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  • Myles

    Just from her time in this trailer, I think Anne has it in the bag!

  • Bruce

    With a trailer like this, all my fears of this movie bombing are gone! Holy crap, WOW. Like how the medley works with the voice recording they did. Cannot effing wait for this.

  • joeyhegele

    Whoever is making these ads is a genius. I had no interest in this movie, but then I saw that brilliant trailer with Anne Hathaway singing. It hit all the right notes, showing us the beautiful images, highlighting the big stars, hinting at the powerful acting, and featuring possibly the best song out of several amazing tunes. I suddenly went from no interest to having to see it on the big screen.

    If the actual film delivers on the potential these ads promise, I think we have a huge hit on our hands and the Best Picture frontrunner. We will have to wait a month and a half to know for sure, but this movie should not be underestimated.

  • Joey J Glover

    Oh Anne.

    This looks stunning.

  • Sam

    I guess I’m the only one who really thinks this looks like a total bomb and that Anne coming off as someone in a montage trying out for the high school choir rather than someone in pain.

  • Matthew

    NBC took it down, damn. And yes Sam you are the only one.

  • Charles

    the video has been removed! when someone finds another, please post it, i am too too eager to see it!

  • Lenny

    It looks as if what they’ve sacrificed in terms of musical tone, pitch and vocalization has been made up for by powerful emotional nuance and a sincere devotion to character study from all the actors. Yet my one fear remains the same, which is that fans of the musical will go in expecting to see the musical in all its grandiosity and all its bombast in terms of vocal performance. Will enough of them respect and admire Hooper’s bold musical choice here? Or will they dismiss it because it not strictly speaking a traditional rendering of what everyone loves about the Broadway show? We shall see…

  • F.

    New link (the tumblr player is not the best but anyway, it’s working):


  • Joe

    Russell Crowe’s singing looks really weak, so I’m worried about him. Otherwise, though, it looks very powerful and promising. Trailer could have been a bit more refined in editing though. And Anne looks to be giving a spectacular performance.

  • cca

    You had me at “Les”… The trailer is really amazing, and we finally get to see the Thenardiers in action. My only concern is that the barricades sets don’t look at all like Paris, they look like, well, London, after all they were done there.

  • Rope of Silicon also has a working link: http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/new-trailer-for-les-miserables-reveals-entire-cast

    The voices all sound great!! This movie is all I want for Christmas.

  • I’m certain about one thing after seeing this trailer: Russell Crowe’s voice is not right for operatic musical theatre. A big disappointment when compared to the other singers’ efforts.

    I don’t think the mix-match of songs works in a trailer. I much preferred the first trailer. But this still looks pretty good.

  • Russen

    the trailer is somewhat a hit and miss with me. Loved the singing, and the performances look great. But the cinematography and visuals are like a major let down. They will get nominated but they wont win. The cinematography looks murkey and the hand held camera style is getting very old. Also, the set design, well it looks like that, a set design and I agree it does not at all look like Paris, it looks like London.

    I see wins in original song, and Anne Hathaway. Thats all. Maybe, just maybe Jackman, but its a big maybe.

  • If something bad happens to the embed we’ve posted, you can watch the trailer here on tumblr.

  • I made a mistake. I watched it twice.

    The first time I was taken with Anne and missed a few wonky parts. But I had seen some wonky parts too. So there’s like 75% wonky in there.

    I just can’t, I’m sorry, why do a musical like this with the ability to hire the best singers/actors in the word and then have someone sing the way Crowe sounds in that trailer? Now I hadn’t been familiar with his singing, just his acting. So I was expecting him to save us. But that isn’t going to do it. And the Seyfried girl, I know nothing of, and that wasn’t encouraging either. I already know HBC is a weak singer. Luckily SBC has a great voice. But right now in the talent department we’re looking at a lot of C- singing here. Oof. And Jackman’s never been one of my favorite voices either, but aside from Anne, the rest of the cast makes him sound like Pavarotti.

    I can’t help it. Every time I hear something from this I can’t help but think of actors who could have had that shot. I can’t see anything else. And the worst part is because I had been looking up “Dexter” stuff earlier, ads for the show with Michael C. Hall glaring at me are all over AD. It’s like the universe won’t let me not think of better singers.

  • lily

    looks to me like there’s some regular talking in this. wasn’t it supposed to be ALL singing, with no dialogue?


  • The Great Dane

    I’m one of the “few” (hehe) who can’t wait to see this film and I *HOPE* it’s every bit the masterpiece I’m dreaming of. The live singing is ingenious, BUT that is also what could sink the whole thing in the end. Anne sang beautifully in the first trailer, but this trailer uses a different take. I sounds like she’s SCREAMING in stead of singing in this take, and I am worried. I saw the whole featurette where Jackman talked about “sing-talking with feelings” in stead of just singing. I can’t decide whether I agree with this idea.

    If they can show true emotions on stage and singing beatifully, why do they on film have to sing “ugly” on purpose to make it more real, authentic and touching? Isn’t it possible to sing beautifully AND do the part/scene justice? Is the shouting/whispering/talking really just an excuse or what?

    I still have high hopes. I still think everyone is underestimating Samantha Barks. Her part is the Tony Award winning part, and like Dreamgirls and West Side Story (and other musicals), a film debutante stole the whole film from the stars with her starmaking first performance. There must be a reason they cast someone unknown (from the stage). Especially since her role is the best and biggest female part in the second half on the film, and she only appears in the film after Hathaway’s character is no longer there. Could she end up stealing the thunder? Barks’s role is so heroic and tragic, I hope she does well.
    Crowe doesn’t sound bad, but not too good either.

    As I said, I loved the first trailer, but this trailer is a MESS, no matter what people say. If you haven’t seen the stage play, the trailer makes no sense. There is no story or focus, it’s just images and weirdly “anonymous” songs. Are they saving the best songs for later? So many of the biggest/most famous songs are left out of the trailer, and it stead we get the really bla songs, especially the one that’s in the last part of the trailer.

    So many thoughts right now. I’m looking forward to the next trailer, cause this just really underwhelmed me compared to the haunting first trailer.

  • ChrisFlick

    Looks great, I like the focus on the other cast members and songs. Would it be fair to imagine we have now seen most of Anne Hathaway’s performance? I am thinking this does some harm to her chances, that category is seeming more and more wide open.

  • phantom

    I think Amanda Seyfried has the potential to be a proper relevation in this. Anne Hathaway will get the nomination for sure, Samantha Barks has a baity role, too, BUT to be fair, I wouldn’t be surprised at all, if Seyfried got an Oscar nomination in the end. IF Crowe (or his voice) disappoints, the film still has two viable contenders in that category : Broadway star Aaron Tveit is playing the Tony-winning role of Enjolras, and rising star, surprisingly powerful vocalist Eddie Redmayne who is the big romantic hero. Long story short, the film has tremendous potential in the acting categories. My hunch is getting stronger by the day : Hugh Jackman will be DDL’s biggest competition.

  • Branko Burcksen

    I was surprised to see a link to a short video from the animated version of “Les Miserable” at the end of this trailer.

  • Mark

    I must be in an extreme minority but think this trailer is worse than the others. Some of the singing sounds very Glee-like for no other word.

    I really hope this is a homerun but don’t know, something about it tells me it’s not going to be the great movie everyone HOPES it will be.

  • Josh

    Yuck! The singing sounds really bad in this trailer. It really seems to me that a lot of people are just seeing trailers and hoping against hope that this lives up to their theater experience and I am not seeing that whatsoever. Crowe sounds extremely bad and Anne sounds somehow ‘screamy’ in this version.

    Disappointed big time. I seriously think this will be extremely hit and miss with critics. It will be so hard to live up to expectations.

  • LSUduck

    and the backlash begins…

  • The Great Dane

    When I wrote here earlier about the scream singing earlier and my disappointment with this trailer, I was afraid that the fanboys would crucify me (this is my no. 1 anticipated film of the year, so I was sad to see how incoherent, messy and badly sung this trailer is). But I am glad the last couple of commentators seem to agree with me. 🙂

  • Josh

    Not sure if that was directed at me LSU, but I seriously hope this is a great success. But I also am reserved in expectations because this is quite possibly the most beloved musical in history so the expectations are through the roof. Bound to be a lot of people let down that were looking for the way THEY wanted to see it brought to screen.

    I am very much going to see this and can’t wait, but this trailer really but a damper on my expectations, that’s all.

  • Tasha

    NOt doing it for me. A huge Les Miz fan…but, Amanda Seyfried and Russell Crowe do not have the voice for this. You can tell inthe trailer. Everyone else sounds great. Also, why does Eponine look like a hooker?

  • Aaron B

    I watched it and was taken back by Anne’s singing compared to the beautiful take we had previously heard. BUT, I have rewatched it a couple times now and the entire trailer has grown for me each time.

    Interesting that every trailer so far has had a different take of that song. I am staying away from the musical until I see the movie, so I’m unfamiliar. Is the part she sings in the trailer repeated at all, where it could get increasingly more desperate or are these clearly different takes?

  • Kevin Klawitter

    Best trailer of the year, bar none. I can’t wait to see this movie. The production design looks specactular, the actors all look first rate and the music (coming from somebody unfamiliar with the musical) is just as catchy as I’d imagine.

  • Fred

    I’m with lily, why is there speaking? Seems like they did decide to abandon the sung through aspects. I hope at least they don’t do like Phantom and make some sung parts spoken.

    I also guess they are changing some lyrics (or cutting big songs). The trailer shows Marius asking Eponine about Cosette’s name, whereas in the musical he sings upon meeting her again “Oh God, for shame I do not even know your name.” So at least that line has to go. (Though that might not be a bad dramatic choice as it will remind people COsette and Eponine grew up together for a time) I also bet by having young Cosette humming Castle on a Cloud, that it will otherwise be cut.

    Russell Crowe’s singing sounds better than I thought it would, but not as good as it should be. He is reasonably on key, but lacks the power Javert should have. Plus, his pronunciation of “revolution” killed me. Again, why not track down Philip Quast? Not much older than Crowe, and no one will ever match him singing that role.

    Also, be nice if they at least promoted Sam Barks. Yes she is not (yet) a big name, but she is the only legit musical theater star in a major role, and certainly sounds the best in this trailer.

    The most disappointing singing I heard was actually Jackman. His One Day More opening sounded like me in the shower. Valjean need to have a strong singer, and I’m not sure Jackman is it.

  • Looks fantastic. Even if the pacing’s off or something, the visuals and performances seem like sure bets JUST based on the trailer, which means that those cutting it deserve a nice Christmas bonus.

    And Crowe’s voice sounds right. Isn’t he basically a relentless cop? A little roughness might work better than if he rolls in like Bocelli.

  • I love how we all think a different person is the worst singer. XD

    Again, why not track down Philip Quast?

    When they can get a popular movie actor, they’ll always do that. My problem is that there are many popular actors who could have been considered. But they just went with the biggest star they could shoehorn in it seems. I said to my mom earlier, “Adam Sandler sings better than that!” lol

    No, I didn’t want Adam Sandler to play Javert. 😛

  • Fred

    When they can get a popular movie actor, they’ll always do that. My problem is that there are many popular actors who could have been considered.

    Well, they were smart enough to not do that with Sam Barks and Eponine. They could have had Lea Michele or Evan Rachel Wood.

    And I’m not sure what popular film actors out that that are strong baritones. Philip Quast was just my favorite options. Certainly other musical theater actors were available. Earl Carpenter or Hadley Fraser (who actually has a bit part as the French general) would sound better.

    Hopefully Crowe is better elsewhere, and they just had to stick this part in the trailer to keep with the “One Day More” theme.

    And it is fun to hear from different people how Jackman/Crowe/Hathaway/Seyfried are all the worst. No one has hated on Barks, Redmayne, or Tevit yet, so maybe they are good (though we hardly hear the latter two here).

  • rufussondheim

    I don’t know how anyone could say Samantha Barks is the “only legit musical theater star” in this show. Jackman has won two Tonys and got his start in the theater (with a great performance in Oklahoma! by some high-falutin English organization. Also Aaron Tveit has had two extremely high-profile Broadway debuts in Next to Normal and Catch Me if You Can.

    Barks, on the other hand has never originated a major role on the London Stage or on Broadway.


    A note about Hathaway, she discussed her performance in the film in a recent EW article and commented that the primary emotion that drove her in the I Dreamed a Dream song was anger. So I suspect that the “screaming” is more from the end of the song and the ninety econd snippet we saw earlier was from the beginning of the song. Maybe that clears things up, maybe not.


    I think the sing-song aspect of Jackman’s voice here is a tad annoying, but then every snippet I’ve heard of him is from the beginning of the song, so it’s very likely that he uses it transitionally from some of the non-musical sequences (which I’m sure are completely brief)


    As to the person who said the best songs are not included here, I beg to differ. On My Own, One Day More and Do You Hear the People Sing are three of the best four songs in my opinion. But then we can all disagree on that, I guess.


    As for Crowe, I’m with those who are a bit disappointed, but then the snippet that we’ve seen is from the song “One Day More” and I can see the opening lines from the song being as much spoken as sung. We’ll see if it works in context.


    I’m not a fan of Seyfried’s voice. It comes off a bit thin. But it’s a weak character, like frail, so the singing kind of fits her. If the singing were strong in the same way as Barks’ Eponine, I don’t think it would fit well. I’ve always hated Cosette more than any other character, but I kind of like this portrayal. Maybe my opinion of her will change in this film.

  • rufussondheim

    I have to defend Lea Michele here. Having seen her in Spring Awakening, I can honestly say her voice is very strong. She starts the show singing “Mama Who Bore Me” and it was quite stellar when I saw it.


    There is clearly cinematography issues here, but you get the gist.

  • Yeah I stink at knowing who’s a baritone lol It seems like everyone’s a tenor. My problem is just that almost every actor we have can sing and it seems like every time they cast a musical, they ignore the voice and go after something else. Maybe I need a musical with 20 tenor roles. 😀 I thought Johnny Depp’s voice was too high for Sweeney Todd. Maybe I was wrong with that too. I had wanted Heath Ledger at the time. Oh well. James Marsden maybe a baritone? I know he would make a great Sinatra. McGregor? Mortensen? Bale? Hmm…

    I’m also willing to bet that Seth McFarlane will sing during his hosting duties and he’s got an amazing voice. So he might make the whole cast of Les Mis look bad. Except maybe Sacha Baron Cohen.

  • Ted

    If anything… this reaffirms my feelings that this is really not going to work. The singing, and not just Russell Crowe, was very, very, VERY mediocre.

  • I totally forgot my co-favorite actor Val Kilmer. lol But no one hires that guy. 😛

  • Josh

    Let’s be honest here. This movie is a big undertaking and most people are looking forward to it. It could go off like gangbusters and sweep the awards, but personally I think it could just as easily be ho hum and not connect with the audience of the musical. It’s a big risk but as I’ve said, looking forward to it regardless. I’ll be there opening weekend.

    The film version from 1998 had, arguably, just as talented of a cast as this one if not more so. Neeson, Rush, Thurman, Danes. No, it wasn’t a musical adaptation and it was actually pretty well received although no awards whatsoever.

    Also, besides Chicago which was a decade ago, what movie musicals based on favorite musicals has gone the distance and lived up to expectations? Dreamgirls had buzz and fizzled other than Hudson. The Producers? Bad. Rent? Awful. Phantom of the Opera? Please. And Les Miz is even MORE loved by people. I tend to lean to this being either a huge success on all levels or falling short and lately I am in the falling short mindset.

    Will it be getting alot of awards attention? I’m sure. But I can’t disagree more that this is a frontrunner to win anything other than some tech, song, supporting actress.

    I know I’m in the minority. I just see this fading down the stretch but maybe it’s because I’m qualming my own expectations so I’m pleasantly surprised if it’s amazeballs. 🙂

  • steve50

    Well, I’m not sold yet, but it’s just a trailer. Redmayne is the only voice that impresses in this composite and it’s hard to understand the point behind some of the camera movement (overhead? really?).

    I would think that they’d throw the best of everything they had into the two+ minutes at this stage, but the overall impression is a bit thin, imo.

  • Dreamgirls had buzz and fizzled other than Hudson. The Producers? Bad. Rent? Awful. Phantom of the Opera? Please.

    True, they didn’t make it. But POTO is the only one that had questionable talent (Butler). (Patrick Wilson is my go to choice for all musicals.) The others had the talent. The problem with THE PRODUCERS is it’s a movie of a musical of a movie, much like HAIRSPRAY, which also didn’t get any awards heat either. Although I thought Travolta was fun. RENT had a big following though didn’t it? And I like it better than the Broadway show.* Musicals have an uphill battle getting respect so they don’t need to hobble themselves with strange choices most people might not understand like scream signing to prove how miserable they are.

    *In hunting for a baritone/Javert I considered Jesse L. Martin and realized they’d never do that in the movie.

  • Raygo

    Anyone who says Amanda Seyfried has weak voice is immediately disqualified from further discussions. The girl is a multi-talent.

  • Radich

    Joining the “I’m not sold yet” crowd. Looks beautiful, but it is hard for me to feel connected with a musical without seeing/hearing the whole piece enacted on the screen/stage/whathaveyou.

    I will wait for the film so I can say anything more specifically.

  • Kent

    As for the brief scene with spoken words in this new trailer–having read the screenplay when it was available online for a few days, I did notice that this was one of those scenes that was pulled from the book and added in. So those lines did not appear and were not sung in the stage version, and are simply a bit of added dialog that adds to the story.

    Les Miz is probably my favorite stage musical, but having read the book, I’ve always thought that the stage version simplified the story. The screenplay does a powerful job of beefing up the story with scenes, details that give much deeper meaning.

  • BHawk

    I’ve been really hoping to love the film but the new trailer is a causing me to be majorly concerned. If Crowe sounds this bad in one small snippet, how is gonna be tolerating his lack of the vocal strength that this tough part requires for the rest of the movie?? THIS was the snippet they chose to feature his singing voice with?? BAD sign! Same for Jackman. Also, the odd mesh of songs for this new trailer is poorly done as well. Wish they woulda just stuck with their first trailer, which was outstanding.

  • Jacob Burns

    The one person everyone is underestimating in this film: Samantha Barks.

  • Anyone who says Amanda Seyfried has weak voice is immediately disqualified from further discussions. The girl is a multi-talent.

    Show me something where she sounds unlike a stepped on squeak toy. Because that’s all I heard in that trailer.

  • steve50

    The biggest surprise to me is the lack of richness, depth and color. Just watch with the sound off and compare with some of the composition and lighting we’ve seen from, say, Lincoln. This is supposed to be operatic and epic, but this trailer has a backyard feeling to it.

    btw, the “squeak toy” remark made “chuckle of the day.”

  • Amy

    Geez, suddenly everyone’s an expert in singing.

    Of course the singing is not going to be the same as broadway, and I’m GLAD they’ve made the singing more raw, more wonky, and with more focus on acting. I feel like it gives the characters more expression, more personality, like they’re one of us.

    If I wanted to see perfect singing, or primarily singing, I will go see the broadway show. Yes it might not work, but I’m really interested in seeing what these actors do with their roles. If it wasn’t for these high profile actors, I probably wouldn’t be as interested because it will come across as a broadway on film.

  • Raygo

    Antoinette: And the Seyfried girl, I know nothing of, and that wasn’t encouraging either.

    I guess you missed her starring and singing along side Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia! Plus she’s studied opera and trains with a Broadway coach since her teen years.

  • Jerry

    O.K. Now I’m officially sold. With the exception of Amanda Seyfried (sorry Amanda defenders but she sounds awful) everyone else sounds great. Anne Hathaway should be the BSA frontrunner just on this trailer alone.

  • Fuller

    Quite undecided in this. Anne Hathaway and Samantha Barks look spectacular in this and hope that both get some Oscar recognition. Hathaway will get votes for The Dark Knight Rises so here’s hoping that Barks gets a serious look for a nomination. With the rest of the cast, I’m not too sure. The trailer looks decent, but a bit choppy at parts. I’m not sure on its Best Picture nomination chances…there’s so many great films out like TDKR, SLP, Lincoln, Flight and possibly Zero Dark Thirty and Beasts, so it’s a wait and see if this movie will be as good as advertised.

  • purlgurl

    I really enjoyed the trailer, and was am feeling well-disposed toward Crowe after a few listens. I’m glad that they’re not going for relentless bombast – my husband *hates* the stage show because he feels like he’s under attack (he’s not a big musical fan to begin with – I think the only ones he has ever really enjoyed were “Evil Dead: The Musical” on stage, and “The Music Man” on screen). I think the movie will go down much better with him.

  • Josh

    Hathaway has been the BSA frontrunner for a while now

  • unlikely hood

    I read Sasha say that this would be all-singing-no-dialogue, but where did she hear that? Looks wrong.

    The Great Dane is Great Right. The first half had some set-up of Valjean and Javert, but you had absolutely no idea where that went or how it relates to French unrest.

    If this bombs, Spielberg needs to buy a new bookcase…

  • Diana

    It does look very well done.

    My one concern has been the casting – why cast so many big-name celebrities? Perhaps the emphasis is on the acting and not the singing. But really, the leads had better be able to sing. Crowe not only sounds weak but off-key. I would think Javert needs a booming voice.

    That said, having watched the Les Mis 25th Anniversary Concert, I wouldn’t mind seeing the singing toned down a bit. There was so much oversinging and overacting in that show it was almost laughable – like a parody of musical theater.

  • zazou

    This is an excellent trailer and the voices, all of them sound just fine. Crowe does not sound weak and the carping about the singing performance reads as sour grapes. HOOPER HAS DONE IT, HE MADE A WATCHABLE, LISTENABLE FILM OF LES MISERABLES. The action is compelling and coherent and emotionally powerful. I suspect that because Les Miz has been considered as Oscar material it is subject to the tearing down baloney that goes on with every Oscar contender.

  • manrico1967

    This gave us the first taste of Russell Crowe’s singing.

    If I was apprehensive before, now I think it was a major mistake to cast him.

    This is potentially as big a disaster as Gerard Butler’s Phantom of the Opera or Marlon Brando in Guys and Dolls. Or worse, Elizabeth Taylor in A Little Night Music (shudder).

    I really, really hope he proves me wrong.

  • Comment

  • Sorry. That skipped to post only “Comment”Stunning beautiful heart-breaking unbearably moving Tom Hooper has done it. And it blows everything else out of the water ~ and the competition. Snuggles4 was right! Ladies and gentle-persons the envelope, please….

  • Jake

    im completely sold on this movie and i know it will be great. I dont like this trailer though and Russel Crowes singing isnt all that great, but it doesnt need to be! Its raw and powerful and thats what will make this movie so great.

  • Matt O’Callaghan

    It’s got a touch of imperfection about it, the trailer…and hopefully the film. It all looks very purposeful, these imperfections, and I can’t wait to see the finished film.

    The first trailer, while I liked it, it did look a bit clean.

    The thing that stands out to me is that all the actors come across committed to their roles, and have brought their acting A games. From the trailer I see three dimensional characters (esp. Crowe)

    Completely projecting bullshit here, but I get the feeling that with each viewing the quibbles we have now with the film will vanish.

  • brian

    The best-pic contenders are:

    Lincoln and Les Miserables …

    Nothing else really stands a chance.

  • Jack Traven II

    This is exactly the trailer I meant that made me think one thing: wow. And that as someone actually not having the slightest interest in musicals. It’s not the best trailer I’ve ever seen, of course, but nonetheless it looks pretty damn good. And regarding the singing. There are so many musicians out there who actually can’t sing but are considered great artists. I think they did the best they can. So, who cares. Anyway, for me it’s mostly about the acting and the rest of the film. And that looks pretty damn good, too.

  • Matt O’Callaghan

    ^ ” it’s not the best trailer I’ve ever seen.”

    No, this is…


    You’re Welcome!

  • Stefan

    The 1st Commandment: Thou shalt not judge a film’s quality on the basis of the trailer.

    Having said that: This is the big one. The one to beat.

    I don’t need opera singers. I want actors who can deliver the songs/lines with emotion and passion. And I don’t care if they hit all the right notes, as long as they pull me in. Have you ever seen a Madonna live concert? This is why I did not care when Pierce Brosnan could not sing in “Mamma Mia”. And I have not seen/heard anything in the trailer which could make me believe that this won’t be the major contender.

  • James

    Voicewise, surprised with Eddie Redmayne, disappointed with Russell Crowe. Glad there’s only very little of On My Own in the trailers, I want to be wowed by it’s full rendition only when I get to see the entire film inside a theater.

  • Duck Soup

    This looks awful.

    Anne Hathaway is so miscast. She’s actressing so hard. I would love to see her lose the Oscar. Please.

  • Matt O’Callaghan

    ^ you can add Schadenfreude to your resume as quality traits.
    I couldn’t care less if she wins, draws ot loses. As long as it’s a good film.

  • Tero Heikkinen

    I think this starts to look better. To me it’s more important to act well than to sing well. So many musicals have been ruined with bad over-acting, but this doesn’t look like one of them.

  • PaulH

    I need to remind all of you that with your fawning all over Les Mis, you do realize that you’re rooting for Tom freaking Hooper to win his 2nd best director prize and best picture trophy in 3 years, don’t you?

    Step away from the special Kool-Aid, people. There are better choices out there than this 100% bait-a-palooza.

  • Aaron B

    How dare hope a movie will be excellent with that kind of a director!

  • rufussondheim

    It’s important to note here that PaulH complains when a box-office smash doesn’t win Best Pic. Les Miz will be a smash, at least 200 Million, I am sure. And here’s PaulH bashing it. HMM. I guess if it were a comic before a classic novel he might have liked it.

  • steve50

    ^ Guess he missed out on one of the ##th printings of this:

  • steve50

    Oh – BEFORE it was a novel! oops

  • penny

    I agree the blacklash is starting to happen for this film. Even , Jeff Wells is being snarky towards this film. We know how much he wants Silver Linings Playbook and the cast of that film to win Oscars. Certain people are trashing Anne Hathaway’s acting and singing performance, before actually seeing the movie. Only because Hathaway is the frontrunner to win Best Supporting Actress. And, people are still holding a grudge against Tom Hooper, because of his Oscar directing win over David Fincher. This beyond ridiculous! That is why is keep a open mind to films.

  • Glenn UK

    The backlash may be happening on here but with “nobodies”! Seriously who gives a toss about the opinions of most, if not all, of the above? So what if Tom Hooper wins again? Spielberg has the potential to win a third time for Directing – no one complains there!!! Kathryn Bigalow may be up for a second too!! So what? Get over yourselves! Get over the David Fincher loss …..

  • I guess if it were a comic before a classic novel he might have liked it.


  • steve50

    No premeditated backlash here – just don’t like the trailer. Period.

  • Joey

    I just peed. Everywhere.

    I watched it twice, and Anne gave me chills both times.

  • So what if Tom Hooper wins again? Spielberg has the potential to win a third time for Directing – no one complains there!!! Kathryn Bigalow may be up for a second too!! So what?

    In that case, anybody but Bigelow. For reasons that don’t need rehashing here.

  • moviefan

    I love the stage musical, both the 10th and 25th concerts and I also loved the book. But I think I’m also going to love this movie. I don’t expect operatic singers booming to the back seats, I expect these talented actors to draw me in with their passionate performances and the rawness, realness of their voices will be the icing on the cake.

  • Kim

    I think it´s a really good trailer and everybody sounds fine, except Crowe. I don´t agree with those saying it doesn´t matter if the singing is wonky, that “raw” voices might draw you in. Listening to bad singing for three hours, that would be beyond horrible.
    But I can´t imagine that it will come to that.

    Joaquin Phoenix had a good baritone in Walk the line.

  • Pretty effective trailer I have to say. Anne REALLY wants that Oscar though, she’s kind of overacting it – at least from what I can tell and I’m the first to hope that I eat my words once it comes out. Either wya, she’s definitely winning Supporting Actress, that’s like, a no brainer.

    Too bad that Russel Crowe’s singing sounds so flat. I was hoping he’d sneak in for a Sup. Acting nom.

    Not sure how the 3 hour running time will play out but all in all, this is going to be a very big player. It’s EXACTLY what the Academy loves.

  • Filipe

    I had a dream the Oscars would be so different from this time I’m living.
    This film will bite the Oscars in the ass and will sweep the awards night and set the records for most nominations ever!
    I just hope in the future they find room to honor genre films, like the brilliant Skyfall or a tribute to the Nolan trilogy. 🙁

  • Franchesca

    This trailer actually made me cry. Yes, I still have some concerns about Russell Crowe and how he’ll be able to (or not be able to) handle the masterpiece “Stars.” It’s not going to be Broadway/WE-level musical talent, but at least the trailer suggests that it’ll more than make up for it with powerful acting/cinematography/set design.

    To those who are criticizing Seyfried — Cosette is such a thankless role to begin with that if she can infuse any emotion — any emotion at all — it’ll be a success for her. Judging from the little singing/acting she does in the trailer, it seems she’s pulling it off.

    I, too, would’ve loved to see the great Philip Quast as Javert, but compared to the rest of the cast, he’s a tad too long in the tooth. As the original musical lover, though, can’t wait to see Colm Wilkinson’s appearance!

  • Raygo

    Anne REALLY wants that Oscar though, she’s kind of overacting it

    Again with the madness here. Hello? There’s this guy, Tom Hopper, he’s a director. He calls the shots, determines the angles and close ups, sets the mood. She’s not directing herself.

    Just curious who the Hathaway haters are, and more puzzling, why? She lives her life relatively out of the spotlight, does her job, is professional and talented. Same with Seyfried.

    Hathaway was a good sport when she was the only one of the four Brokeback Mountain leads that got zero attention, even though her phone call with Ennis at the end was probably the most powerful moment in the film. She’s earned her time in the spotlight.

  • Ruth

    I dont mind serviceable singing in a musical, for me the acting (and dancing) needs to be more outstanding. ie. Shirley Maclaine made Sweet Charity just about work, and not really because of her singing.

    As a sidenote, interesting and defining time in the career of Russell Crowe imo. He seems to be regarded as a very very good actor who is atleast solid in everything, but the public seem a little meh about him nowadays. Currently involved in a separation/divorce as well.

    His upcoming slate includes roles as Jor-El, Noah, and here in Les Miserables. I feel he is choosing films his kids might watch. These upcoming films will define his legacy imo.

  • Joaquin Phoenix had a good baritone in Walk the line.

    Thanks, Kim. I couldn’t think of anyone last night. I’m wondering about Guy Pearce too.

  • rufussondheim

    Been thinking about the Seyfried role of Cosette, which is really the boringest role of the show by a long shot. She’s really not given much to do other than be a romantic interest for Marius so Eponine can be sad and tragic. She’s also there to be protected by Jean Valjean. She’s a crucial character who is given absolutely nothing interesting to do.

    In most stage versions, her part is sung very pristinely, usually by a talented soprano who can hit every unmelodious note perfectly.

    I’ve been somewhat entranced by Seyfried’s vocals here. I’ve called it weak in the past, and it was meant as a synonym to frail rather than poor. But that’s the wrong word. What I should have said is delicate. Her vocals are very delicately delivered. And it makes sense for the character as she’s always been sheltered away and forgotten about.

    In the four-minute featurette, she sits there in the bed, singing so delicately. And I’m rooting for her. Rooting for her in a way I never have before.

    I have no idea if the middle section where she’s central to the action for about 20 minutes will be of interest to me. But at least I’m interested in seeing what she does with it at this point.

  • Sato

    I hope Anne plays the lead here… She looks better here than the Michael Bay inspired The Dark Knight Rises…

    Then if Helena Bonham Carter happens to be good as Madame Thenardier, then she would have a shot for Supporting Actress nod…

  • SeattleMoviegoer

    i’m not too worried about the singing of the principles as they are a steller group of actors. recalling the past, one of my favorite musical performances ever was that of Gueneviere in CAMELOT. Vanessa Redgrave acted the hell out of that role. her good not great singing was more role-oriented than merely something for the soundtrack album. she broke my heart and enchanted me. it’s possible these great thespians of LES MIZ will do the same.

  • Glenn UK

    I suspect Helena B Carter and Sascha B Cohen’s performances have been held back because they have knocked it out of the park and would not be surprised to see these two up for supporting noms!!!! Just watch!

  • Clara

    Those are some pretty Frenchmen.

  • Antoinette

    Um, the cast of SNL all sing better than the cast of Les Mis.

    You guys in different time zones need to watch tonight’s monologue.

  • scary

    Anne should go lead actress nomination!

  • The Great Dane

    Anne Hathaway would NEVER go lead. She’s only in the first 30 minutes of the film – and if they pushed her lead and kept Crowe in supporting, it would make NO sense! Samantha Barks is more lead than Hathaway (even though star power is bigger than role size, as we saw with Training Day, Devil Wears Prada and Collateral).

    But she’s actually just in a couple of scenes of the film, so people expecting the film to be all about Hathaway will be disappointed. Not saying she won’t win an Oscar – just remember that after she leaves the film, there’s still 90 minutes or two hours of movie left.

  • LilyB45

    Having heard his singing with his rock group, I have to say that Russell Crowe’s singing in this film could have been much, much worse.

  • Archie

    I think Hathaway is outstanding especially in the first trailer ,Seyfried can sing very well ,I saw “Mama Mia ” and the only proof Jackman gave me ,that he can sing ,was his Oscar host gig.Crowe iam not so sure about ,he sounds a bit weak .But judging is a bit early,maybe he´ll surprise us all.

    My dream Javert would have been Gary Oldman -he can clearly act LOL -he sang in a few of his movies ,i think not bad and as far as I know he sang in Musicals while his theatre days.

    I think I´ll watch the movie notheless because the story is something Iam intersted in .

  • steve50

    “Um, the cast of SNL all sing better than the cast of Les Mis.”

    I wouldn’t go that far, but Taran Killam really knocked it out of the park.

  • Bob Burns

    been traveling and just looked at this….

    I am defenseless in the presence of Les Miserables…. this trailer has raised my expectations

  • Aaron

    If I were creatively in charge, I would have pivoted the trailer around the song Confrontation. Ultimately, the core of the story is the perpetual chasing of a penitent runaway con by a duty-bound police officer. Any other approach of telling the story in a 90 second capture inevitably brings in too many strands to weave together in the right way: revolution, maternal sacrifice, a love triangle, etc.

    Anyway, I think it is a bad decision to underestimate the emotional power of the score when sung in the way it was meant to be sung through, with vigor and nuance. Hathaway’s Fantine seems hopelessly off-key as well as off-track. I Dreamed a Dream is very rarely delivered well, but it demands a tone of fragility and romanticism. By singing the song, she is supposed to make us relive the wonderment of the affair that she had while it lasted, only to remind us if the torment of how short-lived and tragic it was. When I hear Hathaway, I don’t hear the narrative, I hear how she is dying at that moment in the story while singing it. I think it is more emotionally gripping when sung in its heartfelt power, rather than with every note dripping with atonal desperation.

    I also share everyone’s regard for the brilliant Philip Quast. Russel Crowe should have never stepped into a role that was so far above his reach. I would be absolutely shocked if he pulled it off. But if he does pull it off, I think it is a lead performance rather than supporting. That was the Tony Award’s perspective of the role anyway.

    As for Samantha Barks, she’s a serviceable Eponine, but not the best. I think she’s very good at the gutter aspects of the role, and passable at the vocal and emotional requirements.

    And I am damned tired of the buzz surrounding the live singing. From what I saw, they sing with a piano in the background. One wouldn’t be able to muster the vocal grandeur with a piano the way one would with an orchestra. But clearly this is another approach. I can’t condemn it in advance to seeing it, but I don’t have high expectations.

  • rufussondheim

    Clearly, Aaron, you are holding onto the stage show more than you need to.

    The SNL Monologue was fun. Notice how they skipped the Russell Crowe part. I think that dooms his chance for an Oscar nom!

  • Rory

    I’m very interested in seeing the full version of Anne Hathaway’s “I Dreamed a Dream.” This version of “I Dreamed a Dream” is reminiscent of Ruthie Henshall’s rendition in the 10th Anniversary Concert (at least during the particular passage in this trailer).

    Amanda Seyfried’s voice was appropriate for Mamma Mia!, but her voice is too wispy for the soprano role of Cosette. I dare to say that Nick Jonas is a better Marius than she is a Cosette. But in the long run, I’m sure it won’t make much of a difference.

    Russell Crowe, while not a bad singer, just doesn’t seem to have the BITE that Philip Quast or even Geoffrey Rush had. But that’s just from what little I’ve seen of him.

    Eddie Redmayne sounds like the most seasoned singer, besides Samantha Barks, and he seems like the perfect male ingenue.

    As for Hugh, it will be interesting to see how his Valjean is. His voice sounds a little bit on the nasally side.

  • Emily

    From an interview I read, I saw that the actors said they didn’t sing perfectly on purpose. They weren’t aiming to be operatic and amazing as one may expect from a Broadway performance, they were rather trying to convey emotion. It was said (and I agree) that people will connect more with Anne singing raw and emotionally rather than operatically. That’s just my opinion though. Still extremely excited!

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