDKR. It’s a courtesy from the studio that likely will not amount to a nomination.

  • drake

    way way way better than the last poster for the film where all the words were crossed out…

  • Joe

    Love that shot of Chastain against the American flag! High hopes for this one.

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