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Best Supporting Actress Hopefuls on Variety – Kristen Stewart, Lorraine Toussaint, Kerry Washington, Rosemary DeWitt

Kerry Washington (Django Unchained), Kristen Stewart (On the Road), Lorraine Toussaint (Middle of Nowhere) and Rosemary DeWitt (Promised Land) discuss their various works.

Of these, I’ve only seen Stewart and Toussant – both give great performances worthy of awards attention. We play this Oscar game to win, we pundits, so we predict those we think most likely to get in. But that doesn’t mean that we’re right and it doesn’t mean we should keep our minds open to the possibilities. While there are scant few lead female performances that portray strong, independent woman (because then what on earth would we do with them all?) but Stewart and Toussant are standouts for that reason. Have a look: