In which Sasha, Craig, Erik and Ryan take look at hot prospects for three major critics awards about to rain down upon us over the next several days — the NYFCC, NBR and LAFCA. There’s probably definitely not any crude talk about blowjobs, or maybe there is. Oscar Podcast, Episode 10.


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  • Yeah, there totally maybe isn’t any of that. Sort of.

  • Eoin Daly

    Funny Podcast. I still am so excited for Jean Dujardin coming back to try say Quvenzhane’s name Oscar night next year.

  • Haha, Eoin. Frankly I like pronouncing it better than spelling it. Get it wrong. Every. Time.

  • Emma

    Some of the comments about Lawrence are gross and bordeline sexist. Very disappointed in Sasha.

  • Jack Traven II

    Funny, interesting & confusing.

    PS: I might be the laughing stock right now but I have to say that I love The Bucket List. I know it’s mainstream and mostly a simple fairy tale. But it’s a fun movie that makes me remember that I should appreciate every moment.

  • Yashar

    Come on guys. That was just crude. A great podcast suddenly got really… weird. Now I know that “wanting to fuck” thing is true and when Sasha used it as her argument it was fine. It’s the babe factor. Sure. A few other touches about Judi Dench and her were funny too but then some remarks felt plain bad and even a bit offensive. The blow job jokes were kinda funny but come freaking on.
    Still love you guys though 🙂

    Also, still hoping for Chastain to win.

    Back to Lawrence, I agree that SLP is NOT an awards worthy role for her. She really was great in Winter’s Bone and deserves better. I also loved her work in Hunger Games and am glad to hear you guys like her performance in it more than SLP (Not sure about Sasha but still hopeful that she liked it). While HG is not a super popular film, I think it mostly managed to get past the bad YA barrier and got closer to last few Harry Potter films. In a less crowded year, TDKR and HG both would could have entered the BP race (That and if the old voting system that Sasha mentions had not returned with the new nominee number rule).

  • Just out of curiosity, what exactly was said about Lawrence that was so terrible?

    Yashar, I jokingly said it in the podcast (not sure if it was edited or not), but I legitimately think Lawrence was better in HG than SLP. At least that was a human being she was playing.

    Jack, no shame in loving The Bucket List and honestly there’s no shame in SLP either. It’s just when you try to elevate a film like that into the awards conversation that it all comes crashing down.

  • Erik Anderson

    I defend my right to be a crude bastard. I was also very drunk at the time. Which made for a very lively conversation, I thought!

  • Yashar

    Craig, I actually agree with you about her work in HG being better (Though I’ve become a bit of HG fanboy 🙂 Just love the story). Back to the podcast, the initial stuff was fun and most of the jokes about the Dench and Lawrence were not the offensive part for me. It was a few forced and repeated mentions by Sasha that got me. I know she hates SLP and really value her opinion. I too hate these types of movies (As a super fan of Social Network, it still hurts me to think about that year. Fucking academy) but one or two sentences about Lawrence felt more hateful and forced rather fun and drunken jabs at her.

    Of course it is possible that I didn’t fully understand the mood and feel of discussion due to the very nature of podcast (sound only). Fully or semi drunk podcasts are fun and I am not offended by any sexual or frank talk but here I felt the bitter end of it was focused a bit too much on a single person.
    Any way, thanks for your reply and great work. Love these podcasts.

  • I wish the MPAA would use that terminology. ‘Randy conversation’ LOL

  • Thanks for the feedback Yashar. I think we’ve all been pretty hard on SLP in the podcast this year. I can’t speak for either of my partners, but for me I have to admit a lot of it is just pushback in favor of movies I happen to be more passionate about and against a few unnamed loudmouths who declared SLP the one to beat out of Toronto. It’s a total bias and I have to try to not let it affect my responses to movies. Truth is, I liked SLP. I argued in a previous podcast that we should try more often to judge movies on their own merits rather than by whether they fit into the awards race or not and I should probably follow my own advice.

    Paddy, that wouldn’t even be the silliest MPAA warning!

  • Yashar

    Thanks Craig.

    I completely understand. After seeing the way Academy has been reacting to these soft and fluffy tame films, it is more than acceptable for all of us movie fans to feel that way. Excellent point about trying to be judge all films based on their own merits. This is one of the reasons that I kinda hate Hollywood Elsewhere’s posts and I do believe you, Sasha and Adam have truly tried to be fair. Heck, I am actually something of an anti-SLP (Biased against Russel for various reasons and of course, the way TWC pushes those tame feel good films). My only problem was with the way some of the more “randy” ( 🙂 ) stuff was mentioned as well as the of tone a few Lawrence related remarks. Of course her character in SLP really is the male-fantasy type.

    Thanks again and looking forward to future podcasts.

  • You do NOT want to hear some of the stuff that ends up on the cutting room floor each week when we record these things! Trust me. 🙂

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