Jennifer Lawrence tells a funny story to Ellen (via JustJared):

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  • VVS

    some females my age could learn a lot from her personality.

  • PaulH

    How many times in movie history has a lead actress been in two prominent movies, and wids up getting nominated for the wrong (read: not as good as her other movie) film. After all, we’re staring at such a scenario when JL gets nominated for the wrong performance. In SLO, she’s part of an ensemble. In The Hunger Games, the movie rises or falls on the strength of her performance. By that reckoning, and the fact THG was such a monster hit with fans and critics, that Lawrence should be nominated for the better role, which is clearly THG.

  • Sorry, Meryl.

    Jennifer is winning Golden Globes BA in Comedy/Musical.

  • phantom


    Kate Winslet, Annette Bening, Nicole Kidman come to mind.

    Winslet was arguably superior and a true female lead in Revolutonary Road, yet they nominated then awarded her for The Reader that was her supporting bid for most of the season, mainly because she wasn’t the film’s lead, it was…well…’the reader’.

    Bening was in two acclaimed ensemble pieces in 2010, and I might be alone with this, but I thought her superior work was in Mother & Child, also I felt she was more of a lead there than in The Kids are all right. The film started and ended with her, and in my opinion her role was much more challenging and memorable than her Nicole who didn’t have her own storyline and was basically ‘just’ half of the central couple.

    Nicole Kidman received her long overdue first Oscar nomination for Moulin Rouge! and it was indeed a stellar, very deserving performance…but I couldn’t help but think that her turn in ‘The Others’ that year was just as impressive if not more so. I guess it was a coin toss for most voters, that would also explain how she didn’t manage to get an individual SAG nomination that year, her two brilliant lead turns probably cancelled each other out. Even precursors-wise it was interesting : she got a Golden Globe and a BFCA-nod for Moulin Rouge, and a Golden Globe (drama) nod and a BAFTA nod for The Others…and no SAG-love.

    The only reason Jennifer Lawrence isn’t considered AT ALL for The Hunger Games, is simple : Harvey Weinstein decided to ride the franchise’s success and secure his contender a LEAD campaign, although it would have been probably more appropriate to place her in SUPPORTING. Then she could be up for two nominations right now…by putting her in lead for Silver Linings Playbook, the THG-people won’t even try, they know they don’t stand a chance. Having said that, the Lawrence/Weinstein team was probably painfully aware that even if they try to go for two categories, she would be probably still snubbed in Lead for her brilliant GENRE performance…and to be fair, although I haven’t seen Silver Linings Playbook (have you?), according to reviews she is a marvel in that film, so as great and iconic as she was in The Hunger Games (I saw that one), I wouldn’t be so sure that her Katniss is superior to her Tiffany…more iconic ? Most certainly. But BETTER acting work ? Questionable.

  • phantom


    Meryl Streep told her studio NOT to campaign for her, so frankly, I really don’t think she would care…

  • Matt O’Callaghan

    Regardless, I think Meryl will be nominated for a GG. Hope Springs was pretty average, but bot leads were good. If only John Waters directed it.

  • kiwi

    Jennifer Lawrence received widespread praise and critical acclaim for her performance in The Hunger Games. While she was fantastic in the film, she will NOT be nominated no matter what. The film is too mainstream for the Academy. I got to see Silver Linings over the weekend and I think she outshines her performance in THG by miles. She’s so good! Especially in the scene where she flips out at Robert De Niro. So she has a better chance at being nominated for this role than Katniss’

  • Halo

    If you thought she was good in Winter’s Bone, think again! I have no words to describe how good she was in Silver Linings Playbook and I can’t believe she’s only 22 years old. She has a lot of talent for such a young actress and I can’t imagine what she will be like in her 30’s. Bless her. She’s got a great personality and so much talent!

  • Mel

    Sasha why don’t you post about her transphobic comments or the fact that you included her in a article about feminism in Hollywood and she described Katniss as “a male hero with a vagina”.
    This girl is extremely ignorant. It’s good that she can act and flirt with Academy members (and the fact that the world seems to like stupid girls) because, otherwise, she is going nowhere. Maybe I am overreacting or, maybe, I am just naive enough to expect some smart comments from actresses.

  • steandric

    If this starlet had to be given any award for anything it would be the MTVA for THG, for the sake of the MTV fanboys. And then she needs to learn to talk with more substance and depth before anything else.

  • GoOnNow

    well she’s just perfectly lovely and perfectly charming, what’s the problem?

  • Dominic

    Phantom, do you have a source for Meryl asking the studio not to campaign for her? Not doubting your veracity, just curious

  • PaulH

    Kiwi re: The Hunger Games…”The film is too mainstream for the Academy.”
    Head, meet nail. Never has a more truer statement been said on here. I campaign for J-Law, but I fully realize there’s no effing way she’ll be cited for THG. Imagine, then. If the Academy thinks THG is too mainstream, what the frak they must think of The Avengers? 😮 That belongs in as many categories as Lincoln, IMO, for the cultural impact it made on the business, let alone its quality up and down the line.

  • PaulH

    Steandric, the MTVMA’S improved vastly over prior years editions because of the Hunger Games’ near-sweep (Lawrence, Hutcherson, Banks winning), final HP winning best ensemble cast. it didn’t end in a good way, as long as the best movie is voted online, the twi-tards hijacked it once again :|.

    Next year, the MTVMA’S move to April, and Avengers as well as TDKR should get their proper recognition there, nom-wise.

  • helios

    “If you thought she was good in Winter’s Bone, think again! I have no words to describe how good she was in Silver Linings Playbook and I can’t believe she’s only 22 years old. She has a lot of talent for such a young actress and I can’t imagine what she will be like in her 30′s. Bless her. She’s got a great personality and so much talent!”

    WTH? I’m sure I’ve seen this exact comment here before. Hmm

  • phantom


    Sure, Pete Hammond mentioned it on Deadline a few days ago, hereis the link and the quote :

    Although 17-time nominee Meryl Streep finally won her third Oscar last year for The Iron Lady (her first win in 29 years), it is not likely she will four-peat, despite widespread praise for her role as a wife looking to put sexual pizazz back into her longrunning marriage in Hope Springs. She isn’t even letting the studio campaign the performance, which should at least let somebody else out there have a shot, considering Streep is bound to be back in serious contention next year with the much-awaited August: Osage County.

  • Bless PaulH, the loudest voice for commercial blockbusters, mainstream films and the idea that more dollars means better quality. It’s good for the balance. Saying that Lincoln and The Avengers have the same cultural impact is a good quote to use when someone asks how people are doing these days.

    As for Lawrence, she’s charming and down-to-earth and is exactly where a 22 year old should be; with a lot of growing up to do. Nothing wrong with that. She was the only good thing about HG, but not Oscar worthy in the slightest. Can’t wait to see Silver Linings already.

  • When will people learn that Meryl Streep doesn’t care about awards?

  • VVS


    you off your rocker buddy?

    Her acting in Hunger Games is standard fare…why would you nominate her for that?

    furthermore, even her performance in SLP which is clearly the best thing she has done to date, is not Awards worthy…it’s a good performance…great, relatively to the work she has done so far in her career…but relatively to the acting that we’ve seen through all our life times? No…’s not worthy a mention at the Awards

    it’s crazy how nowadays, Actors get applauded for doing something that they are supposed to do

    while the actors who go above and beyond the norm get outcasted and forgotten

  • it’s crazy how nowadays, Actors get applauded for doing something that they are supposed to do

    It feels insane to me to see us talking about an Oscar for Jennifer Lawrence at age 22 — throwing her a Lead Actress Oscar for a standard supporting role.

    Meanwhile nobody mentions Emayatzy Corinealdi in Middle of Nowhere without hurriedly adding “longshot” in the same breath — as if her name needs an apology or caveat attached.

    It’s worse than insane (because by now we EXPECT the Oscars to be be insane). It goes beyond insane into the realm of horribly demoralizing.

    I understand the reality of the system. We all do. That reality should sicken us.

    I’m thinking Jennifer Lawrence is ready to explode onscreen next year as Serena. That role will offer enormous opportunity for her to show us what she’s truly capable of delivering. Can’t understand the rush to crown her Princess of Hollywood this month.


    I guess I’m saying, the chatter helps create these situations. Small talk creates perceptions. I’m guilty of the same easy labeling. I need to stop. I need to try to be more careful. Say “Frontrunner Jennifer Lawrence” a thousand times, say “Longshot Emayatzy Corinealdi” a thousand times — casual observers will begin to think that’s the wording on their birth certificates.

  • VVS


    Maybe I’m confused, but I really want to put the blame on all you “Oscarologists”

    You guys create the hype train for these performances by doing write ups about how other “oscarologists” are praising the actors/actrsses works in anticipations.

    You see the circular logic? The majority of the write ups you’ll see on Oscar blogs are just stuck within what politics of the Oscars dictate, or what other’s have already determined to be an accepted opinion.

    If you guys had stopped worrying about what the next guy thinks on his blog and just spoke YOUR mind, freely, with no boundaries, maybe this Oscar thing could actually change.

  • VVS

    Also, I think many people who wish to critique/praise acting performances could develop a great deal from taking some time to actually study acting.

    So often do I hear reporters/journalists speak the dumbest things in regards to actors, that all come from their misconception of what acting is.

    How can you judge an acting performance properly, unless you know can see and pin point exactly how much of the “effect” comes from the acting, and how much comes from other aspects of film-making.

  • Maybe I’m confused, but I really want to put the blame on all you “Oscarologists”

    Maybe you responded before I added a footnote to my comment above. I feel bad about it. Mea Culpa.

  • If you guys had stopped worrying about what the next guy thinks on his blog

    We don’t worry about other blogs. Nearly every time we refer to a guy on another blog, it’s almost always to disagree. We do try to refute pre-sold misconceptions.

  • But please understand, VVS. Most of what we write is straight from the heart. But we also have a responsibility to realistically appraise the system.

    I’m terrible at realistic appraisal. That’s why I was dead wrong about what would win Best Picture the past two years in a row.

    Readers want honesty, yes. The honest truth isn’t often very pretty.

  • VVS

    But is the reality fixed for the future, or can we change it?

    If it’s fixed, whats the point of reporting on what you think will happen, rather than what you think deserves to happen.

    And if we can change it, then you already know….just tell us what you believe deserves to be nominated.

  • charlotte

    Thanks for this, Sasha….cute story!. Jennifer Lawrence is indeed fantastic in Silver Linings Playbook. I also am looking forward to Serena. I’ve been wondering when we might see a trailer for the film. Soon, I hope because Serena is a real Lady Macbeth type of character…can’t wait to see Lawrence in the role.

  • jorge

    i dont see jlawrence winning for this and so soon, if she is good enough she inevitable will win for serena…

    im curious, angelina for her fu$%in housewive situation didnt want to do this, if she had done this role, she would have been the frontrunner this year…

  • Seeing this in a couple of hours. Every time I pass by a billboard I still get these creepy illegal vibes because Lawrence looks so much younger than Cooper. By a lot. Now jorge says that Angelina was supposed to do the part, which would of made so much more sense – age wise.

    We’ll see. I really need a feelgood movie so I’ve got high hopes regardless.

  • Aaron

    @ Jorge…I always forget that Angelina was O.Russell’s first choice for this role. Would’ve been interesting to see how she would’ve played Tiffany. And didn’t Anne Hathaway originally sign onto the role but had to withdraw at the last minute for Les Miz?

    And I don’t understand all these comments about how Jennifer has no “substance” and how she’s a flake. She’s freaking 22 years old and she carries herself with so much more dignity and self-deprecation than many women twice her age. (Has anyone actually seen an interview with Drew Barrymore? Girl is pushing 40 and still acts as if she’s 19). I don’t think Jennifer Lawrence is as articulate or brillianty analytical about her work as a Michelle Williams or Viola Davis, but she’s down-to-earth and has a lot of raw talent that many other actresses lack. Plus, she doesn’t seem jaded or pretentious as many other actresses or actors would be with the sudden amount of success she’s achieved in such little amount of time.

  • Jerry

    Cute story, I don’t blame her Mom one bit. If she were my sister I’d steal her ballot and fill it out. 😀 Ellen should have asked if she voted for herself or Natalie Portman.

  • Jerry

    Oops correction: she wasn’t a member of the Academy when nominated for Winter’s Bone so she couldn’t vote for herself! Better question would be did she vote for Streep or Davis.

  • alan of montreal

    So it looks like Joaquin isn’t the only one who thinks the Oscars are a farce:

  • SallyinChicago

    I’ve seen her in two movies, and both those movies I walked out on. Winter’s Bone and the Hunger Games.

  • PaulH

    “Meanwhile nobody mentions Emayatzy Corinealdi in Middle of Nowhere without hurriedly adding “longshot” in the same breath — as if her name needs an apology or caveat attached.”

    I guarantee you nobody is saying Emayatzy Corinealdi outside of this forum, because nobody knows outside of this forum who the heck she is.

  • Zooey

    My guess is that mom was in The Help frenzy and voted for Viola, but Jennifer doesn’t really seem like a conformist to me, so she didn’t go to the Viola vs. Meryl ball and went with Rooney Mara.

  • E

    @Aaron. Yes, I thought it was interesting how Russell rewrote the history of how he cast the film…Deadline and several other outlets said Wahlberg and Jolie were his first choice. I think Jennifer even mentioned something along the lines of how both Serena and SLP were originally offered to Angelina. The age difference didn’t bug me in SLP, but I wonder about how it’s going to play in Serena.

    On Jennifer, she’s cute, very talented, and can be charming. However, she made some really nasty remark on Ellen about how she thinks her cat is gender confused and she’s nicknamed it Chaz Bono. She’s made some equally insensitive remarks in the past…For example, she pissed off some X-Men fans by insisting that Mystique can’t be bisexual because she was married and had kids. That’s pretty much why some people find her obnoxious. Since she is Hollywood’s current golden girl, charismatic, young, and white, people let that shit slid.

    Jennifer is very talented, but so is Emayatzy Corinealdi, Riva, Cotillard, Mirren, Weisz, Chastain, Watts, etc. So I’m kind of surprised everyone’s acting like she’s walked off with the Oscar already, even though I know the Oscars is somewhat of a popularity contest.

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