Les Miserables Vogue Photo Shoot

From Movieline

  • LSUduck

    Once again no Samantha Barks…ugh. She isn’t going to have a prayer of getting awards recognition of she keeps getting kept out of the promotion of the film. The studio obviously doesn’t give a crap about her which is sad because she has the best voice in the film.

  • Jerry

    Samantha Barks doesn’t have a picture but she is in the cast interview done by Vogue.


  • Genadijus

    Where is this podcast of awards season and film reviews this Monday?

  • I hate it when Vogue does things like this. This is just an ad for the film, it has precious little to do with fashion.

  • If I saw that first one out of context I’d think it was from THE HOBBIT.

    I like Crowe’s portrait actually. If I was him I’d put that in the entryway of my house.

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