This gives you a pretty good idea of what the movie Hitchcock is about:

Just my own note on this: making stuff about Alma and Hitchcock works to create a more dramatic picture but beware of filling in what you don’t know about people. This is a fictional account of their relationship. The only thing people know for sure is that she worked closely with him during their entire relationship. She wasn’t acknowledged, that’s also true. But beyond that…think of it as “just a movie” and you will enjoy it more than quibbling with the facts.

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  • Helen Mirren looks as young as she did 20 years ago. I’m not hyperbolising. She looks fucking fantastic!

  • ChrisFlick

    It will be very cool if this movie shines a long overdue spotlight on Mrs. Hitchcock. I expect this is what Patricia Hitchcock is hoping for. This to me looks like Helen Mirren’s vehicle all the way. Not getting Hopkins, at least not in the clips that are being seen.

  • Cyrus

    I am very curious how much screen time and story is also behind Peggy Robertson. She was assistant to Hitchcock.

    I used to volunteer at the Motion Picture Hospital and I had the most lovely conversations with her during lunch hours. She was truly a lady and such beauty inside and out. I loved hearing her stories of old Hollywood.

    I hope Toni Collette does her justice

  • Jack Traven II

    Honestly, having seen the trailer and this behind-the-scenes featurette (which didn’t arouse the slightest interest with me) I have absolutely no difficulty skipping this one.

    As with Cloud Atlas, by the way, which I’m skipping just because of Tom Hanks’s bitching about a Saturday evening show he appeared on here in Germany. His attitude really surprised and irritated me, but it was a welcome reason to cut down my films-to-see-in-2012 list to leave the films I’m willing to afford. 😉

    Too bad though, since Sasha actually made this film tempting for me. But well, c’est la vie, huh? :-()

  • Jack travenII

    Damnit! I knew the last Smiley wouldn’t work. I actually wanted it to be something like the laughing-out-loud smiley. Well, c’est la …

  • Jack Traven II

    And now I even got my own name wrong. Holy guacamole!

  • It’s an absolutely delicious movie treat! I’m going back to see it for a second time on Tuesday! I NEVER do this! Helen Mirren is glorious and already turned upon the Gurus o’Gold list of the top five possibilities for Best Actress!

    Sorry to say that Toni COllette, while she is ever present in the film, has very few, or no real scenes with dramatic meat to them, as Helen as Alma certainly does.

    Patricia Hitchcock, their real life daughter is still alive at 84 and I’m sure had a lot to say about how her mother was portrayed. Also, the oddly left Particia out of the movie as a character! And she was IN “Pyscho”! She was Janet Leigh’s office-mate complaining about having to take tranqulizers on her wedding night! STILL remember that line.

  • Daisy Kenyon

    I love Hollywood History films a la My Week With Marilyn and I look forward to this. I hope it is good!

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