EW’s site has their top ten up – if you’d like to read what they wrote about each film, head on over. Here are their top tens:

Owen Gleiberman
1. Lincoln
2. Amour
3. Silver Linings Playbook
4. Room 237
5. Zero Dark Thirty
6. Perks of Being a Wallflower
7. Killing Them Softly
8. Argo
9. Flight
10. Bernie

Lisa Schwarzbaum
1. Zero Dark Thirty
2. Lincoln
3. The Master
4. Amour
5. Argo
6. The Gatekeepers
7. Beasts of the Southern Wild
8. Skyfall
9. The Loneliest Planet
10. How to Survive a Plague

Thanks, Joseph.

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  • mecid


  • Tony

    It’s wonderful how Amour appears in the top 5 on almost every list.

  • rodrigojp

    Amour is on every list…….Django, Les Miz, Hobbit are not. Why is that so, sasha?

    and for instance my BP prediction is:

    -Silver Linings Playbook
    -The Master
    -Beasts of The Southern Wild
    -Les Miz
    -Django Unchained

  • Calvin

    Django, Les Mis and Hobbit, probably, aren’t showing in the lists because veeery few persons have watched them.

  • danemychal

    Love that ZDT, Lincoln and Argo are on both lists along with Amour — my pick to be a BP/BD nominee!

  • Antoinette

    With a year like this, lists are going to be all over the place. So much to choose from.

  • Sasha Stone

    Amour is on every list…….Django, Les Miz, Hobbit are not. Why is that so, sasha?

    They have been stupidly selective about their choices for who sees Django. It was finished at the last minute and probably a lot of critics haven’t seen it. I know Edelstein said he hadn’t seen Hobbit or Django. The Hobbit will get slammed by the critics because of the 48fps which is way too controversial and will turn off both critics and Academy members — the movie itself will come secondary to that. All voters and critics should be encouraged to see the movie in 24fps. As for Les Miz, this was why I needed to wait for reviews. I don’t know what the critics will make of it. It’s an uncompromising version of the musical. But with no talking, very little character development all you are left with are the song performances. I am not sure, ultimately, what that will mean. What I do know is this: the pundits prematurely backed it without waiting.

    That said, it is not uncommon for old school Oscar winners not to show up on these lists. The EW critics did not have The King’s Speech on their lists, for instance, and Schwarzbaum, I think, didn’t have No Country on hers – so it’s not like it means THAT much right now. A movie could hit all of these lists and still win BP.

  • Kirby

    So nice to finally see some well deserved love for Perks of Being A Wallflower. Still one of the years best films.

  • rufussondheim

    Hooray for The Perks mention, but that’s no suprise as he gave it an A with a review that was extraordinarily effusive.

    Sadly, he had to outrank that with Silver Linings. So I refuse to compliment Owen on a job well done. And I watched Bernie last night – In no way is that a top 10 film.

  • Anna

    I don’t see the point of coming out with a top 10 list of the year if you haven’t seen all of the buzz worthy movies.

  • Anna

    And Lisa always seems to confuse “worst” with “most disappointing”. She lists Hitchcock as her worst movie. Really? Worse than Red Dawn? Twilight? Etc?

  • Patryk

    Sasha, thanks for validating what I have felt all along. The pundits went gaga for Les Mis, and the critics aren’t all that impressed. That is why punditry is a fun and serious business, but as you’ve said before, most pundits are not critics.

  • sheila

    I don’t understand the love for ” Perks of Being a Wallflower.” This film is easily one of the most overrated of the year. Ezra Miller was good, but the other performances are forgettable. Logan Lerman was out of his league as a leading man. Almost everything about the movie felt fake to me. Hilariously, some critic compared ” Perks..” to ” The Breakfast Club. “

  • Lars

    I don’t know, people usually said Lisa is a worse critic than Owen, but from her list, you wouldn’t think so…

  • danemychal

    Anna – In the face of similar criticism, one critic on Twitter described their worst film (Cloud Atlas) as the movie they will remember hating 10 yrs from now. In that way, as a critic, it makes much more sense to place those in your worst list instead of films which everyone and their dog already knows are absolute shit (That’s My Boy, Red Dawn, etc.) Lisa wants to warn people coming in with high expectations of Hitchcock that it’s not going to be good.

  • Film Fatale

    I way Sheila, you either need glasses or you need to see more movies. The Perks of Being a Wallflower is one of the most sensitive, nuanced, emotionally acute movies ever made about the internal processes (imagine that in a movie about teens) of being a mixed up, damaged kid trying to find his way in a strange new world of high school. He isn’t a stereotype or an archetype — he is a shy and frightened kid who finds love, support and eventually enlightenment about his obstacles — all through the love of good friends. Lerman navigates the emotions so accurately and with so much truth — first kiss from Watson, second one from Miller and in movingly exposed scenes with Joan Cusack as his compassionate doctor in the film’s final reel — that his performance put him in the big leagues. Perks is one of the surest and most moving tributes to adolescence ever committed to film — and that is not hyperbole. There is nothing commercial, crass, too hip, calculated or cynical about these kids — the movie is a miracle. Sorry you missed that.

  • Daveylow

    I wish I agreed more with Lisa S. I find her ratings baffling at EW. And her theater reviews are even worse.

  • Daveylow

    The Perks of Being a Wallflower made me cry more than any film I’ve seen this year. (I haven’t seen Les Miz yet.) It’s about 10x more profound than The Breakfast Club. I would compare it more to Ordinary People in its depiction of teen angst, though the adults aren’t explored in the movie. Great acting and sensitive writing all around.

  • Mike

    Not that it’s a surprise since he loved the film but it’s great to see The Perks of Being a Wallflower get some recognition. Best film I’ve seen so far this year! And Lerman was fantastic!

  • Gregoire

    The Loneliest Planet does not deserve to be on anybody’s Top Ten list, except possibly a worst list.

  • rufussondheim

    One thing I love about the movie/book of Perks is that it comes with a ton of recommendations in the world of literature and music. Now most I’ve read and heard before, but some I’ve brought out of the dust and love them all over, Asleep by the The Smiths is such a great song I’d forgotten about simply because I never bought the CD after owning it on Cassette (I think.)

    In the book, they talk about the books that Bill (Paul Rudd) has Charley read. One that I don’t think was in the movie was The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. Bill tells Charley to not be a sponge when he reads it but to be a filter. This confuses Charley. But then he gets to the part when Roark says “I could die for you. But I couldn’t, and wouldn’t, live for you.” and I’m filled with such an appreciation that the book (and movie) opened my eyes to experiences I’ve closed myself to for so many years.

    Absolutely great stuff.

  • rufussondheim

    Gosh, Perks is still hanging in at some local theaters. I might have to go see it at 6:10.

  • Owen Gleiberman gave The Hangover Part II a B+.

  • Owen Gleiberman graded all three Transformers films in the B-range.

  • SallyinChicago

    Well, let’s hope that Oscars recognizes SOMEBODY of color, because the NBR and NYCA have totally overlooked one of the best performances and bravest by Denzel Washington in Flight. And poor little Q. Wallis, she will probably be totally overlooked by OSCARS and she gave one of the most touching performances.

  • Tero Heikkinen

    Yep, Bernie is no Top 10 material. Quite an average film with a few good performances that elevate it a little bit.

  • Bravo Anna! “I don’t see the point of coming out with a top 10 list of the year if you haven’t seen all of the buzz worthy movies.”

  • “All voters and critics should be encouraged to see the movie in 24fps.”

    This. You are 100% spot on about The Hobbit, Sasha. I got to see it in the standard frame rate first, and I truly think that’s a big reason why my first viewing was so enjoyable. And the friends and colleagues of mine who saw it in 48fps are much, much less enthusiastic about it. This is very telling. Looks like the frame rate thing is a failed experiment, although I hesitate to say that definitively until I catch a screening in that format (which I’ll do on opening night).

  • Tero Heikkinen

    There’s only one screening for me (Monday morning) and that is HFR 3D. I try not to be distracted and review the film itself. I loved all LOTR films.

    After the screening we have a refreshment break and a seminar on this new technology. I may have to boo in there.

  • steandric

    ‘The Impossible’ Sweeps Past ‘Titanic’ at Spain Box Office

    Dec 6, 2012 The Hollywood Reporter

    Starring Naomi Watts, Ewan Mcgregor and Tom Holland, director Juan Antonio Bayona’s drama has sold more

    than 5.6 million tickets and made 40 million euros in less than two months in theaters.


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