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  • Rodrigo JP

    Can’t wait to see it! Looks amazing!

  • SallyinChicago

    Is this movie REALLY 3 hours long?

  • Josh

    Are you really that surprised if it is, SallyinChicago?

    Pulp Fiction: 154 minutes
    Jackie Brown: 154 minutes
    Kill Bill Vol. 2: 136 minutes
    Inglourious Basterds: 153 minutes

    Most of QT’s movies are close to 2.5 hours or more.

  • Tory Smith

    Ok…one thing that is irking me. JAMIE FOX. One: I really didn’t want him to be in this role. He’s talented (and a personal fan), but he is not as versatile as many others who could have given the role more intrigue, and I know I’m already judging from the trailer, but Fox has rarley suprised me since Ray in terms of pushing new limits of his talent, so it seems he’ll do the same thing he’s been doing since then. (Idris Elba would have been better).

    Also, being a black man myself, why is Jamie’s hair not period??? He has a slick fade with a bomb edge up???? Like what? He don’t look like no slave to me. He look like a brotha from today. His hair in the film seems to have been buzzed and cut in a modern way. Everyone else’s hair looks period…

    I gave you a topic…now Discuss!!!!! 🙂

  • Matt O’Callaghan

    I couldn’t tell you about his hairstyle and whether it is period or not, or anyone elses…

    I lam not a big fan of Fox, but he did surprise me in Collateral, so anything is possible. If I were him I would have gone for an unknown or a comedian or maybe even a female?

  • Raygo

    Is the number comments generated indicative of the general interest in the film? Seems like many are immune to the Tarantino schtick at this point in his career. Or at least less impressed.

  • steve50

    “Is the number comments generated indicative of the general interest in the film? ”

    I don’t think that’s the case – we may just be “clipped-out” and want the real thing. How many times can you say you’re looking forward to something? And god help you if you try and judge a film by its trailer.

    *can’t wait to see this, though!*

  • Alec

    Is anyone else a little bugged by him repeating the exact same basic theme of revenge that he did in his last movie, Inglorious Bastards? I love Tarantino, but I think I’m anticipating this movie less because it just seems like such familiar territory for him…

    I just wish he would do something a little more unexpected at this point in his career.

    Still, I am going to see this and hope its great.

  • DiscoNap

    Y’all are missing the point. How GOOD does Franco Nero look for 71? Damn.

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