The Broadcast Film Critics Association, or Critics Choice, has announced this year’s nominations and for the first time we have an idea of how the Oscar cards might be dealt this year. The Critics Choice are less inclined towards backroom debates over legacy because they attend to their personal ballots at home and each member simply fills out his or her ballot in privacy, free from peer pressure, like Oscar voters and the guilds do. To that end, the Critics Choice is most useful, I’ve found of late, in predicting the categories that the whole of the Academy choose rather than those left to the discretion of the individual branches.  The Best Picture lineup, for instance, is usually a fairly reliable indicator, even if we don’t yet know how many films Oscar will choose for that lineup.

The other categories have a pretty good track record for matching too, but maybe that’s because, unlike Oscar, they get to pick 6 instead of 5.   My take-away from these nominations is that they really liked Lincoln. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it will their winner.  Stats for this after the nominations.


The Critics Choice Awards will air on January 10, 2012


Beasts of the Southern Wild
Django Unchained
Les Misérables
Life of Pi
The Master
Moonrise Kingdom
Silver Linings Playbook
Zero Dark Thirty

Bradley Cooper – “Silver Linings Playbook”
Daniel Day-Lewis – “Lincoln”
John Hawkes – “The Sessions”
Hugh Jackman – “Les Misérables”
Joaquin Phoenix – “The Master”
Denzel Washington – “Flight”

Jessica Chastain – “Zero Dark Thirty”
Marion Cotillard – “Rust and Bone”
Jennifer Lawrence – “Silver Linings Playbook”
Emmanuelle Riva – “Amour”
Quvenzhané Wallis – “Beasts of the Southern Wild”
Naomi Watts – “The Impossible”

Alan Arkin – “Argo”
Javier Bardem – “Skyfall”
Robert De Niro – “Silver Linings Playbook”
Philip Seymour Hoffman – “The Master”
Tommy Lee Jones – “Lincoln”
Matthew McConaughey – “Magic Mike”

Amy Adams – “The Master”
Judi Dench – “Skyfall”
Ann Dowd – “Compliance”
Sally Field – “Lincoln”
Anne Hathaway – “Les Misérables”
Helen Hunt – “The Sessions”

Elle Fanning – “Ginger & Rosa”
Kara Hayward – “Moonrise Kingdom”
Tom Holland – “The Impossible”
Logan Lerman – “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”
Suraj Sharma – “Life of Pi”
Quvenzhané Wallis – “Beasts of the Southern Wild”

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
Les Misérables
Moonrise Kingdom
Silver Linings Playbook

Ben Affleck – “Argo”
Kathryn Bigelow – “Zero Dark Thirty”
Tom Hooper – “Les Misérables”
Ang Lee – “Life of Pi”
David O. Russell – “Silver Linings Playbook”
Steven Spielberg – “Lincoln”

Quentin Tarantino – “Django Unchained”
John Gatins – “Flight”
Rian Johnson – “Looper”
Paul Thomas Anderson – “The Master”
Wes Anderson & Roman Coppola – “Moonrise Kingdom”
Mark Boal – “Zero Dark Thirty”

Chris Terrio – “Argo”
David Magee – “Life of Pi”
Tony Kushner – “Lincoln”
Stephen Chbosky – “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”
David O. Russell – “Silver Linings Playbook”

“Les Misérables” – Danny Cohen
“Life of Pi” – Claudio Miranda
“Lincoln” – Janusz Kaminski
“The Master” – Mihai Malaimare Jr.
“Skyfall” – Roger Deakins

“Anna Karenina” – Sarah Greenwood/Production Designer; Katie Spencer/Set Decorator
“The Hobbit” – Dan Hennah/Production Designer; Ra Vincent & Simon Bright/Set Decorators
“Les Misérables” – Eve Stewart/Production Designer; Anna Lynch-Robinson/Set Decorator
“Life of Pi” – David Gropman/Production Designer; Anna Pinnock/Set Decorator
“Lincoln” – Rick Carter/Production Designer; Jim Erickson/Set Decorator

“Argo” – William Goldenberg
“Les Misérables” – Melanie Ann Oliver and Chris Dickens
“Life of Pi” – Tim Squyres
“Lincoln” – Michael Kahn
“Zero Dark Thirty” – William Goldenberg and Dylan Tichenor

“Anna Karenina” – Jacqueline Durran
“Cloud Atlas” – Kym Barrett and Pierre-Yves Gayraud
“The Hobbit” – Bob Buck, Ann Maskrey and Richard Taylor
“Les Misérables” – Paco Delgado
“Lincoln” – Joanna Johnston

Cloud Atlas
The Hobbit
Les Misérables

The Avengers
Cloud Atlas
The Dark Knight Rises
The Hobbit
Life of Pi

Madagascar 3
Rise of the Guardians
Wreck-It Ralph

The Avengers
The Dark Knight Rises

Christian Bale – “The Dark Knight Rises”
Daniel Craig – “Skyfall”
Robert Downey Jr. – “The Avengers”
Joseph Gordon-Levitt – “Looper”
Jake Gyllenhaal – “End of Watch”

Emily Blunt – “Looper”
Gina Carano – “Haywire”
Judi Dench – “Skyfall”
Anne Hathaway – “The Dark Knight Rises”
Jennifer Lawrence – “The Hunger Games”

Silver Linings Playbook
This Is 40
21 Jump Street

Jack Black – “Bernie”
Bradley Cooper – “Silver Linings Playbook”
Paul Rudd – “This Is 40”
Channing Tatum – “21 Jump Street”
Mark Wahlberg – “Ted”

Mila Kunis – “Ted”
Jennifer Lawrence – “Silver Linings Playbook”
Shirley MacLaine – “Bernie”
Leslie Mann – “This Is 40”
Rebel Wilson – “Pitch Perfect”

The Cabin in the Woods

The Intouchables
A Royal Affair
Rust and Bone

The Central Park Five
The Imposter
The Queen of Versailles
Searching for Sugar Man
West of Memphis

“For You” – performed by Keith Urban/written by Monty Powell & Keith Urban – Act of Valor
“Learn Me Right” – performed by Birdy with Mumford & Sons/written by Mumford & Sons – Brave
“Skyfall” – performed by Adele/written by Adele Adkins & Paul Epworth – Skyfall
“Still Alive” – performed by Paul Williams/written by Paul Williams – Paul Williams Still Alive
“Suddenly” – performed by Hugh Jackman/written by Claude-Michel Schonberg & Alain Boublil & Herbert Kretzmer – Les Misérables

“Argo” – Alexandre Desplat
“Life of Pi” – Mychael Danna
“Lincoln” – John Williams
“The Master” – Jonny Greenwood
“Moonrise Kingdom” – Alexandre Desplat


21 JUMP STREET – 2 Nominations
Best Comedy
Best Actor in a Comedy/Channing Tatum

A ROYAL AFFAIR – 1 Nomination
Best Foreign Language Film

ACT OF VALOR – 1 Nomination
Best Song/“For You”

AMOUR – 2 Nominations
Best Actress/Emmanuelle Riva
Best Foreign Language Film

ANNA KARENINA – 2 Nominations
Best Art Direction
Best Costume Design

ARGO – 7 Nominations
Best Picture
Best Supporting Actor/Alan Arkin
Best Acting Ensemble
Best Director/Ben Affleck
Best Adapted Screenplay
Best Editing
Best Score

THE AVENGERS – 3 Nominations
Best Visual Effects
Best Action Movie
Best Actor in an Action Movie/Robert Downey Jr.

Best Picture
Best Actress/Quvenzhane Wallis
Best Young Actress/Quvenzhane Wallis

BERNIE – 3 Nominations
Best Comedy
Best Actor in a Comedy/Jack Black
Best Actress in a Comedy/Shirley MacLaine

Best Acting Ensemble

BRAVE – 2 Nominations
Best Animated Feature
Best Song/ “Learn Me Right”

BULLY – 1 Nomination
Best Documentary Feature

Best Sci-Fi/Horror Movie

Best Documentary Feature

CLOUD ATLAS – 3 Nominations
Best Costume Design
Best Makeup
Best Visual Effects

COMPLIANCE – 1 Nomination
Best Supporting Actress/Ann Dowd

Best Visual Effects
Best Action Movie
Best Actor in an Action Movie/Christian Bale
Best Actress in an Action Movie/Anne Hathaway

DJANGO UNCHAINED – 2 Nominations
Best Picture
Best Original Screenplay

END OF WATCH – 1 Nomination
Best Actor in an Action Movie/Jake Gyllenhaal

FLIGHT – 2 Nominations
Best Actor/Denzel Washington
Best Original Screenplay

FRANKENWEENIE – 1 Nomination
Best Animated Feature

GINGER & ROSA – 1 Nomination
Best Young Actress/Elle Fanning

HAYWIRE – 1 Nomination
Best Actress in an Action Movie/Gina Carano

THE HOBBIT – 4 Nominations
Best Art Direction
Best Costume Design
Best Makeup
Best Visual Effects

THE HUNGER GAMES – 1 Nomination
Best Actress in an Action Movie/Jennifer Lawrence

THE IMPOSSIBLE – 2 Nominations
Best Actress/Naomi Watts
Best Young Actor/Tom Holland

THE IMPOSTER – 1 Nomination
Best Documentary Feature

Best Foreign Language Film

LES MISÉRABLES – 11 Nominations
Best Picture
Best Actor/Hugh Jackman
Best Supporting Actress/Anne Hathaway
Best Acting Ensemble
Best Director/Tom Hooper
Best Cinematography
Best Art Direction
Best Editing
Best Costume Design
Best Makeup
Best Song/ “Suddenly”

LIFE OF PI – 9 Nominations
Best Picture
Best Young Actor/Suraj Sharma
Best Director/Ang Lee
Best Adapted Screenplay
Best Cinematography
Best Art Direction
Best Editing
Best Visual Effects
Best Score

LINCOLN – 13 Nominations
Best Picture
Best Actor/Daniel Day-Lewis
Best Supporting Actor/Tommy Lee Jones
Best Supporting Actress/Sally Field
Best Acting Ensemble
Best Director/Steven Spielberg
Best Adapted Screenplay
Best Cinematography
Best Art Direction
Best Editing
Best Costume Design
Best Makeup
Best Score

LOOPER – 5 Nominations
Best Original Screenplay
Best Action Movie
Best Actor in an Action Movie/Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Best Actress in an Action Movie/Emily Blunt
Best Sci-Fi/Horror Movie

MADAGASCAR 3 – 1 Nomination
Best Animated Feature

MAGIC MIKE – 1 Nomination
Best Supporting Actor/Matthew McConaughey

THE MASTER – 7 Nominations
Best Picture
Best Actor/Joaquin Phoenix
Best Supporting Actor/Philip Seymour Hoffman
Best Supporting Actress/Amy Adams
Best Original Screenplay
Best Cinematography
Best Score

MOONRISE KINGDOM – 5 Nominations
Best Picture
Best Young Actress/Kara Hayward
Best Acting Ensemble
Best Original Screenplay
Best Score

PARANORMAN – 1 Nomination
Best Animated Feature

Best Song/“Still Alive”

Best Young Actor/Logan Lerman
Best Adapted Screenplay

PITCH PERFECT – 1 Nomination
Best Actress in a Comedy/Rebel Wilson

PROMETHEUS – 1 Nomination
Best Sci-Fi/Horror Movie

Best Documentary Feature

Best Animated Feature

RUST AND BONE- 2 Nominations
Best Actress/Marion Cotillard
Best Foreign Language Film

Best Documentary Feature

THE SESSIONS – 2 Nominations
Best Actor/John Hawkes
Best Supporting Actress/Helen Hunt

Best Picture
Best Actor/Bradley Cooper
Best Actress/Jennifer Lawrence
Best Supporting Actor/Robert De Niro
Best Acting Ensemble
Best Director/David O. Russell
Best Adapted Screenplay
Best Comedy
Best Actor in a Comedy/Bradley Cooper
Best Actress in a Comedy/Jennifer Lawrence

SKYFALL – 7 Nominations
Best Supporting Actor/Javier Bardem
Best Supporting Actress/Judi Dench
Best Cinematography
Best Action Movie
Best Actor in an Action Movie/Daniel Craig
Best Actress in an Action Movie/Judi Dench
Best Song/“Skyfall”

TED – 3 Nominations
Best Comedy
Best Actor in a Comedy/Mark Wahlberg
Best Actress in a Comedy/Mila Kunis

THIS IS 40 – 3 Nominations
Best Comedy
Best Actor in a Comedy/Paul Rudd
Best Actress in a Comedy/Leslie Mann

WEST OF MEMPHIS – 1 Nomination
Best Documentary Feature

WRECK IT RALPH – 1 Nomination
Best Animated Feature

ZERO DARK THIRTY – 5 Nominations
Best Picture
Best Actress/Jessica Chastain
Best Director/Kathryn Bigelow
Best Original Screenplay
Best Editing

Last year, The Artist and Hugo both led the nominations with 11 each.  In 2010, Black Swan led the nominations with a record-setting 12, The King’s Speech and True Grit trailed neck and neck with 11. In 2009, Inglourious Basterds and Nine led the nominations. The Hurt Locker had 8. In 2008, Milk and Benjamin Button led with 8, Slumdog Millionaire came in with just 6.  In 2007, Into the Wild led their nominations, but No Country for Old Men, with only 5, ended up winning the Oscar.  In 2006, The Departed tied with several other films with 7 nominations.   In 2005, Brokeback Mountain and Crash ended up with eight nominations each.  Brokeback won there, but Crash won the Oscar (famously/ infamously). In 2004, Sideways led the nominations with 8. Million Dollar Baby only had four nominations.  Sideways won the BFCA’s Best Picture honor and Martin Scorsese won Best Director for Aviator. Million Dollar Baby won the Oscar.  In 2003, In America and Mystic River both topped The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, which won there and clean swept the Oscars.

In 2002, Chicago earned only 3 BFCA nominations and won top prize at both the Critics Choice and the Oscars.  In 2001, A Beautiful Mind won with 6 nominations.

In a race as top-heavy with greatness as we have this year,  there are no guarantees. But the Broadcast Film Critics’ history tells us that having the most nominations doesn’t mean anything. Zero Dark Thirty, with only five nods, can still emerge as the favorite and rise to win.

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  • Christophe

    Jennifer Lawrence – 4 noms (lead, comedy, action, ensemble)
    Anne Hathaway – 3 noms (supporting, action, ensemble)

    more than most movies!

  • edward

    wow life of pi have 9 Noms

  • Bia

    Really surprised by Charlize Theron not making the Action film category along with Prometheus and Michael Fassbender.

  • Carl

    No Leo agaiiin! What’s happening?!

  • William Best

    Yes, Javier Bardem! He was just great!

    Also, here are the nominations of the Detroit Film Critics Society

  • swook

    Best Sound is missing.

  • Josh


    I think that Waltz and Leo very well could be splitting votes. I do think one of them still makes the best supporting actor race.

    And I am feeling good at it’s chances of a best pic nom too (if the total is 7 or more)

  • derek

    Mila Kunis – “Ted”

    r u serious?

  • Evelyn Garver

    Six actors and actresses in lead categories. Any guesses as to the one who does not make the SAG or Oscar cut?

  • derek


    SAG- the baby
    OSCAR- The Screamer

  • rufussondheim

    I really like how they expand the acting categories to 6, that way they get a better shot at predicting the Oscars. Stinkin’ losers.

    Still think Barks is in over Down and (now) Dench. But I listed Dench once over either Hunt or Adams (I can’t recall)

    I still think the Barks/On My Own scene will resonate with much of the AMPAS acting branch.

  • Jonathan

    Wow. Really surprised to see Middle of Nowhere completely shut out. I think the supporting acting categories will be slightly different at the Oscars.

  • Gautam

    A pretty insipid list of nominees. Rather it looks like a collective effort to guess Oscar line-up.

  • Carl


    I think Leo’s rise will be like Jessica’s in Zero Dark Thirty, whom I think is now the new frontrunner for Actress. Prepare! Only Seymour Hoffman or DiCaprio could win that Supp Actor Oscar!

  • Jonathan

    Isn’t looking too good for Hitchcock, either. But we’ll see.

  • superkk

    not sure if Watts or Wallis will make it. one of them will miss out. havent seen watts performance to comment but yeah.

    best supporting actor is a mess. not even going to try and predict. i mean no waltz, dicaprio or henry? yeah…i give up lol

    cooper or jackman will miss out on that fifth best actor slot. i say cooper gets in.

    ann dowd officially just locked herself in. shes on detroits listing as well. least theyre getting something right this year.:)

  • Carl

    Channing Tatum for 21 Jump Street and Mila Kunis for Ted are perfect examples of jokes. It’s like they already have the winner and shoo in random nominees to show that there was indeed a “competition”.

  • 3 out of 4 Best Foreign Language Film nominees are from France? (Amour is a French co-production, after all.)

    And not even a banner year for French film in general.

  • BedBath&Beyonce

    I am pretty shocked by the absence of any “Hitchcock” acting noms. Hopkins was great. Mirren was brilliant! Is it the whole movies about Hollywood thing?

  • Patryk

    Where is Paul Thomas Anderson?

    And glad for Craig, Dench and Bardem

  • Jonathon: It’s a safe bet that less than 10% of the BFCA membership even saw “Middle of Nowhere.” Never had a shot.

  • Nic V

    There’s only one question I have regarding this list. There is one category for dramatic performances and within category there is a mix of comedy and musical. So Bradley Cooper ends up with two nominations and Lewis ends up with one. I don’t get that. I mean have a dramatic category and a comedy or action [and I actually like the action idea thing] but don’t give someone a second piece of the pie if you aren’t going to give everyone a second piece.

    Other than that I don’t see how anyone can really argue with this list of nominees. You just have too keep in mind that in some categories you aren’t going to [for this year at least] find a lot of players without dipping down into the year’s releases aka Mila Kunis and Shirley Mac Laine. Shirley Mac Laine is about as a much lead in Best Actress in Comedy as Helen Hunt is in Supporting Actress.

    But damn what a year for film. Like them all or not it’s damn good year.

  • Astarisborn

    Happy Life of Pi received so much recognition.

  • R. M. Wicklund

    I was surprised for a multitude of reasons. Regional critics associations have shown little love for Life of Pi and Skyfall. I’m glad Moonrise Kingdom continues to gain momentum, and Perks of Being a Wallflower is clinging on for dear life. Before this morning, it had appeared Les Mis was receiving fewer and fewer noms, but there appears to be no correlation between Metacritic (55/100) and the Critics Choice Awards.

  • Habsburg


  • LSUduck


    Actually Les Mis’ momentum has been picking up the last couple days. Also, for the 100000th time, Metacritic has less than 20% of the reviews in for Les Mis. That score will change and I know for sure we have two strong reviews coming from Travers and Smith and one more pan from Schwarzbaum coming too but she wanted Sarah Brightman in the Phantom movie still so her opinion on musicals means jack s**t to me.

    Rant over. On with your day.

  • linc4jess

    With the broadcast critics choices it ‘s all now very clear almost like walking out of the fog into a clear day. “Lincoln”will be the best picture of the year. Count on it. Wowsa.

  • linc4jess

    What’s with the “django” nod for best pic with just 2 nods????

  • mecid

    well recordsetting nominations.

  • Christophe

    it’s paradoxically easier to get in the bp category which counts 10 nominees than in other categories that have less slots to fill and require broader support. so if around 5% voters really liked django and the rest not so much it’s enough to get bp but not much else (like elic at the oscars last yeear)

  • kasper

    Critics Choice sometimes feels like MTV movie awards. Do they have the same producers? Anyway, I look forward to what I think is a better critics choice awards: The Village Voice Poll!

  • steve50

    What? They could only come up with 4 nominees for foreign language film? Get out much?

  • AD

    I am sorry but these really do feel like the MTV awards. It feels like they want to pack as many stars as possiblle.
    I hope that our of the 6 actresses Naomi Watts is the one to miss because that performance is so darn overrated and so is the movie.
    I am happy for Lincoln and Chastain 🙂 but everything else makes me dizzy, too many catergories. Are these necessary anyway?

  • Chung

    Wow, 5 nods for Zero Dark Thirty?? Is bfca waging a war against Bigelow?

  • Pierre de Plume

    You’re right, Sasha. This is the best indicator yet of how the Oscars will shape up. It’s interesting to see that Skyfall broke through with acting nominations, which makes sense on one level.

    Although Lincoln has had its day in the sun, publicity wise, and it’s now Les Mis’s turn to capture the spotlight, I agree with the commenter above that Lincoln seems to be the one to beat.

  • toto65

    @Christophe @@linc4jess

    I think there was a split vote between Christoph Waltz Leonardo DiCaprio and that is why neither are nominees for Best Supporting Category
    For the other categories I agree with Christophe

  • Sonja

    Judi Dench for Skyfall has to happen everywhere!

    Go M!

  • steve50

    “5 nods for Zero Dark Thirty??”

    Actually, that might be a good place to be right now as it could conceivably take all 5. Let the backlash cool off a bit.

    Lincoln got a boost, lots of nods to Pi (9) so that gets a boost, etc. Beasts took a hit (where is score, director?) TDKR (and all the action flicks) got zip for editing, so I don’t know what makes then “action” if not editing.

    It looks like they are trying to predict the Oscar noms and they could be right.

  • Kim

    Maybe if Leonardo DiCaprio works a little bit on his acting, he can some day reach the heights of that legendary thesp, Matthew McConhaugey.

  • Koleś

    Django smackdown. Whith six places to be filled Leo, Waltz and Jackson don’t make the cut? That’s a shocker. Too bad for PTA for director, but good to see PHS pop up for the first time.

  • Chung

    Yeah, I thought ZDT would get more than just 5 nominations. I still believe ZDT will sweep like The Hurt Locker though, but BFCA critics obviously didn’t give the full love to ZDT even though it got all the major nods. It’s getting a bit interesting.

  • phantom

    So who could be on the SAG-list tomorrow who isn’t on this one ?

    1. Knightley/ Mirren/ Weisz/ Smith/ Streep
    2. Foxx/ Gere/ Trintignant/ Hopkins/ Sharma/ Holland/ Murray/ Black
    3. Weaver/ Smith/ Reilly/ Barks/ Kidman/ Washington
    4. DiCaprio/ Waltz/ Jackson / Clarke/ McGregor/ Law/ Redmayne/ Crowe/ Caine

    My money is on Knightley, Washington, McGregor. They also tend to nominate child/youth performances, that’s why I haven’t ruled out Suraj Sharma and Tom Holland just yet, and they often go for underestimated veterans, too, so I still think Jean-Louis Trintignant and Michael Caine are viable long shots. Clearly the emphasis is on LONG SHOT. It will be also interesting to see whether internal competition will cancel out the Dicaprio-Waltz-Jackson trio, the Redmayne-Crowe duo and Samantha Barks. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if DiCaprio, Redmayne and Barks made it in the end. We’ll see, we’ll see ! Thoughts ?

  • danemychal

    Weinstein putting Waltz into the Supp Actor slot rather than lead really killed Leo’s chances of an Oscar (as well as these other awards). Oh well. I still want Leo’s first Oscar to be for a leading role, since he is first and foremost a leading man.

  • Christophe

    sounds about right, yet I assumed each voter could write in 5 choices per category which should’ve lessened the impact of split votes.

  • Christophe

    i actually believe harvey put waltz in lead to make way for dicaprio. but i’m not sure voters agreed with him

  • Uncle Jay

    Once again, this is the “critics” arena…the SAG, BAFTA and Globes, I’m sure will add more of a level of spice to the state of the race.

    That said, I think Deakins just might see his Oscar this year!!

  • Uncle Jay

    I still think Leo will do big biz in the SAG, GLOBE and BAFTA.

  • Sugar

    “The Exotic Hotel of the Marigold”? What the hell is that?

  • Proman

    Lincoln’s much deserving showing is made only more meaningful in that it wasn’t cross listed in any genre categories.

    It is a representation of a film where every aspect is top-notch and meaningful.

  • danemychal

    Christophe, I believe several days ago Harvey reversed the decision and put Waltz in supporting actor. That’s the impression i got from reading the pundits’ banter on Twitter.

  • phantom

    I forgot Ezra Miller, I could see him pull off a surprise SAG-nod, too.

  • Christophe

    ok then! didn kno that – oscar voters do not follow orders though – they can pull a winslet if they feel like it

  • Sugar

    If the Django boys are canceling each other out, why didn’t they at least get a nod for best ensemble?

  • PaulH

    I find it stunning that people can find fault with the story of TDKR, but then have hosannas for Life of Pi, which is far more of a clusterfuck than any movie this side of Cloud Atlas. The inclusion of Slyfall nominees other than Adele (who earned her way) are the prototypical examples of style over substance. This is a FRAKKIN’ JAMES BOND MOVIE WERE TALKING ABOUT HERE. it’s a slap in the face to especially the TDKR cast and their considerable collective acting pedigree.

  • Alex

    Perks for Adapted Screenplay! And Cloud Atlas has three noms!

  • PJ

    These awards are a joke. Looks like they are trying to go globes route without being the globes.

  • Joseph

    These are great nods for a general body. Nice to see Bardem and McConaughey and Perks. My only snub is Beasts in score.

  • Matt

    Happy to see The Master get some love – sans Director – after the AFI snubbing.

    Also good to see Life of Pi with 9 noms. I am not sure if Ang Lee can make it into the Top 5 for Oscars. Seems like an awfully competitive director’s race this year.

  • So happy Life of Pi has gotten this boost, and no group which nominates my Naomi will face even a small portion of my wrath!

    Did they annex Best Sound this year? I don’t see it here.

    Also, on a busy day for critics groupd, not only have the BFCA and St. Louis critics announced, the Phoenix and Detroit critics announced too. Links on my blog – just click on my name! I’ll have BFCA and St. Louis up soon!

  • Cer

    Jennifer Lawrence 4 nominations

  • *groups. Y’all get it.

    I’m selling like a hooker on here today 😀

  • Happy for Wallis scoring a DOUBLE nod. Sweet! She’s making a little history, which is cool.Wish Henry had been nominated as well, but you can’t win ’em all… At least this little film that could, known as “Beasts” is receiving credit across most of the board, so that’s good news.

    The Fanning nod surprised me. Didn’t realize that “Ginger & Rosa” had already been screened/released. Was wishing for a nod toward Amandla Stenberg for her outstanding performance in “The Hunger Games”. IMO, she was one of the best things about the film. Nice to see Hawkes & Hunt acknowledged as well.

    I am also hoping that the CW will revert back to the BFCA’s original show format: a little traditional with a tinge of contemporary excitement. I recall that watching the BFCAs on that network when it was “The WB” & it was that style. The new “style” at VH-1 was also a little too dark, obnoxious & “MTV-ish” for this viewer. Hopefully, these producers will allow room for a little more dignified (but not boring) show. Applause for all the nominees!

  • Zach

    I’m still hoping Bradley Cooper can be nominated at Denzel Washington’s expense. Cooper deserves it more for this part, and Hugh Jackman is definitely happening. Supporting Actor is awful this year, maybe worse than Actress. I hope this isn’t it for Naomi Watts. She’s more of an actress than Wallis. And Riva getting nominated is fine, but frankly it was a 2-hour-long death scene and little more.

  • g

    Wow! Javier Bardem for supporting actor!!!!!

  • Sorry Zach,but have to agree to disagree with you on Wallis. Just my opinion, but she’s just as much a fine actress as any of the adult females on that list. I don’t loan it to a fluke, luck, or even, as many have claimed, just “good direction”. Wallis has natural acting instincts happening & her performance, IMO was rock solid.

    Watts may have to just settle for a SAG nod, & not the Oscar. There’s always a “casualty” there. Since Wallis isn’t eligible,well, Watts could be it. Sorry Mayne.

  • Dominik

    OK, so this group has only room for 4 (!) Foreign Language Film nominations… C´mon, that´s embarrassing! 🙂
    They probably haven´t seen more of them, too busy to check “The Kid with the Bike” or “Barbara”…

    Lincoln looks good, but I have a feeling it will be Bigelow again at the Oscars (at the Critics Choice, I predict a Pic/Director-split Lincoln/Bigelow). Metacritic-Score 99… oh my!

  • I meant Wallis isn’t eligible for the SAG nod, just to clarify.

  • Jerry Grant

    Great list!!! Hooray for “Lincoln” and “Life of Pi”!!!!

    But….. Alan Arkin for “Argo” over Leo DiCaprio and Christoph Waltz??? seriously??? (Why is Arkin even a contender? He’s great as always, but it’s not a particularly notable role or anything.)

  • Jerry Grant

    The Best Director slot is tantalizing. They give all 6!! Affleck, Bigelow, Hooper, Lee, Russell, Spielberg. Who’ll be left out Oscar time??? (So happy to see they included Ang Lee; after you see that movie, you gotta say, “he’s gotta be nominated”.)

  • My blog link above is incorrect, btw. Soz!

  • Chung

    “But the Broadcast Film Critics’ history tells us that having the most nominations doesn’t mean anything. Zero Dark Thirty, with only five nods, can still emerge as the favorite and rise to win.”
    So can others than since there are no guarantees, and every year is different. I have not seen ZDT, and I look forward to seeing it, but ZDT’s 5 nods might be indicative, and you can’t really say Lincoln’s being the most nominated film means nothing by comparing to what happened last year, every year is different with variables.

  • Chris138

    I’m kind of surprised Javier Bardem actually got a nomination. He’s fine in the film, but if anyone is worthy of consideration for acting awards it would be Judi Dench, who I see is also nominated here.

  • Zach

    Ann Dowd should definitely be nominated for an Oscar (but lead or supporting?); however, will it be the dumbest character in the history of the nominations?

  • Mike

    At least The Perks of Being a Wallflower had a couple of nominations. Also cool Ann Dowd made it in.

  • Casey

    So happy for more Ann dowd love!!!

    So sad for beasts score

  • SallyinChicago

    * Sad * Denzel Washington and Flight are being lost in the crowd…Robert Zemeckis deserves better.

    A big thank you for Beasts — at least it IS getting some recognition.

  • Kane

    ZD30’s 5 nominations means little in terms of the Oscar nods it can pick up. Into the Wild and Black Swan picked up many here but only 2 and 5 at the Oscars. Then again the sound nominations are missing.

  • superkk

    where is phoenix and detroits list?

  • kailor

    The Samatha Barks miss really hurts her chances still BUT….. it is not nearly impossible for her if she gets GG/SAG. I really hope she makes it in come Oscar time. Samatha Bark was so natural and wonderful to watch as Eponine not to mention oh so pitch perfect (especially during her big number On My Own)

  • Christophe

    last year gary oldman was not nominated at any of these 3 (ccas, sag, gg) and he was still nominated at the baftas and oscars. on the other hand dcaprio reaped noms at ccas, sags and gg but was not at the oscars. so i guess barks like oldman will profit from the british bump to get into the oscars.

    precursor awards have NO incidence on the oscars, only coincidences!

  • rufussondheim

    Just finished Safety Not Guaranteed and I have to remark on how refreshing this movie is. It does everything extremely well (except the part with the two guys in trenchcoats, who are pretty inept at their jobs, but that’s a small quibble.) I loved how literary it was, well-written but not overly done (like many scenes in Lincoln) and the performances were fresh and interesting from all involved.


    I loved the unexpected ending. Whenever a film crosses over into the science fiction genre when everything up to that moment is anything but sci-fi, I get a special little thrill. Why do only traditional sci-fi films get to use those tricks and gimmicks? I like to think that if such like time travel is true it would play more like this film than, say, Looper. I liked Looper quite a bit, but, well, this is just special.

    But I like the themes that result from this metaphor, that you need to take a risk to find love, that sometimes what appears illogical is completely real and sane. It’s an absurdly romantic notion.

    And I love how the subplot with the actual writer serves as a complete counterpoint to the main plot. Yeah it’s a bit precious (the idea of going back in time to rekindle a failed relationship) but the movie sticks with it long enough that it really resonates. I enjoyed the female character here and how well developed she was and that the reason that relationship wouldn’t move forward was hers rather than his. Most movies would have made it his fault since he is the more central character (Heck, who are we kidding? Most movies wouldn’t have included the thematically perfect subplot.)

    I really think this is a topnotch film. Great script that the director trusted. Too often I think directors feel the need to go the auteur route rather than finding and relying on great scripts (I’m looking at you David O’ Russell!)

    My new top 10:

    The Perks of Being a Wallflower
    Take This Waltz
    Safety Not Guaranteed
    Life of Pi
    Cloud Atlas

  • Nic V

    Well so much for the “doing this in the privacy of their home” LMAO. Today on ABC in New York the resident, or one of the resident film critics decided to announce a few of the nominees for the Critics Choice. By a few he chose his favorites. I’m sitting listening and laughing as he makes it clear Hathaway is basically a sho-in and then announces Alan Arkin for BSA and then says I’m voting for Arkin. Ya gotta love these critics who couldn’t act their way out of a bag wanting to grab a little sunshine.

    It’s true this list really pretty covers everyone the only two actors who got missed in the mix were Gere and Tringtnant and John Goodman. But come on all the critics groups now have “nominees”. What do they need time to now sit around and look at all their reviews to see who they liked or do they need a nap first?

  • Yvette

    That’s a shyte-load of noms, but ecstatic to see MConaughey remembered and recognized (though I think he was best in Killer Joe – Magic Mike is too small to win but he also wouldn’t have a chance in the lead category because its too crowded.)
    I love Bardem, but like Streep, they’re performances this year were good, but nothing epic. Skyfall and Hope Springs were marking-time films for them – they could do this in their sleep. Same thing with Dench.
    There were too many more complex performances this year for them to crowd out someone else more worthy.

  • Zach

    Sorry, but Naomi Watts has to cling to a tree for survival after a tsunami. I’d like to see Wallis cling to a tree. I know she survived glaciers falling, but her performance did not drive the film in the way that Watts’s must. You can nominate Beasts for Best Picture without nominating her. She is no Patty Duke, Tatum O’Neal, Haley Joel Osment, Keisha Castle-Hughes, etc. In a better year she would never have a chance. It’s already a weak year with Riva getting a lifetime achievement nomination for some disquieting work, but really one long death scene. Naomi Watts shouldn’t be relegated to SAG placeholder.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    This guy is steroids lol ^^^^

  • Linc4Jess

    Kim…M. McConhaugey is excellent in “Bernie” and so is “Jack Black”. I am not a Jack Black fan per see but he was excellent and deserves to be in the best actor category. Definitely deserves it over Denzel Washington or Bradley Cooper in my opinion and I haven’t seen “The Sessions” so I can’t comment on that choice. Maybe SAG will have a few surprises tomorrow, but then again..

  • Linc4Jess

    Chris…are you saying OSCAR is more of a popularity contest???? Your probably right.

  • Linc4Jess

    We speculate all year long on film critics list on what will be the best of the best but in the end what it all comes down too is the SAG, PGA and DGA nods and winners that decides it all as far as the top five OSCARS are concerned.

  • unlikely hood

    Nic V: But come on all the critics groups now have “nominees”. What do they need time to now sit around and look at all their reviews to see who they liked or do they need a nap first?

    Hysterical. And spot-on. Blatant attempt to accrue authority…and blatant fail.

    Zach: Sorry, but Naomi Watts has to cling to a tree for survival after a tsunami. I’d like to see Wallis cling to a tree.

    This is offensive for many reasons. One of them is the whole “degree of difficulty” argument for awards merit. I guess if anyone does a lot of difficult dancing or singing, they deserve an Oscar over, say, someone who just says a lotta lines for 2 hours. That’s the mentality that got Natalie Portman and Catherine Zeta-Jones their Oscars. I’m not saying they were bad, but take away the dancing, and I don’t know that they out-acted their fellow nominees. I guess if people like Zach are voting, we should put the nominees on Top Chef and see who can make a better souffle quicker?

  • steve50

    I agree, NicV and unlikely hood – what is with the “nominee” business? I always thought they went in cold, made a case for their fave if there was no clear winner, and that was it.

    Having “nominees” is restrictive and, given the size of some of these groups, silly. Is the purpose to help them to remember (and not forget) worthy achievements in an industry they follow every day?

  • ChrisFlick

    Talk about category confusion, and a perfect snapshot of the absurdity of this group. Judi Dench is supporting in the main arena but for the genre awards she is bumped up (accurately might I add) to lead for the same performance. Other than that I was sorry to see Dwight Henry overlooked. PSH took his slot, really belongs in Lead for The Master.

  • I don’t remember them having a shitload of categories before. It is like the Mtv Awards. It makes them seem even more like posers. I’ll have to go through this list when I have 18 hours to spare.

  • REIChdome BACK with Avengeance

    Sasha I hate to say it but quantity is quality. And Spielberg is a favorite with bfca he certainly deserves and this film of his is dominating noms as it surely will come sag. I sorry to say but 5 noms is not good enough for a supposed great film where content I feel surpasses it fiilmmaking. It content indisputably important. So was citizen Kane for its time. I don’t believe dark thirty will win. Sorry . I knw u hopeful for it. But I think general consensus here is most pple feel bigelow and co. Very recent Oscar winner was more than her due. Bout damn time Spielberg is in the spotlight

  • Wellington

    Javier Bardem MADE IT! I’m so happy…

    Now… No love for “The Dark Knight Rises” and 3 nominations for the CRAP “Cloud Atlas”… That was a huge mistake!

  • Nic V

    The only conclusion one can come to regarding all the categories and nominations is that the Critics want to appear as important to the industry as AMPAS.

    There are distinct groups that have always had or been regarded as being “important” to the Industry. The National Board of Review was one of the first critic groups to award what they believed was excellence in film. In the early years they went out a limb and cited films that weren’t even considered for Oscar but were innovative or small and went without notice by AMPAS. They were also first to cite Foreign Films before the Academy instituted a Foreign Film Category. Then a little while later we got the New York Film Critics. As I recall Los Angeles didn’t arrive until the 70’s, could be mistaken and I’m not running to IMDB to find out. Then one by one new little groups of wannabes popped up everywhere to get in on the action. Now it’s just like one big badly orchestrated orgy.

    There were a number of festivals that held importance. Venice was first and then followed by Cannes. Then there was Berlin and Moscow. Moscow was mostly politically driven and the west rarely competed in Moscow. Cannes and Venice seemed to be the focal point of festivals until Venice fell on hard times in the 70’s and then it was really just Cannes that had an international reputation outside the mainstream film afficeanado. I remember always being curious about who won at Cannes but Cannes had it’s issues outside the mainstream.

    The public did pay attention to reviews of films but today it’s more about the one minute advertising shot that can be found anywhere now or word of mouth. Critics help but I don’t think the public relies on them when they decide to purchase a ticket. If that were the case the comic book heroes would never be as popular as they are. I have to admit that the legions of fans that follow the written word are to be respected. Like the Twilight, Lord of Rings, Hunger Games, saga’s or not that fact that fans of the books will follow the films are a good thing for the written word.

    So these long lists of nominees from two critics in Alaska who call themselves the Alaska Film Association bestowing awards [tongue in cheek] as if they were little gold statues are really irrelevant. I think we all play this game with the critics this time of year because it heightens the anticipation of the nominations. And it’s truly become nothing more than a game.

  • Carl

    @Uncle Jay

    Yes I agree. Though Leo has a lot of films next year, he needs to win this year!

  • Zach

    No, unlikely hood, degree of difficulty is something that should automatically be considered when nominating, or else the Oscars lose what prestige they have left. Your argument is just hypocritical. We should evaluate Wallis’s performance for what it is in the context of her film and not try to compare her to the other contenders, but when it comes to Catherine Zeta-Jones, we should pretend that she didn’t sing and dance in the movie and consider only her lines of dialogue? Uh, no, you should evaluate every performance holistically. And I, like the plurality of the Academy, would agree that Zeta-Jones and Portman were worthy winners, but that Wallis is a generous nominee at best.

    CZJ, like Hugh Jackman this year, is essentially unparalleled when it comes to the ability to perform in musical theater. Take out the dancing in Black Swan (though at least leave in the parts where it’s obvious that Portman is doing her own dancing) and you STILL have a performance that’s more worthy of an Oscar than runner-up Annette Bening’s fine performance in TKAAR.

    You sit there and judge Academy members for turning a cold shoulder to actors who read pages of dialogue, but you act like it’s a crime to criticize the decision to nominate Wallis, who didn’t even have that much dialogue or range of emotion.

    Of course you don’t sit there and actively ask whether each actor could play the others’ parts. Or else you’d end up giving Meryl Streep an Oscar every time, and much as I adore her, I’m not advocating that. It’s just that Wallis is a bit out of place for this performance that the doubt arises naturally. But whatever, you’re not going to convince me and I’m not going to convince you. Enjoy the Wallis-less SAG and GG nods.

  • Scott

    So whenever the term “really like” is used is that a ref to Sally Field? I know it’s attributed to her and is as much a part of film lore as “play it again, Sam” but in both cases neither actress said the line they are quoted for. Google it.

  • Daniel B.

    I would like more of the Perks in these lists. I hope that the GG give them some nominations. Best Supp Actor this year is a snoozefest. More vibrant choices such as Ewan McGregor, Ezra Miller and Eddie Redmayne will make my day instead of the overhyped performance of Arkin.

  • kelly

    aww I really hope Daniel can get best action actor
    Hopefully he’ll get a Bafta nom, his only chance @ serious awards

  • Yvette

    That is correct – Bergman said a variation of that line…’Play it once, Sam’ and then again, ‘Play it Sam’…
    And in Field’s case, she was talking about her ‘unorthodox’ up and down career and that she couldnt deny that at that moment, ‘right now you like me’ ..
    That line was also a reference to a line from Norma Rae…
    It was an honest Oscar moment but snarks have taken it wildly out of context ever since and its been following her ever since.

  • unlikely hood

    Zach – actually you did sorta convince me. I still don’t think we should award Oscars by “Survivor” rules – you know, standing on a pole for the most amount of time – but you made the case as good as it can be made.

  • Lida Garnache

    Washington was born in Mount Vernon, near New York City, New York, on December 28, 1954. His mother, Lennis “Lynne”, was a beauty parlor-owner and operator born in Georgia and partly raised in Harlem. His father, Reverend Denzel Hayes Washington, Sr., a native of Buckingham County, Virginia, served as an ordained Pentecostal minister, and also worked for the Water Department and at a local department store, S. Klein…:

    I’ll see you in a bit

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