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  • What do I like most about this poster? The de-capitalisation of the ‘g’ in ‘god’. Onward christian soldiers everybody else!

  • tsk tsk, Paddy
    see you in Hell hell

  • Hfhfh

    And directors who make violent films continue making violent films. Worthless.

  • Jerry

    Otherwise known as Drive-the sequel! Good makeup though. Will be entertaining I’m sure.

  • np Ryan. By the sound of things, hell’s full of homos.

    Can’t wait! 😀

    I’ll bring the poppers.

    And directors who make brilliant films continue making brilliant films. If the violence is justifiable, what’s to whine about? Someone’s in a hfhfh…

  • steve50

    And what’s wrong with a littel violence? Answer me! *whopping Joan Collins bitchslap here*

  • By the sounds of things, hell’s full of homos.

    Let’s hope they’re not all married by the time we get there.

    The Godfather, The Godfather II, Seven Samurai, Raging Bull, Fight Club, Pulp Fiction, Goodfellas, City of God, Apocalypse Now, The Silence of the Lambs — just to pick 10 films at random from among the 20 greatest films of all time.

    The world is violent. Life is violent. Anybody who doesn’t think movies should ever reflect real life violence needs a good ass-kicking.

  • drake

    i’m so excited.. i know we’re right in the middle of the prime season for 2012 films- but this is surely one of my 5 most anticipated for 2013.

  • Holly

    Great still.
    But why no update on The Impossible ? It got a special screening hosted by Angelina Jolie last night in London.
    And Watts just got the Desert Palm Achievement Award. Surely it indicates that she is very much in contention for a spot in the final five.

  • Reno

    Kinda off topic, but I just want to say that all the pushing and shoving, wining and dining, wheeling and dealing, backscratching and backstabbing come Oscar season means that Hollywooders do give a shit about the Oscars and this 85 year old spectacle is alive and kicking, and that despite all the cynicism, all the brickbats, not to mention the fluctuating ratings, the show will go on!

    It’s the 3rd week of November, the Oscar season is in full swing!

  • Not off topic at all, Reno. You hit the bulls eye dead center.

  • Reno

    Dead center, lol.

    As for violence in films? I was a toddler and I was already seeing violence on TV. Now it’s akin to breathing.

  • Most of us are fortunate to avoid violence in our sheltered lives, but I’m grateful to serious movies that remind us not everybody is so lucky, to help us understand the consequences of violence suffered by others.

  • Jerry

    THR Oscar Roundtable: Sally Field, Marion Cotillard, Naomi Watts, Helen Hunt,Rachel Weisz, Amy Adams, Anne Hathaway

  • That happens to me when I sleep on my eyeball.

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