James Franco: actor, writer, director, Oscar host. One thing I love about Franco is that he doesn’t seem to really care what people think about him. They try to laugh him out of Hollywood for everything he does but he keeps creating stuff anyway. He is now working on a film adaptation of William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying. Here is his latest foray into video directing, Collapse into Now for REM. It’s a moody meditation on Hollywood decaying at the fringe. I think that’s Lindsay being photographed by porn filter photographer Terry Richardson. The song Blue is great – and if the video did anything it made me download REM’s album.

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  • Casey

    Lohan can be a real beauty. This proves it

  • Hi Sasha, I know you don’t follow a fraction of the caca I do on the internet (because you have better things to do), but from my trove of useless information I would argue that Franco does care what other people think. Or, at the very least, he struggles with the idea of it. He’s pretty vocal about how sensitive he is to Gawker’s (and others) criticism of his antics and professional choices.

    It’s interesting that he briefly collaborated with Lindsay Lohan considering that they’re both pretty disliked in some circles. My own take is that although he’s doing things with his fame in a unique fashion, his ego can often cloud his efforts. Some people have an easier time separating the artist from the art and can ignore the person behind the creation. That’s something that I struggle with.

  • And he went to NYU for this type of filmmaking?

  • Dragon

    Maybe it’s just me, but he’s not good at anything he does…

  • BBBerlin

    Its a beautiful album, by the way.

  • Jason

    This video reads like a bad art school project.

  • Casey

    I love Franco.
    I’d actually like to see Franco and Lohan in a film together… Call me crazy

  • steve50

    I don’t have a problem with Franco. He gets points for refusing to stay in the little cute actors’ box where everybody wants him. He stumbles often, but someday he’ll surprise everyone, I’m sure.

  • JJ

    Lohan and Franco have one thing in common: too much free time.

  • Luke

    How many PhDs and masters will he get for this video?

  • Munro202

    In which James Franco shows us how much he sucks at trying to be Sarah Polley.

  • Kholby

    This is unwatchable.

    I don’t have strong feelings either way for either of these people, but this is just crap. #TooManyFilters

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