Over at In Contention, Kris Tapley points out in his tech support column that the movie Skyfall has three potential Oscar contenders who, between them, have a total number of 34 Oscar nominations with zero wins.

Roger Deakins, 9 Oscar noms for cinematography, 0 wins.
Thomas Newman, 10 Oscar noms for original score, 0 wins.
Greg P. Russell 15 Oscar noms for sound, 0 wins.

Jeff Wells declares, “Lincoln hasn’t a fucking chance in hell of winning the Best Picture Oscar.” It makes me long for Damien Bona to be alive and writing up this Oscar year.

Frustrated at how things seem to be turning out, he queries Oscar pundits to find out how they think about Oscar predicting because he really wants Silver Linings Playbook to take the whole thing. Some interesting responses from Anne Thompson, Pete Howell, Steve Pond, Tom O’Neil, Scott Feinberg and Kris Tapley. At the very end Wells writes:

Wells to Stone: I just heard from a friend who went to see Lincoln last night at the Arclight, and she said she found it slow and slogging, and that a few people walked out. You’re living in a Lincoln bubble. An industry-centric Lincoln bubble. Reality will filter in eventually. It’s a good film but forget the Best Picture Oscar.

His readers disabuse him of the notion of walk-outs in fairly short order.

For the record, Jeff Wells has Lincoln listed all the way down at number 9 on his list. I have Argo in the number one spot, followed by Lincoln with Silver Linings in the third slot. I suspect much in going to change in the coming weeks but, no offense, only someone with limited awareness would dismiss a film like Lincoln.  But that’s just me. For now it remains in the underdog spot, which is the best place for it to be.

Melena Ryzik talks with Jennifer Lawrence, a gal with sass, for the NY Times.

How do you push your late entry into the Oscar race? NY Times’ Michael Cieply writes:

For those who have wondered how Hollywood’s studios will get their latest-released movies seen by thousands of awards voters before the unusually early onset of Oscar voting on Dec. 17, Universal Pictures has an answer: blitzkrieg.

On Friday, Universal’s publicity team circulated word of a lightning strike by its “Les Misérables,” which opens in commercial theaters on Christmas Day, with a series of six Los Angeles-area screenings in about eight hours on Nov. 24. The film’s director, Tom Hooper, will attend all of them — and this, after he executes a similar maneuver in New York on Nov. 23, where the screenings cluster in more manageable Manhattan.

Skyfall’s half-billion dollars in incredible worldwide opening

Alexandre Desplat on Zero Dark Thirty:

“I know it sounds like an action film, but it’s more like a Japanese Kurosawa movie.  And the way I approached it was very organic and I used a very strange lineup.  At Abbey Road I had twin horns, twin trombones, three tubas.  I had strings, I had violins, twin celli and twin basses.  It’s a very strange sound, very deep, very dark, but as I said very archaic as if the sound was coming from 2000 years ago.”

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  • JP

    I agree with Sasha in many aspects but the strongest of them is: SLP is not winning Best Picture. No matter how fantastic Harvey Weinstein is. Curious that every year he has one big player and a couple of minor players and in this year that he has 3 big players it seems he will be far from the top prize. But Leo, Lawrence and Phoenix could win (although I really don’t see Phoenix doing so).

    This is not a weak year and it’s been more than 3 decades since a film with no appeal to the tech branches took home the gold (and I really don’t expect to see SLP getting an editing nod in the end). Second: it’s reviews are worse than Argo’s and Lincoln’s. Third: it’s not even close to get the Adapted Screenplay Oscar. Lincoln and Argo are waaay more likely to get the top prize. Fourth: I can’t imagine a BP winner only taking Actress also.

    I also can’t see how Les Mis could be less divisive than Lincoln. Argo is zero divisive. It’s consensus and a near-perfect film, but i’m not sure if can spend 3 months leading the race.

    Django Unchained and Zero Dark Thirty are aiming for what True Grit did 2 years ago. Each of the two could do what it did or even both.

  • AnthonyP

    I feel like us readers are kids in a nasty divorce between Sasha and Jeff. I tire if the ripping going on between them. I feel like Drew Barrymore in Irreconcilable Differences.

  • rufussondheim

    Desplat on ZDT makes me want to see it even more!

  • Wells: I just heard from a friend who went to see Lincoln last night at the Arclight, and she said she found it slow and slogging, and that a few people walked out.

    Any other proofreaders notice the missing words?

    Wells: I just heard from a brand new best friend who went to see Lincoln last night at the Arclight, and she said she found it slow and slogging, and that a few people walked out.

    Could Wells be sweating because Silver Linings Playbook is lower than Skyfall’s 81 and 10 points lower than Lincoln’s 88 on Metacritic?

  • Winston

    Skyfall was A-m-a-z-i-n-g!! Can we please consider Judi Dench and Javier Bardem for acting nominations? Also, I think best picture too?!

  • Yogsss

    Who the hell is Andre Desplat? Skyfall deserves it success and praise. Its a fantastic movie and I hope it wins a couple Academy Awards.

  • Raygo

    Anthony, don’t kid yourself, there is a lot of “affection” between the lines of the banter between Jeff and Sasha, for lack of a better word.

    I’d love it if Sasha devoted an entire Podcast to Jeff Wells’ irrational love for SLP. Perhaps he identifies strongly with Bradley Cooper’s character? Something about SLP struck a deep emotional cord with him, and Sasha, Glenn Kenny, Ryan Adams, et al need to do some recorded group think and spin some theories.

  • (thanks Yogsss)

  • Hooper’s attending six screenings in eight hours? Sounds exhausting.

    And Zero Dark Thirty just keeps sounding better and better. Love Desplat.

  • d2

    don’t forget…

    Albert Finney….0 wins for 5 nods
    John Logan…….0 wins for 3 nods
    Ralph Fiennes….0 wins for 2 nods
    Anna Pinnock…..0 wins for 2 nods

    Any chance this film could bring Daniel Craig back into the BAFTA-fold?

  • Why does Wells have a silver-lined bug up his ass? I’m a monkey’s uncle if it wins BP. Nominations for sure, but it’s a non-period film with a limited scope. I thought Robert DeNiro’s Oscar clip scene was forced. Bradley Cooper was fine, but he was still Bradley Cooper.

    Jennifer Lawrence was A-mazing. Will be interested to see if she gets a run for her money from something more baity. She is the only one who is winning anything for that film, if it doesn’t go home empty-handed.

    1. Argo
    2. Les Mis
    3. Lincoln

    That’s the race for BP.

  • Radich

    Funny that I just came back from a Silver Linings Playbook screening at the MOMA to see this post. Wells is dreaming.

  • I thought this quote was particularly interesting from Pete Hammond: “Any ranking I do is only based on etc, etc, etc … and certainly not movies I like or dislike or any film I am trying to help.” Does that also apply to his reviews?

    Taken out of the context of the Oscar race, it made me think of his review of Tyler Perry as Alex Cross and the conspicuously timed Deadline posting regarding the sequel a day or two before the film opened.

  • steve50

    “…a few people walked out.”

    So? Wells has never been to a movie when someone left before it was over? I don’t think I’ve sat thru a movie in past 50 years that someone didn’t walk out. That doesn’t indicate no “fucking chance in hell” imminent Oscar failure. Medical pager, lovers’ spat, horniness, headache, or bad clams maybe. How about just pushing the positive aspects of SLP if that’s who he chooses to champion and leave the dirt to the wounded politico haters on Yahoo Movies. What I have read (from sources with more integrity) has this Spielberg-doubter anxious to see Lincoln next week.

    Desplat’s remarks sharpen my interest in Zero Dark Thirty. Anyone heard the score yet? He’s got to be a frontrunner this year.

    The Bond people really assembled mega-talent behind and in front of the camera this time and it will obviously pay off, but I don’t think Oscar will notice, I’m afraid. Same stigma that haunts every major franchise – the reward remains at the BO.

  • “The Bond people really assembled mega-talent behind and in front of the camera this time and it will obviously pay off, but I don’t think Oscar will notice, I’m afraid.”

    Completely agree. Skyfall is how every blockbuster should unfold, with immense style mixed into the invigorating pace. It was captivating thanks to the set pieces, touching script, dry humor, and the litany of brilliant actors commanding the screen, especially Craig and Dench.

  • Derek 8-Track

    In an alternate reality where all the academy reads and closely follows these blogs, Wells is single handedly ruining all SLP’s chances at getting a nod for anything.

  • Here is my logic:

    Lincoln is a lock.

    Because Warhorse Got in. Warhorse was NOT a strong film at all. The Academy loves Spielberg. The film has already gotten so much press, it is already being talked about in TIME and other media sources. It is socially relevant especially on an election year. It is Oscarbait, it’s a period piece, has a strong male lead, and involves a war. Whether it wins or not, which personally i feel like Spielberg is due for another win, it will get nominated. If this is a strong film, even if not the best of the year, this is a frontrunner in my opinion and should not be seen as a film that “Cannot win.”

    If the film is slow, perfect. The academy loves slow films for some reason. The Hurt Locker, English patient, the Last Emperor, Out of Africa, The Pianist (best director). All super super slow films.

  • andres

    LES MIS:

    As for all the people who already think Les Mis is a lock without seeing it: wait.

    It is NOT a lock, it is a huge risky move, especially for a musical. It has a great cast. But musicals have been such a huge hit and miss in the past couple years.

    9, Rent, Phantom of the Opera

  • Sasha Stone

    Who the hell is Andre Desplat?

    Ack, sorry.

  • Sasha Stone

    Raygo, it probably has more to do with Wells’ personal contact with the filmmakers, or the star. Knowing him, it’s more about that. He definitely seems to have a soft spot for it. Maybe it’s his fantasy played out? I don’t really know what is going on there.

  • JJ

    Wells is embarrassing himself. Or on the Weinstein payroll. Slant’s review perfectly sums up the problems with SLP: http://www.slantmagazine.com/film/review/silver-linings-playbook/6677

  • JJ

    Publicists are doing a great job, though. Remember that less than a year ago David O. Russell was arrested for feeling up his transexual niece and now will have another Oscar nomination soon. But the win? No way.

  • alexi

    Personally, I just cannot wait to see oscar bloggers up against another Weinstein oscar hopeful again. Imagine how many theories and scenarios they are going to make against another Weinstein supported picture or actor. I already know who is going to smile at the oscar party. But this process is simply too entertaining to ignore.

  • porcelane

    awww Id be soo happy if Skyfall can get even 2 noms! its much better than all the Batman movies & they got nominated!

  • helios

    What a bunch of zealots.

  • Mik

    I saw Argo the other week and thoroughly enjoyed it. However I think that if it didn’t deal with 1) the film industry and 2) a major American political victory I don’t think that anyone would consider it to be a contender for any oscars. Ben Afleck is a good director and not an actor for that money (he’s not a bad actor if he was supporting, he just doesn’t really act), he is WAY too blank. He needs to remove himself as the lead of his films for them to have any chance of winning big at awards.

  • Jack Traven II

    I myself saw Argo on Saturday night. And (based on that one time) I have to say that it was … very good. I don’t want to rush things and call it perfect or even a masterpiece – not before I have seen it at least one more time (sometime in the very far future, I’m afraid). But what I can say about it is that I was kept on the edge of my seat. It was funny and dramatic, it was well photographed and well acted. That well that it would definitely deserve an SAG nod for best ensemble. But not only that. It would also definitely deserve a BP nod at the Oscars, as well as nods in several other categories, including BD. But somehow I don’t see that happening. I think Ben Affleck could suffer the same fate as Christopher Nolan did last year with Inception. A BP nod, yes, that’s possible, due to the BO and the buzz, along with several other nominations, but no BD nod. But I hope I’m wrong.

    P.S.: Skyfall’s pretty overrated, IMHO. It actually wasn’t worth my hard-earned money. I thought The Bourne Legacy to be a much better action-sequel.

  • Tero Heikkinen

    1. Argo
    2. Les Mis
    3. Lincoln

    Yes, this is correct, Vince. These are the three possible winners. Funny how it always comes down to three. No matter if you have 5 or 10 nominees, three is the actual game. Even in this, Argo is the first to drop out if Les Mis is great, but even if Les Mis is just “good enough”, it’s still in. 95% chance that the winner’s title will begin with a letter “L”.

    Wells is notorious for hating Spielberg, but having Lincoln at #9 is just ridiculous.

    As for Skyfall’s three multiple-nominees with zero wins. Thomas Newman could finally get it if the slate is bad. Sounds like John Williams’ score is mostly unnoticeable in the movie even if Lincoln sweeps. Adele’s theme song (whether or not it is eligible in the end) could drag Newman in the game. See, Disney did this many times (Best Song AND Best Original Score).

    Out of the blockbusters, Skyfall seems to get all the attention and I don’t think The Hobbit can beat that. It was not easy for me to let The Dark Knight Rises go, but reality is just that. It is gone. The Avengers never was and talking about The Hunger Games would be just plain silly. One of these have a shot for Visual Effects (which doesn’t go for Skyfall obviously), and this could be TDKR’s award (practical CGI-less effects for me anyday), but they might even go for Life of Pi or Cloud Atlas here if they feel the urge to give them something.

  • rufussondheim

    I think it needs to be noted that The Sessions had some pretty bad Box Office numbers this weekend. It’s on 128 Screens and barely made half a million dollars. Unless all 128 Screens are in Alaska, this is pretty bad, especially for a film that’s gotten good press, good reviews and has been given “Sure thing” status in certain major Oscar Nomination categories.

    Not sure if the public is uninterested or if it’s getting lost in the shuffle. But I think if this film is DOA at the box office (as it seems to be) I think we can take off Hawkes as a surefire nominee as so many people have situated him. ANd Hunt for Supporting Actress seems less likely now too. Both categories are so competitive this year, I’m not sure these will make the cut.

  • Another interesting piece of Skyfall trivia:

    Both Roger Deakins & Thomas Newman had their first (unsuccessful) Oscar bids for Shawshank Redemption.

    From Shawshank to Skyfall, they’ve both been snubbed a long way.

  • Oh hell yes Alexandre Desplat! Zero Dark Thirty keeps looking better and better!

    Jeff Wells has a habit of either knowing a lot or knowing diddly squat. On Lincoln, it seems he knows diddly squat.

  • Tero Heikkinen

    In hindsight they should’ve given Newman his Oscar for American Beauty. Everybody remembers that score, but who remembers The Red Violin? Not me. Skyfall is tricky, because it’s very different from Newman’s signature style (that American Beauty represents very well). Maybe Academy will embrace just that? The step out of his comfort zone. And maybe by awarding Skyfall with something, they award the 50 years of Bond – when they have not been kind to the series before.

    Deakins had it tougher. He always had a very deserving winner against him. This time he might have a chance, cause this category is all over the place. Well, Cinematography usually is. This is a tough one, but it will probably be a consolation prize to a big candidate that loses BP.

    Yeah, do it, Academy. Give all three (incl. Russell) their long-awaited Oscars, or would it be too obvious? They seem like deserving in their own categories this time at least.

  • JP

    Adele should absolutely win best original song. Its probably the most remarkable song written for a film in a long time.

  • steve50

    “who remembers The Red Violin?”

    Um, a lot of people. John Corigliano’s score was brilliant and Joshua Bell’s violin solo’s wrenching. Oscar recognized this and it was one of those rare times that the prize for score wasn’t given as part of a sweep.

    Pulitzer Prize winner Corigliano has only done 3 film scores – the amazing score for Altered States that matched Ken Russell’s manic tone perfectly, BAFTA winning score for Revolution, and The Red Violin.

    His status as one of the best living classical composers probably helped his nomination for The Red Violin, but the work stands on its own. Several years ago, I had the privilege of hearing him – with Bell – perform this live and it was breathtaking, followed by a “meet and greet”. That night he also conducted his Symphony No 1, which was his response to the AIDS pandemic and the quilt – if you’ve never heard it and like classical music, you should give it a go.

    That said, Newman is due

  • TB

    Lincoln should win… It is very rear to see this kind of film with this quality and this cast. But I think wells is right, but for a different reason… Spielberg. I have never or will ever see a person with so ridiculously high expectations.

    Between now and February people, pundits, bloggers, and academy members will find something wrong with the film. I hope I am wrong. I wish Spielberg sticks to dramas from now on.

    But wells is fucking dreaming if he thinks SLP will win BP. And he gets paid for this?

  • Tero Heikkinen

    Well, at least Corigliano thanked Esa-Pekka Salonen, a respected Finn.

  • Sasha Stone

    Which Weinstein contender would that be Alexi? There are three in case you’ve forgotten, four if you count Quartet.

  • steve50

    Harvey is spread pretty thin this year and I don’t think he’ll repeat last year’s major success. DDL will almost certainly trump Phoenix, Lincoln or Les Mis will probably bigger vote-getters than SLP, but he may grab Best Actress (JL or MS) if he concentrates his efforts. If Waltz goes lead, no chance against DDL, but if he goes supporting again, he’ll have a shot – against DeNiro, though.

    Not a bad year for Weinstein, but, I’ll wager no BP, BD or BA this time around.

  • steve50

    “Lincoln or Les Mis will probably bigger vote-getters than SLP,”

    Oh, yeah, and Argo. I still think this one could be this year’s French Connection and come right down the middle for the win.

  • I feel like us readers are kids in a nasty divorce between Sasha and Jeff.

    Yeah. I never know what’s going on behind the scenes but this one was pretty obvious. I mean “only someone with limited awareness”? That’s serious business.

    I don’t understand how LINCOLN isn’t in front of ARGO at this point. Because as stated before Ben Affleck isn’t quite the caliber of actor that Daniel Day Lewis is. So if ARGO is weak in the acting category LINCOLN’s got to be super weak somewhere else for them to be even on equal footing. Because if people think ARGO is perfect technically, so what? When hasn’t a Spielberg film been perfect technically? You don’t have to see a Spielberg film to know he beats everyone every time in that regard. I mean I haven’t seen it, so if he’s got his thumb in the frame or something I won’t find out until this weekend. But I’m assuming he doesn’t.

  • Glenn UK

    New Les Miz trailer released by Universal today – lots of different images than the one last week!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIWjUW_qk1I&feature=youtu.be

  • James

    How about the other ‘L’, Life of Pi?

  • Radich

    I read on deadline from Pete Hammond that an official screening of Lincoln for the Academy would be held this past Saturday. Any word got out on how that went, Sasha? Or anybody else?

  • Raygo

    Per screen avg. for The Sessions was $4,258, which is decent, and I think in the top 5 for the week.

  • steve50

    “How about the other ‘L’, Life of Pi?”

    Yes, the dark horse…if Lee has pulled off a decent translation to film (and from the sounds of it, he has) this could well be my personal favorite in the race. We’ll know in a couple of weeks.

  • Pierre de Plume

    If history is any guide, the reason Jeff Wells is hot for SLP may be because he’s hot for Jennifer Lawrence.

  • Jerry

    I think SLP will be nominated but has no chance of winning so Jeff Wells is dreaming. He is right that some will find Lincoln boring but many will consider it BP winner material, so it has a good chance. Argo is great but will be this year’s Up in the Air. After the Les Mis trailer, I want to put my money on that horse for now.

  • Jerry

    Anne Hathaway covers Vogue for December. The writer of the article was shown a rough cut of the film and he gives it a good review. Anne talks about her audition for Fantine then the starvation diet to lose 15 Ibs in 2 weeks (lost total of 25 Ibs for the role). http://www.vogue.com/magazine/article/leap-of-faith-anne-hathaway/

  • Yashar

    I just got a surreal feeling: Previous years, Weinstein Co had 1 decent but not great film as their main contender and it won the BP. This year they actually have 3 great (Or at least very good) contenders and neither of them have that much chance.

    1. Argo (Unless Le Miz does AMAZING or Weinsteins pull another King’s Speech, the best picture WILL go to Argo)
    2. Le Mis
    3. Silver Linings Playbook
    4. Lincoln
    5. Zero Dark Thirty

  • I saw Lincoln on Friday at the Arclight. First of all there were NO walkouts. And I liked the movie, but I can’t say I loved it. The familial stuff, especially the scenes involving Gordon-Levitt and occasionally the Sally Field stuff, felt half-assed and forced into the movie to give it more of a biopic-y feel. But the simple fact of the matter is that the rest of the movie (the good part involving the amendment) is not a traditional biopic, which is what makes it work. They should have either beefed up the family scenes if they wanted to go the more conventional route, or done away with them entirely and committed even more fervently to what was working. Every time they went away from the main action, I was taken out of my viewing experience. It was, again, a good movie ultimately, but I personally don’t love it and I too have doubts that it will win Best Picture. Argo is looking better and better. Maybe Django or The Hobbit will step in and blow everything else away?

  • rufussondheim

    Chris Price, is it possible that the “family” stuff was there to show Lincoln’s state of mind in the main political plotline?

  • Jake

    Skyfall isnt as good as TDKR! Its not even close to being as good as TDKR. What Nolan does is unmatchable. I just laugh when I see Dark Knight Rises haters.

  • Jack Traven II

    Regarding Zero Dark Thirty I first thought that the Academy would never award just another war-on-terror film from Kathryn Bigelow three years later, no matter how good it is. But then I remembered a certain director called Oliver Stone. His Platoon took home 4 Oscars, including one for BD. Then, three years later, he received another Oscar for directing Born on the Forth of July (along with the award for best editing the only ones for the film).

    But I pretty much doubt that something like that will happen again. ZDT might get some technical nods, but nothing more. Someone once said that she and therefore the film only received 6 Oscars because the Academy wanted to honor the first female director. On Oscar nomination day we will see how much truth there was in.

    Regarding Skyfall I think that Thomas Newman is one of the most overdue composers. He made some pretty memorable scores. But who really thinks that he could be nominated for an action flick like Skyfall? I think the odds are pretty much against him.

  • unlikely hood

    If SLP is everything they say it is – that’s a big if – then it’s Jerry Maguire, which was an absolutely outstanding dramedy about a 35ish-year-old in midlife crisis who belatedly realizes he loves this woman who’s about 10 years his junior.

    I have seen Flirting With Disaster about 10 times. I teach Three Kings to undergrads. I love David O. Russell. But is he Cameron Crowe at his peak? Maybe – barely.

    Jerry Maguire made more money than all of its BP competition – combined. Doesn’t matter. It wasn’t even close to winning BP. Anyone who bet against The English Patient wasn’t betting on Jerry – they were betting on Fargo.

    SLP people really need to calm down and start thinking about other “silver linings” besides a BP win.

  • Aragorn

    As we know, in some cases, being a GOOD movie is NOT enough to win BP Oscar…There are many factors, even including some unknowns. Therefore, we cannot say, at least not for now, that Lincoln will win or lose. It could go either way. I think it will come down to 3 movies: Lincoln, Les Miz and Argo. And the rest will be up to publicists, Oscar strategists, and production companies that are willing to put enough effort and money behind their movies.
    Having said that, regardless of its chances of winning BP,

    I still think that Lincoln is a very well-made movie. Story, check. Acting, check. Directing, check. An iconic lead character, check. Well-liked and respected director, check. Very strong Best Actor contender, check. Strong supporting cast, check. Is it perfect? no but then it doesn’t have to be. Just like the Artist or the King’s Speech or many other previous winners were not!

    It has everything to win BP. Will it win? We will see. But calling Lincoln a bad movie, that’s stupid, imo!

  • steve50

    That “unknown factor” is plain ole likeability. Excellent movies have been bypassed because the voters just happened to “like watching” something else more. Oscar always goes to the homecoming queen, not the Nobel Prize winner.

    At least this year, we can guarantee that all of the nominees will be “good” movies (knock on wood).

  • Aragorn


    I second your “knocking on wood”:)

    I am still a bit nervous to see what will be this year’s Blind Side or Extremely Loud Incredibly Close (oh both movies had Sandra Bullock, since she doesnt have a movie this year, we are safe!:)

    Hopefully with this many good-to-great movies, all the BP nominees will be deserving ones!

  • Diego

    I sooo totally agree with Wells.

    And mazel tov to him for having the balls to say so.

  • omar

    Wells can say whatever he wants, no problem. It’s that he name calls and brags about screaming at people in parking garages when they disagree with him and then makes up blatant lies about 20 people walking out of a movie that bothers me.

  • Evan

    While I agree that Jeff is a little… er… feisty, and seems over-sure of everything, I do agree with him that Lincoln is an unlikely BP winner. And, like him, I would place Silver Linings Playbook over it on the “Likely to Win” list. People went crazy for it in Toronto. Let’s see how the public reacts before throwing out its chances completely.

    To those who say that SLP is modern and therefore won’t get tech support, I’d say: this is the Oscars we’re talking about. Funny things happen when people really like a movie. Who thought that The King’s Speech would get a sound nomination? Or American Beauty one in editing? Or The Artist in editing?

    At this point, anything could happen with SLP.

  • rufussondheim

    I really do hope Skyfall gets a nomination (and a win too!) for cinematography. It’s utterly gorgeous, and it’s got so many varied shots going on. And all of them perfect and amazing. It’s almost like Deakins saying “Look at this, bitches!” And I love him for it.

  • “Chris Price, is it possible that the “family” stuff was there to show Lincoln’s state of mind in the main political plotline?”

    Of course that’s possible, but the Robert Lincoln subplot does nothing to advance either the main plot or even its own. It goes absolutely nowhere. Mary Todd’s scenes do have certain connections to the main story, and in that respect they work, but in and of themselves they don’t come together satisfyingly. She worries in the film that history will only remember her for her instability, but the film doesn’t really allow her scenes that AREN’T marked by that instability. My criticism was simply that the movie should have done more to flesh these storylines out in order for them to be effective or get rid of them entirely. As it stands, the film merely pays lip service to these stories and hardly ties them into the A plot. I suspect from the strong line of sarcasm in your comment that you disagree with me, rufussondheim.

  • rufussondheim

    Nope, no sarcasm. I was simply curious. Won’t see the film until next week at the earliest.

  • Skyfall really does have stunning cinematography. The Shanghai and Scotland scenes especially, really striking stuff. The Master’s cinematography is still superior in my opinion, but Deakins should definitely be nominated for Skyfall.

    I have this feeling, that keeps sinking more and more as time moves on, that Argo will not have the strongest legs and will end up getting a slew of nominations, and end up walking away with one (Screenplay).

    It’s going to be a three horse race between Les Miz, Lincoln and SLP me thinks. Wells’ arguments defy reason, SLP just doesn’t feel like a Best Picture winner but you never know really.

    So far, of all the films in contention for awards season, from the ones I’ve seen, Flight has been the biggest disappointment, just meandering slightly below the “good”.

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