We talk about Lincoln and Silver Linings and then we try to second guess the National Board of Review, LAFCA and NYFCC.  Good times!

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  • Dean

    I find it strange that you guys all basically agree on everything. Surely three people have at least slightly different perspectives on the films you discussed, but that does not come through at all for some reason. Obviously its your prerogative to present a podcast however you want, but when considering the group think mentality presented in these, I don’t think you can criticize any awards group for making dull choices without sounding hypocritical.

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  • The dullness of awards comes when they pick dull movies, not when they agree about things. I don’t see your point, Dean.

  • “I don’t think you can criticize any awards group for making dull choices without sounding hypocritical.”

    Firstly, I can’t remember any time this year when any of us said any awards group makes dull choices.

    Secondly, If Sasha or Craig made a dull choice and I agreed with them… then, yes, that would be dull. Luckily that’s not been happening.

    Since Craig and Sasha make great choices, sorry, I’m not going to veer off and make a crazy choice just to make things more exciting for you.

    I suppose we could draw straws each week to decide which one of us will be required to make a wacky choice.

  • Seriously though, Dean. You missed all the fun last year when I refused to believe anything so featherweight as The Artist could win Best Picture. I disagreed all the way up to Oscar Night and beyond.

    The year before that, I was stubbornly disagreeable about the increasing likelihood of The King’s Speech win.

    If that’s the sort of break from Group Think you want, just stick around. Soon we’ll see more precursor evidence. If things change, Craig or Sasha could begin to see the race more realistically. I’ll probably still be the guy who’s blindly refusing to accept the dull choice when the smart podcast partners get sensible.

    Right now, before any of our dreams are dashed, our dreams match up. Yes, we like a lot of the same things. That’s one reason we’re friends.

  • Plus, there’s still disagreement. At this point we’re collectively disagreeing with the status quo about Silver Linings Playbook (and we’re right goddamnit).

    If you want people disagreeing with each other and shouting about it, listen to AM talk radio.

  • Craig put this entire conversation in the proper perspective at the 57 minute mark when he offered: “Next morning after the Oscars, Barack Obama will still be president!” Naturally I applaud that! Ha!

    I was thrilled to read all the mediocre assessments of SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK, a maddeningly overrated film, that incredibly is being discussed for awards. Mr. Jeff Wells is quite a character, and I can only count my blessings I’ve never had to deal with him. His dismissal of Lincoln and dislike of Spielberg, while simultaneously promting David O. Russell’s film, tells me all I need to know about his taste and sanity. Yes, I completely agree with Sasha that it is “the weakest of the potential award nominees” and also like her I have no intentions of watching it a second time. However, unlike Sasha, I don’t think I can say something along the lines of “More power to Russell” should the film end up in the winner’s circle. This would be a major travesty, but heck we had a number of those occurances in the past. Interesting to hear that the book was “darker” as per Ryan’s revelations, and applaud Craig for his brilliant observation that “Jennifer Lawrence is basically therapeudic value to the Bradley Cooper character.” Still I agree with all three speakers here that Lawrence’s work in the film is still extraordinary. As Craig adds: “The material is there….but it falls short of it’s potential.” I couldn’t agree more. I am no fan of Russell, and thought last year’s THE FIGHTER grossly overpraised. Even the cartoonish (nice word there Sasha in assessing his work in PLAYBOOK) acting in that one was over the top. Nice to hear to that Ryan is no fan either, and totally agree with him when he opines that “No character in the film will ever be happy.” To that end Sasha adds a telling “Ordinary People” reference point and a supposition as if she were Tiffany’s mom.

    The film was truly be a disasterous choice, and perhaps even more so if one of the critics’ groups discussed near the end of the podcast, should annoint this. That said, like Craig and Sasha (I know Ryan will see this soon, though I smiled approvingly when he said he wouldn’t even bother if the film wasn’t getting awards talk) I agree the film has some entertainment value, and isn’t a complete abomination.

    The glowing talk on LINCOLN was insightful and promising. The film for me is the best American film I have seen to this point in 2012 (yes I liked ARGO and MOONRISE KINGDOM, but not THE MASTER so much, and others key films are coming up) and I am inclined to think Sasha may well have the NYFF choice named correctly, though ARGO would appear to be hot on it’s tails with the Gothams, if you closely examine the individual reviews of the group’s members.

    Sasha hit the bulls-eye as far as I’m concerned when she notes that LINCOLN is “more consequential and has more gravity” than ARGO, and that it will be well-remembered and revered years down the road. And yes agreed too that “audiences that go know what to expect.” No doubt either that Spielberg does deeply care about civil rights issues as his career will attest. Ryan’s discussion of the way Spielberg ended the film and Craig’s fabulous comment about “bloggers and critics who “haven’t directed or filmed a single scene in their life but now want to decide how Spielberg should end the film” are great, and in the end I agree with Sasha to that the choice of the speech of the Second Inaugural Address was a master stroke. Prior to that of course there was the tasteful way of showing the assassination and the surrender, both of which along with the adrress give the film resonating emotional closure.

    Ryan makes a terrific point about the visual/thematic connection in the film between Lincoln’s face on the death bed to the faces of dead soldiers. And yes Sasha makes a lot of sense when she asserts that the wntire book could not be realized on screen, and that Kusher’s screenplay is in effect one of the great components in this brilliant film.

    THE LIFE OF PI as a NBR prediction is consistent with the types of films that have chosen in the past, and it may wqell come to pass (I will be seeing that film in the upcoming days) but I will have to agree with Craig that this group will go with LINCOLN. I am thinking NY may go that way too but perhaps ARGO or THE MASTER will be the direction they will go. It’s a tough call. LA seems to be THE MASTER, but again any of the others can get it.

    The big mystery remains LES MISERABLES. I am hopeful and extremely excited about it’s prospects, and I know all three of the speakers here will revise their Oscar analysis when this is seen and the responses pour in.

    In any case, LINCOLN does look headed for multiple awards, and a load of Oscar nominations.

    This was truly a fascinating, insightful and often humorous podcast. Bravo

  • moviewatcher

    “Silver Linings will win the election, but Lincoln will win the electoral college GODDAMIT!”

    That was a HILLARIOUS moment on the podcast. Not sure if it was podcast 8 or 7 but great anyway…

  • I think we need to print up some kind of Oscar Podcast t-shirts and send Sam one. The dude listened the SHIT out of this podcast and came back with some stellar commentary. Much appreciated, Sam.

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