J. Hoberman talks up the NYFCC – some interesting information:

In the acting awards, Sally Fields (“Lincoln”) finally defeated initial front-runner Anne Hathaway (“The Dark Knight Rises” and “Les Miserables”) for Best Supporting Actress on a fourth ballot while, in a rare second ballot win, Matthew McConaughey (“Magic Mike” and “Bernie”) beat outChristoph Waltz (“Django Unchained”) and Tommy Lee Jones (“Lincoln”). The closest and most surprising race sawRachel Weisz (“The Deep Blue Sea”) edged Jennifer Lawrence (“The Hunger Games” and “The Silver Lining Playbook”) and Emmanuelle Riva (“Amour”). Last year’s winner Jessica Chastain (“Zero Dark Thirty”) was a factor throughout, tying for the lead on several ballots. (This race was by far the most polarized; only three of the 16 ballots cast for Lawrence or Chastain cited both actresses.) By contrast Daniel Day Lewis (“Lincoln”), possibly the most feted actor in NYFCC history, led on every ballot but still required three rounds of voting to best the closely bunched trio of Jack Black (“Bernie”),Joaquin Phoenix (“The Master”), and Denis Lavant (“Holy Motors”).


Greig Fraser was named Best Cinematographer for “Zero Dark Thirty,” beating the initial favorite, “The Master” on the third ballot. (In a simple, up and down vote, the critics declined to acknowledge Fraser for his work on “Killing Them Softly.”) Although heavily favored, Tony Kushner’s “Lincoln” screenplay needed four ballots to win over those for “Zero Dark Thirty” and “Moonrise Kingdom.” “The Master”’s relatively poor showing in this race presaging its ultimate fate. An early favorite for Best Director, Paul Thomas Anderson was overwhelmed by Kathryn Bigelow on the second ballot, with Ben Affleck(“Argo”) finishing a distant third. (Strikingly, Steven Spielberg, who failed to get a single first ballot votes, was never in contention.) By this time, it was evident that “Zero Dark Thirty” would run the table and, indeed, “The Master” finished third for Best Picture behind “Argo,” although it took three ballots for the obviously exhausted voters to decide the winner.

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  • joeyhegele

    I still think Les Miserables is going to win Best Picture, but it sounds like Kathryn Bigelow has a very, very good shot at winning Best Director. Wonderful!

  • Robert A.

    This is all very interesting information. So Lincoln didn’t finish in the Top Three for either BP or Director. Argo and Ben, and The Master and PTA, were the also rans in both categories.

    It’s very difficult to get a grasp on just how important or unimportant the Weisz Best Actress win is. Important, I guess, in that it ups her profile, but does not in any way guarantee her a slot in the Oscar Best Actress category, especially since it sounds like she won because the vote was so clotted between Lawrence, Chastain, and Riva. That’s how Cameron Diaz won NYFCC Best Actress back in 1998, when votes were tied between Montenegro and Renee Z.

    And Matthew M. won in the least number of voting rounds? Unbelievable!

  • Bball_Jake

    What does this mean for Rachel Weisz? Anything at all? And I guess I could kind of see Jen Lawrence winning, like Helen Hunt won for As Good As It Gets. But I’d like to see ChastIn take it home, as did Jodie Foster in Silence of the Lambs. Mcoughnahey winning is just stupid to me! And they obviously werent crazy for Les Miserables!

  • PJ

    Sounds like it will be a close competitive race for everything but Best actor from here on out, barring a ZDT win at LA and NBR.

  • Daveylow

    It boggles my mind that Life of Pi wasn’t even considered for Best Cinematography or Best Director. I loved Once Upon a Time in Anatolia.

  • Wellington

    I can take Field winning, “Zero Dark” winning, but a win for McConaughey? If we are going to talk about a great performance of an actor as a “Master of Ceremonies”, let’s talk about Joel Grey in “Cabaret”.

    McConaughey in “Magic Mike” is just… Over the top, in the worst meaning of the expression. Argh.

  • Mr. E


  • sw

    And yet everyone had been dismissing the early reactions to those NY screenings of “Les Mis” because NY was “bias.”

    I think NY is just as mixed a place as everywhere else.

  • Alboone

    At this point if Zero cracks a healthy size gross at the bo then it takes the prize, right? But I can’t help but root for Lincoln. Its actually getting people to think about the role of government in our lives.

  • Karen

    This was a MESS! What an absolute mess. Remember when Cameron Diaz won best actress for There’s Something About Mary?

  • Jerry

    Their voting system must be as old as Lincoln. Now there is NBR and L.A. critics to look forward to. L.A. is not going to go for ZD30 or Bigelow. Too much ‘War on Terror’ for the tree huggers. I will guess Life of Pi, Lincoln or Les Miz for picture. And either Lee, Affleck or Speilberg.
    @NBR likes banner years so I think Hathaway (TDKR, Les Miz) and Lawrence (THG, SLP) have a slight advantage there.

  • rufussondheim

    How exactly is Lincoln getting people to think about the role of government in our lives? Are they realizing that the orphaned Philipino they are keeping in their basement is now illegal? Are road crews spontaneously breaking out their Lincoln costumes? Tell me, I don’t get it.

  • danemychal

    Knowing more about the voting process really helps me get a better grasp of what this all means. Weisz was a total comprise, and there’s no way the Academy with its voting process will repeat this result. It’s gonna be Lawrence or Chastain (with a possible Riva spoiler). I’m glad to know that we might have a REAL race here. I adore both these actresses and will be stoked to see either one added to a prestigious group. I have no preference yet since I have yet to see either SLP or ZDT.

  • Maxim

    NYFCC is a bunch of pretentious tools.

  • Tim Chandler

    I always thought Cameron Diaz was an inspired choice *shrug*

  • Nic V

    Ok let’s keep something in context here while reading this gentlemen’s take on todays event. First of all the “oh it was so close” thing isn’t rare when it comes to the NYFCC. In fact it’s expected. I don’t know how many times over the last forty years I’ve heard “the race between so and so was so close” that I need to put a hand over my mouth to stifle a yawn.

    They’re critics for god’s sake and most of them can’t write a decent review to save their lives. What I think we should do is create an award for the critics. Best Dramatic Review, Best Comedic Review, Best poorly written review, Best I don’t give a shit review, and best Two words sums it up Review. That might just wake them all up and shake their trees a little bit.

    Every year it’s the same old thing with the NYFCC. The races was so close and next year it’ll be the same thing.

  • Nic V

    Actually Lincoln should be the National Board of Review’s favorite based on their long history. I think Lincoln stands a better chance with the National Board of Review than it does with the LAFC.

  • Astarisborn

    Life of Pi is pure beauty in all aspects of film making. Awards will come.

  • danemychal

    Speaking of Lincoln, here’s a nice piece on the film just tweeted by Roger Ebert: http://blogs.suntimes.com/foreignc/2012/12/old-mr-lincoln.html

    It’s from the Sun-Times, written by Omer Mozaffar

  • Jo

    WORST AWARDS EVER! I really hope the rest of the awards season isn’t this ridiculous.

  • Jane

    Damn, Sally Fields might just be on her way to winning her THIRD Oscar!

    “You like me, you really like me!”

  • Jerry

    @Nic V: I agree. NBR is full of academics, they will go for Lincoln big time.

  • Denni

    They’re not giving Field her third Oscar for supporting! Not if Meryl Streep’s Third Oscar came after 20 years with consistent nominations every other year!

  • Bridget von Hammersmarck

    The Best Actress race is wide open. I was reading some of the comments on the earlier thread and was shocked that a) some people didn’t even know Rachel Weisz was in a movie this year and that b) she was on the long list as a potential nominee. Now she definitely moves up the list; I won’t dare to predict what NBR or LA will do (by the weekend, we could have 3 different Best Actress winners), but Rachel will surely get nods from the Globes and SAG, leading to her first Best Actress Oscar nomination. Jennifer Lawrence will probably win in the end, but that wouldn’t piss me off. Well, not too much.

  • SeattleMoviegoer

    wow. these folks have a real Spielberg brain cramp. it’s too bad. they also have left Milos Foreman and Oliver Stone emptyhanded over the years. but they sure loved Kazan and Zinneman and Ford, rightly so. but Spielberg should have been honored by NYFCC long ago.

  • superkk

    no one mentioned the fact that Riva almost got in over Cotillard? well that says a lot about what foreign language role is getting in…

  • unlikely hood

    Am I the only one who gets annoyed when people put an S on the end of Sally Field?

    You know, she’s not exactly Chloe Moretz. Not only is her name easier but she’s been in the business about 50 years longer. That’s how long people have had to get it right. Sigh. I mean, what does she have to do, stand on a desk, shush the room, and hold up a sign that says “FIELD”?

  • Historically, the NYFCC have never been a particularly accurate Oscar bell-weather. Like for instance when they DIDN’T give Rachel Weisz an Award for “The Constant Gardener” the role that won her the Oscar. Instead, they chose to honor Maria Bello!

    Was this a make-up award for ignoring her all those years ago?

    But Rachel’s performance in “Deep Blue Sea” is SUPERB. She’s ALWAYS excellent. No matter what she’s in. She was great in the last Bourne, too, with Jeremy Renner.

    I’d like to know which other actresses names were in the mix in both actress categories. Guess we’ll know eventually…

    And even I was bored with “Magic Mike.” And McC. was boring, too. I never thought a male-stripper movie would ever BORE me, but that one did. Bad, bad acting…all’round.

    And in homophobic Hwood, I can’t see the Academy embracing a movie with so much…well, er, ass.

  • filmboymichael

    Satellite Noms!

    Motion Picture
    Argo Warner Bros.
    Silver Linings Playbook The Weinstein Co.
    Beasts Of The Southern Wild Fox Searchlight Pictures
    Les Misérables Universal
    Skyfall Columbia Pictures
    Moonrise Kingdom Focus Features
    The Sessions Fox Searchlight Pictures
    Lincoln Dreamworks/Touchstone
    Life Of Pi Twentieth Century Fox
    Zero Dark Thirty Columbia Pictures
    David O. Russell Silver Linings Playbook The Weinstein Co.
    Ben Affleck Argo Warner Bros.
    Kim Ki-Duk Pieta Drafthouse Films
    Ben Lewin The Sessions Fox Searchlight Pictures
    Steven Spielberg Lincoln Dreamworks/Touchstone
    Kathryn Bigelow Zero Dark Thirty Columbia Pictures
    Actress in a Motion Picture
    Jennifer Lawrence Silver Linings Playbook The Weinstein Co.
    Emilie Dequenne Our Children Versus Production
    Keira Knightley Anna Karenina Focus Features
    Emmanuelle Riva Amour Sony Pictures Classics
    Laura Birn Purge Solar Films
    Laura Linney Hyde Park On Hudson Focus Features
    Jessica Chastain Zero Dark Thirty Columbia Pictures
    Actor In A Motionn Picture
    John Hawkes The Sessions Fox Searchlight Pictures
    Omar Sy The Intouchables The Weinstein Co.
    Hugh Jackman Les Misérables Universal
    Joaquin Phoenix The Master The Weinstein Co.
    Denzel Washington Flight Paramount Pictures
    Daniel Day-Lewis Lincoln Dreamworks/Touchstone
    Bradley Cooper Silver Linings Playbook The Weinstein Co.
    Actress In A Supporting Role
    Amy Adams The Master The Weinstein Co.
    Helene Florent Café De Flore Adopt Films
    Anne Hathaway Les Misérables Universal
    Helen Hunt The Sessions Fox Searchlight Pictures
    Judi Dench Skyfall Columbia Pictures
    Samantha Barks Les Miserables Universal
    Actor In A Supporting Role
    Philip Seymour Hoffman The Master The Weinstein Co.
    Robert De Niro Silver Linings Playbook The Weinstein Co.
    John Goodman Flight Paramount Pictures
    Javier Bardem Skyfall Columbia Pictures
    Tommy Lee Jones Lincoln Dreamworks/Touchstone
    Eddie Redmayne Les Misérables Universal
    Motion Picture, International Film
    Amour Sony Pictures Classics Austria
    A Royal Affair Magnolia Pictures Denmark
    The Intouchables The Weinstein Co. France
    Our Children Le Films Du Losange Belgium
    Kon-Tiki The Weinstein Co. Norway
    Pieta Drafthouse Films South Korea
    Beyond The Hills Sundance Selects Romania
    War Witch Tribeca Film Canada
    Caesar Must Die Adopt Film Italy
    Motion Picture, Animated Or Mixed Media
    Paranorman Focus Features
    Wreck-It Ralph Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
    Rise Of The Guardians Dreamworks Animation
    Brave Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
    Ice Age 4: Continental Drift Twentieth Century Fox Animation
    Frankenweenie Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
    Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted Dreamworks Animation
    Motion Picture, Documentary
    The Central Park Five Sundance Selects
    The Pruitt-Igoe Myth First Run Features
    The Gatekeepers Sony Pictures Classics
    Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry Sundance Selects
    West Of Memphis Sony Pictures Classics
    Chasing Ice National Geographic
    Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present Music Box Films
    Searching For Sugar Man Sony Pictures Classics
    Screenplay, Original
    Eric Toledano, Olivier Nakache The Intouchables The Weinstein Co.
    John Gatins Flight Paramount Pictures
    Kim Ki-Duk Pieta Drafthouse Films
    Roman Coppola, Wes Anderson Moonrise Kingdom Focus Features
    Paul Thomas Anderson The Master The Weinstein Co.
    Mark Boal Zero Dark Thirty Columbia Pictures
    Ben Lewin The Sessions Fox Searchlight Pictures (Based On Documentary “Breathing Lessons: The Life And Work Of Mark O’brien” Directed By Jessica Yu)
    Tony Kushner, John Logan, Paul Webb Lincoln Dreamworks/Touchstone (Based On “Team Of Rivals: The Political Genius Of Abraham Lincoln” By Doris Kearns Goodwin)
    Chris TerrioArgo Warner Bros. (Based On “Escape From Tehran” By Joshuah Bearman)
    Tom StoppardAnna Karenina Focus Features (Based On The Novel By Leo Tolstoy)
    David O. Russell Silver Linings Playbook The Weinstein Co. (Based On Novel By Matthew Quick)
    David Magee Life Of Pi Twentieth Century FoxBased On The Novel By Yann Martel)
    Original Score Composer Title of Film
    Alexandre Desplat Argo Warner Bros.
    Dario Marianelli Anna Karenina Focus Features
    Thomas Newman Skyfall Columbia Pictures
    Jonny Greenwood The Master The Weinstein Co.
    John Williams Lincoln Dreamworks/Touchstone
    Dan Romer, Benh Zeitlin Beasts Of The Southern Wild /Fox Searchlight Pictures
    Original Song (Title Of Song Performer Writer(S) Title Of Film)
    Learn Me Right Birdy Birdy & Mumford And Sons Brave
    Still Alive Paul Williams Paul Williams Paul Williams: Still Alive
    Skyfall Adele Adele Adkins, Paul Epworth Skyfall
    Suddenly Hugh Jackman Alain Boubil, Herbert Kretzmer Les Misérables
    Fire In The Blood/Snake Song Emmylou Harris Emmylou Harris, Nick Cave, Warren EllisLawless
    Love Always Comes As A Surprise Peter Asher Peter Asher & Dave Stewart Madagascar 3
    Ben Richardson Beasts Of The Southern Wild/Fox Searchlight Pictures
    Mihai Malaimare Jr The Master/The Weinstein Co.
    Janusz Kaminski Lincoln/Dreamworks/Touchstone
    Roger Deakins Skyfall/Columbia Pictures
    Seamus Mcgarvey Anna Karenina/Focus Features
    Claudio Miranda Life Of Pi/Twentieth Century Fox
    Visual Effects
    Steve Begg, Arundi Asregadoo, Andrew Whitehurst Skyfall Columbia Pictures
    Richard Stammers, Charley Henley, Martin Hill Prometheus Twentieth Century Fox
    Bill Westenhofer Life Of Pi Twentieth Century Fox
    Michael Lantieri, Kevin Baillie, Ryan Tudhope, Jim Gibbs Flight Paramount Pictures
    Dan Glass, Geoffrey Hancock, Stephane Ceretti Cloud Atlas Warner Bros.
    Chris Corbould, Paul Franklin The Dark Knight Rises Warner Bros.
    Film Editing
    Lisa Bromwell The Sessions Fox Searchlight Pictures
    Jeremiah O’driscoll Flight Paramount Pictures
    Dylan Tichenor Zero Dark Thirty Columbia Pictures
    Alexander Berner Cloud Atlas Warner Bros
    Jay Cassidy Silver Linings Playbook The Weinstein Co.
    Chris Dickens Les Misérables Universal
    Sound (Editing and Mixing)
    Dennis Leonard Flight Paramount Pictures
    John Warhurst, Lee Walpole, Simon Hayes Les Misérables Universal
    Craig Henighan, Chris Munro Snow White And The Huntsman Universal
    Baard H. Ingebretsen, Tormod Ringes Kon-Tiki The Weinstein Co.
    Drew Kunin, Eugene Gearty, Philip Stockton Life Of Pi Twentieth Century Fox
    Victor Ray Ennis, Ann Scibelli, John Cucci, Mark P. Stoeckinger Prometheus Twentieth Century Fox
    Art Direction & Production Design
    Rick Carter, Curt Beech, David Crank, Leslie Mcdonald Lincoln Dreamworks/Touchstone
    Nathan Crowley, Kevin Kavanaugh, James Hambidge, Naaman Marshall The Dark Knight Rises Warner Bros.
    Niels Sejer A Royal Affair Magnolia Pictures
    David Crank, Jack Fisk The Master the Weinstein Co.
    Sarah Greenwood, Niall Moroney, Thomas Brown, Nick Gottschalk, Tom Still Anna Karenina Focus Features
    Eve Stewart, Anna Lynch-Robinson Les Misérables Universal
    Costume Design
    Colleen Atwood Snow White And The Huntsman Universal
    Manon Rasmussen A Royal Affair Magnolia Pictures
    Christian Gasc, Valerie Ranchoux Farewell, My Queen Cohen Media Group
    Jacqueline Durran Anna Karenina Focus Features
    Kym Barrett, Pierre-Yves Gayraud Cloud Atlas Warner Bros
    Paco Delgado Les Misérables Universal
    Miniseries/Motion Picture Made for Television
    Hatfields & Mccoys History Channel
    Hemingway & Gellhorn HBO
    Wallander PBS
    Luther BBC America
    Sherlock PBS
    Game Change HBO
    Birdsong PBS
    The Crimson Petal And The White BBS America
    Actress in a Miniseries or a Motion Picture Made for Television
    Nicole Kidman Hemingway & Gellhorn HBO
    Julianne Moore Game Change HBO
    Gillian Anderson Great Expectations PBS
    Romola Garai The Crimson Petal And The White BBC America
    Sienna Miller The Girl HBO
    Sigourney Weaver Political Animals USA Network
    Actor in a Miniseries or a Motion Picture Made for Television
    Clive Owen Hemingway & Gellhorn HBO
    Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock PBS
    Kevin Costner Hatfields & Mccoys History Channel
    Kenneth Branagh Wallander PBS
    Woody Harrelson Game Change HBO
    Idris Elba Luther BBC America
    Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television
    Maya Rudolph Up All Night NBC
    Christina Hendricks Mad Men AMC
    Maggie Smith Downton Abbey PBS
    Mayim Bialik The Big Bang Theory CBS
    Sarah Paulson Game Change HBO
    Mare Winningham Hatfields & Mccoys History Channel
    Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television
    Peter Dinklage Game Of Thrones HBO
    Evan Peters American Horror Story FX
    Giancarlo Esposito Breaking Bad AMC
    Neal Mcdonough Justified FX
    Jim Carter Downton Abbey PBS
    Powers Boothe Nashville ABC
    Television Series, Drama
    Justified FX
    Downton Abbey PBS
    Breaking Bad AMC
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    Game Of Thrones HBO
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    Television Series, Genre
    American Horror Story FX
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    Supernatural CW
    Fringe Fox
    Arrow CW
    Grimm NBC
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    Actress in a Series, Drama
    Claire Danes Homeland Showtime
    Chloe Sevigny Hit & Miss Sky Atlantic
    Connie Britton Nashville ABC
    Hayden Panettiere Nashville ABC
    Michelle Dockery Downton Abbey PBS
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    Actor in a Series, Drama
    Bryan Cranston Breaking Bad AMC
    Jeff Daniels The Newsroom HBO
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    Timothy Olyphant Justified FX
    Johnny Lee Miller Elementary CBS
    Television Series, Comedy or Musical
    Girls HBO
    Community NBC
    The Office NBC
    Happy Endings ABC
    Up All Night NBC
    Modern Family ABC
    Parks And Recreation NBC
    The Big Bang Theory CBS
    Actress in a Series, Comedy or Musical
    Laura Dern Enlightened HBO
    Amy Poehler Parks And Recreation NBC
    Lena Dunham Girls HBO
    Julia Louis-Dreyfus Veep HBO
    Christina Applegate Up All Night NBC
    Kaley Cuoco The Bang Big Theory CBS
    Actor in a Series, Comedy or Musical
    Don Cheadle House Of Lies Showtime
    Louis C.K. Louie FX
    Joel Mchale Community NBC
    Jim Parsons The Big Bang Theory CBS
    Will Arnett Up All Night NBC
    Johnny Galecki The Big Bang Theory CBS
    Mary Pickford Award For Outstanding Artistic Contribution To The Entertainment Industry: Terence Stamp
    Nikola Tesla Award In Recognition Of Visionary Achievement In Filmmaking Technology: Walter Murch
    Auteur Award: Paul Williams
    Honorary Satellite Award: Bruce Davison
    Newcomer Award: Quvenzhane Wallis Beasts Of The Southern Wild
    Best Ensemble, Motion Picture: Les Misérables
    Best Ensemble, Television: Walking Dead Amc

  • Are they realizing that the orphaned Philipino they are keeping in their basement is now illegal?

    Is that the same thing as keeping Ryan Phillippe in the attic? Because that was always a dream of mine. I’d hate to think it’s become illegal.

    Every year I read about this process and I still don’t get how people change their votes ballot to ballot. It just goes against my morals. lol

  • filmboymichael

    notable snub – Sally Field

  • SallyinChicago

    Let me throw a monkey wrench into the discussion: No people of color. Nowhere, nowhere…except for the documentary. Now if this continues through to the Oscars, believe me, people will not be watching.
    I can’t believe Denzel Washington, who gave one of the best performances wasn’t nom’d or didn’t come close to winning. I can’t believe BEASTS wasn’t a winner for first film.

    If Hollywood continues on this critic’s path of not nom’ing Black and Latinos, shame on this country.

  • Nic V

    Regarding the comment about Sally not getting her third Oscar as compared to Meryl Streep taking twenty years to get her third one. First of all I’d bet Meryl sees more screenplays than any other actress working in film. And she probably gets first whack at the really good roles and probably has had that edge for a very long time. So based on the theory that Field won’t win her third Oscar this year because it took so long for Meryl to get her third let’s see how that shakes out. Based on Streep’s career and her professional choices and the number f nominations she’s acquired over the years she should actually have about six Oscars now. But damn she’s only got two Best Actress Oscars [which Field had a long time before Streep] and a supporting Oscar. Let’s see Field had her two Best Actress Oscars before Streep. Hmmmmm let’s see Field was only nominated two times for Best Actress and won both times. hmmmmmmmm how many nominations does Meryl have for Best Actress? Isn’t like 16? Now I’m a big Meryl Streep fan but that was just a tad silly in comparing the two.

  • rufussondheim

    Sally Fields, I hear, makes a great cherry cheesecake. And Meryl Streep probably makes her kids eat carob wafers with soybean cream.

    I mean, since we’re pitting two women against each other yet again, let’s at least do it in an honest way.

  • Can Meryl Streep fly?

  • I’ve made about a dozen comments here and on Twitter expressing disappointment that Weisz killer work would surely be ignored. If NYFCC gets the ball rolling toward a nomination, I’ll be stoked. Heartbreaking performance.

    Nice handle, Bridget.

  • Aaron

    What I really will never understand about all the Oscar hoopla is how we (myself included) always complain about how none of the critics’ groups, guilds, awards ceremonies never shake it up and award little-seen and non-discussed, yet deserving performances. Well, god forbid that a group actually does step out of the box and throws some curveballs (Rachel Weisz. Matthew McConaughey) and everyone becomes pissed that they didn’t reward unanimous frontrunners like Anne Hathaway.

    Granted, I really didn’t like Magic Mike, and I didn’t even think McConaughey was the standout in the film (weirdly I thought Alex Pettyfer stole the show, yet I still wouldn’t remotely throw an award at him). But regardless, good for NYFCC for using their intelligence to remember that films and performances do exist before the November and December prestige glut.

    As far as frontrunners are concerned, I don’t necessarily think that it’s inarguably against Lincoln and Zero Dark Thirty now. If anything, it props the latter as a certain best picture and director nominee and nothing else. Movies like Les Miz with general populist appeal rarely strike with critics and it desperately needs to sell well with audiences for it to become a bonafide threat for best picture (which I think it undoubtedly will, and it will inevitably rack up several Golden Globe nominations and wins, barring a strange upsurge of love for Silver Linings Playbook). Other than ZDT, Lincoln, and Les Miz, Argo is still very much in the conversation and it still has time to build up buzz (I still think it’s the best ensemble of the year and still could very well win the SAG for that).

    As far as best actress, that’s still the strangest category this year. It will be very curious to see if Weisz can score a Globe Drama and SAG nomination, but if she does, she’s definitely in. However, she still has a long way to go because no one has really seen this film and is Music Box really distributing screeners and building buzz up around her performance? I’m also starting to doubt Marion Cotillard. She missed a Satellite nomination (I know, I know, not an Oscar indicator per se, but the fact she missed a European Film Award nomination as well is very interesting). Anyways, I have a feeling that this year there won’t be a general consensus favorite a la The Artist or The Social Network this year among groups, which makes it exciting.

  • Barry C

    Why worry about pitting Sally Field and Meryl Streep against one another? Sally Field won her second Best Actress award for her 1984 role in “Places in the Heart” and Streep wasn’t nominated that year. Meryl Streep won her second Best Actress award for her 2011 role in “The Iron Lady” and Field wasn’t nominated that year. In 1979, both actresses won their first Oscars: Field for Best Actress for “Norma Rae” and Streep for Best Supporting Actress for “Kramer vs. Kramer.” So it seems to me that apart from the total number of nominations each have received, they do have some things in common – most importantly, two distiguished careers.

  • Christophe

    Their voting system sounds like an utter mess. so many voters coming up afterwards saying this or that isn’t the right winner, laughable and meaningless. All we know now is ZD30, LINCOLN, ARGO, DDL, Chastain, Lawrence, Field and even Hathaway (frontrunner during the first three rounds) are definitely in the race thanks to their wins or runner up positions.

  • Joey J Glover

    Anyone else feeling that one of the biggest surprises from NY is that Christoph Waltz was in the talk for Supporting Actor, with no mention of Leo? I remember thinking right after last season that this would surely be his year, that surely between Django and Gatsby he’d be guaranteed a nod. Sigh…

  • numil

    Oh my! Anne Hathaway is surely going nuts right now. She definitely thinks that she can’t lose, not when the press has anointed her as a sure winner. Expect a major campaign from her, she obviously desperately wants the Oscar, she wanted it even when she was just hosting.

  • Dion Blackler

    Denis Lavant! Definitely sticking with L.A. picking him now.

  • Glenn UK

    Wow what shocks me the most is that Spielberg did not get one number one vote – NOT ONE! Lincoln and Spielberg were never in the running for Picture and Director. WOWZER! I’m hoping Sally Field goes all the way to Oscar. Three from three. Let’s not forget how she fought for this role when Spielberg was ready for dropping her. Looking forward to the NBR and LAFC results and hoping that more curve balls are thrown into the mix. I wanna feel some Les Miz love!

  • John

    Glenn, I read somewhere yesterday that NYFC typically doesn’t reward Spielberg. Must be a thing with him.

  • Sonja

    Well, Sally Field is 67, so basically has the “right age” to win a third.
    (most actresses/actors won their third at 60+)
    But we still need to see if she wins most of the percursors.
    It’s still the first award of the season and not all of NY’s critics winners went on to win Oscars.

    Woha, I’d never thought Jack Black could be the runner up to DDL!

  • steve50

    Thanks for posting the behind the scenes rabble. The politics and maneuvering at the table would rival Vidal’s The Best Man, I would think. Almost as important as the winners are the also-rans (and the ones who surprisingly weren’t in play at all).

    I was thrown – but pleased – by the Rachel Weisz win, and quite the opposite by the McConaughey win (surprised but not pleased). He pretty much plays one note throughout and any of the Cloud Atlas multiple performances outshine him top to bottom.

    Does anyone know if LAFC operates in the same way? If it does, we’ll see very different results simply because they’ll want to balance what NYFCC did.

  • Zooey

    You’re overestimating the power of the NYFCC.

    Anne Hathaway is going to lose just as much as MM (Magic Mike) is going to win on Oscar night.

    Being a lock usually has little to do with the critics.

    Natalie Portman was a lock in the middle of December two years ago and losing the NYFCC as well as the LAFCA (and actually not even being one of the actual real contenders with critics) she remained a lock and won the Oscar.

    Losing the NYFCC didn’t stop Philip Seymour Hoffman from winning and being a lock all season long.

    Sometimes the NYFCC goes with the flow and honors the Oscar front-runner. Most people consider Anne vulnerable because of Jennifer Hudson’s (awful) performance having won the NYFCC. But just take a look at the year Hudson won. Supporting Actress was an awful category. They simply had no option but to actually honor the favorite.

    And in the end Anne will probably lose the LAFCA, the NSFC. But Anne is taking the Oscar because she’ll start her streak in January – the Critics’ Choice, the GG, the SAG, the BAFTA and I bet she’ll cry when Christopher Plummer announces her name. And she’ll mention Meryl Streep! And of course Sally Field will get to know what losing on Oscar night is. Even though I believe Sally would gladly have lost many times (because it would have meant multiple nods over the years and overall more impressive career).

  • zooey

    @ Sonja,


    All due respect, but Sally Field won’t win. Day-Lewis could, even though I believe he’ll have a George Clooney type of losing in the last minute thing, but I could be wrong. But Sally Field won’t. The Academy won’t give a third Oscar to somebody whose previous win is considered a joke and who’s usually getting a spot in these articles about average actresses who got too much attention (she and Hilary Swank make the cut!).

  • steandric

    It feels really good to see the real talent Rachel Weisz won and the hyped mediocre Jennifer Lawrence defeated.

  • nancy

    ” Oh my! Anne Hathaway is surely going nuts right now. She definitely thinks that she can’t lose, not when the press has anointed her as a sure winner. Expect a major campaign from her, she obviously desperately wants the Oscar, she wanted it even when she was just hosting.”

    Numil, please stop talking out of your rear-end. What a bunch of nonsense. Obviously, you don’t want her to win.

    steandric, I agree that Jennifer Lawrence’s excessive media hype is out of control . I didn’t care for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook. She didn’t bring any depth to her performance, Lawrence couldn’t pull-off the comedic moments, and she had no chemistry or heat with Bradley Cooper. Plus, Jennifer was too young for her role.

  • Terometer

    NYFCC Best Picture
    1. Zero Dark Thirty
    2. Argo
    3. The Master

    NYFCC Best Director
    1. Zero Dark Thirty
    2. the Master
    3. Argo
    (Steven Spielberg didn’t receive a single Best Director vote)

    NYFCC liked the actors in Lincoln, but they just don’t go crazy for the film.

  • Keifer

    Go Frankenweenie! That’s probably awfully pathetic, considering that that is my favorite pick out of all the NYFC’s choices.

    As for Lincoln. Just saw it last night. Yawn. Boring. Boring. Boring. It is flat, uninvolving and DOA.

    I’m not critizing the man (he is much more complex a president than is depicted in this Spielberg snore-a-rama.

    The voting scene with the House of Representatives goes on for 15 minutes and is excrutiatingly dull (especially since we already know the outcome).

    If you want a creative, inspired, stylistic, beautiful epic film to see, I would spend my money on “Anna Karenina” any day.

    Sorry folks. I just found “Lincoln” (the movie) kinda cold . . . and unforgivingly boring.

  • Brooke

    I absolutely ADORE the McConaughey pick. And the fact that Jack Black was a runner up in Best Actor for the awesome, “Bernie”.

    I hate when things all go according to plan. Shake it up.

    With the lone exception being Daniel Day Lewis. Just…..engrave his name now. No one touches his performance.

  • Sonja


    Never say “never”.
    Really, this little word only paints the devil on the wall.
    Before 2009 most people said “Sandra Bullock will NEVER win an Oscar!”- She did.
    Or just last year. “Meryl Streep will NEVER win a third Oscar for a mixed reviewed film not nominated for BP!”-She did.
    Don’t say “never”.

  • Zooey

    Did I write NEVER? No.

    But let’s just take a look.

    Sandra Bullock won for a reason. She WAS Sandra Bullock – everybody’s best friend. She’s usually mentioned as the actress who’s friends with the make-up lady and the sound technicians. She’s usually trying to act very humble and funny. And she always pokes jokes at herself. So with a film that made so much money and with a part that was her Erin Brockovich, it was easy to win. No matter that she was awful in it.

    Then there is Meryl. Last year I predicted her until the very end for a few reasons: it was her 17th nomination (and Harvey used it to campaign her — he actually made them aware that she hadn’t won in nearly 30 years and it was crucial because many people I know – and these are people in performance arts – believe she has 5-6 Oscars!!!) and the Kennedy Center Honor. She was the choice of the PRESS (the way Sandra has been), so she was the favorite. If you talk to people who don’t follow the race closely, they knew that Meryl was the favorite going into the Oscars. And the Oscars usually somehow reflect that in close races.

    But SALLY FIELD – she’s not a bad actress, but actually somebody rather average. Her career choices are mostly awful and everybody remembers her with that speech. And of course they know she has two Oscars because the press usually rubs it in their faces. She won’t win for the same reason they snub Leo and Brad Pitt. They take themselves seriously.

  • Sonja


    Yeah, I was mistaken. Sorry.
    But “won’t win” is not far away from “never” either.
    I’m not saying Sally Field will win, just that she CAN.
    Everyone can win Oscars when the Academy think “it’s his/her time” (again), despite of having an “average” career.
    Enough actors and actresses might be the “bridemaid, never the bride” for their whole life. Only one can win.
    I still think Hathaway has a good chance of winning. Her role is pratically “made” for an Oscar (like the Tony award before) and she has put great effort in it-loosing weight, cutting her hair….
    Though Sally Field still can win in the end. She might won’t, but she can.

    DDL also has two Oscars and he has won only 5 years ago. But “Lincoln” is so the biopic performance the Academy just LOVE (like Meryl’s last year. You can say what you want about the film as a whole, but that performance was screaming Oscar).
    The Academy won’t care much about that fact, I think. Maybe “unfair” to other actors, but that’s how it will might play out.

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