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Howard Shore’s complete Soundtrack for The Hobbit

Exciting note from Rolling Stone this morning with a link to their exclusive stream of the entire Special Edition of The Hobbit soundtrack. (thanks to Ra as well)

Neil Finn had dwarves on the mind when he wrote “Song of the Lonely Mountain,” a ballad that plays over the end credits of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. When the New Zealand composer met with film director Peter Jackson and his team to discuss plans for the song – which appears on the film’s soundtrack, premiering exclusively today on Rolling Stone – he was told that these stocky denizens of Middle-Earth played a big role in the film.

“They talked a lot about how the movie really, in many ways, is a tale of the dwarves, as much as it’s called The Hobbit,” Finn tells Rolling Stone.

Most of the film’s soundtrack was composed by Howard Shore, who recorded it at Abbey Road Studios in London. Finn occasionally corresponded with Shore over email but worked on “Song of the Lonely Mountain” at Jackson’s post-production office in Wellington, New Zealand. He didn’t hear the whole soundtrack until he attended the film’s world premiere in Wellington earlier this week.

“They were working on the soundtrack up to about 10 days ago,” he says, noting that he hasn’t yet heard it in isolation. “There’s a huge amount of cues. Something would be working not quite right; they’d have to go back and re-record. There’d be notes made. I wasn’t aware of the detail, of the minutiae. But I know that there is an obsessive nature that goes along with making these kinds of things, and everyone’s aiming to get it to a point where it sounds like it was the easiest thing in the world.”

Finn says that “Song of the Lonely Mountain” builds on a musical theme written for the movie by New Zealand film composers Plan 9 and David Long, which a group of dwarves sing in an early scene. To work on the song, Finn put himself in the dwarves’ shoes.

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