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How Spielberg’s Cinematographer Got These Eleven Shots

Vulture dives into the collaboration of Steven Spielberg and Janusz Kaminski, starting with AI and working up to Lincoln. For Lincoln he chooses the opening shot. But I suspect the one that will be most remembered for the film is this one. It has stirred conversation by critics who believe the film should have ended there. And it easily could have. I prefer the way Spielberg chose to end it, though I might in the minority. Still, I like that there’s discussion about it.

Funnily enough, they bring up the often discussed sex scene in Munich. It marks one of the few times Spielberg has ever gone there. For many, that was when the film jumped the shark but I have to wonder now how it would play. Every time a director delivers a film that inches them forward in their career it causes you to rethink their body of work. I suspect after Lincoln that Munich will be reassessed.