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  • I mean, I like the grey. It’s a nice look. But it’s still grey. And I can’t believe we’re all so damn old. *sobs*

  • Jerry

    And the Oscar for Best Director goes to…Ben Affleck. This will be Argo’s reward while Lincoln, Les Mis and Zero Dark Thirty battle it out for Best Picture.

  • Jason

    His artificial hairpiece looks very natural.

  • director rum


  • Jack Traven II

    He would really be a well deserved Oscar-winner for BD. Actually, Argo somewhat reminded me of the brilliance of All the President’s Men. And we all know how that turned out. That film won 4 Oscars. But unfortunately not for BP and BD. Hopefully this time things will be different.

  • Qwerty

    Wow, I hadn’t realized Rihanna was a man!

  • Henry

    What happened to his head? does not look proportion at all 😀

  • Deservedly so! Best movie I’ve seen so far this year… But don’t count out Spielberg, Bigelow, or that sneeeeeeaky Tom Hooper.

  • That Argo and Afleck just won’t go away.

  • and I mean that in a good way.

  • unlikely hood

    Why does the headline say “Ben Affleck is GQ’s Filmmaker of the Year”? The text doesn’t say that

  • Ben. 😉

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