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  • Ra
  • Sam P.

    Not only is she one of the best up and coming actresses around, maybe the best she’s right up there with Jennifer Lawrence, she is an absolute knockout.

    She is gorgeous.

  • Matty Negs

    Absolutely love her! It really looks like she lights up the screen.

  • keifer

    She’s my favorite new actress.

    Last year, she may have received the BSA nomination for “The Help”, but she even more thoroughly deserved that nomination for “Take Shelter”. She blew me away in that movie (as did Michael Shannon, who was also robbed of a BA nomination in the film). One of the most underrated films of last year, “Take Shelter” swept the Toronto Film Critics Awards in 2011.

    I hope J. Chastain is nominated this year for her work in “Zero Dark Thirty”. This clip entices me to definitely see the movie.

  • Filipe

    I felt the scene was a little staged, but Kyle Chandler and especially Jessica Chastain nailed it.

  • phantom

    WOW…I am surprised. Based on reviews I was under the impression that her performance is brilliant but understated, so I wasn’t sure she could win over the ‘flashy’ competition. But now I see she HAS those typical ‘Oscar-moments’ there, so I am glad to consider her for the win, especially if her film lands picture/director/screenplay nominations. She is a wonderful actress, and I think she could go 3/3 and land a lead nod next year, too. ‘The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby’ sounds like her Blue Valentine.

  • Aragorn

    She is a very good actress, one of the best in her generation. I still think that she was better than Olivia Spencer in the Help.

    In this movie, she is again good, unsurprisingly. I still get a little bit Clare Danes vibe from her character. Thats not the worst thing given that Clare Danes is good in that role. But it will be hard for me not to think about her during this movie.

    By the way, I am glad someone mentioned Take Shelter above. Jessica Chastain was very good in that movie as well.

  • phantom

    I’ve said this once and now I’ll say it again : even though her breakthrough was only last year, she should be considered someone who paid her dues : she is a 35-year old classically trained Juilliard alumna who is currently headlining on Broadway and getting early raves for a strong BP contender; recently received OSCAR/SAG/BAFTA/BFCA nominations for a Best Picture nominee, also the Best Supporting Actress awards of arguably the 3 most important critics’ groups (NYFCC, LAFCA, NSFC); was the female lead of last year’s Palme d’Or winner AND delivered 6 (!) critically acclaimed performances within a year (from Cannes to Cannes) in good/great films, Zero Dark Thirty will be her 7th.

    Actually, she delivered more critically acclaimed performances within a year than several Best Actress WINNERS over decade(s)-long careers, or at least I would have a hard time finding 7 brilliant performances when looking through the filmographies of actresses like Sandra Bullock, Reese Witherspoon, Hilary Swank, Charlize Theron, Julia Roberts, Helen Hunt or even Gwyneth Paltrow and Natalie Portman. And I am not even saying they aren’t good/great/fantastic actresses, I’m saying if they could win, so could Chastain. The range she delivered in The Tree of Life, The Help, The Debt, Take Shelter, Coriolanus, Lawless, is nothing short of extraordinary, so if Zero Dark Thirty will bring her her crowning moment, I couldn’t be happier.

  • I get a bit annoyed every time I read a Claire Danes-Homeland comparison to Jessica’s character in Zero Dark Thirty. I don’t see the similarities beyond her gender and her occupation. The characters come across rather different to me – Jessica’s seems introverted, Claire’s is anything but.

    If this character were male, I bet I wouldn’t have yet read a single comparison.

  • Wellington

    Well… Now I’m sure she’ll get an Oscar nomination and this makes me happy and sad at the same time, because she getting a spot, means that Naomi Watts is out and she also is ON FIRE in “The Impossible”.

    Anyway, I fell in love with Jessica in “The Help” so… Let it be.

  • Naomi is not out. Keep the faith!

  • Film Fatale


    She is brilliantly understated in the film and this big scene is her first (and only) example of her Maya character losing her cool. But for me, the film’s final, haunting hot is where she truly kills it.

  • Film Fatale

    haunting “shot” I meant above

  • steve50

    “maybe the best she’s right up there with Jennifer Lawrence,”

    Um, comparing the bodies of work, I’d say that should be the other way around.

  • phantom


    Don’t start grieving just yet, Naomi Watts is still very much in the game. Frankly, I don’t think facts and precedent back up Wallis and Riva, also I started to doubt even Cotillard who has been in my top3 since Cannes, and as great as Mirren is, her film isn’t getting the kind of critical acclaim a supposed crowdpleaser should.

    Long story short, even if Lawrence and Chastain are now locks, the three remaining slots could go to ANYONE from the Cotillard-Watts-Knightley-Mirren-Riva-Wallis sextet. For what it’s worth, my money is on a Lawrence-Chastain-Watts-Cotillard-Knightley quintet. I also think Naomi Watts has great potential to surprise here and emerge as a considerably-stronger-than-expected contender. When all is said and done, I expect her to be a top3 player.

  • phantom

    Film Fatale

    Thanks for your take, I can’t wait to see the film and the performance, I’m glad you liked/loved it.

  • Genadijus

    OMG, Jessica is brilliant in this role, and for more, she looks like front-runner at this moment. However, totally agree on Watts. “The Impossible” premiered in Europe and there are going so many great talks about her performance.
    My predictions:
    Jessica Chastain – ZERO DARK THIRTY
    Jennifer Lawrence – SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK
    Naomi Watts – THE IMPOSSIBLE
    Helen Mirren – HITCHCOCK
    Emanuelle Rive – AMOUR

    Wallis and Kneigley will be overlooked and Marion become one of the biggest surprised not getting the nomination.

  • PJ

    Almost tempted to move her to number 1 on that clip alone.

  • Robert A.

    Riva is beginning to look stronger and stronger as a likely nominee, I think. Nat Rogers on The Film Experience mentions that he’s talked to a few voters and he’s becoming convinced that Riva doesn’t have anything to worry about. Admittedly, this is anecdotal evidence and so you have to take it with a grain of salt. But still. If there’s only one foreign language nominee, and it’s a rare day when they have more than one foreign language nominee in the same acting category, I think Riva is going to trump Cotillard.

    Cotillard’s chances routinely get over-inflated on the Internet. Since her win in 2007, it seems every year she’s being buzzed about as a possible nominee, BSA for Inception and Midnight in Paris being the two most recent examples. Yet those nominations never pan out. I do think this year she has a decent shot at a nod, much better than she actually had for Inception or Midnight in Paris, but I’m still not sold on her.

    Right now I think Lawrence, Chastain, and Riva are looking the strongest for nods. I still can’t quite get a temperature on Wallis. Her nomination seems so right (surprisingly wonderful performance in an excellent film) and so wrong (age barrier) that I’m flummoxed.

    Finally, why aren’t more posters trying to work “flummoxed” into their comments?

  • Jerm

    I honestly thought the clipped seemed so unnatural, and almost uncomfortable to watch. I’m not impressed at all, but I do love her. I hope this isn’t the way she is in the whole movie or I will get annoyed. Though I couldn’t care less about Bigelow and her movies, just not a fan.

  • Gogotales

    I can almost see either Jessica or Jennifer competition in three months…

  • Genadijus

    Remember, Marion Cottilar has a really good performances next year J. Gray’s “Nightingale” with Joaquin Phoenix, and … Weinsteins already brought this movie. We can expect the premire in Cannes, as they did it with “Lawless”. So probably, Academy will wait for next year.
    It’s so interesting as next year we have bunch of the same actresses who’ll be really strong contenders again as this year:
    Jennifer Lawrence – SERENA (dir. Susanne Bier)
    Marion Cottilard – NIGHTINGALE (dir. James Gray)
    Naomi Watts – DIANA (dir. Oliver Hirschbiegel)
    Meryl Streep – AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY (dir. John Wells)
    Carey Mulligan – THE GREAT GATSBY (dir. Baz Luhrmann)
    Rachel McAdams – A MOST WANTED MAN (dir. Anton Corbijn)

  • Spiderball

    Jessica Chastain will get a nomination but will she win? I don’t see any buzz. The only buzz I’m seeing is for Jennifer Lawrence who is getting awards abd praise left and right. She was named entertainer of the year right after Ben Affleck by EW. She was honored by the Santa Barbara International Film Festival as outstanding performer. I have the feeling that Jessica still doesn’t have the win locked.

  • steandric

    Way, way ……………………………….over the top!

  • McGregor

    Wow. That was… too over the top for me. Maybe seeing the scene prior would help, but still. I love Jessica Chastain, but this scene isn’t doing much for me.

  • Aragorn

    So far, I have seen only few major Best Actress contenders and in my opinion Marion Cotillard gives the best performance, better than Jennifer Lawrence. Of course Jessica, Watts and Rive yet to be seen. However, even though Marion is great in that movie, its box office so far has been not-so-good, even for a small movie in limited release. There is not much buzz. On the other hand, J. Lawrence is everywhere. Also, even though I liked SLP it is nowhere close to Lincoln, Argo or Life of Pi (the ones that i have seen so far). Probably Les Miz and Zero Dark Thirty will be better movies than SLP too. So it means, BP and BD are out for SLP, may be nominations. Bradley Cooper is good but unfortunately for him, Best Actor is already crowded with a couple of great performances. Therefore, only major category left for SLP and Weinstein Co is Best Actress. I have a feeling that they will put their entire machine behind J. Law for Best Actress. And as we know, if anyone, that’s Weinsteins who know how to play this game.

  • Aragorn


    It was my personal opinion that she reminded me of Clare Danes for some reason. Do I need to get your approval or permission before I say what i think? And keep your stupid comment that implies sexism to yourself!

    Her character could be introvert in the rest of the movie, but in that scene above she was not much from Clare’s some scenes in Homeland. again that’s my opinion!

  • unlikely hood

    Oh come on, it’s only OTT because it’s isolated from context – from what we’ve heard, she’s not going to spend the whole film this way. She’s gonna be the woman that is expected to shut up and listen for a while, and this will be one of her rare outbursts.

    Certain roles get Oscars just for who the person is and what she represents – Norma Rae and Sophie and Brandon Teena come to mind. It sounds like a slam against Field, Streep, Swank to say it, but lesser actresses could well have won awards in those roles. Maya is shaping up to be the most important role in the race. That’s trouble for the others.

  • Diego

    Jean: And the Oscar goes to….”

  • NatNat

    I don’t know but this movie reminds me too much of Homeland with Claire Danes. Also I agree with the poster who said Jennifer Lawrence is everywhere. That is one of the reasons why she will end up taking the Oscar home. And another one is Harvey Weinstein who knows how to campaign… he hasn’t even started yet!

  • Logan

    Dead heat for Best Actress: Chastain & Lawrence. A nagging question: Will Chastain be hurt with NY voters by the lukewarm reviews she got for starring in Broadway’s The Heiress, currently still on the boards?
    Agree with the person who thinks Take Shelter was Chastain’s best of many good performances last year.

  • Zach

    I do like her, but it does seem OTT, at least out of context. I just feel jealous on Claire Danes’s behalf. She deserves an Oscar for Homeland! Will she ever get nominated and/or win, or will she go the route of Julie Harris and Angela Lansbury?

    And why ISN’T there more buzz for Naomi Watts in The Impossible? It looks very heavy and she is WAY more overdue than either Chastain or Lawrence. I hope the nominees are the three of them, Cotillard, and Riva, and NOT someone like Helen Mirren in a lesser role, Knightley doing nothing spectacular as is par for her career, or the 6-year-old who – though I haven’t seen the film – isn’t pulling a Patty Duke here.

    As for nominating two foreign-language performances in the same year, it happened when Sophia Loren won. Cotillard, like Loren, is so Americanized now and her career has been so unaffected by the Oscar curse that no one would think of her as a foreign, indie nominee. In fact, she should be rewarded for being the only Best Actress in the last 10 to 19 years whose filmography has improved since her win. Two Best Picture nominees since? No one expected her to be nominated for them, but she has turned in steady performance after steady performance since 2007.

  • A nagging question: Will Chastain be hurt with NY voters by the lukewarm reviews she got for starring in Broadway’s The Heiress

    Pretty sure the Tony Awards are supposed to deal with that.

  • Raul

    Damn, girl!

  • Zach

    Lukewarm reviews for Chastain in The Heiress? I figured that was her Tony to lose. You know, she’s not this generation’s Olivia de Havilland. I’m sorry to be blunt and offensive, but I don’t know why she’s gotten so many roles in the past two years. Is she talented? Sure. Easily castable? Obviously. Brilliant? Haven’t seen it yet. I miss Julianne Moore.

  • superkk

    great actress!.. but i felt the scene was a bit over acted and like some others didnt seem so natural. then again i have not seen the film to realize why she’s so PO’ed up until this point so i will just wait to give my full opinion

  • Zach

    Yeah, let me just add that just about any scene of Claire Danes in any piece of film or TV, taken *out of context*, seems overdone. Then you watch the whole thing and realize she’s brilliant.

  • I do like her, but it does seem OTT, at least out of context.

    Is it really that hard to imagine the context?

    I’ve seen worse yelling between co-workers at every office job I ever had. Arguments that didn’t involve the threat of annihilating millions of Americans.

  • Spiderball

    This scene is overacted and overdone. I don’t like it at all. Hopefully Chastain’s performance isn’t like this in the whole movie

  • Zach

    Yeah, but the way she clenches her jaw and grits her teeth makes it look labored. Again, context is everything, not just the story but the scene’s place in the sequence of the film.

    Or, maybe she just bothers me.

  • you guys are hilarious.

    Spiderball, relax. I kinda doubt the whole movie is people screaming at each other. You’re thinking of The Fighter.

  • Robert A.

    Ben Affleck on Quvenzhane Wallis: “The girl from Beasts of the Southern Wild is unbelievable. That is a level of acting you cannot do once you reach the age of self-consciousness. It was staggering.”

    Oh, and to stick to the subject of the thread, ZD30 and Chastain…um, I want to see the movie!

  • DRM

    Dialogue isn’t very good. Same words being used over and over all within a short time span. Her acting seems pretty good though.

  • Aragorn

    OK, finally it is becoming clear which movies are untouchable/beyond critique in this site this year. Lincoln first and Zero Dark Thirty now. Anyone that says anything negative about those two movies will be put down. Here we go, now this is a real Oscar season…

    Meanwhile for Silver Linings Playbook or Jennifer Lawrence , you can say anything as they did not make to the “favorite” list!

  • Chris Collins

    I don’t know. Chastain’s performance in the clip seems a bit forced and over the top. If she had toned it down by a notch or two, it’d have been perfect. She’s still a good actress though.

    I still think Kidman’s theatre scene performance in Birth is the best of any actress of all time. Understated, emotional, deeply moving, she didn’t even have to speak at all. Her facial expression said it all. This is what great acting is all about, IMHO.

  • I’ll put down a silly remark anyone makes about any movie.

    “Man, this script sucks. There’s identical words too close to each other!”

    That’s laughable, ridiculous, and I’m not afraid to say so.

  • “With the dense dialogue spread across more than 100 speaking roles, the supporting actors could be mere information carriers, but many make excellent use of their limited screen time… The word docudrama doesn’t hint at Boal’s achievement. This is movie journalism that snaps and stings, that purifies a decade’s clamor and clutter into narrative clarity, with a salutary kick.” Corliss, TIME

    But go ahead and judge the dialogue because it repeats the words ‘Pakistan’ and ‘al-Qaeda’ more than once.

    I can’t tell you how relieved I am that we weren’t blogging in 1976 so the clip of DeNiro repeating “you talkin to me?” didn’t worry the shit out of everybody.

  • unlikely hood

    I can’t tell you how relieved I am that we weren’t blogging in 1976 so the clip of DeNiro repeating “you talkin to me?” didn’t worry the shit out of everybody.


    Now that Chastain and Lawrence are in, they should campaign for Wallis and Riva to join them in their category. History says the Oscars ain’t giving it to a child or an old lady (yes, I know the exceptions to the latter; those were big ol’ juicy BP nominees like On Golden Pond, Driving Miss Daisy, and The Queen – Amour does not have a fart’s chance in hell of getting a BP nod even in an expanded field). Chastain and Lawrence need to do their best to keep anyone else out of their category who’s – well, to use Sasha’s word – fuckable.

  • g

    I think it looks awesome! And I am really bummed I can’t see this movie until after the globes. It doesn’t come here until January 11 th and that week we have the critics choice and the globes. Too many award shows and I have to cook!

  • Film Fatale

    Everyone here is ridiculous. Over the top? Hilarious. This is her one and only scene in TWO HOURS AND FORTY MINUTES of film where she raises her voice LOL.

    Can all of you great Oscar prognosticators who know so much understand that you should kinda like, oh, i don’t know, see the movie, think about what is at stake in the scene, understand the context without knee-jerking to your favorite silly TV show Homeland for just one second?

  • Film Fatale

    All of the “experts” here who haven’t seen the movie (like Sasha has, and as I have as well) need to chill, frankly.

  • The repeated words argument and forced acting were the first two things that came to mind. I wonder if this scene leaking on the internet was a brilliant move, a mistake, or neutral territory. Though there is a contingent that is obviously pumped up from watching it, right now, it feels more like a (tiny) marketing misstep.

    I am excited to see how I will feel about the film after I watch the whole thing.

    It will also be interesting to look back on this thread (if I remember to do that).

    Shabbat shalom.

  • Not trying to be cranky, but I can’t understand the issue with repeated words, you guys.

    Bin Laden. Afghanistan. al-Qaeda — are these supposed to be terms that CIA operatives don’t utter out loud very much?

    Because seriously, what the heck other repeated word are you talking about?

    Want to hear some repetitive dialog? Tune in to Oscar Podcast and hear us all say ‘contender’ and ‘nominee’ 1000 times in one hour.

  • Daniel B.

    It seems unnatural to me too. I love Chastain but come on – this screaming was bad. I hate it when some people have this blind love – they have decided that she is good in a particular movie they haven’t seen and they are ready to defend her no matter what.
    And I’m sorry but I can’t stop thinking of the superior Claire Danes.

  • I’m sorry but I can’t stop thinking of the superior Claire Danes.

    hey, don’t be sorry.

    You might consider that you’ve been watching Claire Danes’ character develop over the course of 20 episodes. Maybe THAT has a little something to do with why she looms so large in your head, you think?

    But if you’re comfortable with that kind of lopsided comparison, don’t be sorry. Be proud. Flaunt your remarkable ability to weigh 20 hours of one performance against 30 seconds of another.

  • Pierre de Plume

    It’s hard to judge a short clip. I like Unlikely Hood’s first comment. And if, indeed, the character is normally introverted, that’s a good rendition of what she’d be like during an intense outburst of emotion. This is an important role, and Chastain is a very good actress.

  • Reno

    I don’t like repetitive redundancy coz I hate things that keep on repeating again and again over and over again, ugh, hate that!

  • I like Unlikely Hood’s theory too, HOWEVER, what is up with Kyle Chandler delivering his lines through teeth gritting?

    Honestly, I can’t wait to find out the answers.

  • GoOnNow

    Oh brother… all the precious little critics in the land

    Chastain is perfect in that scene and Jennifer Lawrence will be congratulating her on her Leading Actress Oscar win.

    This, ladies and gentlemen, is how you can cultivate your talent at Juilliard, 🙂

  • Perhaps post-secondary educations are making a comeback in the Best Actress Oscar Race … Meryl Streep, Natalie Portman … three for three ?

  • Chris Collins

    Chastain is no Cate Blanchett of America. She’s a good actress and holds her own. She’ll become great like Cate Blanchett in 10 years.

  • lucy


  • Unlikely hood

    Thanks Pierre and Vince. Oh and julliard will be *thrilled* to hear it was just put on a list with harvard and yale

  • Robert A.

    “I hate it when some people have this blind love – they have decided that she is good in a particular movie they haven’t seen and they are ready to defend her no matter what.”

    I hate it when some people have this blind hate–they have decided that she is bad in a particular movie they haven’t seen and they are ready to trash her no matter what.

    By the way, Vivien Leigh’s first words in Gone With the Wind: “Fiddledeedee! War, war, war! War has spoiled the fun at every party this week. I get so bored with all the war talk I could scream!” Damn repetition! Why didn’t they just change it to, “Fiddledee. War has spoiled the fun at every party this week. I get so bored I could scream!” That’s so much better, isn’t it?

  • Diego

    Going with Sasha’s equation of young+fuckable=Oscar award, then Chastain has a chance.

    I know that she is in her 30’s. But age is relative.

  • Sonja

    Well, “over the top” is not really a bad thing for best actress.
    It’s not called “Drama Queen” without a reason. 😉

    Of course not all winning roles are somehow “over the top”, but mostly they are. Or at least I have that impression, but there are still quite a lot winning performances I haven’t seen yet. So maybe I’m wrong.

  • Sonja

    It could be only one moment.
    Everybody’s poking on Witherspoon’s scream in “Rendition”, but it was all in all just that one moment.

  • Winston F

    You go girl!

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