Kerry Washington (Django Unchained), Kristen Stewart (On the Road), Lorraine Toussaint (Middle of Nowhere) and Rosemary DeWitt (Promised Land) discuss their various works.

Of these, I’ve only seen Stewart and Toussant – both give great performances worthy of awards attention. We play this Oscar game to win, we pundits, so we predict those we think most likely to get in. But that doesn’t mean that we’re right and it doesn’t mean we should keep our minds open to the possibilities. While there are scant few lead female performances that portray strong, independent woman (because then what on earth would we do with them all?) but Stewart and Toussant are standouts for that reason. Have a look:

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  • Rosemarie Dewitt is representing ‘Your Sister’s Sister’ here, not ‘Promised Land’.

  • KK

    The day Kristen Stewart is nominated for an Oscar is the day the Oscars become irrevelant. I really hope she starts taking acting classes and improves her acting though.

  • Actually, never mind that last comment.

  • Jerry

    Haven’t seen Middle of Nowhere so I can’t comment on Lorraine Toussant but in On The Road Kristen Stewart’s character is not a “strong, independent woman”. She is the sex toy for the two male leads. Doesn’t contribute anything to their adventure but getting them off with her vagina, mouth and hands literally. She is completely dependent on Dean although he is an abusive, unfaithful dog. What am I missing?

  • Linda

    So Tiffany in Silver Linings Playbook is just an object of male fantasy but Marylou is a strong, independent female? Someone needs to explain this one to me.

  • Clam

    Best supporting actress is completely packed this year with great performances such as Anne Hathaway, Helen Hunt, Sally Field, Amy Adams, Maggie Smith, Samantha Barks, Nicole Kidman but I can see Kerry Washington making it in.

  • Chance

    Shows the power of television. My first thought was: weren’t Lorraine and Kerry just on Scandal together?

  • g

    Toussant and Washington are fabulous, not sure about Stewart…

  • Jerry

    I was hoping Kerry Washington’s part in Django Unchained would be good enough for a nomination she really needs a break. Smart and talented.

  • Linda

    Also need clarification on how On the Road differentiates itself from The Deep Blue Sea which Sasha dismissed as a ‘”pretty girl tortured and having sex” movie.’

  • @linda

    LOL but Sasha is obsessed with Kristen Stewart .

  • Chance

    Kerry is so amazing. I loved her last line about changing instruments. And Lorraine’s grandmother seems like a wise woman.

  • Jo

    Speaking as someone who has seen On The Road, I cannot in the life of me understand how anyone thinks Kristen Stewart deserves an Oscar nomination for her performance in the film. Sure she sheds her clothes off but she’s the same twitchy, awkward, and mopey girl like she’s in every other film. I would love to see Stewart be nominated for NOT stuttering, pausing weirdly in the middle of delivering dialogues, scratching her head and grabbing her hair randomnly, and having a mopey face. I haven’t seen the other two films to determine these ladies performances so I can’t comment.

  • Leah

    “So Tiffany in Silver Linings Playbook is just an object of male fantasy but Marylou is a strong, independent female? Someone needs to explain this one to me.”

    I know right? WTF? Jennifer Lawrence barely has any sex scenes and nude scenes and she’s the object of male fantasy but a character who takes her clothes off and has threesomes onscreen is a strong woman? I’m all for feminism but come on!

  • Dewitt was quite good in Sister. So, was Blunt. But, Dewitt was splendid. Loved the first hour of the movie too. So much carefully orchestrated awkwardness.

  • Casey

    Anne dowd .. Compliance
    Gina gershon.. Killer joe

    If they wanna do something fun? Include them!

  • FilmFan

    Saw “Django Unchained” today and loved every minute of it.
    Kerry Washington was great but I’m not sure the role is an Oscar role.
    I could be wrong though. I have been before. 🙂

  • Xtine

    I felt really uncomfortable watching that. Anways, out of the three, Kerry Washington seems like she has the highest chance of being nominated.

  • FilmFan

    Actually, I think Samuel L. Jackson could end up with a nomination for
    “Django Unchained.” Wouldn’t surprise me one bit. He was fantastic.

  • AP

    I have nothing against Kristen. I was once her loyal fans before she got stupid but this winning an oscar is another proof how delusional her fans really are.THeir so many deserving actress out there who even in their dreams was not even nominated.

  • I know Kerry looks superskinny lately, but I didn’t think she lost a whole “ton”. j/k

  • Andre

    my dear Sasha. You know I love this site and have done so for (what… about 8??) years. so please , do not think I’m being just bitchy or contrarian when asking this… but please tell me what it is about Kristen Stewart’s work in “On The Road” that is oscar worthy? I thought she was, as she usually is, incredibly attractive, but amazingly inexpressive and bland. same for Garrett Hundled (did I spell it ok? sorry): both absolutely GORGEOUS human specimens who deliver unquestionably heartfelt and hard-working performances, but ultimately bland and unconvincing ones. Maybe it’s because here in Brazil, when our actors (80% of them beautiful people , but mediocre at the very best) get the chance to be dramatic, they bite those chances down with teeth, gums, tongues and throats all wagging. and that is what I got from these 2. I have no disrespect for their admittedly hard work in the film, but I think they coasted on the nature of their parts to show how “adult” they can be, when all they did was show that they were beautiful kids playing adults instead. I haven’t seen many many many of the acting contenders so far. from what I’ve seen (limited selection – VERY limited) my faves so far are Matias Schonaerts (actor – almost made me cry; the only dude who did that to me before was Mufasa), Marion Cotillard, Ann Dowd (should win – though I’ve yet to seen a shitload of stuff; but she was incredible… creeped me out SO much – and is it Ann O’Dowd??) and, yes, Javier Bardem. Granted, I still have 99% of films to see, but I’d be proud of this lineup.

  • Linda / Leah

    I thought about this too. I don’t remember if Sasha ever wrote that Tiffany wasn’t a strong female character. I do remember Sasha having a beef with the character (and Lawrence’s subsequent awards attention), because she believed that she was there primarily to service the Pat character (i.e. trying to “fix” him and get him to fall in love with her). She’s also being campaigned as a lead, which I also think Sasha takes exception to.

    Now, Marylou, even though at one point (if I remember correctly, maybe offscreen) she pines for Dean or is angry/frustrated that he doesn’t reciprocate the attention she wants, ends up going off and doing her own thing. And, it’s clear that she’s a supporting role. And she’s unapologetic about the sex.

    I’m not sure what Sasha would argue. It may contain all, some, or none of what I just wrote.

    Me: I’m all about the performance, and a little less about the politics behind the character’s function in the context of cinema. Lawrence elevated the material she was given. Stewart serviced hers.

  • I disagree with Andre about Hedlund. Stewart didn’t add anything to the film and indeed she was bland. Perhaps Hedlund was a touch bland and another actor could have done better, but, he was hedonistic and despicable (towards the end), and I STILL could watch him. He was the only actor who stood out for me. Adams’ WTF bat-sh!t crazy cameo did to, but I pay very close attention to everything she does, so she wasn’t necessarily anything special there (like she can be).

  • Linda

    Vince –

    Sasha has been dismissive and rather derogatory towards SLP’s Tiffany from the start, saying essentially that only horny old men like the movie because they get a boner from watching her. Add this to what she had to say about Rachel Weisz’s performance in Deep Blue Sea (“pretty girl having sex”), on top of her praise for Jessica Chastain’s ZDT character for not having any romantic subplots with male characters, and the out of left field praise for sex object Marylou as a “strong, independent woman” rings completely false. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t Marylou going off to do her own thing amount to just marrying some other guy?

    Maybe it is just a Lead/Supporting category issue, but the language Sasha has used seems stronger than that.

    I’m a big fan of her advocating for women’s voice in films and in film journalism, but I really hope the distinction between strong and weak females isn’t as arbitrary as which actress she happens to be backing in any particular awards race.

  • Aaron

    I have not seen On the Road, but having read the book, I have to question the assertion that Marylou is a strong, independent woman. Not only is she probably the most underdeveloped character in the novel but her main function is basically her role as call girl to Dean Moriarity. So yes, I guess you can argue that she is sexually liberated during a time where the nuclear family was ever so instilled in human society; but her function of the novel never fulfills any other obligation other than Dean’s libido. You never really know anything about Marylou because her identity is always measured in relation to her on-and-off partner. I would say that fact would exclude her from being remotely “strong” or “independent”.

    Contrast this with the character of Tiffany played by Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook. In the hands of a lesser actress, yes, Tiffany would just be a plot ploy to instigate the emotional reckoning of the protagonist played by Bradley Cooper. But she instills her character with personality, depth, a sense of backstory and history, and an overwhelming amount of self-dignity that she becomes a LEAD character with her own emotional journey. I never got the sense that Tiffany was weak or so emotionally and psychologically dependent on others, and I think that’s a testament to Jennifer Lawrence’s confidence and skills as an actress.

    I think it’s great to celebrate women in film who portray female characters who are strong, self-sufficent, independent, etc., but the bottom line is that I’m more invested in a film where an actor or actress let’s us see the cracks and struggles in their deeply flawed characters.

  • Linda

    Well said, Aaron. And I would add that Tiffany’s relationship with Pat is far more equal and reciprocal than Marylou’s with any of the men in her life. Yes, Tiffany services Pat’s journey, but it’s not inexplicable why she wants him and she gets just as much out of the relationship as he does. Not only is he a kindred spirit who is “crazy” and treated with kid gloves by everyone the way she is, he also refuses to sleep with her, which makes him the first safe person for her to bond with without ever having to question whether he just wants sex from her. Not sure why people miss this aspect of the story or simply refuse to acknowledge it. Rather ironic given how some critics view her character.

  • thesorus

    I actually haven’t seen any of the movies mentioned in the article, but I would like to comment on Silver Linings. I enjoyed the film, but only to a certain extent. Both Cooper and Lawrence acted in a way that seemed forced, as though they were “elevating” their material to something it was not. So, it made some parts of the movie unrealistic. Although I think they deserve Oscar nominations, the only performance that truly stood out was Deniro’s. This is neither Cooper’s or Lawrence’s time to win. Maybe next time.

  • Henny

    All these Actresses are in talks, by all those movie industries outlets, for their outstanding performance, which is already a great honor.
    So to trash Kristen Stewart, because you don’t understand her character or Kerouac’s story shows how closed minded & intolerant some of you are.
    Spreading that vile sour puss on comment boards says a lot about you!

  • eclipse22

    thanks commenters for a moment there i wondered sasha mentionning kristen stewart in a positive light( although to be fair i didnt know she was a fan or at least a fan of her work in OTR so there’s that too…)

    personally i’m a fan of her always but a good yr reading comments here i know how the majority here rolls and what their opinion of her and her acting is…good to know i’m not wrong about that impression!

    as a fan i’m happy she’s been considered or at least part of the conversation , quite the honor ,i’ll take it! i haven’t seen any of these ladies performances so can’t give an opinion, i have however read OTR as i usually read whatever book kristen stewart or robert pattinson latest projects are based on…
    bel-ami was easier to read as its french (native language) and KEROUAC novel is a little more harder to get into , get the characters world but it does flow after a bit!

    i’ll be sure to write what i thought of her and the film if i get chance to see it before oscar noms as this is the topic of the post!

    ps: i’m thinking of readng life of pi next ,the movie doesnt seem interesting to me but i’m hearing good things about it so thinking i should give the novel at least a chance to impress me

  • Nils

    I am baffled by some of the comments on this article, especially the one accusing Sasha of being obsessed with Stewart (very moronic comment).

    Did any of you ever take a literature class in college? On the Road is a book with a lot of troubling elements: sexism, racism, and more. However, it was a novel that also reflected the time in which it was written and many novels from an earlier age have the same issues. In the end, Marylou’s actions could be construed as that of a 1950’s semi-feminist. She was unapologetic about loving sex. She floated back and forth between men. Her final choice is to walk away from the men and go of on her own. She recognizes that Dead is a selfish person, and is the first person who makes Sal recognize that fact. She had agency. While I don’t necessarily agree with Vince’s post, he is correct in his characterization of Marylou. What I find objectionable are people reducing the character of Marylou to a “fucktoy” simply because they dislike Stewart. Even if one finds her to not be a feminist character, she is still an interesting, multilayered literary (and real life) character. Learn to separate the actor and actress from the role.

    I believe that Stewart was good, but not good enough to land a nom. What I would love is if Lorraine Toussaint was nominated. She was incredible, in my opinion. Rosemary DeWitt doesn’t stand a chance. I am irritated that Helen Hunt is running in the best supporting category, when that is really a lead actress role. Those kind of stunts always get under my skin, for some reason. Same thing with Ann Dowd. She gave an incredible performance, but how on earth is that not considered a lead role? I think it will be Anne Hathaway, Sally Field, Amy Adams, Helen Hunt, and Maggie Smith (unless Quartet amazes people and a BSA nom for Exotic Marigold Hotel is dropped in favor of a BA nom for Quartet). If Maggie Smith is dropped, I think Ann Dowd will sneak in.

  • Reno

    More like best supporting actress hopelesses.

  • Nils

    Just noticed the typos on my previous post. After 10:30 pm, I’m afraid I start to shut down a little. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone thinks Jacki Weaver has a shot? I thought she was excellent in Silver Linings Playbook and I’ve seen her on a few lists, but I know the Academy can be a bit dicey when it comes to comedies. Somehow, I see that fifth spot (four are virtual locks, in my opinion) going to Maggie Smith, then Ann Dowd, then Jacki Weaver before going further down the list. Of course, I would love for Kerry Washington to make a splash (we really need more diversity) but she’s not getting mentioned in any of the tweets about the film.

  • Jerry

    @Nils: Marylou doesn’t walk away from the two men to go on her own. She walks away because she found another man to latch on to. She can’t be without a man, she might be sexually free but she is very dependent on men. I don’t think any of the commenters are say she isn’t an example of a strong, independent woman and just a sex toy because they hate Kristen Stewart. On the Road and Marylou existed well before Kristen Stewart was ever born. Feminists have always hated the Marylou character. Check out YOUR college library to see the tomes written about the misogyny found in On The Road. Being sexually free don’t mean you are independent or strong. Sasha is simply being hypocritical about this character because she wants to support Kristen Stewart as a fan.

  • Jerry

    Oops correction: her support of Marylou contradicts all her objections to the Tiffany character in SLP. That is the hypocrisy others are pointing out.

  • Porter

    DeWitt was so good in Your Sister’s Sister. It is a lovely film. She really deserves some attention for it. This woman is bound to be nominated for an Oscar at some point on her career.

  • Julie

    Kristen Stewart ????? Wat a joke ! 😀
    She doesn’t know how to act…
    I saw a screening of On The Road. Yes she takes off her clothes and has her boobs jiggling around but her acting is insanely horrible. She scratches her head, bites her lip, exhales heavily, and does awkward gestures. What the F is that? Kristen Stewart = a bad joke. She has no chance between Anne Hathaway, Helen Hunt, Sally Field, Amy Adams, Maggie Smith, Samantha Barks, etc. for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. But… well… KEEP DREAMING Kristen Stewart’s fans ^^

  • Rebecca

    “Sasha has been dismissive and rather derogatory towards SLP’s Tiffany from the start, saying essentially that only horny old men like the movie because they get a boner from watching her.”

    Sasha’s obvious prejudice is turning her blog into a joke.

    Lawrence as Tiffany in SLP is a fully rounded character that carries the movie to new heights it wouldn’t reach otherwise. Lawrence gives a tour-de-force performance without having to resort to nudity, unlike Stewart. In fact Stewart in On The Road spends more time moaning than speaking actual dialogue. There’s no character development whatsoever-she ultimately goes from one man to another. I know Stewart’s Marylou is based on a real life person, but it’s far from an Oscar or Golden Globe worthy role. The reason Sasha dismisses Wiesz in Deep Blue Sea should be the same reason she dismisses Stewart, but Weisz is a far better actress.

    Having not seen Kerry Washington in Django Unchained I can’t comment. Lorraine Toussant and Rosemarie Dewitt (whose name you spelled wrong) have already garnered nominations from the smaller award panels. I would love to see one of them sneak into the crowded field and score a nomination.

  • Gracia

    @Julie – nobody believes you saw On The Road – go back to your Edward Cullen fansite and imagine him climbing in your window for the 8738283th time!

  • Rebecca

    I would just like to add I have nothing against Stewart. I quite liked her in Welcome to the Rileys where she gave a nuanced and difficult performance alongside Melissa Leo. That film is criminally underrated. One day she may receive an Oscar nomination but it shouldn’t be for On the Road.

  • Kim

    I would love to see Kristen nominated just to upset the mainstream! It would make the looooooooooooooooong award season more interesting! I doubt it will happen and i doubt she expects it, but it’s great buzz for her coming off the back of the last Twilight film and Snow White, both of which earned well over 1 BILLION combined! She is the only female who was LEAD character in both her films. Scarlett J was just supporting and was the other one Anne Hathaway? Supporting in her film also! And her performance is one of the most praised in OTR. Great year for her, despite the ~scandal and the ridiculous and misogynistic public response! I like her and think she will continue to have a great career!

  • Adam

    I think people are being overly critical of Kristen Stewart and her acting. I don’t think an Oscar is on the cards for On The Road, but she is far from awful. Deciding on the quality of one’s acting in regards to awards consideration can be very subjective. People love certain actresses and will always advocate for them, while they will constantly put others down because they simply hate them or the work they have done. How does one decide what are the best performances of the year? How do you pick just five? Merely stating that ‘Kristen Stewart is sensational’ in On The Road and worth of consideration is not Sasha’s way of saying she should be nominated. I believe it’s her way of saying that she is worthy to be a part of the discussion, as do twenty other plus performances in this particular category.

    And I feel like people are under the impression that Sasha thinks very little of Jennifer Lawrence and her performance in SLP. I have never felt that this blog has some sort of agenda against Lawrence, and have yet to see an article or piece ranting about why she doesn’t deserve to win.

    I don’t think statements like “the Academy wants to fuck Jennifer Lawrence” are meant to be degrading. Yes, Sasha likes to bring up the ‘babe factor’ a lot. A LOT. But is she wrong? Has recent history not shown that being incredibly attractive will help in an “acting contest”?

    Did it not help Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman (debatable), Halle Berry, Charlize Theron, Hilary Swank (not the biggest babe haha), Reese Witherspoon, Marion Cotillard, Sandra Bullock and Natalie Portman in their quest for gold?

    If this were untrue, why don’t we just give the statue to Emmanuelle Riva?

    I think people need to learn some restraint and stop attacking Sasha and her blog. Because you all sound like dicks.

  • @Adam

    “Yes, Sasha likes to bring up the ‘babe factor’ a lot. A LOT. But is she wrong? Has recent history not shown that being incredibly attractive will help in an “acting contest”?”

    The problem is Sasha is inconsistent. If she was unbiased she would point out Jessica Chastain posing nude in January’s GQ. If Lawrence had done the same she would have never shut up about it. Her dismissal of Weisz in Deep Blue Sea has also been cited as unfair.

  • Julie

    @Grazia :
    Actually, I’m French, On a Road is already on DVD 😉 Sorry !

  • Kim

    @Adam Finding somebody a ‘babe’ is also very subjective. Personally, i think Lawrence is pretty, but hardly a great beauty. It will stand to her because she can look very plain – Winter’s Bone/Hunger Games. There won’t be a big deal made if she takes on the part of an unattractive character, unlike Theron in Monster. Even though she won the oscar for it, many feel like it was because she uglied up.

  • Nic V

    Hmmm Charlize Theron is gorgeous but there was nothing gorgeous about her or the character she portrayed in Monster. In fact the character was down right ugly. So that won’t fly. Halle Beery is also gorgeous but she wasn’t anything to write home about in Monsters Ball in fact she looked rather pedestrian. The fact is that film is a fantasy world and in order for the fantasy to earn big bucks the public wants to see attractive people. The difference is some attractive people push the envelope by making themselves unattractive so they show case their talent.

    Kristen Stewart is not gorgeous. She isn’t even in the same class as Halle Beery or Charlize Theron. And yes Sasha has been championing her for quite some time. Sorry but Twilight does not mean you’re a great actress it simply means that the public gobbled up a bunch of drivel. With Kristen Stewart being the biggest drivel of them all. She has yet from that stupid movie with Jodie Foster to grow as an actress. It’s the same range of emotions every time she hits the screen. The empty eyed look that makes her appear brain dead or that forlorn look that says “Please director tell me what I should do next”.

    Sorry but when she does something worth noticing email me.

  • joan

    I will never get the feminists’ criticism on On the Road. That book is basically a pic of a certain historical period. Kerouac was simply a product of his time and that book is as honest as it gets in the depiction of that time. Marylou or the real life person Louanne Henderson was waaay ahead of her time. In a society where women where just there to service their men she was shameless and unapologetic. She was on the road because SHE wanted to be. A woman on the road? That was unheard of. Women where meant to stay home, raise the kids. You can claim that Dean used her but she used him right back. She gave but she took as well. She didn’t spread her legs because it was expected of her but because SHE liked it, because SHE took pleasure in it. She made men her sex toys. She was basically Dean’s female version. She wasn’t petty or jealous of Dean’s other women and she wasn’t a fool either. She knew what she was getting herself into and walked into it willingly with her eyes open and when the road wasn’t fun for her anymore? “Adios amigos”…She left it behind her. She left THEM behind and once again she went after what SHE wanted, a family. Whatever Marylou wanted? She went after it and got it. Modern day feminists have a lot to learn from her. Stewart was spot on at the portrayal of that character. She got Luanne Henderson in ways I never expected her to, to be honest and played her not as a plaything but as the multilayered person she was. In the meantime, modern day feminists continuously embarrass themselves. In their desperation to get out of the boxes men put them into they ended up trapping themselves in cages of their own making and threw the keys a way. In 2012 they still don’t get IT. They still try to define themselves in the opposite spectrum of male mentality. The man wants this? The independent feminist woman can never want it back. She is wired to hate it. And they don’t get the simplest thing: that all feminism should be about is CHOICE. It doesn’t matter if men disagree or Heaven Forbid!! agree as long as you choose it for Yourself. What a joke they are.

  • Sami

    She won’t be nominated. As simple as that. Can we move on?

  • charlotte

    I’m curious, Sasha….are you on Kristen Stewart’s payroll or something???…friends with her parents?. You lost all credibilty after last weeks podcast it was so offensive the comments you and Craig and Ryan were making and it was also very calculated too, wasn’t it?. As the mother of two daughters, all I could think was what if that was my daughter they were making those comments about. How would you feel?…you have a daughter of your own. Jennifer Lawrence is a wonderful actress with a great career going for her and you seem to hold that against her as if Lawrence hasn’t earned it…or suffered enough. Unlike Stewart, Lawrence doesn’t have family in the business…she got to where she is through her talent and persistence. I’m assuming you labor under the same delusion as those twihards, believing that Jennifer Lawrence has somehow stolen Stewart’s thunder and is deserving of hate and bullshit putdowns….how old are you?….because you have the sensibility of an eighth grade mean girl. Grow up. Perhaps, Sasha you should re-read the warning/disclaimer you have at the bottom of your page…the part where it mentions about being “pointlessly abusive”

  • Sasha Stone

    Dear Charlotte – am I on Kristen Stewart’s payroll. No. I was disgusted and horrified how she was dragged through the mud by Pattinson fans (I can’t believe I just said that). And I should have taken that stuff out of the podcast. That was my mistake and I apologize. We don’t plan on continuing to be so vulgar moving forward. But it was not a slam on Lawrence so much as a slam on the kind of male voter who most often chooses young and hot over seasoned. I’ve been watching it happen for years and years and there is a double standard at play. I find the love for Tiffany in Silver Linings mostly a male thing but a lot of women like her character too. Do I wish O. Russell hadn’t cast someone THAT pretty? It would have made for a more interesting film. Do I wish that he hadn’t added the part where she had sex with everyone in her office, girls too? Yeah. That seemed like overkill. She’s already attractive – we don’t also need the overt sexuality and sudden football expert, both things added by Russell. I will apologize for our crass and vulgar podcast — I am truly sorry about that. But I won’t apologize for my opinion of the way Hollywood and the Oscars works.

    As for Kristen Stewart, I like her. I think she’s talented and she’s being threatened by an angry mob — which bothers me. But all of the actresses on this video are worth advocating for – so again, apology from me.

    There, wasn’t that nice?

    p.s. dude, this has nothing to do with Stewart vs. Lawrence. You’re way way off base. And I’ll ask you the same thing, who’s paying you? Something tells me you are on the payroll of a certain studio. Come on, fess up.

  • therealmike

    Sorry Sasha, but it was in fact in the novel and wasn´t added by Russell.

  • Sasha Stone

    therealmike – Ryan read the novel and said it wasn’t in there.

  • therealmike

    Well, I´m pretty sure! I finished the novel three weeks ago. I have to check it again, then.

  • What are we talking about specifically?

  • rufussondheim

    I want to be on the payroll of a studio! Contact Me!

  • therealmike —

    Are you saying in the novel Tiffany talks about having sex with women in her office? No she does not.

    Does Tiffany talk about having sex with everyone in her office? No she does not.

    Does any other character talk about Tiffany having sex with everyone in her office or having lesbian encounters? No they don’t.

    I have no recollection of anything like that. Tiffany does confess that she has been promiscuous with a few other men to seek physical comfort for her loss.

    But none of the serial-fucking of all her co-workers and none of the lesbian stuff is in novel.

    It’s apparently only one line in the movie too — nothing more is made of it, and nobody ever talks about it aside from that one line, right?

    That line does not occur in the novel — but it was the first clip featured in the promos and they put it in the trailer to as a salacious tease that has no background and goes nowhere, right?

  • Mirko

    I also think that SUPPORTING ACTRESS this year is packed…still I will be happy the day I read “Academy Award Nominee ROSEMARIE DE WITT”

  • Rebecca

    @charlotte I have to agree about that disgraceful podcast. It was like listening to a typical high school mean girls table. Lawrence came in second in the New York Film Critics Choice for SLP and The Hunger Games. I think critics are lauding her for pulling off two very different types of roles in the same year.

    “What are we talking about specifically?”

    The obvious bias in the writing on this blog. Awards Daily used to be about the performances not who certain writers like the best.

  • Sasha Stone

    The obvious bias in the writing on this blog. Awards Daily used to be about the performances not who certain writers like the best.

    Bullshit. Don’t try to tell me or anyone else what Awards Daily has been about, especially if you’re wrong. And to repeat, it wasn’t an insult to Lawrence but rather to her male supporters. Is it that complex of a thought or what.

  • Sasha Stone

    And p.s. Charlotte and Rebecca, there’s the door. If you don’t like the content you are welcome to frequent a different site. I have a few suggestions for you if you need them.

  • Can’t find my copy of the book this morning because I can’t remember how far I threw it. As far as I can recall, there’s only one time in the novel when Tiffany talks about being fired from her job. Early on, at the dinner with Ronnie and Veronica. Tiffany says she got fired. Pat asks why. Tiffany says, “What difference does it make?” End of scene. Tantalizing, huh?

    Tiffany comes on to Pat after the dinner party — she wants to have sex — and on that basis Pat tells his therapist that he thinks Tiffany is a slut. At the same therapy session Pat admits that he’s “not an attractive guy” so he assumes Tiffany must be a nymphomaniac. The therapist tries to talk Pat out of the notion that Tiffany is nympho but Pat seems stuck on his own dumb explanation.

    A few days later, I think Ronnie tries to tell Pat that Tiffany has a checkered past, and Pat says he doesn’t want to know about it, says it’s none of his business. Ronnie alludes to the fact that Tiffany has slept around. I can’t remember his exact wording, but pretty sure it would have stuck in my mind if he said Tiffany slept around with girls too.

  • Sasha Stone

    Rebecca, you’re a Weinstein shill. I just did a search of your comments and have misrepresented yourself using different names. You’ve trashed Zero Dark Thirty and Kristen Stewart — wonder why? Then you pimped Django Unchained. Come on, get real. You don’t think we can put that shit together? One of your comments:

    “I predict that she’ll get a GG nom for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama by luck of the draw.”

    In what universe? ON THE ROAD screened around the world to mixed and downright bad reviews. No one, and I mean no one cares about the movie. It’s widely regarded as Walter Salles’ weakest effort and was promptly forgotten after it failed at the Cannes festival back in May.

    As for Kristen Stewart she comes off as extremely immature and unlikable. She’s just not a good actress by any stretch of the word. I suggest only small supporting work for her. She could take a page out of Robert Pattinon’s COSMOPOLIS book too and find a good director to push her limits. Her inability to emote holds her back more than her private affairs.

    But this one is by far my favorite of yours:

    ZDT’s theme and late showings could hurt its Oscar chances in the long run. War is less popular than ever and there is already controversy brewing. The strongest best picture contenders as of this week are Argo, Silver Linings Playbook, Moonrise Kingdom, Lincoln, and Les Miserables. With Jennifer Lawrence receiving a Santa Barbara honor I can’t help but wonder if Jessica Chastain will even a chance to campaign before voters make up their minds. FYI, Marion Cotillard has been receiving tributes and awards for months. In any other year I would give Life of Pi better odds but this year i would put Flight or even Skyfall in its place.

  • superkk

    gotta back up sasha on this one. Saw on the road and believe it or not Stewarts performance was one that actually intrigued me. not a fan by hers by any means but she played a very complex character and did her dues. will she be nominated? probably not, but i definitely thought she brought justice to the role and she did a helluva lot better than shes done in twilight. shes growing as an actress and it should be noticed. now the movie itself on the other hand..zzzz. so yeah, please stop attacking the owner of the site because shes not the only one who thought stewart did a decent job. k. thanks.

  • Jerry

    Emmanuella Riva is not being projected to win not because she isn’t a “babe” but because she is a foreign actress in the most depressing movie of the year. Who thought Javier Bardem was going to win when he was in that depressing foreign movie? Meryl Streep is not exactly lining up as a Playboy playmate but she won last year. Natalie Portman won the year before because she transformed her body, successfully performed ballet and showed a side of her that we haven’t seen before. This “babe” factor for actresses winning is very reductionist and hardly accurate if you look at the history of Oscar wins. Hilary Swank is not a babe nor is Kathy Bates. Charlize Theron had no babe factor in Monster. Let’s look at the wins for the last decade:

    Marlee Matlin (for Children of a Lesser God)
    Cher (for Moonstruck)
    Jodie Foster (for The Accused)
    Jessica Tandy (for Driving Miss Daisy)
    Kathy Bates (for Misery)
    Jodie Foster (for The Silence of the Lambs)
    Emma Thompson (for Howards End)
    Holly Hunter (for The Piano)
    Jessica Lange (for Blue Sky)
    Susan Sarandon (for Dead Man Walking)
    Frances McDormand (for Fargo)
    Helen Hunt (for As Good As It Gets)
    Gwyneth Paltrow (for Shakespeare in Love)
    Hilary Swank (for Boys Don’t Cry)
    Julia Roberts (for Erin Brockovich)
    Halle Berry (for Monster’s Ball)
    Nicole Kidman (for The Hours)
    Charlize Theron (for Monsters)
    Hilary Swank (for Million Dollar Baby)
    Reese Witherspoon (for Walk the Line)
    Helen Mirren (for The Queen)
    Marion Cotillard (for The Passionate Life of Edith Piaf)
    Kate Winslet (for The Reader)
    Sandra Bullock (for The Blind Side)
    Natalie Portman (for Black Swan)
    Meryl Streep (for The Iron Lady)

  • rufussondheim

    Now I understand why Ryan doesn’t own a Kindle. He likes to throw books that suck.

    The best way to solve this problem is to not read books that suck.

  • — What are we talking about specifically?

    — The obvious bias in the writing on this blog.

    Rebecca, please leave me out of your petty agenda. My question about specifics was addressed to therealmike. I wanted to know what he and Sasha were discussing about the novel so that I could offer to clarify. Since Sasha is relying on my recollection about the novel I want to be sure I’m not mistaken.

  • Rebecca

    I wish I was a shill but for Sony Pictures Classics. It’s the internet and I don’t always use the same name or email. I think I’ll take your advice and stop coming here.

  • I am a gay man and Lawrence elevated the material she was given in Silver Linings Playbook, so much that her work is one of my favorite performances in what is a weak year for lead women. But, despite the boat load of movies I’ve seen this year, out of what is in contention, I have only seen Playbook, Hitchcock, Hope Springs, Best Exotic, Take This Waltz, Your Sister’s Sister, and Southern Wild. I couldn’t get into The Deep Blue Sea, but perhaps I should give it another try.

    I look forward to seeing the rest.

  • Rebecca today:
    “I would just like to add I have nothing against Stewart.”

    Rebecca last week, signing in with another ID:
    “As for Kristen Stewart she comes off as extremely immature and unlikable. She’s just not a good actress by any stretch of the word.”

  • Sasha Stone

    In my experience, Rebecca, you only make up fake names if you are looking to cause trouble. You’d be surprised by how common it is. And don’t worry, we will never call you out unless you fuck with us.

  • singer girl

    I just saw OTR while it is not for everyone Garrett Hedlund and Kristen Stewart are both outstanding (as well as a few others). I wanted to see more of Kristen Stewart in the movie and found myself missing her character when she was gone. The movie is beautiful and if you liked the book you will love the movie. IMO as far as OTR goes both actors are worthy of nominations.

  • In my experience, Rebecca, you only make up fake names if you are looking to cause trouble.

    We sometimes see multiple IDs for another reason. Some people have feelings that they’re proud to sign their name to. But then when those people want to say something that might tarnish their usual ID, they make up a fake ID.

    Ordinarily we don’t care and don’t even notice. We have better things to do than worry about a stranger’s split personality. But when somebody comes at us with claws out, then yes, we’re going to wonder what’s up. The quickest way to find out is take a look at an individual’s comment history. If it’s innocent, no problem. But if it looks fishy we’ll sometimes point that out.

  • Just lost my comment due to an error (and there was a lot of content) …

    @ Jerry

    Glenn Close, Sigourney Weaver and Susan Sarandon (who won Oscar mid-life) are all doing prolific and respected work compared to their younger counterparts who have an Oscar on their mantle from their 20s. And, yes, as much as I don’t like her work sometimes, Hilary Swank is a babe. She’s reasonably attractive with a bangin’ body.

    Youth and the babe factor (in real life) helps … A LOT.

    I had written more, but this is what it boiled down to.

  • therealmike —

    I found the spot in the novel where Ronnie tries to tell Pat why Tiffany got fired from her job. Ronnie warns Pat that Tiffany is “odd” and tells him that she’s seeing a therapist.

    That’s the extent if it. Did I miss something someplace else in the book where “odd” is explained in more explicit lesbianesque detail? Maybe I glossed past it. Can you cite the passage?

  • P.S. And it’s debatable had Glenn Close been ten, fifteen or twenty years younger when she played Alex Forrest, if she would have lost to Cher (Keep in mind that Miranda Richardson, ten years Close’s junior, was originally offered the role and turned it down). Though, it may have been the role: Academy members may have felt threatened by her character. Compare that to Kathy Bates’ Annie Wilkes three years later, who was a non-sexualized character, which perhaps made her villainy less threatening. Just a theory. I’m also thinking she won because they didn’t want to give Julia Roberts too much too soon for a role that mostly based on a fiendish amount of charisma. And Cher had proven herself as an actress in a short amount of time (Come Back to the Five and Dime debut, Silkwood nod, Mask snub, lead roles in three major 1987 films, etc), even though she won for what was essentially an obscenely great performance in a rom-com.

  • Or maybe Close just split the vote with Kirkland and Hunter (who got the most precursor attention). But, I still find her loss incomprehensible considering the performance, and the box-office to back it up. And, though she looked amazing in that movie, she’s far from a text-book “babe.”

  • Wow, I didn’t mean to be such a conversation killer!

  • therealmike

    I recall reading it in the book. I don´t know exactly where it was but as soon I have a bit time left I try to find it. If I don´t find it I´m truly deeply sorry that I assumend it was in the book.

  • Mike

    So glad to see Rosemarie Dewitt’s inclusion in the conversation for something anyway. I was disappointed she was snubbed for Rachel Getting Married, and she’s equally terrific in Your Sister’s Sister. Haven’t seen her in Promised Land but I’m sure she’s great there too. I hope she gets a nomination.

  • Selena

    Firstly I wanna say I fucking Adore Sasha and the way she puts some of you in your place. Moving on when the only thing haters comment on is Kristen’s sexual scenes thats when I know the movie was lost to you and you probably should go back and watch it when you become a mature adult. Kristen may not get that Oscar nom, but I see this movie as her getting back to her indie roots and I see her continuing on the path she had before twilight.Kristen as Marylou sucked me into the movie she made me want to be fearless and just go out and take what I want. I admire Marylou she was way ahead of her time and Kristen captured her perfectly. When she left the screen I wanted her back and when it was over I felt like I had all this energy in me that wanted to burst out that I wanted to just be free and say fuck it all. It was a great movie and Kristen was wonderful it deserves all the praise and recognition its getting.

  • Kim

    Rebecca last week, signing in with another ID:
    “As for Kristen Stewart she comes off as extremely immature and unlikable. She’s just not a good actress by any stretch of the word.”

    ROTFL! Brilliant Sasha! The reason so many use multiple ID’s to trash Kristen is because they are Rob Pattinson fans who are jealous of her and have been from day one. I know that sounds ridiculously childish and weird but it’s true. They freak out if anything good happens to her such as a new role and if there are new pictures of her and Pattinson then they storm her fansites/movie boards insulting her. As you pointed out they were like savages this Summer when she was going through personal crap. They hate her even more now because he didn’t dump her. I’m sure other female celebs such as Selena Gomez have to put up with this nonsense from Bieber’s fans, but their fans are mainly teenagers, right? Twihards are much older so the venom is even harder to understand. Some of his fans have been removed from Twilight premieres for threatening to physically hurt her on twitter. It’s truly baffling how adult women can act like this, and it’s so embarrassing for him.

    It may be a lackey for you know who, sent to put negative spin on rivals, but from the wording and in my experience as a fan of Stewart’s this is a case of a jealous and spiteful(with a lot of spare time) fangirl/woman.

    I just wanted to thank you for vocalising what a lot of us felt about Stewart’s treatment. I still can’t believe that happened but there you go, the internet gives every asshole a voice. Sorry to bring up fandom politics on a movie site but maybe it will give you some clue why you get several OTT anti-Stewart comments one after the other, especially when the focus is on her ‘extremely immature and unlikable personality’ ahem!

  • Kim

    And don’t worry about being accused of being on her payroll! Anybody, and i mean ANYBODY, who says positive things about Kristen or mentions the fact that she is dating Rob is accused of the same. Reese Witherspoon was accused of being on Summit’s payroll because she said Kristen had visited the set of Water for Elephants and was a sweet girl!!! The list goes on!

  • Page Mackinley

    I have always found Sasha to be informed, honest, and transparent about her feelings and thoughts about industry politics, films, actors/actresses and the creatives behind them.

    In addition, when she makes a mistake or error of judgment about something, she owns it – publicly – unlike many others who stick to a position to “save face.”

    All of the above and the fantastic content is why I read Awards Daily.

    As for the accusation that Sasha is on anyone’s “payroll” – I’m not sure it gets more laughable.

    But some will continue to try right? …

  • steve50

    “But then when those people want to say something that might tarnish their usual ID, they make up a fake ID.”

    Holy fuck – my nightmare come true. I dreamed that I discovered that all the other IDs on here were the same (crazy) person. Just as I was about to discover whether or not the postings were all from the same IP, I woke up.

    Hey, Cronenberg – I have an idea for you….

  • Porter

    It’s irritating to see Jennifer Lawrence who is only 22 years old being regarded as the front-runner and favorite to win Best Actress. See Amour and you’ll know what I’m talking about! Emmanuelle Riva, 85, has never been nominated for an Oscar, she delivers the best female performance of the year and again, the voters go to the young and hot. It’s true that Lawrence is great in Silver Linings but I’m sure she’ll have many other nominations to come. She’s a great young actress but I think that it’s way too soon. If the game was really fair, it would be Riva vs. Cotillard. The two best female performances of the year.
    I still have to see ZDT and see if this buzz surrounding Chastain’s performance is really all of that…
    And for these haters talking smack about Stewart, she’s great in On the Road. Very complex performance and she steals every scene that she’s in. I loved On the Road, it’s maybe the most underrated film of the year. Hedlund is great in it also, he deserves a campaign for Supporting Actor.

  • Bethany

    I agree, Page Mackinley in regards to Sasha. Having been a Kristen Stewart fan for years, but not necessarily a Twilight fan, I was forced into the “Twi” fandom by default. Kim makes a very good point in regards to a crazy subset of Pattinson fans and unfortunately it is pretty common knowledge these days just how some of them are completely unhinged. They make me ashamed of my own sex. This is unfortunate for Robert Pattinson as well, since I feel he is underrated as an actor and doesn’t need this crazy drama surrounding him. They are insanely voracious Kristen Stewart haters and will trash her anytime any pundit mentions something positive in regards to Kristen Stewart- whether it is in the comments sections or to the pundit themselves. As for whether I think Kristen deserves a nomination, no. I think there are other performances that are above hers, but felt she did a very commanding job with MaryLou. She is going to be on the scene a long time and I am excited to see her grow as an actress. She is only 22 and has brought in a billion dollars of theater revenue, but her best performances have hardly been seen by anyone. I loved Kerry Washington’s performance in Django. Haven’t seen Toussaint’s. Whoever called out Ann Dowd above is right on the money there. It seems like it is Hathaway’s to lose, but you never know!

  • Page Mackinley

    Thank you for your shout out Bethany.

    Re: fandoms and all that jazz, I tend to stay well clear although I have no problem accepting that some have those kind of allegiances.

    My main point is that I don’t think this site is partisan.

    An opinion is an opinion, and Sasha – like everyone else – is entitled to one.

  • K. Bowen

    As long as we’re mentioning people who won’t be nominated – Samantha Morton for Cosmopolis.

  • SG

    “I will never get the feminists’ criticism on On the Road.”

    I think the criticism stems largely from the fact that in the book Marylou is a very under-developed character. She exists in large part as mere sub-text to the male’s story. She is also often dismissed in the text as a young, naive whore with nothing shown to dispute that claim. Dean marries his teenage bride, then leaves her for Camille…then picks her back up again to go On the Road…then leaves her AGAIN once they get to California. Marylou then attempts to make it work with Sal…that doesn’t work so she leaves him to go back to her fiance, the sailor. Now, I would agree that Marylou as the character and LuAnne Henderson as the person owned all of her choices. But, I would also acknowledge that instead of being a strong and independent woman, she was more like a lost and confused girl trying to find herself while on the road just as her male counterparts were.
    I don’t know why debates always have to devolve into “love it” or “hate it” camps. Either the Beats were gods or they were the most loathsome people on the planet. Either Kristen Stewart is a Great Actress worthy of Academy consideration or she’s the Worst Actress on the planet. More times than not, I would say that the truth is in between those two extremes.
    Now, I think Kristen Stewart was really good in Welcome to the Rileys, Panic Room, and The Cake Eaters. From the clips I’ve seen of On the Road though, I haven’t seen anything that makes me think she should get an Oscar nomination and that’s what this post is supposed to be about. The fact is there are a lot of people who simply don’t think she can act and that sentiment isn’t reserved for Robert Pattinson fans as I’ve seen some mention. Personally, I would like to see Stewart really stretch her wings to get that Oscar nomination. In my opinion, Into the Wild, The Yellow Handkerchief, On the Road all basically present different versions of the same fundamental character. I would like to see her play something besides the feral, promiscuous, lost and troubled girl.
    I really like Kerry Washington as a person and as an actress. She’s come a long way since “Save the Last Dance.” But I feel like this field has become really competitive now and really don’t think that any of these hopefuls will make the Oscar ballot. I could be wrong but sight unseen for me, Anne Hathaway looks AMAZING in Les Mis, Helen Hunt is playing such an interesting role in The Sessions, Amy Adams looked great in The Master, Ann Dowd just won the NBR for Compliance and I’ve seen Sally Field in Lincoln and she brought life to Lincoln for me. So how would any of these hopefuls break through unless they had a truly tour-de-force performance that voters could not ignore OR they had Harvey Weinstein on speed dial?

  • Leni

    I’m curious if the people who are saying “Kristen Stewart doesn’t deserve a nomination” have actually seen the movie. I feel like people are unnecessarily hard on her. I generally trust Sasha’s opinions, and I’ve seen KS be great in other things (Runaways, Riley’s).

  • Drew

    I know that most people posting here are not professional writers or film critics; half of you can’t even spell. But I think it’s important to really differentiate between a character: a construct devised by a writer. And an actress: someone bringing that construct to life. All this bitching about what character’s represent is a waste of time. It’s about whether the actor is able to bring about a believable performance to the constructed character.

    Seriously, listen to yourselves. Has anyone actually read On The Road? It is sooooo boring, but it has its rightful place among American literature because of the subject matter. And these people – it is semi autobiographical – are still constructs !! Who gives a shit if MaryLou is shallow and underdeveloped, that’s how the writers constructed her character for the screen. And, did Kristen Stewart bring that character to life regardless of whether MaryLou was Moriaty’s call girl ? And of course they’re kids trying to play adults, it’s art representing life here, and READ THE GODAMNED BOOK if you can’t decipher that yes, these actors are kids playing kids.

    Who cares about the actresse’s other films!! The nominations are for this one film only. And, who cares about whether you liked the films in its entirety. I’ve hated plenty of movies but loved different characters, you can’t discuss individual nominations with how you felt about the film. Look at the character and how the actor/actress stood out with the role they were given.

    If you don’t have anything smart to add, or a well thought out subjective response, bugger off and leave the film critiquing to the professionals; if you can’t spell don’t post either.

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