Best Film: Zero Dark Thirty
(tied for 2nd: Moonrise Kingdom and Amour)
Best Director: Kathryn Bigelow, Zero Dark Thirty
(2nd: Paul Thomas Anderson, The Master)
Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis, Lincoln
(2nd: Denis Lavant, Holy Motors)
Best Actress: Emmanuelle Riva , Amour
(2nd: Deanie Yip, A Simple Life)
Best Supporting Actress: Sally Field, Lincoln
(2nd: Emma Watson, Perks of Being a Wallflower)
Best Supporting Actor: Ezra Miller, Perks of Being a Wallflower
(2nd: Christof Waltz, Django Unchained)
Best Screenplay: Tony Kushner,Lincoln
(2nd: Wes Anderson, Moonrise Kingdom)
Best Cinematography: Mihai Malaimare Jr, The Master
(tied for 2nd: Moonrise Kingdon, Life of Pi)
Best Editing: William Goldenberg, Dylan Tichenor, Zero Dark Thirty
(2nd: Argo)
Best Use of Music: Moonrise Kingdom
(2nd: Django Unchained)
Best New Filmmaker: David France, How to Survive a Plague
(2nd: Benh Zeitlin for Beasts of the Southern Wild)
Best Documentary: How to Survive a Plague
(2nd: Queen of Versailles)
Best Animated: Frankenweenie
(2nd: ParaNorman)
Best Foreign Language Film: Amour
(2nd: Holy Motors)

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  • bill

    please dont let zero dark have a critical sweep, i was just starting to enjoy the diversity of the season.

  • Jonny

    Moonrise Kingdom also took Best Use of Music, with Django Unchained as runner-up!

  • Christophe

    Go Moonrise!!!

  • Erik Anderson

    Boston is being fucking absurd taking this long. LA needs to just start and tell Boston to ‘Feck Awf!’

  • Maxim

    These guys are not voting on Constitutional amendments. The sites should not feel obligated to post real time updates.

  • GoOnNow

    yeah man! I’m fucking impatient! I just wanna see LA’s winners -> celebrate or frown -> and go to bed!

  • Mr. E

    “Boston is being fucking absurd taking this long.” AND “These guys are not voting on Constitutional amendments.”

    Just like Lincoln. Too fucking long and too fucking boring.

  • mecid

    pizza break.

  • scary

    Too much “fucking” in comment.

  • Yeah I’m taking a pizza break in a bit too.

    Pizza + Strictly Come Dancing quarter-final results + The X Factor final > BFCA + LAFCA

  • Chung

    Bill, it is out of your hands. Zero Dark Thirty will walk away with every critic award and it will walk away with Best Picture, Director, Editing, Cinematography,, sound, sound editing or possibly Best Screenplay. The race is already over. It is Bigelow’s year again. There is no need to analyze or predict or even say this year’s race is predictable. It is totally predictable. What can I say? Just wait for the ZDT sweep. I look forward to seeing the film, but it is kind of boring, and big yawn!!

  • Chung

    Mr.E. Lincoln is too long and too boring because maybe you only like to see Jerry BruckHeimer’s films?
    Come on, you can do better than that.

  • Chung

    Here is my prediction for ZDT at this critic’s group.
    Best Picture: Zero Dark Thirty
    Best Director: Zero Dark Thirty
    Best Editing: Zero Dark Thirty
    Best Music: Zero Dark Thirty
    Best Costume: Zero Dark Thirty
    Best Original Score: Zero Dark Thirty
    Best Actor: Zero Dark Thirty
    Best Actress: Zero Dark Thirty
    Best Supporting Actor: Zero Dark Thirty
    Best Visual Effects: Zero Dark Thirty
    It will be a clean sweep, yawn.

  • Peter

    Oh boy, we are looking at another ZDT sweep with Lincoln taking Best actor and screenplay award. What a bore.

  • Paul8148

    How I Survive a Plague wins best doc.

  • Chung

    @Peter, exactly, the race is already over. Critics like interesting war thrillers with shaky camera style, and especially if the film was directed by a talented, the first time female Oscar winning director of The Hurt Locker. The Hurt Locker 2 is happening all over again! There is no race at all. It is ZDT all the way to February. Forget about Spielberg, Ang Lee, Affleck, Anderson. It is Bigelow DGA, Bigelow PGA, Bigelow everything!! You just wait.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    LOL DAMN SON! People are angry!!
    Dear hicks and hacks, keep it classy you bunch of dirty mouths!!

  • Josh

    Seven Psychopaths for Best Ensemble. Kinda love that

  • You’re right, Chung!
    Totally predictable.

    A lot like your constant commentary on the predictability of these critics awards.

    What’s worse?

    The bitching of course, mainly because most of you probably haven’t seen Zero Dark Thirty. If you have and you’re still complaining then you must have not been paying close attention. ZD30 is riveting. Unlike any procedural that I’ve seen before it.

    Honestly, I’ve seen bolder movies. More out-of-the-box films that I’ve loved this year. Nothing, though, comes close to the perfection I’ve felt watching this movie. It takes what we know and flip it on it’s head. Kicking the head off right afterwards.

    I’d love to see The Master, Holy Motors, Oslo August 31st, Beasts of the Southern Wild or Amour get just as much attention. But in the end ZD30 has it. Period. It’ll be remembered as one of the best choices for the Oscar too.

    It’s my favorite of the year. It’s their favorite of the year. It’s predictable. Sweet, beautiful, wonderful predictability.

    After One-two forgettable punches of The King’s Speech and The Artist… I’ll take it.

  • Praetor

    I wonder what’s gonna happen this time.

    The Hurt Locker suddenly turned Point Break into a hidden masterpiece, what will happen because of Zero Dark Thirty? Blue Steel and The Weight of Water popping up in best ever lists?

  • Praetor

    PS: I can’t comment on Zero Dark Thirty, since I haven’t seen it, but I preferred The King’s Speech and The Artist to The Hurt Locker, which was one of the weaker oscar winners of the last 10 years (although nothing comes close to the mediocrity of Chicago).

  • Praetor,

    Were you hoping for Avatar to win?

    By the way, is your mom done cooking our bagel bites in the microwave these video games are getting zzzzzz

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Blue Steel is way superior to anything from hack Paul Thomas Anderson

  • Ps. Just playing with you.

    To each their own.


  • eclipse22

    i’m been totally biased as i haven’t seen ZDT or any of the major contenders yet but if that bigelow movie is sweeping , huge yawn, she already won for a war movie in that region, she’s going to win for same genre of movie again?!! pffffffffff

    let her try her hand at something else, a sweeping romantic drama , a cop drama, a superhero , middle class american anything else that will tell she can handle something else worthy of awards consideration , and truth be told i’m tired of anything that has to do with terrorists /crazy islamists yada yadaaa ….

    but like i said , i haven’t seen anything yet , if its at least better than the hurt locker which BORED me to no end! then i won’t have any problem admitting it was worthy of an award…

  • Bryce Forestieri




  • Chung

    WoodenLense, you are right, I have not seen it, but it is legitimate for me to feel bored with the award season. The pundits and the media always make it into a race. I have seen Lincoln, Argo, The Master, and the Life of Pi, they are all excellant films, I will go see DZT, and judge it myself and see if it is all that good.

  • Bryce,

    I won’t argue with you on Banjo.

    Banjo trumps ALL.

  • praetor


    No, I didn’t really Avatar that much. But there were others like An Education, Precious or Inglourious Basterds which I liked better than both favorites that year.

    In case of The Hurt Locker, I thought it was interesting enough to merit a nomination, but that was about it, I didn’t really find it that special.

  • Chung

    Eclipse 22, I am totally with you.

  • ZD30 isn’t anything like The Hurt Locker.

    Just because they deal in the same surface environment doesn’t make them the same movie.

    That’s like saying Cameron’s Terminator, Aliens, The Abyss and T2 were the same shit as usual (I’m making this easy).

    Or how about Almodavar can piss off for making movies about flamboyant human experiences.

    Two movies back to back. That means I can hate Spielberg for Lincoln and War Horse right? (Both of which I’m completely scratching my head over. Clearly War Horse more so than Lincoln).

    Blah Blah. Ok. Lets hope something else wins. Can’t wait. Come on Pitch Perfect!

  • Josh

    Sally Field wins!!!!!

  • Ty Burr says 3rd 4th and 5th were:
    Amy Adams (“Master”),
    Ann Dowd (“Compliance”)
    Anne Hathaway (“Les Miz”/”Dark Knight Rises”)

  • Jeremy

    C’mon, Banjo-Kazooie!

  • Josh

    I am beginning to think that someone like Helen Hunt or even Amy Adams may get left out while Dowd takes their spot. That’s my hunch.

  • Dion Blackler

    Emma Watson?

  • Emma Watson lmao. Her calculated, self-conscious acting style makes me feel queasy.

  • Mike

    Holy crap! Emma Watson lost by 1 vote to Sally Field! That’s awesome. Not awesome that she lost, but it’s awesome to see she was so close.

  • phantom

    Nice to see Emma Watson, she was a surprise to me in ‘Perks’, I didn’t really think she would have a decent post-HP career, but between her well-received turn in this cult-bound film AND a supporting role in Aronofsky’s ‘Noah’, she might just be the real deal after all.

    Excellent for Sally Field, unless Les Miserables picks up steam (70s MC, 100M+ US), I think she will be the very obvious frontrunner in supporting actress race.

  • Mike

    I thought Emma Watson was great in The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Not as great as Logan or Ezra, but I enjoyed her very much. She’ll make my top 5 supporting at year’s end I’m sure.

  • Josh

    WOW! Ezra Miller wins Supporting Actor for Perks?!

  • I know someone who’s going to be very happy by all this Perks love!

    Also, looks like Leonardo DiCaprio may have some competition for Supporting Actor… from his own film! And it’s not Sam Jackson, as early word had us think.

  • Chung

    WoodenLense, it should be ok if ZDT is disliked, movies are bound to be liked or dislikes, but it sounds like you don’t like people to criticize ZDT, I hope that’s not the case because if it is, it doesn’t really matter to you if a person has seen it or not, you just always have to justify why someone might not like it as much as you do, but it is winning everything anyway, so it should be ok for you to allow people feeling tired of the hype and sweeping praises for the film. However, I can’t wait to see it even though I might be biased.

  • phantom

    Ridiculously well-deserved victory for Ezra Miller, I constantly had to remind myself during ‘Perks’ that he was also the psycho in ‘Kevin’ last year. He is a remarkable young actor, probably the best of his generation.

  • phantom

    Christoph Waltz is the runner-up here, too, just like at LAFCA. He definitely has some legit Oscar-buzz now.

  • Chung!

    You do realize that by commenting megatively on a movie you haven’t seen about a critic’s group simply handing out an award that THEY feel is the best (one which other groups feel is too) means you are treading a fine line between being hypocritical about the ‘Race’ a lot more than you probably think.

    And if we’re going to take this thing in a more literal way. A RACE would be if various other films were winning awards also. As of now ZD30 is just it.

    Also, if you want to compare this movie to anything. Compare it to Zodiac. Of course, that would make more sense if you’ve actually seen the damn thing.

  • Josh

    I would love to see some academy award noms for Perks but not sure it will happen.

  • Mike

    Amazing for Ezra Miller! Hopefully Lionsgate/Summit will start believing in this film now and get their act together. I also hope this bodes well for Globe nominations. The film has been showing up a decent amount lately.

  • Josh

    Riva for the win for Amour!

  • white russian

    Kudos to Boston for throwinga spanner in the works. Ezra Miller was uniformly creepy in Kevin. Missed him in Perks but i’ll rectify that after this endorsement.

  • Chung.

    We’re arguing about ZD30 being disliked prior to actually seeing it. That’s my problem with your statements. And if you want to try and tell me that is what you’re not doing then be my guest. But I’m on to you, Mr. 😉

    Either way. See it Chung.

    You can dislike it all you want.
    But when a movie is winning over the critics and at 100% on Rotten so far…
    Convince me who dislikes it without initially wanting to take it down and then we’ll talk.

  • Mike

    Sadly I don’t think it will either Josh. If it gets any nomination there it would be for Best Adapted Screenplay, which would be a very well-deserved nomination. I think the Globes are our last hope for any major nomination.

  • Either way man. Like I said, I’m totally happy with something else wins the award for Best Pic if its a great film.

    I’m just not going to complain if its ZD30 because I’ve seen it and it’s legitimately (ok, in my opinion) one of the best of the year. My favorite.

    If you don’t like it. I still like you and your passion for film! That why we’re all here, right?

  • phantom

    Emmanuelle Riva wins her first award of the season.

  • Mike

    I so hope this means we might see Logan Lerman taking runner-up for Best Actor for Perks. I’m sure he won’t take Best Actor, but runner-up would be amazing.

  • Josh

    could also see Perks in runner up for best pic given all the love we are seeing

  • Chung

    Woodenlense. I really have not disliked the film, I just get tired of this whole “sweeping” phenomenon that ZDT is generating. I will go see it, and I have already said I can’t wait to see it, and you obviously have a problem with that. You don’t want anyone to judge the film, it seems that way. I will see it and judge for myself, and I will try to see it with an open mind.

  • phantom

    Daniel Day-Lewis takes it, Denis Lavant (Holy Motors) is the runner-up.

  • steve50

    HA! Look who placed 2nd in best actor – Denis Lavant!

  • phantom

    Lincoln has won 2 so far, could it take BP and/or BD ?

  • Josh

    DDL for the win, no surprise. Holy Motors runner up though which is cool.

    I am a bit surprised at the lack of Les Miz and/or ZDT in anything winning here. Still can win Pic and Director I guess.

  • steve50

    I’ll stop being your echo, Phantom.

  • Joao Mattos

    What f… amazing and cool choice for best supporting actor.

  • Ok. You’re not getting it.
    I said judge away if you’ve seen it.
    But complaining that its sweeping the awards when it is, honestly, THAT GOOD is mindless.

    I’m sure if it was something you’ve seen and loved sweeping you’d have a difference tune altogether.

    But who knows. Either way its happening. But you’re on AWARDS DAILY, man. What do you expect? Coming here for anything other than a race is pointless.

    Trust me, Lincoln and a few others are still in the game till the end. Lincoln might actually win the big prize in the end since it seems to easily affect most that see it. If it does then all these critic wins for ZD30 next to it losing Best Picture at the Oscars is SWEET VICTORY. Am I right?


    Oh, but hey. Maybe you’ll see ZD30 and drink the kool-aid. But what fine fine kool-aid it is.

  • You want to complain about anything? How about DDL winning all the awards? At least Sight & Sound awarded The Master as their best pic.

    DDL has won twice already!

    Just playing devil’s advocate but imagine Denis Levant for Holy Motors getting an award? Phoenix getting one for his pure unbridled lunacy bring captured on beautoful 65mm?

  • Chung

    @WoodenLense, and again, I have already told you I can’t wait to see ZDT, and I already said if a film was really great, it would deserve the recognition from every critic group. About DDL, he deserves the award, but I still have yet to see others, and if I really like ZDT after I see it, I will have no problem if it keeps sweeping.

  • Chung

    WoodenLense, I don’t think you are getting what I am saying. Just because this site is AwardsDaily, doesn’t mean people can not complain. Even tough some have not seen it, but it is ok for them to feel bored about the ZDT sweep, or even DDL sweep. It is the nature of the award season.

  • Josh

    KB for best director. it’s hard to not think that ZDT is far and away the best film for all critics.

  • No, I get what you’re saying there.
    (Even though, you weren’t responding directly to what I said).
    You’re bored.
    I get that.
    I’m bored too.
    Good Luck on here, man.

  • BeavKes

    Inspired Ezra Miller selection. Well deserved.

  • white russian

    Man, it’s seriously annoying that I can’t see Zero Dark Thirty until Feburary.

  • Josh

    ZDT AGAIN wins best director and best pic. Gonna steamroll all the way to the oscars or will it be Social Network part II

  • steve50

    “Man, it’s seriously annoying that I can’t see Zero Dark Thirty until Feburary”

    Yes – looks like my top ten this year will be 9 plus a blank to be filled in later.

  • jt

    Emma Watson is completely forgettable in Perks. Sally Field was not compelling in Lincoln. Where is the love for John Hawkes ? Daniel Day-Lewis is not the only actor that gave a good performance this year.

  • Yvette

    ‘You want to complain about anything? How about DDL winning all the awards? At least Sight & Sound awarded The Master as their best pic.
    DDL has won twice already!’

    You may as well hibernate through awards season because DDL is going to keep winning.
    Yay for Sally!!!!!!!!!!
    Two biggies.

  • Film Fatale

    @jt — you made a fool of yourself saying Emma Watson is “completely forgettable” in her soaring Perks performance. Her scene where she gives Letman his first kiss is magnificent.

    You definitely won’t have any company on this one.

  • Jerry

    Riva!!!!! Telling you, never count out the cute little ‘ole lady to push aside the two young hotties (Lawrence, Chastain). And ZD30, KBig wins again. My money is now firmly on ZD30 plus Bigelow to win the Oscar. If she gets a SAG nom, Riva is going to be a threat for the BA win. Exciting!

  • Sam

    Emma Watson? Even for runner up that is a huge stretch. Shouldn’t these wards and mentions be reserved for GREAT performances? The exceptional, the cream of the crop? Nothing against Watson, she is getting better and did not offend in Perks. But, I am curious as to what constitutes great acting nowadays?

  • Sam

    @filmfatale Soaring? Oy vey, is this what happens when an entire generation grows up with mediocrity?

  • Unlikely hood

    If this keeps up, John Hawkes is gonna get Mathieu Amalric’d (snubbed, though playing a quadriplegic). Truth be told I don’t believe Hawkes rose to the level of Amalric. He is not a great bet anymore. Cooper or Levant stand to swoop in and take his spot.

  • jorge

    im rooting for riva to win the oscar, lawrence is gorgeous and great actress but isnt the right role or age for her, and chanstain im not inspired for this role to get best actress…

    besides she really gave the best female performance of the year…

    i like the ezra miller win, he will be a great actor…

  • Sugar

    Waltz again? He’s LEAD people, not supporting. Jesus, get me a valium.

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