Best Picture: Zero Dark Thirty
Best Director: Kathryn Bigelow – Zero Dark Thirty
Best Debut Director: Benh Zeitlin, Beasts of the Southern Wild
Best Actress: Emmanuelle Riva – Amour
Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis – Lincoln
Best Ensemble Cast: Argo
Best Supporting Actor: Tommy Lee Jones – Lincoln
Best Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway – Les Miserables
Best Cinematography: Life of Pi – Claudio Miranda
Best Screenplay: Zero Dark Thirty – Mark Boal
Best Use of Music: Django Unchained – Mary Ramos
Breakthrough Performance: Quvenzhane Wallis – Beasts of the Southern Wild
Best Animated Feature: Chico and Rita
Best Documentary: The Central Park Five
Best Foreign Language Film: Amour


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  • GoOnNow

    December 9, 2012 = The Critics Group Sex Awards

  • Lynne

    Winner, Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway – Les Miserables #NYFCO2012

  • Rg


  • Josh

    Hathaway takes this, Sally Field just won Boston.

  • Tye-Grr

    Yep… Looking like a Hathaway/Field showdown in SA.

  • Tye-Grr

    YAY!! TLJ wins for ‘Lincoln’!

  • steve50

    About time – Claudio!

  • phantom

    WOW, Kathryn Bigelow wins again ! Now THAT is a sweep (so far). So…ZD30 or a split ?

  • phantom

    After just winning Boston, Riva wins here, too.

  • phantom

    The DDL-sweep continues.

  • steve50

    Looks like every category is still wide open – except 3 (BP, director and actor).

  • cyrus

    YAY RIVA !!!! RIVA RIVA RIVA !!!!!


  • Jack Traven II

    Argo wins best ensemble. Well, at least something.

  • phantom

    No split here…ZERO DARK THIRTY wins this one, too.

  • helios

    Damn. It seems nothing else will get close. 0D30 and Bigelow keep winning. No sign of a split so far. DDL is looking very strong as well. Still, these are critics’ awards *must not forget*

  • PaulH

    Lincoln won 2, not 3…

  • Jeremy

    @steve50: You can throw in Best Original Screenplay, too, unless the Academy suddenly accepts Quentin Tarantino into their arms.

  • rufussondheim

    Fun day of awards and I missed all of it! Heart Perks won something for Ezra Miller, I predict this is the start of an eventual sweep for Perks at the Oscars!

    Anyway – My preferred site for tallying Top 10 lists has put up the first update of the year and it looks like Zero Dark Thirty could walk away with the #1 spot.

    If it’s like past years, they will list 40 films once they get more lists. It’s also a nice website for keeping track of films you should have seen but failed to over the last decade or so.

  • TB

    So apparently 0D30 is inevitable for the win. Didn’t see this coming!! My only hope is that the guilds will make a race out of this and award Lincoln what it truly deserves. All this fucking critics group are a bunch of pussys awarding a “patriotic” film instead of a masterpiece. They don’t want to go with the “save” choice because obviously any Spielberg film is a save choice and critics like to be more original, more gritty, otherwise they would be just like us… And they are scared to death of that. They like to pretend they are special. Like they know something we don’t.
    Fucking morons.

  • Wait…TB…How is ZD30 a “patriotic choice?” Have you seen it? Could it be that they do, indeed, know more than us at this moment? I realize this is annoying…but could it be? The answer: yes.

  • ZDark30

    I haven’t seen the film “Zero Dark Thirty” but I am thinking it might be one of those film being chosen for what is in the screenplay not so much for entertainment value. I read today that Obama’s Lawyers do not want the film shown to the judges who will make a decision on the government classified information on the mission that was supposedly leaked to the filmmakers, illegally. I suppose if the judges decide the government should not have provided the information the film will be a must see just to see what is in it that the government thinks jeopardizes our national security or is there a possibility that the film could be extracted from public showings for national security reason although some have seen it already. Just thinking.

  • Ryan Adams

    “I read today that Obama’s Lawyers do not want the film shown to the judges who will make a decision on the government classified information on the mission that was supposedly leaked to the filmmakers, illegally. “

    There are a couple of things wrong with this sentence.

    It’s wrong to say “Obama’s lawyers.” Obama is not on trial here, nor has anyone his administration been implicated in mishandling any factual information “supposedly leaked illegally.”

    All this “supposedly illegal” panic talk is coming from a tiny handful of rightwing agitators. The only government lawyers involved are those representing the Dept of Defense and CIA who say it’s these agitators themselves who pose a greater potential security breach if they insist on seeing classified documents.

    The lawyers are not saying they “don’t want the judges to see Zero Dark Thirty.” Just look at how dumb that sounds. Everybody in America gets to see ZDT on Dec 19 — but a few judges should be prevented from seeing it? No. The lawyers are simply saying they think it’s *unnecessary* for the judges to see the movie. They maintain a free screening can serve no purpose. It’s irrelevant.

    Silly to phrase it in such a way to imply that Obama’s minions are trying to prevent judges from seeing the same movie Sasha and 100s of other people have seen — the same movie millions of us will soon see.

    Ohhh, But no! Obama is trying to hide Zero Dark Thirty from a couple of judges. Yeesh, sounds like some hysterical fear-mongering tripe we’d see on Breitbart’s site.

    Which is exactly where that headline came from. Breitbart dot com.

    On the same page as “Obama won swing states thanks to irreligious voters!” and “Biden poses with anti-American rapper!”

    Same page as “Jamie Foxx Celebrates Killing All the White People!”

    It makes a difference how headlines are phrased. The wording can be sane or, on Breitbart’s site, headlines can be worded to try to make readers shit their pants.

    Please don’t bring the pants-shitting phrases around here unless you tell us your laughable source, ok? Thanks.

  • Pete

    I actually think an unstated factor in ZDT’s Oscar rise is the reality that several prominent conservatives suggested that Bigelow and Boal should be prosecuted for making the film. At best, there were calls for the two of them to testify before Congress about their script. I am hypothesizing that overt suggestions that filmmakers should receive governmental sanction harkens back to the blacklisting days, and that a small but significant bloc of Oscar voters remember that time and will have ZDT’s back.

  • Reichdome back with AVENGEANCE

    Let the critics have their fun deep down they surely know that what they say does NOT always go with oscar.
    OScar goes in trends…the trend will turn against zero dark thirty and anyway come the sags it very hard to believe that a film like lincoln which has been blitzing the two major acting awards so far…will come second best. it very very hard to see how zero dark thirty with performances clearly secondary to the theme, will be able to literally carry it weight in gold this year just as hard to see is how lincoln will be robbed of nominations and the eventual win…given it really heavilty backed with adapted screenplay…and the pedigree and the massive i owe you the oscars owe spielberg for snubbing it to win best picture with saving private ryan the more the critics fall over themselves for zero dark thirty…tghe mre oscar may be inclined to distribute their oscar nominations in quantity per category to other films.

    people really really need to cool off – people need to remember it near unheard of regardibng \zero dark thirty for the same writer and director to repeat their award winning feat of BARELY 3 yrs ago.

    And, more than ever oscqar need to ignore the critics and the bloody press! There was once a time where oscar could carry its own directly influenced by the quality of the film and NOT the more often than not arrogant imposition and stubborness of the online entertainment press.

    The more oscar read into the tea leaves generated by the gazillion critics circle groups, the more they disregard their bread and butter principles that once made them revered. Namely massive public buzz and word of mouth from the film direct generating it own momentum.

    There been WAAAAY too few films recognized by oscar for the just reason for me to diagnose oscar as not having a really bad case of the flu i think it time to arrange to send oscar to the doctor dear sir/madam:O

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