You have to admire an Oscar season with this many films about seniors or elderly persons, particularly actresses. Emanuelle Riva in Amour, Judi Dench in Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Helen Mirren for Hitchcock and now, Maggie Smith crowds out the Best Actress race for Quartet.

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  • GoOnNow

    is He officially campaigning Maggie as Lead?

  • Joseph

    Pauline Collins is the MVP of this film. Maggie’s best shot is supporting for Hotel.

  • Mikhail Shurygin

    Les Miserables – International Trailer

  • keifer

    And the cast also includes the great MICHAEL GAMBON!

    This actor turns in solid performances in film after film after film. He was so memorable in “Julia”, as Annette Bening’s acting coach.

    Personally, I can never get enough of Maggie Smith. Fresh off her Emmy triumphs in Downton Abbey, she is poised to obtain two nominations this year: BA for Quartet and BSA for Hotel.

    And I couldn’t be happier if she got them. She is probably my favorite actress (living).

    She should have been nominated way back in 1988 for a little seen film called “The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne” with Bob Hoskins and Wendy Hiller. Her performance was absolutely heartbreaking in that film. I encourage everyone to check it out sometime (if you haven’t seen it yet). The film also contains a beautiful score by French film composer Georges Delerue.

  • Glenn UK

    Isn’t Pauline Collins supposed to be the lead in this film and steals the show too!!! I hope she is not left behind despite the fact I love and adore Maggie!!!

  • Matt O’Callaghan

    I tend to agree with Joseph. Maggie’s best shot is Marigold.

    In regard to Les Miz, see…

    YouTube have taken the new trailer down. This works.

  • Pat

    Pauline Collins gets my ‘best in show’ rank for Quartet, but I would guess that she’ll be in supporting. Quartet isn’t a Carnage-type situation with all four actors sharing the screen, so I would guess that it will be Smith and Courtenay for lead, Collins and Connolly for supporting. (They’re all great.)

  • I agree with keifer. I’ll follow Maggie Smith into utterly anything after seeing her in The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne. Dreadful title, alright film, heartbreaking heart-shattering performance. One of my all-time favourite performances.

  • Keifer


    I also love her comedic work in “A Private Function”, “Tea With Mussolini” and “My House in Umbria”.

  • Good old Maggie Smith could turn Macbeth into a comedy she’s that good. The best thing in almost everything she’s in.

  • The Great Dane

    This seems very close to Marigold Hotel in both tone and story. Does it hurt both movies’s chances? And Smith’s as well. People won’t vote for her in both lead for Quartet and supporting for Marigold (one would think), so will her overall chances dwindle? Or could this boost her Marigold performance into a lock? She has THE best one-line of the year in that film: “Well don’t blame ME, YOU’re the one who MARRIED her!”

  • GoOnNow

    @ The Great Dane

    so far my favorite line of the year is “Words Fail Me” in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

    I Oscar-winningly woke up the neighborhood with my laughter.

  • Alex

    I am excited about the film over all, but really, Michael Gambon is the main reason. Love that man in everything. Amazing actor.

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