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Les Miserables Screens in New York, Twitter Declares Hathaway the Winner, Strong Contender to Win BP

I was at my second screening of Life of Pi when the eruption from Twitter proclaimed rapturous, ecstatic acclaim for Les Miserables.  Apparently the crowd went nuts, on their feet, in tears – it was probably as best as you can hope for for a late-breaking Oscar contender, and one that people who aren’t behind Lincoln and can’t abide Silver Linings Playbook can get behind – passion, emotion, intensity, something to root for. I will be able to give you a better idea tomorrow. Scott Feinberg put up a quickie review and Movieline did a rundown too:

Some tweets:

Kris Tapley: “Love you, “Lincoln.” But enjoy this lead while it lasts.”

Kris Tapley: Feels like 10 nods for Lincoln and 12 for Les Miserables. Holy moly. Something’s gotta give.

Kris Tapley: Hathaway wins. GOD. I wept. Film’s a triumph. They’re on their feet here. NYC crowd ate…it…up. #lesmiserables

Dave Karger: First #LesMiserables screening went over extremely well. I’d call it a sure thing Picture nominee for Oscar and the probable Globe winner.

Dave Karger: Anne Hathaway could easily win supporting actress. Her “I Dreamed a Dream” is the showstopper. #LesMiserables