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Happy Thanksgiving Dear Readers

Since it’s Thanksgiving, it’s a great time to tell all of you readers thank you. Thanks for turning up every day to read our posts and occasionally comment. AwardsDaily (nee Oscarwatch) has always been about the readers. Thanks for the tweets and emails that you send, the tips and news items, the praise and criticisms – we appreciate it.

To give something back, Ryan and I would like to offer up an Amazon gift card for $100. We went back and forth on what would be a great gift but perhaps the best gift is a choice to get what one lucky commenter would like.

To enter, please leave in the comments which actor, writer or director you are most grateful for.

I’ll go first: I’m grateful for Steven Spielberg. I saw Jaws 14 times in the theater. We would line up for hours to get in, and after it was over we get right back in line to see it again. That was almost thirty years ago. Although most of my favorite Spielberg films happened a long time ago, I am still stunned that after that many decades making movies he could come up with something as thoroughly researched and well executed as Lincoln. There are many films I’m grateful for this year, starting at the beginning with Beasts of the Southern Wild, Middle of Nowhere, Moonrise Kingdom, and on through Cannes with Amour, Rust & Bone, The Hunt and Beyond the Hills, at Telluride with the splendid Argo and The Central Park Five, the third of the Christopher Nolan trilogy, the Dark Knight Rises, and now on through Oscar season with Cloud Atlas, Life of Pi and Lincoln. A dazzling array, an embarrassment of riches. I can’t wait to see the rest of the films this year. I’m grateful that all of these filmmakers are out there taking the biggest risks. What we all do is easy; what they do is hard.

Most importantly, I’d really like to give public thanks to Ryan Adams, who keeps the site running smoothly but whose enthusiasm and voice inspires me daily. He also helps to cultivate such a lively community here in the comments. He spends far too much time in the background so hopefully we’ll soon be seeing more of Ryan’s writing = he’s been such a great friend over the years and one of the smartest people I know. I’d also like to thank Craig Kennedy, who, along with Ryan, now do the weekly Oscar Podcast. Thanks again to Dora for building the FYC gallery.

So thank you readers, thank you. And now, who are your most grateful for?

  1. Glenn UK says


    Baz Bamigboye of the UK Daily Mail shares what he could from the screening of Les Miserables that he has seen —

    >>Hugh Jackman said the film of Les Miserables would revolutionise the way people viewed movie musicals.

    The actor plays Jean Valjean in Tom Hooper�s stirring film version of the award-winning musical by Claude-Michel Schonberg, Alain Boublil and Herbert Kretzmer.

    When I spoke to him, during filming at Pinewood Studios, he explained why. �We sing as we act, rather than lay down songs weeks in advance,� he said. �It makes it much more realistic � particularly with a gritty story like this.�

    People lucky enough to be invited to private screenings of Les Miserables this week told me that having the actors sing live, as it were, added a grippingly emotional intensity to the picture (which is already pretty emotional!).

    One showing yesterday in central London left the audience moved to tears.

    Viewers I spoke to praised the film�s �breathtaking� appearance, and the performance of stars, including Jackman and Anne Hathaway.

    They revealed that Russell Crowe, as Inspector Javert, had a scene-stealing moment halfway through which allowed cinema-goers to have a quiet sob.

    People who caught yesterday�s screening seemed equally impressed by the younger actors, mentioning Eddie Redmayne�s knockout Marius, Samantha Barks� moving Eponine, Amanda Seyfried�s touching Cosette, and Aaron Tveit�s enjoyable Enjolras.

    And Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter bring the house down as the Thenardiers, unsurprisingly.

    I have seen Les Miserables, too, but I�m not allowed to write about it yet, alas.

    The fact it�s even ready this far ahead of its January 11 UK opening date (its world premiere is in London on December 5) is a tribute to director Hooper�s tenacity (and that of producers Eric Fellner, Tim Bevan, Cameron Mackintosh and Debra Hayward).

    Les Miserables will be a major Oscar and Bafta contender.<<<

  2. Tylor says

    I’m always thankful for Terrance Malick. There are so few directors out there who are willing to make innovative films that are based wholly around their vision, not marketing, not allusions to other films, just what the director wants. And his visions are always spectacular.

  3. Joel says

    I am thankful for a woman who could shine in comedic roles and command the screen in dramatic turns as well….the incomparable Thelma Ritter. A Tony winner and the only 6 time Best Supporting Actress Oscar nominee, Ritter will forever be etched in my mind as one of the greatest character actresses of all time. Her comedic timing is something I strive for each time I step onto a stage. Her films are a treasured remembrance of what great acting both looks and sounds like.

  4. Diego says

    I am thankful for the actor named Mery Streep.

    for transposing the definition of acting into in her films as they each stand alone or as they form the totality of the body of her work.

    Whether you are a fan or not of her abilities, to live in the decades while Meryl works as arguably the greatest actor, departed or alive, is noteworthy for anybody who loves the movies.

  5. P.J. says

    I can’t believe I’m the first with that answer – I’m grateful for Cate Blanchett. So much talent, inteligence and beauty in one woman.

  6. Ned says

    I am most thankful for Martin Scorsese, forever and always Amen. Without Raging Bull, GoodFellas, Taxi Driver, The Last Temptation of Christ, The Departed, The Age of Innocence, The King of Comedy, After Hours and Hugo, life would not be worth living.

  7. Andrew says

    I am thankful for Stanley Kubrick. The man has a film resume that makes modern-day directors blush, and never copied or repeated himself. He was never satisfied with what he had done, and his passion for always trying something different showed. While his films could be looked at as bleak or pessimistic, I get a sense of hope and honesty, whether it be the closing scene from Paths Of Glory, the character transitions in the second half of Barry Lyndon, and even Major Kong riding the bomb in Dr Strangelove. His wide array of films fits every mood I am in, and I am very thankful for the films he has given to make my life more fulfilling.

  8. Ryan says

    For translating and making me understand my innermost inneffable sadness and actually making me find it beautiful and consequently appreciate life more, I am eternally grateful for the humanity in the person of Sofia Coppola.

  9. Jonathan says

    I am most thankful for the risk-takers, filmmakers who try something different, who manage to astonish me, who open up the screen to new possibilities. Among those in my own life are Kubrick, Scorsese, Altman, Tykwer, Malick, Fincher, Nolan, Jackson, Cameron,and Spielberg (and yes, those last three have taken risks). And there are those I inherited, like Welles and Keaton, and oh so many others. I am grateful that I have lived long enough to see some of these greats trying their hands at 3D: am I alone in suspecting that they may have a major liberating effect on that new tool? “Avatar” and “Hugo” immediately leap to mind. It any case, it is exciting to be a moviegoer again. Keep on astonishing me!

  10. Harry says

    I am currently thankful for Daniel Day-Lewis. His performance as Abraham Lincoln makes me feel proud to be an American.

  11. Jesus Alonso says

    John Carpenter, for showing us that it is possible to survive in Hollywood, being a complete, full auteur, and that there will be always an audience – even if cult – for your films. For vindicating constantly Howard Hawks. For giving us Halloween, The Thing, In the Mouth of Madness, The Fog, Christine… but also not shying away for attempting Memoirs of an Invisible Man, Ghost of Mars or The Ward. For never giving up being a story-teller, in the age of music videos. For being a rebel with a cause. For his power and will to impulse satire without the need to dumb it down for a greater audience.

  12. Wellington says

    I’m thankful for Anna Hathaway. I’m thankful for her performance this year as “Catwoman”. Thankful for her presenting all of us with such a performance where in only one brief scene of seconds, in front of a mirror, just putting on a necklace, she is able to show us all the fears and thoughts of the character. And she does all that, just with her eyes.

  13. Pickles says

    I am thankful for Daniel Day-Lewis for being the great actor that he is. The diversity of his acting is astounding . . . witness My Left Foot, The Unbearable Lightness of Being and Last of the Mohicans . . . each portrayal almost unrecognizable from the next. He never ceases to amaze me. I am going to see Lincoln this week and can hardly stand the wait!

    I am also thankful for Sarah Polley. As a fellow Canadian woman, she makes me so proud with everything she does. She is a world-class actor and a world-class director. More importantly, she chooses to make films from her heart. . . The Sweet Hereafter to Stories We Tell . . . She is a treasure and everything she does is a perfect little gem.

  14. helios says

    I’m thankful for ordinary people. Because without them the world would be unbearable pretentous…like this place. Being grateful for Di Caprio etc. LMAO

  15. Simone Fabriziani says

    Thank you James Cameron and “Titanic”…it was the first live action movie i got to see and sibce that day i fell in love with the art of cinema and all revolves around it…

  16. Matt says

    I’m thankful for George Clooney. I say this not because he’s dreamy, but because he never fails to make interesting choices as a film maker, actor, and producer. He’s a champion of good story-telling, and the can man flat out act. I also appreciate that he doesn’t just talk about making a difference in the world, he’s out there doing it.

    I’m also thankful for The Dark Knight trilogy coming to an end. I loved every second of it. But I couldn’t be more excited to see what Nolan has up his sleeve next.

  17. Patricia Scarpin says

    I’m thankful for Scorsese and Gary Oldman.

  18. Jesse Crall says

    Wow, lots of DiCaprio comments already, but I’ll add my thanks for his 2 decades of remarkable skills and ambition. He’s the boss.

    And of course, thanks to AwardsDaily and the awesome commenters who keep me coming back.

  19. viva says

    Isabelle Huppert!!! Cinema= Art around the world

  20. the other mike says

    Thankful for

    Filmmaker=Chris Nolan for finally making a movie that not just fanboys can like Dark Knight Returns was very satisfying, unlike most of his films.

    actor-denzel washington coming back with a bang after years of phoning it in

    actress-anne hathaway killed in dark knight returns and is dude another great performance.

  21. the other mike says

    happy thanksgiving to my favourite film site on the web. keep up the great work sasha and ryan.

  22. Andres says

    I’m grateful for pj for making lord of the rings.

    I’m grateful for Sandra bullock for being awesome.

    I’m grateful for Hugh Hackman for being able to be wolverine, sing, dance and act. Quadruple threat.


  23. Barrie-John says

    I am thankful for Billy Wilder, my dad and I basically discovered that there was a Writer of a film at the same time, and we bonded over his films. Ever since he passed and everytime I feel as though I need to get close to him again I put on a Billy Wilder film, more often than not The Apartment and it is like we are together again.

  24. Patryk says

    I am most grateful to Woody Allen, whose work I have admired my entire adult life. I have seen the bad and the good, the awful and the magnificent. Every year we have been lucky enough to witness another addtion to his prolific output.

  25. Bondisteve says

    I’m mot grateful to Alfred Hitchcock, a true master of his craft who has inspired not only audiences for decades but has influenced many of the best directors that have come along since in some way. When you talk about a body of work that does and will continue to stand the test of time, he is without peer.

  26. Brad says

    I am thankful for Paddy Chayefsky for writing one of the greatest (and most prophetic) movies of all time: Network.

    I am also thankful for F. Murray Abraham and Tom Hulce who proved in Amadeus that there is such a thing as a movie with two leading men who are equally worthy of an Academy Award.

    Finally, I am thankful for David Fincher and his amazing attention to detail in every one of his films, especially The Social Network.

  27. matt says

    Just re-watched Spirited Away and I have to say I’m most thankful for Hayao Miyazaki. The film is just sheer creative brilliance.

  28. riczhang says

    I’m stuck between 3, Meryl Streep, Alfred Hitchcock, and Michael Haneke. Meryl Streep because you are my idol and you are the best, most talented, and most gracious living actress today and of all time. Alfred Hitchcock because your films made me fall in love with the movies almost a decade ago and I haven’t stopped loving films or your films every since. North By Northwest was the first film I saw of yours and it was my favourite then and still is up till this day. Michael Haneke because you are just divinely gifted and talented. No non-english language director has ever topped my personal year end list more than once, and you’re on track to top that record. For The White Ribbon in 2009, and this year for Amour. You’re also the first person to pull off multiple wins since Milos Forman in 1984, and before that probably Hitchcock.

  29. Matt O'Callaghan says

    I’m thankful for Alan Smithee. Having directed over 70 films since 1955 and still going strong, and having also written, produced and starred in numerous films – a hat tip to you Sir/Madam.

    Happy ThanksGiving American friends.

  30. Lucas t says

    Guillermo del Toro. He lives and breathes monsters, and every time his name is attached to something new, I get a surge of anticipation for what might appear on screen. He gave me Pan’s Labyrinth, for which I’m eternally grateful, and he is a master unlike any other.

  31. Binh Nguyen says

    I went back and forth because there are many great individuals who have affected my love for the cinemas. But as of now, I think the one that started it all, for me, to love films and all the worlds they create, is the one I’m most grateful for (and looking forward to see his latest film) – Steven Spielberg. He singlehandedly created the filmscape of my childhood and teenhood, ET, Indy, Jaws, and Jurassic Park, and then Empire of the Sun, Schindler’s list and AI.

    He moved me with wondrously impossible imagery and imagination, we didn’t have cinemas back then in my hometown to watch them, but even with blurry VHS his worlds came clear and vivid, without all the fuss about 3D and digital and surround sound, I was hooked into films just because his works are so sublime that they transcend every medium to tell me the stories he loved to make.

  32. OOO says

    I’m thankful for charlie chaplin as an actor, writer and director for being the set of movies who brought me and my sister back together after 10 years of not speaking to one another…. laughter does bring the world together

  33. Watermelons says

    I am thankful for Kate “The GREAT” Winslet (Titanic, Flushed Away).

  34. KatiO says

    I am thankful for Martin Scorsese. His work, his passion; there is just no one like Marty.

  35. Bud says

    The Actors Meryl Streep and Daniel Day Lewis and the director Preston Sturges

  36. Mustafa says

    I’m thankful for the three greatest British actresses; Maggie Smith, Judi Dench and Vanessa Redgrave. No matter what movie or drama i see them i keep saying “give this woman another award already”

  37. Yvett says

    I am thankful for the late Richard Zanuck. He fought to hire Steven Spielberg for the movie Jaws. Not only did Jaws change the world forever every time we get into the water but he kick starter the career of the greatest director of our time. Steven Spielberg is a gift to movie making in every way. So I am thankful to Richard Zanuck.

  38. John Oliver says

    I am grateful for Dorothy Dandridge, the first African-American actor to receive a leading Oscar nomination, and broke the cycle of blacks playing subservient roles.

  39. Phillip says

    I’m thankful for Tim Burton. Even though it’s been years since he has made a movie that I have been able to connect to, but when I was 9, BATMAN was the movie that made me started getting interested in watching more and more movies. And then a year later, it was EDWARD SCISSORHANDS (my all-time favorite) that made me realize that I could actually “love” a movie. And so I became a movie lover, thanks to Tim Burton.

  40. Colin Biggs says

    I am most grateful for the works of Martin Scorsese. He may not have a film releasing this winter, but his tireless work on film preservation will pay countless dividends for future generations of cinephiles across the world. A true gift to the film-world.

  41. Derick Hamilton says

    I am most thankful for Robert Altman. He gave us such great movies! Short Cuts, Nashville, 3 Women, MASH, Macabe & Mrs. Miller, and Gosford Park to name a few. I really miss his craft. I consider him one of the best directors of all time!

  42. AnthonyP says

    I want to thank you, Sasha. It’s because of your website I discovered about 5 years ago, that I embarked on trying to see every Oscar nominated movie each year. Through that process I’ve seen many films I would not have otherwise seen, plus I have learned to appreciate various genres I would not have normally gone to see either.
    The trick is being able to anticipate and watch all the films that are Oscar worthy, and you know what…I don’t mind.

  43. Rahul Agarwal says

    I’m thankful for James Cameron for getting me into a movie theater and getting me obsessed with films, good films, and film making.

  44. Sam B says

    Daniel Day-Lewis. Every time.

  45. Ryan B says

    Marisa Tomei. Defied naysayers by transitioning into a Hollywood category that would barely exist without her: the bombshell character actress. Hilarious in comedies, world weary in dramas, toggling effortlessly between hardscrabble and intellectual characters, Tomei makes every movie she’s in better. All that, plus she’s perhaps the biggest argument for not doing anything crazy to your face.

  46. Kevin says

    I’m thankful for the Coen brothers. I still haven’t seen all of their films because I’m a college student of limited time and money, but the ones I have seen (No Country for Old Men, Fargo, O Brother Where Art Thou?, True Grit, and of course, The Big Lebowski) are some of my favorite films.

    That reminds me: I’m also thankful for John Goodman.

  47. purlgurl says

    I am grateful for Audrey Hepburn. “Funny Face” was one of my favourite movies to watch with my mom, and was one of the first Hollywood musicals that I remember seeing.

  48. RJ says

    I am thankful for Gaspar Noe and his relentless pushing at the bounds of film as a medium and the kinds of stories it can and should tell. When I start to feel like I’m seeing the same (generic) film over and over again, I’ll put on one of Noe’s and am immediately reminded of the vast, uncharted territory that movies can still explore. Not all of the risks he takes end up working, but the fact remains that he is one of the few living filmmakers (along with such others as Catherine Breillat, Leos Carax, Larry Clark) who can accurately be described as ‘fearless’. I am so thankful for a filmmaker who so frequently challenges the status quo and works to stretch and advance the form with every at-bat.

  49. Nate says

    I’m grateful for Ben Whishaw because he’s immensely talented and rather unconventional in his movie star appeal. Also, swooooooooooon.

  50. Seankgallagher says

    I’m thankful for William Goldman, because his “Adventures in the Screen Trade” was a big influence on getting me interested in movies, and while I’ve only liked a few of the movies he’s received screenplay credit for – Butch Cassidy, All the President’s Men and The Princess Bride being chief among them – those films, plus the best of his novels (in addition to The Princess Bride, I’d put Boys & Girls Together, Marathon Man and The Color of Light up there), have meant a lot to me over the years.

  51. Andrew Smith says

    I’m thankful for Walt Disney. His genius in creating films, both feature and short, live action and animated, has had a great influence on my life and how I view films. I still remember the first time I saw Fantasia in a theater when I was about 6. It was truly an experience to remember.

  52. Bryce Forestieri says

    I agree he’s fucking fine^^

  53. Bill F says

    Not to be a copy cat, but I am too thankful for Steven Spielberg. I saw the movie Duel on TV one day after school when I was a kid. I had no idea at the time it was Spielberg. When I saw Jaws in the theaters – I was 12 at the time – I was blown away. When I later found out that the guy who did Jaws also made Duel, I thought that was so cool. When Close Encountes of the Third Kind came out, I was dying of anticipation to see it because it was by the guy who did Duel and Jaws.

    Spielberg started my love for movies and I feel through his movies his love for them. Of course there are movies he’s made that I didn’t care for and I agree with the criticism that he’s sometimes TOO sentimental, but if there was anyone who was born to be a filmamker it is Steven Spielberg.

    Oh.. and I am thankful for Cloud Atlas. To me, it’s what movie-making is all about. It’s not perfect, but the marriage of cinematogarphy, sound, editig, special effects, costuming. musical score, make-up, production design, acting and direction is what cinema is all about.

  54. brandz says

    I am thankful for Meryl Streep and her 35 year career. Keep ’em coming great lady.

  55. Bob Burns says

    I am grateful for Louis Garrel’s hair, eyes, lips and skin.

  56. moremovies85 says

    I am most thankful for Spielberg, it may not be original, but he is the man who made me love movies. The first time I had to write a report on someone in school, I wrote it on him, and I doubled the required length. A Spielberg movie almost always means pure entertainment and escapism, which is what I want and expect from a theatrical experience. And, he just keeps churning out great movies.

  57. Stephen Holt says

    This isn’t answering the question. It’s a non-competitive answer. I am thankful every day for Sasha and this wonderful, wonderful site. was just the beginning!

  58. Fei says

    I am so grateful for Hayao Miyazaki. He will always be my favorite filmmaker, in live action or animation. His work connects with me so completely in all ways, which no other filmmaker can do. His movies will continue to dazzle, thrill, move, and inspire me for the rest of my life.

    I could talk about his movies and what I like about them for hours. So I have to stop myself before I write an essay. (I did write an essay about Miyazaki for a film school class.) I love that he always has balanced characters; there are always strong females in addition to the males, and (almost) no one is pure good or pure evil. I love how thrilling and exciting and magical and unpredictable and romantic the stories are. I love the beautiful little quiet moments. I love the quirkiness and the cuteness and the imagination. I love the attention to detail and the scope and the sense that anything is possible. I love the messages/themes. I love the music (always some of my favorite music from movies). I love the visual design, so lush and vivid and rich. And I love the flying (ironic, since the literal translation of my first name is “fly”). Watching his movies makes me want to learn hang gliding or piloting airplanes. Nobody depicts flight as well as he does.

    I am grateful that he’s still alive and working. I’m grateful that he decided not to retire after Ponyo. I expect to be more saddened by his passing than I’d be about the death of anyone else whom I don’t personally know. So I’m especially grateful for him because, at his age, the end isn’t far away, which makes every day, every moment, all the more precious. Thank you Miyazaki-san, for all of the beautiful and extraordinary art that you’ve gifted to the world.

  59. Rich says

    I’m thankful for Christopher Nolan, a filmmaker whose works constantly impress me and make me want to work harder to be as an amazing writer and director as him. Watching Memento for the first time opened my eyes to new possibilities in narrative, something that just keeps blowing my mind with The Prestige and Inception after it. He’s one of the few visionaries that works within the Hollywood system but doesn’t sacrifice his vision. That gives me hope.

  60. Lucas Prata says

    I kind of always wanted to tell somebody who I’m most grateful for, and this seems to be the right place. (since my oscar speech will have to wait a little bit haha)

    Russell Crowe is the man I thank the most. And I really do, not just saying, I really really mean it. As I dream about being a filmmaker, and having everything against me (family, economics, country (brazil)) it’s a little harsh to keep that in mind. And at a point in my life in which I was ready to give everythig up, I watched this video on youtube ( and it just kept me going.

    This speech he gave when he received his oscar is just… my guider. Sometimes when I feel down and hopeless I just watch it and tears come to my eyes and I can just keep on dreaming. (like now, as I’m writing this comment)

    Anyway, thank you so much, Russell Crowe, for keeping my life livable.
    (Nevertheless, thank you Ryan and Sasha for such a great website! :D)

  61. Dylan Richards says

    i’m most thankful for Kevin Smith because he made Clerks the film that really got me into film and also made me realize i want to be a writer

  62. rAr says

    Alfred Hitchcock. 32 since his death, no director continues to thrill, provoke, and delight me as much. He’s had quite a year, with two film bios with interesting interpretations of him, theatrical screenings of great prints of two of his masterpieces, “North by Northwest” and “The Birds,” and, best of all that “Vertigo,” was named, surprisingly yet deservedly, the greatest film of all time by the Sight and Sound poll.

  63. RobS says

    I’m grateful for the hair and makeup artists who worked on ‘Lincoln’. The characters came alive and seemed to have walked out of Mathew Brady’s studio. An unshowy, but terrific achievement.

  64. Isa89 says

    I am most grateful for Pedro Almodóvar. As a 22 year old student, Almodóvar has opened my eyes to Art. So artistic in his use of dialogue to get inside of each character’s psyche. Artful in the way he uses imagery to symbolize many of the themes he is wanting to portray. Like an artist, he sculpts his muse Penélope Cruz and portrays her differently each and every time. Pedro Almodóvar, with his creative voice has given me the gift of Art, the gift of experimentation and exploration, and most importantly the gift of getting to know myself through film.

  65. Nic V says

    This really wasn’t difficult for me at all. I’m thankful for Sophia Loren. Seeing her in Two Women back in the sixties opened an entire new world for me. Most Americans will not see a film that isn’t in English. A sad commentary on a society that is supposedly so enlightened. Foreign film has a limited audience here and to even attract a wider range the film itself has to garner a great deal of critical attention. But that one film introduced me to a world of cinema that continuously amazes me. It opened the door to Bergman, Truffant, Lelouch, Scola, De Sica, Fellini, Wertmuller, Kurosawa, and so many others and so many great films.

  66. Alex M. says

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    This is a tough one but I would say I’m most thankful for Jessica Chastain. She’s a classic beauty whose talent shines on camera. It’s refreshing to see raw talent and I can confidently say she has a long career ahead of her.

  67. Kevin Dillon says

    This year I am most thankful for Ben Affleck. I feel like I have watched this man grow from a child to a man. As a young star watching him take of small roles in films like School Ties, and then watching him star and write Good Will Hunting. While many people loved watching this dynamic duo, Matt Damon received the largest bump in movie options, and was always taken more seriously. While Affleck got many roles with films like Jersey Girl, Gigli, Daredevil, Reindeer Games, and many more, the man’s career seemed like it was on a downward spiral.

    Five years ago in 2007, Affleck released the film Gone Baby Gone, which he both wrote and directed. The film started to prove he was talent on the rise. In 2010 he starred in, wrote and directed a film that took his talent to the next level with The Town. These two films highlighted his home town, Boston while proving Affleck has both chops and know his hometown.

    This year Affleck proved he is one of the most talented actor/directors working today; he gave one of his strongest performances I have ever seen, there was some nuanced subtlety to his work. Yet as a director he has proven that he can work outside of his comfort zone, and make one of the best films of the year that is funny/thrilling, and just beautifully done.

    Watching Affleck journey and his triumph this year is one of the most amazing things, and I am beyond thankful to see his transformation.

  68. Jeremy says

    I’m just thankful that I’m alive here in 2012, where’s it’s never been easier to find worthwhile movies on the internet, and it’s never been better at acquiring high quality Blu-Ray versions of your favorite films.

  69. Reno says

    First, thanks be to God.

    Second, thank you Sasha, Ryan, et al for AD.

    Third, since I’m carrying him as my avatar, I’m thankful for Marlon Brando for being such a great actor.

    Fourth, thank you Martin Scorsese for all the films you’ve made and all the films you’re trying to save.

    Fifth, I’m thankful for Billy Wilder, my favorite screen writer of all time.

    Finally, thanks to the turkey who didn’t get pardoned but instead gave his/her life to fill my tummy.

    PS: I hope all of ADs contests this year will have winners.

  70. PJ G says

    I’m most thankful for Matt Damon/Ben Affleck for not only their memorable work in some of my favorite movies of all time (The Departed, Good Will Hunting, and the Oceans series for Damon and Good Will Hunting and The Town for Affleck) but I’m also thankful for what they have done in inspiring me to try screenwriting. I’m 20 years old at the University of Notre Dame and at least once a month I watch Good Will Hunting and am amazed by how well written it is and that two young guys like them wrote it and took it all the way to the top for the Oscar. Every time I watch their Oscar acceptance on YouTube and dream of one day rising to their heights and maybe accepting an Oscar for screenwriting. Thanks guys for the inspiration in finding something that combines tow of my passions, movies and writing stories.

  71. Chris J. says

    I am most thankful for Nicole Kidman. There is no actress who has ever been so consistently brave or risky in her choices of roles. Not every movie may soar as high as the exquisite Moulin Rouge!, but each one is far different from everything being offered in theaters. She is a beautiful and gracious woman as well as a champion woman and great philanthropist. She injects beauty and grace in every action she does and will continue to be a Hollywood anomaly, a worldwide movie star who seems so unconcerned with her notoriety and reputation and works for her and not for money. Happy Thanksgiving Nicole and Keith!

  72. Richard B says

    I am thankful for the film Somewhere in time by Jeannot Szwarc. Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour give a brilliant performance. The music stays in your heart forever. The script is powerful. Every time i watch this movie I find food for thoughts.

  73. KT says

    It was many years since I’d watched Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, but when I decided to sit down and see it again, I was astounded by how emotional it was for me. There’s a shot when Michelle Yeoh rides into Beijing where the camera tilts upward to reveal the vast city, and it reminded me how special this experience would be. And it certainly was. I absolutely love the bamboo forest scene, especially how Mu Bai and Jen pass each other along the bending tree. The sojourn in the desert, the legend of Wudan mountain, the final scene between the leads as they finally give in to emotion…this was a powerful film that could only be told by one person. I found myself similarly moved when I saw Life of Pi, by the combination of gorgeous cinematography and terrific storytelling. I think it is very clear. I am thankful for Ang Lee for his singular direction and inspiring films.

  74. Clayton says

    I’m most thankful for Charlie Kaufman. His screenplays are what inspired me to pursue a career writing movies.

  75. Jake L says

    I am grateful for Kate Winslet, a consistently excellent and inspiring performer.

  76. ajnrules says

    I am thankful for Ang Lee for not only his artistic brilliance that he had displayed in his 20-year career, but also in the way he represents the island of Taiwan in not only his work, but also his humility and grace. He is somebody that the whole country can look up to as a role model.

  77. Craig Z says

    I’m thankful for Martin Scorcese and the Coen Brothers

  78. Dustin C Remmert says

    I’m thankful for Jessica Chastain. Let’s face it…. Who’s not?

  79. Marshall says

    I’m thankful for Nora Ephron, because her “Julie & Julia” inspired me to follow my passion blindly into infinity and not look back. I’ve emerged a better person because of her work, and she has led me to heights I couldn’t have even imagined!

  80. Casey says

    I am most thankful for Jessica Lange, who I feel is the greatest living actress of my time. Whether its her Oscar wins for Blue Sky or Tootsie, her stellar work in films like Frances, Music Box, Sweet Dreams, The Postman Always Rings Twice, Titus, Men Don’t Leave, Big Fish, etc.

    Her brilliant stage work (which has transitioned into perfect film versions of Streetcar Named Desire, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof)

    Her amazing performances in television films such as the brilliant Normal and Grey Gardens reboot.

    Her undeniable beauty and presence which can be seen in every performance, but especially King Kong (beauty) and All That Jazz (presence).

    Her scene stealing abilities in some lesser films (Hush, Cousin Bette, Neverwas) where she proves that no matter the movie she is always on point.

    And finally her career resurgence on FX’s American Horror Story, both seasons 1 and 2. Perhaps some of her best work yet (of which she has won every award for).

    I am thankful to own every one of her performances and to have her on my television every week.

  81. Rafael says

    I’m grateful for Naomi Watts. The first time I saw her was in The Ring, and she intrigued me in a way few other actors have. It was all in her eyes and the way they were so expressive, I felt so connected. So I started investigating and obviously I found Mulholland Drive. That was it. After watching it I was hooked! I couldn’t get her performance out of my mind. It’s 10 years later now, and I’m still mesmerized by her eyes. Her eyes and what she tells us with them still connects with me and makes me feel things, soometimes things that I often forget. I’m grateful for that. Yes, I’m grateful for Naomi’s deep blue eyes!

  82. Camy says

    I am most thankful for Viola Davis. As a young African American actress I unfortunately have not had many actresses that look like me that I could be inspired me. This has never stopped me from pursuing my dream but, I must admit sometimes it is sad to see a lack of color in diverse roles. But, when I look at Viola I have hope, she is an older, dark skinned black woman who like me has started in theatre, has roots in the theatre, and yet is not afraid to stretch herself, she is not afraid to take on roles that might not be popular or p.c., because first and foremost she is an artist, an artist who I am thankful for and aspire to be like every time I perform.

  83. Jacob Burns says

    I’m thankful for David Fincher and the genius film that is The Social Network.

    I was only 12 when it came out, and I saw it opening night because I thought it looked interesting. Then I fell in love with it. When it won awards I wanted to know, and thus, slowly, I started following the Oscar race. Now I’m 15 years old and one of my main hobbies is following & predicting the Oscars, and I’m proud to say that last year I tied for second place among users on Gold Derby. And I have yet to see a better film since I saw The Social Network three years ago.

  84. eurocheese says

    Well, I’m cheating a bit but I’m going to go with my favorite writer, Roger Ebert. I can’t think of another person that has been so dedicated to elevating the art of filmmaking, and has been doing so for decades. I don’t always agree with him, but one of his triumphs as a critic is explaining what has impacted him in each film. He has fought for films that deserved a voice; he has stood by less popular choices as well as mainstream favorites, while clearly explaining his defenses and opinions; and he has never allowed any setback to stand in his way. He does all of this because he truly loves film. If we had more people in the industry like this, people who truly love what they do and want to leave a lasting mark on the industry, we would all be better for it.

  85. oliver says

    I am thankful for Jean-Pierre Gorin, the cranky UCSD professor of film. I was never a UCSD student but I would year after year go to his passionate, erratic, articulate, and entertaining lectures. He talked about movies like no one else. He also turned me on to some of my favorites today: Satantango, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Don’t Look Now, and yes Breaking Bad. He once said: if you want to see where American movies are today, watch television. And as every Oscar year goes by, I’m beginning to think he’s right. Thank you JP!

  86. Akumax says

    Ang Lee is a filmmaker who has given me so much in terms of SENSE & SENSIBILITY. Waiting to see his last film “Life of Pi” I’m very thankful to have been able to experience his great body of work so far: The Wedding Banquet, Eat Drink Man Woman, Sense and Sensibility, The Ice Storm, Riding with the Devil , Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Hulk, Brokeback Mountain, Lust Caution, Taking Woodstock.

  87. Jhordam says

    I am grateful for Denzel Washington because is a fucking great actor, and his talent never ceases to surprise me and inspires me.

    Also, im grateful for people like David Fincher, Darren Aronofsky, Leonardo DiCaprio, Martin Scorsese, Nicole Kidman and more…

  88. Tyson says

    I am most thankful for Kate Winslet. I admire her so much for her artistic choices and not taking the easy route through her career. After Titanic she could have very easily just done romantic comedies or epic blockbusters that had not depth, like Kate Hudson after Almost Famous, but Kate never took the easy way. My favorite Kate movies are Little Children, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Revolutionary Road
    I think she is fearless in her acting endeavors and constantly inspires me to better myself and never just go the way people tell me. She long deserved an Oscar win and am so happy she finally won, even if I think it was for the wrong movie. She’s still fairly young and has already inspired countless actors and actresses. Take Marion Cotillard, another fearless actress that has a great future ahead of her, she has always talked about her love for Kate and it was so sweet to see her present her with an Oscar.
    I can’t wait to see everything Kate does in the future. I think she will continue to do great work for all her life. I picture as one of those timeless actresses that only gets better with age.

  89. Nick K. says

    For me, I’m grateful for the Criterion Collection. Yeah, it’s a company and technically not a singular actor or director, but the work they’ve done has continued to impress me each and every year. They are one of the best resources for any film student passionate about watching old movies and learning about the greatest of the greats. Without the Criterion Collection, not only would I have been easily able to watch the films of revered auteurs such as Bergman, Kurosawa, Truffaut, or Wilder, but I would never have discovered such masters like Mizoguchi, Renoir, Malick, and Powell & Pressburger. I’ll never forget the first time I watched a film from the Criterion Collection (Terry Gilliam’s “Brazil”, one of my favorite films), and I’ll always be thankful for their ongoing pursuit to preserve the artistry, beauty, and passion of the movies.

  90. Chase says

    I too agree with Sasha–Speilberg’s Hook lured me into cinema at the age of three (this is what my mom says anyway…apparently I was obsessed with that movie). So, yeah, I’m thankful for Speilberg. Also, Lincoln is a masterpiece and it’s a bummer not many people see that yet.

    Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

  91. Cyrus says

    I am grateful for DAVID LEAN. I grew up a very shy, naive, sheltered young gay boy who had no friends growing up. I would rush home every day, do my homework and put on Turner Classic Movies and American Movie Classics. I would spend the rest of the afternoon and evening watching old movies. This for me was my savior, it made me feel happy when daily bullying caused me so much pain at school.

    David Lean’s movies had the ability to take me to a different time and place, a happier place. Wrapping myself with the beautiful score of Maurice Jarre in Doctor Zhivago, I felt the romance and beauty of the love of Zhivago and Lara. To the isolating span of desert of the amazing Lawrence of Arabia to the beautifully tender and unrequited love of Brief Encounter. Not to mention the nailbiting end to The Bridge on the River Kwai.

    I am indebted to David Lean for making a childhood marred by pain into one that infused a passion for film that continues today.

  92. Rodrigo Junqueira Perticarari says

    I am most thankful for Pedro Almodóvar.His movies are filled with colors, nervous women and funny dialogues that make me fall in love with the movie right away.I love every and each one of his flicks.Women on the verve of a nervous breakdown, Volver, All about my mother, The skin I live in, Talk to her….All masterpieces.I love him, and I can’t even tell you how grateful I am .

  93. Josh says

    I’m most thankful for Joss Whedon, who is brave enough to do television “his way,” and wasn’t shy about making “Dr. Horrible” for exclusive download on iTunes, and slayed the big budget dragon with Marvel’s “The Avengers.” Joss may be one of the most creative filmmakers in the industry, and his voice transfers well to all platforms. He creates setting, character and pathos as good as any writer working today. Perhaps Joss will strike fire with Oscar voters again one day. Until then, I’ll keep watching.

  94. Buzz says

    I am most thankful for John Lasseter and the geniuses at Pixar. Ever since Toy Story came out, I have been amazed by the most beautifully striking animation I have ever seen. The stories are timeless and movies are instant classics.

  95. TB says

    I was going for someone original… But I rather be boring but truthful.
    I am also thankful for Steven Spielberg. This guy change my life (I know, cliche… But also true). But I am not thankful today for all his great filmography… Today I am just thankful for his Lincoln. I don’t know how many times I am seeing this in the theater but the record still goes to Jurassic Park (11 times). I am expecting to add at least a couple more next year in 3D. Only this time I am taking my 4 year old son. I can’t wait to see his face.

    Thanks Sasha and Ryan for your cool work. Have a great weekend everybody. I guess we are all still friends here… At least until the first awards are announced.

  96. Antoinette says

    Well, I guess it’s a tie between George Lucas and Sylvester Stallone. I watched those first ROCKY and STAR WARS movies at least 100 times a piece. And they’ve had a huge influence on who I am as a person. The concept of The Force and the idea that what’s important is going the distance really have everything to do with how I choose to live my life.

  97. Scott S says

    Ang Lee, Meryl Streep, & Morgan Freeman

  98. Mea Culpa says

    I am thankful for David Fincher who has consistently made films that really interest me.

  99. Nik G says

    Really tough to weed through all the fantastic directors and actors, who continually ignite the flame of my passion for this art and this industry. But, like most of you, I dig deep to find a name that started it all, forever stored in my memory bank as the one to whom I will be grateful to until the day I die. Stanley Kubrick.

    When my parents realized that I was drawn to movies unlike anything else they gave me 5 films to watch on VHS. I was 13 years old. “There are millions of movies out there, but only a few can show you what cinema can really do” they said. Out of these 5, Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey was a spiritual experience that transported me into another dimension, its wonders still baffling to me today in 2012. My top ten of all time keeps evolving with newcomers pushing out the outdated, but 2001 has its place locked and it will never budge. Thank you Stanley Kubrick.

    Thank you Sasha and Ryan for creating and nourishing this site. Thank you steve50, rufus, unlikely hood, Antoinette and all the other regulars who make AD one of the most enriching, informative and entertaining sites on movies and on that contagious race that draws us all here, the Oscars.

    PS: I’m not an American, and I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but I wanted to give my thanks to the man and to you guys.

  100. nackolaus says

    I have to agree with Sasha – Spielberg all the way. I’m grateful for having my 9 year old mind blown (repeatedly – thanks VHS!) by Jurassic Park, and then again when discovering Indy, Jaws, ET, Close Encounters et al. But I’m most grateful to Spielberg for Schindler’s List – for two things; as a history lesson that I’ll never forget, and that sometimes cinema can engage your soul as much as it can ‘entertain’ you.

  101. Marko says

    I’m thankful for M.Haneke, and the way his many achievements (theatrical, TV, his philosophy on contemporary movie making) have changed the way i watch movies, forever. He is always there to remind me of the nobility that a single movie can carry.

  102. steve50 says

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Guess I’ll go to the source to be thankful – without these guys, we wouldn’t have anything to talk about. This little ditty remiinds me of AD at Oscar time:

  103. Asif Khan says

    I am very thankful for all these wonderful movies i get to watch and they help me learn things i wouldn’t have known about otherwise. The sheer joy of watching something on-screen that comes from the deepest corners of the heart of the wonderful filmmakers, fearless and passionate about the art of cinema. Malick, PTA, Lee, the Coens, Aronofsky, Haneke, Carax, Ceylan, Anderson, Scorsese as well as the wonders of Cinema like Bergman, Kubrick, Tarkovsky, Fellini, Bunuel, Kurosawa, Ozu and countless other directors and actors who have done or are still doing amazing work. I have grown quite a fan of their work. I can’t thank one person for this treasure but i can mention with utmost respect the person that got me into this misery…. the incredible Mr Stanley Kubrick.

  104. Mik says

    ‘Just’ not ‘sure’, stupid iPad.

  105. Mik says

    I’m thankful for Paul Newman. That such an inspirational person ever existed, let alone that he was an incredible award winning actor is all you’d ever need to restore your faith in humanity and remind you that celebrity culture doesn’t need to be the vacuum of morals, class and dignity that it sometime seems now. Paul showed how life should be lived and even showed how you can bow out of this life without ever discrediting yourself.

    It still regularly saddens me that he’s gone, but we are so much richer for him having ever been around, acting wise, film wise and society wise (if not sure for his moral inspiration, but for his charity efforts) and I’m thankful for that. An actor, a celebrity and a person with everything and it never spoiled him one bit.

  106. Dan says

    I am most thankful for JULIE CHRISTIE, no one comes close. I first beheld her intelligent, yet stunningly beautiful gaze from the screen when I was 10 years old in Doctor Zhivago. I forced my parents to take 7 more times. She become my muse as an artist to this day. Because of that intangible something that she projects from the screen, I began to read more, seek out great art, and of course become a true cinephile.
    Because this is the only site I find investigates the whole OSCAR addiction with the perfect combination of passion, realism, and humor, as a side note….I have NEVER missed an Oscar telecast live, since April of 1968. Yes, she was there, Warren at her side, movie Gods with true gravitas, which is what’s missing from the ceremony today.
    Love that the three of you have returned to doing your podcast. Your self-effacing humor and anecdotes are priceless.

  107. Jacqueline says

    I am most grateful for Ang Lee who constantly makes me reflect on how Cinema can evolve, change and continue to surprise.

  108. Julian Walker says

    I am grateful for Satoshi Kon, director of “Perfect Blue”, “Paprika”, and “Paranoia Agent”. All fantastic to watch.

  109. Rg says

    I am grateful for Daniel Day-Lewis. He is such an amazing actor. He deserved those Oscar wins and nominations that he got. He portrayed Abraham Lincoln very well ,based on the reviews, he might win the oscar again next year. I enjoyed his performance in Lincoln after watching that movie i read like articles about Lincoln in Wikipedia and such. Yeah, I’m thankful for that.

  110. Bharat says

    I’d like to thank Jafar Panahi for his courage and Terence Davies for The Deep Blue Sea.

  111. Andrew R says

    I am grateful for Daniel Day-Lewis, who displays with every film that anything is possible.

  112. Dion Blackler says

    I’m thankful for Pedro Almodovar. No other filmmaker manages to fill their films with so much life: the colours, the music, the crazy characters and celebration of difference. His films are infused with a gay sensibility, of both tenderness and camp, and yet appeal to cinema lovers of any gender or sexual orientation. I’m so thankful that he shares his love of art in his films, introducing me to the beauty of Pina Bausch and Caetano Veloso along the way. I am thankful that we are able to enjoy his unique vision and talent and can’t wait for what he brings us next.

    I’m also thankful to you, Sasha and Ryan!

  113. Kevin says

    I can’t pick a most but I’m very thankful for writer/directors like PT Anderson and Darren Aronofsky because their films always have me thinking about them long after I leave the theater, which unfortunately is all too rare for me these days. Happy Holidays everyone!

  114. rufussondheim says

    I am most thankful for Stephen Sondheim. Yeah, I know, he’s only got a tangential connection to film, but I blame Hollywood for that, not Sondheim. I think I was 11 when I saw Len Cariou on Merv Griffin and he was discussing his role as a mad barber who chopped people up and then made pies of them. I was captivated. It was five years later when I was searching the bookcase of a teacher in study hall and I came across the libretto for Sweeney Todd. I made the connection and the teacher was shocked I found and he let me borrow it. I finished reading it almost immediately.

    It didn’t take me long to discover the world of Stephen Sondheim, I happened to record the TV version of Sweeney Todd and soon after Sunday in the Park as well. And I wore out the videotapes watching them so often.

    What I learned and what I find of great value in Sondheim, is that there is beauty in everything, from revenge to heartbreak, from lunacy to disillusionment. And as I age, I see everything anew. He’s a master, unequalled in literature or film in my opinion.

  115. DaneM says

    I have recently been thankful for luminaries like Fincher, PT Anderson, the Coen Brothers, and Wes Anderson.

    But I want to use this entry to express my gratitude for Steven Spielberg, the first director whose films took hold of me as a child of the 80s. It would start for me with Raiders of the Lost Ark and E.T., and I would later see films like Jaws and Close Encounters, which would shape my love of films. Adding to his uncanny ability to entertain the masses, Spielberg now has a trilogy of historical dramas that I consider ABSOLUTE MASTERPIECES in Schindler’s List, Saving Private Ryan and Lincoln. It’s great to see him back and making a monumental film again. I’ve seen it twice and it’s amazing.

    I am thankful for the greatest filmmaker of all-time, Steven Spielberg.

  116. Travis says

    I’m thankful for writer/director Shane Black. He helped usher in the buddy cop formula of action movies in the ’80s and early ’90s and with it penned such crackling dialogue for the likes of Mel Gibson, Danny Glover, and Bruce Willis.

    And as one of the few that actually saw Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang he was instrumental in why people adore Robert Downey Jr. so much as Tony Stark/Iron Man, as well as gave Val Kilmer his last memorable performance as private investigator Gay Perry.

  117. Stephen Cross says

    At this time of year, I am very thankful for John Candy. Though he was taken too soon, he was in many movies that showed his talent as well as his lovable personality. Planes trains and automobiles is always a classic around this time of year.

  118. Thomas says

    I’m very thankful for Rian Johnson. I’ve been following him since Brick and can’t wait to see what he does next!

  119. Robbie says

    I remember the entire audience jumping in their seats after “Wipe that smirk off you face!” And, after he yells, “…whether the hell you like it or not!”, I literally stood up and applauded. Never done that in a movie theater before, or since.

  120. knee_play says

    i am thankful for david cronenberg for consistently having the guts to take on divisive, provocative material and doing so with subversive wit and intellect.

  121. Roya says

    I’m most grateful for the work by Douglas Sirk. Little do people realize, unless they lived during the time Imitation of Life came out, the kind of commentary that was sparked between groups of people that had never spoken with one another before. I feel like with that film, walls people had built up in their own minds – their own prejudices – were hammered away at. The relationship between Juanita Moore and Susan Kohner is handled with such care, and I think for the first time people saw how difficult it is to not only live in a society that treats you differently because of one aspect of who you are (and this is more universal than just race, but it connects with homophobia, gender, and other issues as well), but how difficult it can be to live with yourself – truly powerful. If one of the purposes of cinema is to ask the spectator to consider challenging questions and have them think deeply about the matter, then Imitation of Life is a rousing, beautifully rendered success. Not only do I applaud the ambition Sirk had, but I congratulate him on how many of these were actually reached (and this is throughout his career, with all of the great films he made).

    For pure style, poignancy and imagination, I am most grateful this Thanksgiving for the magnificent Douglas Sirk.

  122. Yogsss says

    I’m thankful for David Fincher. I been watching films since I was 6, and I discovered the genius of David when I was 16.

    It was Sev7n who introduce me to a man who I’d admire more than anyone on the medium. A revolutionary of the genre, a man capable of trasmiting even the most minuscule detail of the human psychis. I’m thankful today, and forever will be for Fincher and his body of work.

    There’s more to come in the future, and for that, I salute you Finch.

  123. James says

    I am most thankful for Christopher Nolan, because he has given me so many memorable theater experiences in the past 10 years. Both the most inventive, progressive and entertaining director of his time.

    “The audience knows the truth: the world is simple. It’s miserable, solid all the way through. But if you could fool them, even for a second, then you can make them wonder, and then you… then you got to see something really special… you really don’t know?… it was… it was the look on their faces…”

    I don’t need the prize, but I need to express my love for this man.

  124. moviefan says

    Firstly, a very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at Awards Daily!

    I’m thankful for Russell Crowe for much more than the obvious reason that he is a most excellent actor, though I am very grateful for that. Almost 13 years ago I was mesmerized by his portrayal in Gladiator, which I saw numerous times in the theater. It was the first time I had ever left a movie and immediately bought the sound track, then went home to look up info about an actor. I had known of him before but had not put together that this was the same actor who had done Virtuosity, The Insider, LAC and Gladiator, which is a testament to his versatility and ability to immerse himself into a character. During that summer I bought every one of his previous movies including the early Australia ones.

    Checking the internet also led me to discover that Russell had a band. Before I even heard a note I had read some of his lyrics at the band’s website and fell in love with them. I have gone to seven shows over the years, in SF, LA and Chicago.

    I had never had a ‘fandom’ before but this one has allowed me to meet some wonderful friends through the internet, message boards and going to the concerts. After nearly 13 years I am still in contact with these friends on a daily basis and on occasion we meet in various parts of the country, those get togethers not necessarily having anything to do with Russell Crowe, actor or singer. However, through him I have met some wonderful friends and I will always be grateful to him for that.

  125. Marlowe says

    I’m most thankful for John Ford. I’ve always been a Western-lover, and I believe that John Ford is the man that put westerns on the map as a genre that could be taken seriously.
    Which it still quite isn’t, but that’s neither here nor there.

  126. Beau says

    I’m thankful for Nicole Kidman.

    Dares even when it’s not popular to do so.
    Thank you.

  127. Paddy Mulholland says

    P.S. Robbie wins. Bruce McGill ftw. Loved that scene for years!

  128. David says

    I owe a lot to Sylvain Chomet. In only three films—The Triplets of Belleville, The Illusionist, and the short The Old Lady and the Pigeons—he has shown me that being weird is okay. Yes, there are a lot of organizations and people in Hollywood nowadays pushing for the “weird” and the artistic and the underdogs and showing support for them, and I am truly grateful for that. However, the truly weird will always be marginalized, because they will always be misunderstood. No one likes to feel uncomfortable, even Angelina Jolie or a cast member of Glee, and so the people who are weird—not “quirky” weird, not “artistic” weird, not “just-being-gay” weird, but unexplainably weird—are destined to be ignored.

    But Sylvan Chomet makes the weirdest movies. And I totally dig them. He makes me, a lonely gay Christian liberal arts college student suffering from Asperger’s and ADHD, feel like there are worlds where I belong, full of weird people who will embrace me no matter what I do or say. Everyone in my life—in the sheltered world I inhabit—that I show The Triplets of Belleville to always scoff and say, “Well that was a weird movie.” But you know what? What they say makes me feel special, and not special in a way that makes me feel alone. Special in a way that makes me feel like I have something, these precious works of art, all to myself.

    These worlds of bizarre animation and outrageous storylines are matched with beauty and emotion. I visited Edinburgh after seeing The Illusionist, which is where most of the film’s narrative takes place, and as I strolled those streets by myself, I smiled, knowing that in another fictional world, a lonely magician walked these streets by himself, alone in a world that was done with him. I’m not alone. I’m not.

    There is magic out there. Sylvain Chomet’s next film is currently scheduled for release in 2015. And you know what? I’m glad it’s so far away. It gives me something to look forward to. Because somewhere in a European animation studio, a man is creating a world full of weird stories and weird people. Is Sylvain Chomet lonely? I bet he does, sometimes. Does he ever feel like he doesn’t fit in? I bet he does, sometimes. Most people do. But if he does feel that way, he can feel reassured that there are people out there not just appreciating his art, but benefiting from it. People like me.

    Be weird.

  129. Paddy Mulholland says

    I don’t know if I’m thankful for anyone, but I’m freaking glad for a lot of people. Maybe Hayao Miyazaki is closest to my heart. I first saw Spirited Away not long after I made a decision to make film-watching a hobby of mine – within weeks, it had become my main hobby, but it was when I saw Spirited Away that I became hooked. Now, years down the line, my knowledge and appreciation of the depth and breadth of cinema, internationally and through history has become much greater indeed, yet Spirited Away remains my favourite film. It gave me a feeling of exhilaration upon first viewing that no film since (or before) has achieved to give me, and no other film fulfills me in quite the same way upon re-viewing it, which I do about once a year, probably. And I’ve not seen one Miyazaki film that I haven’t enjoyed very much. Princess Mononoke is another one of my all-time favourites.

  130. Robbie says

    I am most thankful this holiday season for one Bruce Mcgill, especially for this: here

  131. Richard says

    I’m thankful for Peter Jackson. When I found out the lord of the rings was becoming a series of movies, I was both excited and terrified as I was fearful that the most beloved stories of my childhood would be mutilated. But he honored the essence of the story while creating an awesome cinematic experience.

  132. Matt Neglia says

    I am most thankful for David Fincher who continues to push the boundaries of adult cinema. He makes films that he wants to see not what mass audiences want to see, which makes him an artist with an uncompromisable vision. Sometimes that vision comes into conflict with what the studio executives want, but he has the tenacity to defy them to the point where he’ll compromise and still get what he wants. A filmmaker as fearless as that deserves to be celebrated

  133. Jose P says

    *Sorry* I’m the previous “JP” on DiCaprio, if it matters. I noticed in other comments that there’s already a “JP” here. I’ll use my original name, (I don’t want to confuse commenters). Happy Thanksgiving all.

  134. Tyler says

    May seem like a strange choice, but the director I am most grateful for is Kevin Smith. When I was about 15 I put myself into dark situations, I was failing in school, I was a bully, I got bullied, my mom learned she had cancer, my dad walked out on us. My head wasn’t in the right place. I hated myself, the person I was becoming, and my family, so I figured suicide was the only way out. I got hospitalized, but thankfully survived of course. But when I got out and returned home I saw Clerks on the TV. I think it was IFC, and I’m watching this black and white cheap movie. Mostly because I was tired from the hospital and I figured there would be some nudity-hey I was 15! But I started listening to the dialogue and instantly got swallowed up in the humor on the screen. It was unlike anything I’ve ver watched before.

    I always wanted friends like Jay and Silent Bob or Dante or Randal. I saw myself in his movies. So I became interested in everything he worked on and watched all his interviews. But what I am more thankful for is how inspiring he was. He said he was just a fat kid and went on. It made me feel selfish for what I put my family through and made me keen on expressing my emotions through writing. He just seemed so comfortable for being himself and I admired that. Ever since I saw Clerks, I promised never to injury myself because it’s selfish and I would have missed out on so much. What he accomplished for only $20,000 and his friends left a lasting impression. Meanwhile, a relationship with my dad has began to develop once more, and we never went to the filming of Zack and Miri in Monroeville, where I live.

    So I’m thankful for Kevin Smith for making movies that I could see myself in and wanted to be a part of, and showing me not to take anything for granted. It may be rough, but there’s an entire world of beautiful movies out there to see!

  135. Eric says

    I’m grateful for Kathryn Bigelow. Her films, while few, give an interesting and dynamic insight into filmmaking. She’s chugged her way through the industry for decades and I’m so happy to see her finally get the recognition she deserves as a brave voice in genre filmmaking.

  136. JP says

    Favorite actor: Leonardo DiCaprio as well. Since his days in Growing Pains I’ve enjoyed his work. Titanic was great. Loved him Catch Me If You Can especially, and his “should be” Oscar win in The Aviator. The man has done a lot of great work, and I’m anxiously waiting for The Great Gatsby.

  137. Adam Lewis says

    I’m most thankful for John Williams. Whose music never fails to lift me.

    (and for Awardsdaily, too – I know, suck!)

  138. Dan says

    I’m thankful for Paul Thomas Anderson. He is one of the modern film world’s few true auteurs, and it’s wonderful that, every few years, I can rely on him to make a film that I know will engross me, enchant me, challenge me, and give me something to think about for weeks on end. And it doesn’t hurt that he continually embodies the spirit of my all-time favorite director, Stanley Kubrick.

  139. Bill W. says

    I want to thank the trio of ladies that starred in The Hours, Nicole, Julianne, and Meryl. I thank them not only for making a beautiful movie (and a young gay’s wet dream come true) but rather for making me feel at a time in my life (my early 20s) when I was jaded and lost and didn’t think I was capable of feeling much of anything. We all know what it’s like to feel trapped and alienated, but for the first time I felt I wasn’t alone.

    Now if only they’d make another movie to lift me out of my early 30s funk, I’d be all set. 😛

  140. Toni S says

    I’m thankful for Ang Lee. He had always been a favourite of mine, but when he made Brokeback Mountain, it really made my perception of love change. I was very young when I saw the film , I think I was 14 or 15 and that’s why I think that it left a lasting impression on me.

  141. Jim Gabriel says

    Way too many to count (but hat tip to Steven up there!) I was thinking about McConaughey earlier today, so I’ll go with him. It’s been a terrific streak for him and I admire the conscious decision to step away from the money gigs and do the kind of work that’s worthy of his talent. Wish more people would/could, and I’m always thankful when it happens.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, mwah, mwah…

  142. Kim says

    I´m thankful for Leonardo DiCaprio and for those moments when I watch his face in a scene and catch myself thinking: “He speaks the truth”. I can´t explain exactly (even to myself) what I mean by that, but it makes perfect sense, just the same. There are many other actors who have touched me deeply, of course, but he affects me the most.

  143. Glenn UK says

    Thank you Barbra Streisand. She always pursued projects that she was told she could not or should not do. She pioneered the way ahead for many women. She stood up to the system to make films of passion. If someone said “no”, she said “just watch me”. Writer, Composer, Producer, Director and Actress with a great eye for perfection. When she is on the screen she commands it. She is simply Hollywood Royalty. I never tire watching her movies. Yentl rocked my world and left me with my mouth wide open and it still does today.

  144. Mathew Brown says

    I am thankful for Quentin Tarantino. A fellow film geek that took all the guilty pleasures of genre films and elevated them to a higher level.

  145. Taylor says

    I’m currently most grateful for Jennifer Lawrence. She’s unbelievably talented, gorgeous, charming, and genuinely hilarious. I watch any interview with her that pops up because I know it will make me smile. You want her to succeed. You want her to continue to get the brilliant roles she’s been getting. You want her to keep laying it all out there on the screen. You want her to win every accolade and then some. You can’t help but want her star to keep on shining. And that’s beyond rare in the cookie cutter culture that Hollywood is cultivating these days. If she wins Best Actress this year, I will be beyond thrilled for her. But if she doesn’t, then it’s only a matter of time. Thank you, JLaw, for giving me someone to root for again.

  146. bill says

    Im also thankful for Speilberg, he gave me all my favorite cinema moments as a child and defined what movies are to me. Thanks Steven!

  147. Steven says

    I am thankful for Martin Scorsese. His dedication to the preservation of film will benefit future generations of cinephiles!

  148. Dino says

    I am most grateful for Jessica Chastain. I can’t recall ever falling for someone the way I fell for her when I first saw The Tree of Life back in June of 2011. It was one of the most awe-inspiring films and performances I have ever witnessed. Her grace and beauty burst through the screen with very little dialogue. It was a performance I will never forget. Later in August I would see her in The Help, where at first I thought she was just playing a ditzy blonde. But later on when she suffers a miscarriage and is seen burying the remains of her unborn child, I felt so much for her character, it was heartbreaking. And I loved how she went against the majority of people at that time and embraced Minnie as her friend despite it still being taboo. Later that month I was blown away by her fearless and vulnerable portrayal of a Mossad agent in The Debt, and even more moved by her role as a wife and mother in Take Shelter. Her confusion about her husband’s behavior seemed so believable. I was over the moon when she received an oscar nomination the following January. Later on I witnessed her fearless, sexy and vulnerable portrayal of a woman trying to escape an unfortunate past in Lawless. Her energy was so much different than everyone else’s in it, and she was definitely my favorite part. I wish so much that I could see her star in Broadway in The Heiress, a part that she is no doubt excelling at. And I am waiting on the edge of my seat to see her in Zero Dark Thirty, the film I have been most looking forward to seeing. I cannot wait to be blown away once again. Jessica Chastain is that rare actor that I would watch in just about anything. She nails it every time.

  149. Eric says

    I am thankful for Charlie Kaufman. His constant ability to recklessly push the envelope in today’s film society is both admirable and hopeful. Everything that man writes is solely grounded in his own absurdist point of view. He does not offer his audiences a rehash of movies we’ve all seen before. He looks deep into himself, finds the ugliest, most repugnant parts of human nature, and throws it up on the screen. But he also peppers it with little gems of the absurd that make it alittle easier to go down.

  150. Squasher88 says

    I’m most grateful for Meryl Streep. She’s brilliant and is still an inspiration for many young actresses today.

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