How awesome does this look? David Fincher, bitches. Thanks, Mikhail.

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  • Raygo

    Wow. Riveting trailer. About time Spacey got back to doing what he does best. Wright looks terrific. Kate Mara. All good.

  • Erik Anderson

    Eh, I thought it was kinda weak. Not liking Spacey in this (too Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil). It feels like a hybrid of Political Animals and House of Lies, but boring.

    But, I will watch anything Robin Wright does.

  • Yashar

    The footage looks promising but the role feels to easy for Spacey. Really curious about Mara and Wright.

  • I rather wish they wouldn’t advertise this as a ‘Netflix Original Series’. I imagine that’s just the term Netflix are using for any series being made for or premiering on Netflix, but this is not an original series. It’s based on a BBC series from the early ’90s, which they don’t even mention.

  • ChrisFlick

    It will frankly be hard to touch the British mini-series from which this is taken. All you have here are more familiar faces. But it is a good yarn, and you have to assume most people have not seen the other, so why not. We don’t see enough of Kevin Spacey anymore.

  • Mel

    Can’t wait. I’m keeping Netflix just for this b/c frankly, Netflix sucks, their streaming service is super limited in what is available as far as newer movies.

    It’s been almost a year since we last had some Fincher and I have already been sadly reminiscing about how exciting it was this time last year waiting for TGWTDT and wishing I had something like that this holiday season to sit and geek on.

  • The Great Dane

    Are there any more Mara siblings that Fincher needs to work with? 🙂

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