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New York Film Critics Contest Winners

Still combing through the National Board of Review contest but here are the winners for the New York Film Critics prediction contest.  Later today the Golden Globes prediction contest will go up.

It turned out that the fans of Lincoln did somewhat better, since they picked Sally Field in supporting, something almost no one else did.

The two winners are Marshall Flores, who picked Zero Dark Thirty, Bigelow, Day-Lewis and Lincoln for screenplay, and  Alex Pizziolo, who correctly picked Zero Dark Thirty, Daniel Day-Lewis, Matthew McConaughey and the Lincoln screenplay.

Most of the runners-up scored three:

Jacob Devine
Dave Yen
Long Pham
Bharat Nayak
Jenny Boulden (hi Jen!)
Jared Morine
Massimo Mascolo
Keir Basilio
Randall David Cook
hadi firouzian
Christian Arizala
Rahul Agarwal
Reno Navada
Gautam Anand
Dustin Remmert