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  • He really wants that Oscar. Watch out Spielberg.

    I figured Anne H. or Channing Tatum would have made the cover.

  • Or, duh, JenLaw, but that would have been too soon, I guess.

  • steve50

    Redemption is sweet! Well done, sir!

  • VCQ

    Congratulations, Ben Affleck! A well deserved accolade for a well done movie of the year! More awards coming your way, hopefully!

  • Yogsss

    Congrats to Ben! I used to not like at all his acting, but Ben as a director… watch out Hollywood!

  • I always expect a singer or triple threat type. I take the word “entertainer” too seriously I guess.

    Anyhoo, I told you guys he would put in the work. I don’t know that the whole grey palette is working out though. I think he’d be better with black and red or maybe navy. If he went with standout colors I think he’d be even more powerful looking.

    But then again, they kinda have to nominate him now right? They might look like doofuses (doofi?) if they don’t. It says he’s “Entertainer of the Year” right there.

  • Joey

    I know this has nothing to do with how fantastic Argo is, but I feel this must be shared. Mr. Affleck is aging REALLY well.

  • filmboymichael

    A perfect choice – Argo is a fantastic piece of filmmaking. Ben Affleck continues to impress!

  • SH

    He’s aging perfectly, he looks perfect in that cover, I loved Argo, but common!. Even if it’s possible or not, my first reaction was “his Oscar campaigned paid for this”. Every entertainer of the year from EW is always somebody with much more influence or exposure during the year. And Argo wasn’t it.

    I thought Chaning Tatum would be it, Jennifer Lawrence possible Oscar nod and win plus Hunger Games, Anne Hathaway. Again, Argo is great, he looks amazing on the cover, but please…it’s as weird as that Matt Damon Sexiest Man from People a few years ago.

  • DaneM

    Love that choice. Can’t possibly hurt his Oscar chances.

  • Nic V

    Perfect choice.

  • knee_play

    entertainer of the year? that’s silly. his movie didn’t even come out until september and even though his directing was praised, his acting was barely ever mentioned. like others said, this just screams “paid for by the studio to increase oscar chances”.

    anyways, should’ve been jennifer lawrence. or lena dunham. or channing tatum.

  • Mohammed

    Oh, how I so wish this much attention was given to Gone Baby Gone. With A Separation,that movie is burned in my soul.

  • Luke

    I’m happy for his success but I wish he wouldn’t be chasing the Oscar so hard to pull stunts like this. You know these Entertainer of the Year and Sexiest Man things are all just publicists’ arrangements.

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