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  • mecid

    haha… In 2011 ceremony Spielberg presented BP to King’s Speech.

  • Jerry

    Sasha’s enemy #1 speaking to her hero. Lol.

  • helios

    Hooper: What do you mean I didn’t deserve to win for that TV movie?

    Spielberg: I don’t know Tom. That’s what Sasha told me.

  • Christophe

    Tom: sorry steven but the academy will screw you over once again next February and it’ll be all my fault…
    Steven: don’t feel guilty young sexy lad you’re a way better director than I’ll ever be. cough cough

  • TH: Sorry pal, but they will like mine better than yours.

    SS: Unfortunately, I know…

  • Matt O’Callaghan

    Next Year, I’m doing a biopic on Michael Bolton – with this guy…

  • steve50

    Hooper: “Look – y’know they’re gonna give it to that inexperienced hack, Affleck”

    Spielberg: (sigh)

  • Tom

    Hooper: Soon, I will have a second Oscar too
    Speilberg: Dream on, bitch.

  • Hooper:

    Don’t worry, Stevie. You’ll win an Oscar someday. If you want any tips, dear ol’ boy text me… eh… wait you’re not as fabulous as I am… just get your um… is that Kate woman your nurse? Dear, dear, it must be hard getting old. That’s what my gran told me the Rolling Stones said. I’d have loved to have seen them. Wish I was born when they were still around…

    People are so coarse nowadays aren’t they? The valet had the audacity to introduce himself to me. I handed him my keys and said, “Look Quentin it’s not your place to speak to me,” and he to told me to fornicate with myself. As if that were possible. *chuckles* I asked the cook to get the Maître D so I could get him to fire the boy and the cook said he was “angly”. I swear I never know what you Americans are trying to say. At least I’m in the mood for Chinese.


    *sigh* George had the right idea.

  • steve50

    Spielberg: “Don’t look now, Tom, but I think that little guy is about to take a leak on your leg.”

  • mecid


    Spielberg: Hoop, now you see how to make a historical drama?
    Hooper: Of course. I’m confused.

  • PJ

    So you are supposed leave the camera on the tripod? ah…..

  • Sasha Stone

    TH: Sorry pal, but they will like mine better than yours.

    SS: Unfortunately, I know…

    You poor creatures are in for a shock come Oscar night.

  • Sasha Stone

    Tom: sorry steven but the academy will screw you over once again next February and it’ll be all my fault…
    Steven: don’t feel guilty young sexy lad you’re a way better director than I’ll ever be. cough cough

    Christophe, you aren’t really THAT stupid are you?

  • Tero Heikkinen

    Tom Hooper: “I counted five different types of red wine on our table”.
    Steven Spielberg: “You know, Hook was originally planned as a musical”.
    Bruce Cohen: “La-de-da, la-de-da, lala”.

  • Sasha Stone

    Sasha’s enemy #1 speaking to her hero. Lol.

    This is a myth cooked up by hysterical internet peeps. As I’ve said a hundred million times before, it wasn’t that I hated THe King’s Speech. It was that I loved The Social Network (and nearly every other film nominated that year) MORE. Hate is a strong emotion. To earn strong emotions you have to do something worthy of it. But a decent enough, moving, British docudrama is simply not offensive enough to hate. It was just okay. It won primarily because Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush were so great. Somehow, I’ve become written into a corner hating Tom Hooper, which is why no one will take me seriously about Les Miz. That’s fine. But just know: it is a drama of your own making. Oscar history is paved with mediocrity. But for every once in a while.

  • Dennis Arthur

    Hooper: Ok. So how are we doing this? I win Director and you win Picture?

    Spielberg: I don’t know….I kinda like both.

  • brett

    “Honest, Steven, I’m really not the mean, nasty, over-hyped, no-talent hack they say I am… and by the way, is it true you can put the camera in a place where not every shot has to be a close-up?”

  • mecid

    continue, Dennis.

    …Hooper: Ok. I’ll wait for next years.

  • Christophe

    sasha, lol I thought the irony was showing in my comment, maybe not. seriously I really enjoyed The King’s Speech (not as much as close encounters or war horse of course) but the latest clips from Les Miz made me feel seasick, should I be worried about the whole film? I’ve been waiting for it all year…

  • steve50

    (last one, promise)

    Hooper: “You know, Steven, not only did I make the first musical ever using live singing, but it’s also the first one filmed with an iPhone!”

  • Tero Heikkinen

    A few minutes later.

    Tom Hooper: “I know you started with Universal. They are really supporting my picture here”.

    Steven Spielberg: “Yes. I called them. And no”.

    Bruce Cohen: “La-de-da, la-de-da, lala”.

  • Filipe

    Tom Hooper: They say it’s the size of my hand!

    Spielberg: Oh boy!

  • Jack Traven II

    Hooper: I know, I know. I myself was confused regarding this offer.
    Spielberg: Um, I think I will call George about this.

  • mecid

    continue Steve50.

    ….Spielberg: Hoop, try 2 megapixel Nokia. Works fine for close-ups.

  • Sasha Stone

    Ha. Sorry Christophe! I think Les Miz needs to be seen twice. My opinion as a novice.

  • Faces on the curtains: “I AM THE GREAT AND POWERFUL OZ!!!”

    (to each other) : “Jinx!” *giggles*

    Who are the curtain guys?

  • Akumax

    TH: Jeeez have you seen Zero Dark Thirty?

    SS: Yes… we are both screwed

  • ‘What do you say Steve, we settle this now, your cast vs. my cast in an all out, drag out fist fight. I know that Tommy Lee Jones is tough, but Anne Hathaway shows no mercy!’

  • Sasha Stone

    Tom Hooper: “Let Hooper take a turn!”
    Spielberg: “Come again?”
    Tom Hooper: “Hooper! Stop playing with yourself!”
    Spielberg: I think I need a rum and coke refill.
    Tom Hooper: “You have city hands, Mr. Hooper. You’ve been counting money all your life.”
    Spielberg: Oh, okay. Got it. We’re gonna need a bigger boat.

  • Binx

    Spielberg: “You did? That’s funny. Because we lip-synched all the dialogue in ‘Lincoln’.”

  • @Binx That’s hilarious. XD

  • Sean

    Hooper: So what did you think of Les Miserables?
    Spielberg: I think I’m gonna make Fincher very happy and kick your ass come Oscar Night.

  • Calvin

    Hooper: So, do you think we’ll split?
    Spielberg: Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn. Why don’t we simply forget Fincher? That’s sooo 2011.

  • Jack Traven II

    Hooper: How about doing this again? But next time I hand over the statuette to you.
    Spielberg: Whew! That requires a lot of work, Tommy. Dozens of films, dozens of years. And not to forget, my kind of success, until one can finally stand there handing out an Oscar as a director.
    Hooper: Well, …
    Spielberg: That’s nearly impossible, I know. But never give in, Tommy, will you? Never, never, never, never.

  • Alfredo

    “If you win your second Oscar for Best Director and Picture I will find and I will kill you.”

  • When I tell Sasha “Javert = Tea Party” I’ll get that great review! 🙂

  • Proman

    “Sure, you’ve made a musical but I’m not handing out any more Oscars.”


    “Said it before – History is more weighty than popcorn.”

    Spielberg deserves so many Oscars by now it’s ridiculous.

  • TH: Does this rash look normal?

    SS: Erm… how is Colin Firth?

  • Mark

    You have three, and I have one. Come February, let’s split the difference.

  • Brett

    TH: So can you convince Disney to let you direct 7 + 8, and then I can take 9 to embarrass you again after this February?

    SS: …Um, yeah, I suppose that’ll be fine…sir

  • Sasha Stone

    Tom Hooper: They say it’s the size of my hand!

    Spielberg: Oh boy!


  • Sasha Stone

    I love how Bruce Cohen keeps getting worked into it.

  • “See, the guy is unbelieavable, now David Spade thinks he’s Shirley Temple.” “Ridiculous.”

  • Derek 8-Track

    Hooper: What!?! What makes you say that?!

    Spielberg: I can just tell by lookin’ at ya, man. Even with that suit on I can tell you’ve got an ugly naked body. You’re all frumpy like. Soft and doughy.

  • Niles

    Hooper: I want another oscar!

    Spielberg: Be patient young patawan

  • moviewatcher

    Hooper: Ok. So how are we doing this? I win Director and you win Picture?
    Spielberg: I don’t know….I kinda like both.

    I loled at this one…

  • Cameron

    You young whippersnappers got it so easy…I waited 30 years for my FIRST one

  • Andrew Sidhom

    SPIELBERG: (quietly) Tom, I can see Affleck, Russel, Bigelow and Lee standing over there, looking so confident sneering at us… Oh Tom, how I fear this may not be our year.

    HOOPER: What are you talking about? Fincher tried the “great film” approach two years ago. Didn’t work. Now more people are doing it the losers’ way. You don’t think my Hugo musical weepie will be another no-brainer?

  • Matt Rain

    SPIELBERG: How come we’ve seen everybody from the cast sing so far except for Russell Crowe?

    HOOPER: ……Please don’t tell anyone.

  • Jack

    Hooper: That bitch Sasha Stone is trashing my movie again!

    Spielberg: Sasha who?

  • Jack

    Hooper: I figure it’s down to you and me.

    Spielbert: The two of us just need to be sure Bigelow doesn’t stand a chance.

  • rAr

    I’ll probably vote for PT anyway, but what’s with the hair on this guy?

  • d2

    TH: “I bet you $5 that I would win the Oscar. Yah, I know it’s early, but I need the money to fund my long-in-development East of Eden remake”

    SP: “And you are? You see, I live in a bubble and only make overrated movies now.”

  • AnthonyP

    Spielberg: Who invited Richard Simmons?

  • Evan B

    Hooper: “The King Speech wasn’t over rated, right?”

    Spielberg: “No, no… it was cute… ya know? Like when The Artist won Best Picture.

    Hooper: “It was cute, wait what??”

    Spielberg: I gotta go…

  • Holden

    See this hand? Come February, we both know that Oscar is going in it.

  • Matt O’Callaghan

    Spielberg: Check out the fun bags at 1 o’clock.
    Hooper: Hey, that’s Michael Bolton a good friend of mine. we’re making a picture next year.
    Spielberg: No, numbnuts. My 1 o’clock, your 7 o’clock.
    Hooper: Do you think I should grab one? With this hand?
    Spielberg: I think Bolton has an erection.

  • Reno

    The Hoopster: I’m going to win the Oscar again… it’s inevitable… so quit bugging me!

    Spielberg: But… but…

  • Al Robinson

    Steven Spielberg: “Hey pal, who are you?”
    Tom Hooper: “Really?… Didn’t you see my movie?”
    Steven: “How do I know, I don’t even know who you are!”
    Tom: “I directed ‘The King’s Speech'”.
    Steven: “Um… yeah, that doesn’t help.”.

  • Carlo

    Hooper: I might be tied with you after this, you know – two Best Director Oscars.
    Spielberg: Now that is a shame…

  • Al Robinson

    Tom Hooper: “Hey Steven, what was your favorite movie of 2012?”
    Steven Spielberg: “I’d have to say it was ‘The Expendables 2′”
    Tom: “Really?.. that was my favorite also!!”
    Steven: “I just love movies with old people in them.”

  • Al Robinson

    I’ve got one more good one:

    Tom Hooper: “Steven, I really liked your Abraham Lincoln movie, you know the one where he is a Vampire Hunter…”
    Steven Spielberg: “Oh for heaven sakes!!!… for the 100th time!! I did NOT direct ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’. I directed ‘Lincoln’. Why is that soo hard to understand!?”

  • Jim Farmer

    Tom Hooper: Come Oscar night, I could have more Best Director Academy Awards than Martin Scorsese – and as many as you.

    Spielberg: SECURITY!

  • Spielberg-Yes, Hooper, Kings Speech was….fascin…ating…your delicious heart…KHAL-LEE-MAAA!!!!!

  • “Look, Steve…You Just Can’t Win Them All.”

  • Peter Anderson

    Tom Hooper: “let’s hug it out, b***””

    Spielberg: “I would rather like a kiss on the cheek”

  • dinasztie

    TH: My movie is an epic fanboy musica
    SS: My movie is a epic historical biopic.

    (Bruce Cohen: But my movie has Harvey Weinstein :))).)

  • Al Robinson

    Tom Hooper: “Steve, smell my hand.”
    Steven Spielberg: “No way man!”
    (Guy with curly hair): “I’ll smell your hand Tom…”

  • Irish70

    “No, seriously, you input your whole profile and invite your friends to follow all of your social activity.”

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