As I usually attend the Santa Barbara Film Fest, I’m excited about this. Amy Adams plays a character, she says, is actually closer to her real personality than the usually plucky, upbeat characters she’s cast as. She joins Ann Dowd this year as the two most complex performers in the supporting actress race – their motivations are mysterious.  Adams, it’s just been announced, will receive the Cinema Vanguard Award this year at the SBIFF:

The Santa Barbara International Film Festival, presented by,
is proud to present award winning actor Amy Adams with the Cinema Vanguard Award on
Thursday, January 31, 2013. She will be honored for her exceptional performance in this year’s
The Master with a tribute at the 28th edition of the Festival, which runs January 24 – February 3,
2013, it was announced today by SBIFF Executive Director Roger Durling.

Adams, a three- time Academy Award® nominee and just awarded Best Supporting Actress
by the L.A. Film Critics Association, portrayed Peggy Dodd, the steely and educated wife
to a charismatic spiritual leader set in the 1950s in The Master. Peter Travers said of her
performance: “Adams deserves serious award attention for the subtle authority she brings to
this so-called dutiful wife. Peggy, the scariest true believer in the Cause, is barbed wire wearing
a smile. And Adams makes you feel her sting.”

Durling comments, “Amy Adams is one of the gutsiest and most gifted actors working
today.  She embodies what the Cinema Vanguard Award is all about, and after her performance
in THE MASTER – the time has come to recognize her talent and versatility.”

The Cinema Vanguard Award was created in recognition of an actor who has forged his/her
own path – taking artistic risks and making a significant and unique contribution to film.  Past
recipients include Jean Dujardin & Bérénice Bejo, Nicole Kidman, Peter Sarsgaard, Christoph
Waltz, Stanley Tucci, Vera Farmiga, Kristin Scott Thomas and Ryan Gosling.

In 2005 Adams’ performance of Ashley, the pregnant and childlike character in Junebug, earned
her first Academy Award and SAG Award Nominations.  Adams landed her major breakout
role in Disney’s Enchanted (2007) as Princess Giselle, where she captivated audiences with
her versatile range in singing and wide eyed expressions. She has consistently taken on a
vast array of characters showing her versatility as an actress.  Going from an aspiring writer,
amateur cook, and blogger in Julie and Julia (2009) to Sister James in Doubt (2008) reteaming
with Meryl Streep and then to David O. Russell’s, The Fighter (2010) opposite Mark Wahlberg
and Christian Bale as a tough, gritty bartender from Massachusetts who begins dating boxer
Micky Ward (Wahlberg), Adams makes one wonder what else she has in her acting arsenal
when she seduces the audience into believing each and every character.  She recently wrapped

production on the Untitled Spike Jonze project opposite Joaquin Phoenix and is soon to begin
production on the Untitled David O. Russell film reteaming with David O. Russell and Christian
Bale.  She is starring as Lois Lane in Man of Steel releasing in June 2013 and will soon begin
production on Janis Joplin, playing the title character.  Additionally, Adams has teamed with
Maven Pictures’ Trudie Styler and Celine Rattray to produce Object of Beauty, the film based on
the novel by Steve Martin.  She will also produce Ten Best Days of My Life with Shawn Levy for
Twentieth Century Fox

The festivities will take place at the historic Arlington Theatre on Thursday, January 31, 2013
with tickets available now and can be purchased through or by calling
805-963-0023. Festival Passes and Packages are still available and sold exclusively at and 805-963-0023.

The Santa Barbara International Film Festival is dedicated to the art of filmmaking, which
seeks out and consequently offers a broad array of international and independent films,
with a commitment to diversity.   SBIFF, which attracts more than 70,000 visitors each year,
endeavors to enrich the community both culturally and economically by presenting eleven
days of films, tributes and symposiums, raising consciousness of film as an art form.  SBIFF
presents quality American and world independent films, Latin American and French sidebars
as well as documentary cinema within the beautiful setting of downtown Santa Barbara, a
premier tourist destination.  SBIFF continues its commitment to education through its 10-10-10
Student Filmmaking and Screenwriting Competitions, Field Trip to the Movies, presented by The
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and educational seminars.  For more information,
log onto

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  • Dirt

    Wow, she is beautiful in this pic. Pleased to see her get recognized by LAFC hope she gets some love from the Academy, but the supporting actress race looks tight.

  • Aragorn

    I wonder if she could pull a surprise win while everyone expects Anne or Sally to win. It seems tough but not impossible…I still believe she was better than Melissa Leo in the Fighter.

  • Karen

    You know, Jennifer Lawrence is also being awarded the SBFF outstanding performer of the year for Hunger Games and Silver Linings.

  • Aragorn


    by now it is very clear what movies/performances are being favored in this site and J.Lawrence is not one of them. So I wouldnt expect to see a similar write up for her. As they’ve said many times, it is Sasha’s (and Ryan’s) site so they post whatever they like. But if you expect very objective, fair posting, you are naive. That wont happen here.

  • jo

    Jennifer Lawrence also won for outstanding performance of the year.

  • Blurple


    Sasha does not like Jen Lawrence at all. The award was announced a month ago and Sasha never mentioned it however she does mention this from the same film festival.

  • filmboymichael

    Wow – I do think that all y’all attacking Sasha are out of line. I don’t think she has EVER said that she dislikes Lawrence. In fact, I do recall going back a couple of years where Sasha gave nothing but praise to Lawrence’s performance in Winter’s Bone.

    Personally, I don’t know how she feels about the performance, but plenty of ink has been given to most if not all of the films in the running.

    I certainly don’t understand the frontrunner status of Jennifer Lawrence or Silver Linings Playbook. I thought it to be a very good film, well acted and a fun night out at the movies. The awards traction it is getting, I don’t get. Lawrence, in particular was far better in Hunger Games and going back – Winter’s Bone and I loved her in what i think is still her best performance, The Burning Plain.

  • Ninja

    Jennifer Lawrence gave phenomonal performances in BOTH Hunger Games and Silver Linings and that’s why I believe she’s the frontrunner. 2012 was completely her year. What other actress can carry an action blockbuster like Hunger Games on her shoulders and still give an amazing performance like that? I’m glad Santa Barbara honored her for both films and that is exactly why she’s the frontrunner to WIN.

  • Aragorn

    I dont know why any negative comment or criticism here is seen as an attack. it was just stating what i thought.

    Also, as a reminder, this year J.Law is not getting nominated for Winter’s Bone. So what Sasha thought of her a few years ago is not relevant this year.

    Especially now, there is another actress from one of her favorite movies of the year is getting lots of praise. So, it will be all over Viola Davis vs Meryl Streep again. All the reasons why Jessica Chastain should win will be discussed in length while reasons for J.Lawrence will be a few sentences. So it will look “objective”.
    Again, that’s fine. It is her site.

    For me, I think both are good actresses that deserve all the praise. I liked J.Lawrence but there is room for a better performance. Given that Jessica has been consistently good in everything she did, I wouldnt be surprised if she gave another great performance, and i would be happy if either actress won.

    Based on all the actress performances I have seen so far, my favorite is Marion Cotillard’s but now I think even nomination is not a lock for her.

  • filmboymichael

    Actually, Aragorn, it is relevant to mention that. It was mentioned by another poster that Sasha doesn’t like Jennifer Lawrence at all. I was citing Winter’s Bone as an example of that statement not being true.

  • Casey

    Listen to Sasha’s podcast. She does not dislike Lawrence. She is constantly applauding her acting. However pointing out her character in SLP is written rather poorly, which it is. She does not hate Lawrence, that’s silliness

  • Cer

    Wow how ridiculous that Jennifer Lawrence also won the same award for outstanding performer and she didn’t get her own article. I personally think she was great in SLP and deserves all the applaud for her performance.

  • FML, the JLaw fanboys are almost as irritating as the JLaw haters.

  • Amanda

    It’s so nice that an Amy Adams post has turned into a Sasha hates Jennifer Lawrence post. Lets just not talk about Adams and her achievement at all. Lets just talk about how boo hoo Sasha didnt make a post about Jennifer Lawrence.

    Im happy for Adams she deserves this and many many more awards. Her performance in the Master was great. I dont understand people who say she did nothing. If you think that what she did was nothing you need to rethink your idea of movie performances. She owned every scene she was in even if she didnt have any lines. At the end of the movie hers was the character I wanted to know more about. She is one of the best actresses working today, so congrats to her.

    And now you can go back to talking about things that have nothing to do with this post.

  • ChrisFlick

    For once an achievement award for a young actress doesn’t seem unwarranted. Adams is the real deal, she could easily have won either of her three nominations in the past, yes including Doubt. Preferred her in The Fighter. The Master is sterling work, a true support role that doesn’t scream for your attention but rather is part of the fabric of the movie. I pay attention to anything she lends her talent to.

  • Koleś

    If both Chastain and Adams win, it’s going to an ultimate redhead hotness overload.

  • I am sure Jennifer Lawrence is brilliant in SLP (i don’t think that way about THG) but this post is about Amy Adams so lets just talk about her. Why do you guys always have to point out towards what Sasha didn’t wrote or who she is favoring? No one hates anyone. Lawrence already has such great fans like you people… let other actresses and their brilliant performances get the spotlight once in a while.

  • rufussondheim

    I just wanted to point out that Sasha also hates Meryl Streep and only likes Viola Davis because she is black.

  • Owen Walter

    I have liked Amy Adams in the past, but there’s a quality about her, pinched and ungenerous, that I’ve seen increasingly in interviews and performances. The recent Hollywood Reporter Actress Roundtable is the best example of this, where she spent the entire time complaining about paparazzi taking pictures of her child. (Yes, this is an awful thing, but couldn’t she have spent more time talking about her work with great directors and actors and less time looking as if someone had placed a giant stone in her abdomen?) She certainly tapped into the pinched side of her personality for “The Master,” but it just wasn’t a fully fleshed and credible performance; she doesn’t provide enough information to make the character three-dimensional or believable (the mirror jerk-off scene was less shocking than puzzling to me). Jennifer Lawrence, on the other hand, made the most of what is a thinly written, somewhat idealized character on the page. She does have the extra oomph of character that makes a performance seem real, but she couldn’t overcome the leering male point of view from which her character was written. For different reasons I don’t think either performance deserves awards.

  • rufussondheim

    Like the Detroit nominations simply because they mention Take This Waltz, which is my second favorite movie of the year thus far. But they also mention Silver Linings so I dislike them as much as I like them.

    Ezra Miller is popping up on these lists of five quite a bit as of late. I don’t think that’s going to translate to anything other than a resume builder for him, but it’s still quite a nice development. He has some wonderful scenes in Perks.

  • rufussondheim

    not sure what this html tag does

    nor this one

  • Christophe

    According to Twitter rumors, Lincoln takes lead at Critics Choice Awards with a record-breaking 13 noms!

    Live announcement on KTLA at 8:45am PT:

  • Awwww! Going to SBIFF, but won’t be there until Friday. Hoping to see Ben Affleck that night though.Congrats Amy Adams!

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