Bradley Cooper, “Being recognized by your peers is something I could only dream of happening and to be included in this group of actors is not only humbling but quite frankly, surreal. But the greatest gift, was to be a part of an ensemble that was nominated and the cast, which spans more people than are noted–Jacki Weaver, Chris Tucker, Shea Whigham, Julia Stiles, Paulie Herman, Dash Mihok, Anupam Kher, Brea Bee, John Ortiz and all of the local actors from Philly who showed up and knocked it out of the park.”

Alan Arkin, “WOW!  I will never complain about my dues again!! I am also thrilled that the ensemble cast of ARGO was nominated and I am sure my fellow cast members feel that same way about the dues that I do!”

Marion Cotillard, “Thank you so much to the Screen Actors Guild, it’s an enormous honor as an actor to be recognized by your peers. I’m thrilled to share this nomination with the incredible Jacques Audiard and Matthias Schoenaerts and the entire “Rust and Bone” team, and especially Tom Bernard and Michael Barker at Sony Pictures Classics for bringing the film to US audiences.”

Robert De Niro, “”It is very gratifying that SAG has chosen to honor the work of all of the actors in SLP”

Naomi Watts, “I could not be more excited. The recognition from your peers is beyond valuable. I’m truly thrilled. It’s an honor to be a part of Maria Belon’s story and of course the countless others whose lives were so profoundly affected by the tsunami.”

Daniel Day-Lewis, What a lovely thing for myself, Sally, Tommy, and the entire cast to be nominated by our guild.

Nicole Kidman, ““This acknowledgement from my peers means everything to me. I love acting.  I love actors.  This has absolutely floored me.  Thank you so much!”

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  • Yvette

    I can’t complain because my Lincoln express train keeps rolling closer to ultimate victory…..
    But a few things:
    Bardem over McConaughey in SA? Arkin over MM? Kidman for Paperboy and not MM for anything?
    Oh well, I’m predicting next year will be MM’s big year with Dallas Buyers Club etc..they’re just not ready for him yet….
    And Mirren for Hitchcock?
    The Bardem and Mirren noms actually piss me off – these are not Oscar-worthy roles in a year like this. In no way shape or form.
    This is popularity and that’s it.
    I repeat: Sorry Penelope, your ex deserved it more this year….

  • eurocheese

    I just love Kidman.

  • Mirren was absolutely smashing in Hitchcock, which was otherwise a piece of trash. She made that movie watchable. Mirren completely deserves the recognition.

  • Little MY

    You deserve it Nicole, You gave the most visceral performance this year. the dual nomination is just the topping on the cake!

  • Rahul Agarwal
  • A. J. Roscoe

    Ms. Kidman is definitely ramping up her campaign.

  • Lincoln snooze fest

    “What a lovely thing for myself, Sally, Tommy, and the entire cast to be nominated by our guild”

    Was it a surprise? You’re just a name on a ballot this year. You have two f*king Oscars for superior roles, and here you are about to snatch an undeserved one for imitating a real person (albeit one we have no audio/visual footage of) rather than creating a wholly unique, to quote Jeff Wells, “imitation of a booze-sipping alien serpent”….tsk tsk zzzzzzz

  • Jeremy


  • Jeremy

    @Lincolnsnoozefest: Damn, I loooooove dem salty tears. Keep it up, bro!

  • When was the last time a film won the best picture Oscar without getting nominated for the Sag ensemble?

    That would be ‘Braveheart’ in 1995 in the Sag Awards’ first year. That is the only time it has happened. Even ‘The Hurt Locker’ got an ensemble nomination. Where does this snub leave ‘Zero Dark Thirty’?

  • Jim

    @Rahul Agarwal: Lighting.

  • filmboymichael

    Bardem is a very pleasant surprise – his performance in Skyfall was skilled, flambouyant and worthy of recognition. I do agree there should have been a spot on the list for MM, and I think we’ll see his name on Oscar nom morning.

  • d2

    Yvette. Three things.

    1) “my Lincoln” – It’s not your Lincoln. He is not a prize. He is a movie characterization of a POTUS we can all admire. But do you really like the movie or are you blinded by your patriotism?

    2) ” these are not Oscar-worthy roles in a year like this.” – Like DDL? Like Sally Field? Like TLJ? Here’s the thing: Oscar-worthy just means middle of the road. They ignore truly brilliant performances, like those of Joaquin Phoenix in The Master or Brad Pitt in The Tree of Life, for instance. I’d like everyone to open up their definition of this term to be much more inclusive of unique and interesting characters/actors/performances.

    3) “This is popularity and that’s it.” – So DDL’s nomination for the highly overrated Lincoln is not popularity-based? You seem to worship it and put it up on an unreachable pedestal…my guess is in 5 or 10 years time, you’ll be looking back and shaking your head,

  • J.-C. B.

    That list is overall a tad disappointing. Too much star-studded. Noatble absentees : Ann Dowd, Amour, Joaquin Phoenix, Django Unchained, Amy Adams, Matthew McConaughey… list goes on.

    Way overrated : The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and Maggie Smith’s overacting. There was obviously a sympathy vote by the senior complement of SAG, thankful for a film that actually gave them jobs. That movie was average… at best.

    Hopefully, the January 10 list will be different.

  • Amanda

    Kidmans should say “yay my ass kissing worked”. Such a joke.

  • Winston

    Nicole wants it! And rightfully so! She earned it

  • filmboymichael

    Actually, Kidman received stellar notices for her performance in the film. The film itself was a hot mess with audiences and critics alike, but everyone agreed that Kidman was incredible in her role. She is also very good in Hemingway and Gelhorn, plus she’s also very respected within the acting community as someone who takes risks in her choice of roles.

  • Derek 8-Track

    With low performance on Master and Djangonods, Weinstein knows where to focus his attention. He’ll be giving SLP a radicle boost.

  • rufussondheim

    I think the most annoying thing about these nominations will be all of the people saying “no film has won the Best Pic without the SAG Ensemble nomination since Braveheart in 1995.”

    I really want to program my computer to self-delete all those comments.

    Because it doesn’t mean anything.

    You know what these same people will be saying for the 2013 awards. “Hey, My film isn’t out of the running yet, sure it didn’t get a SAG Ensemble Award, but that doesn’t mean anything.”

  • AD

    Sorry d2 but all awards are popularity contest otherwise people would not be campaigning like mad to get one so they can show that they are supposedly the best. See Cotillard, Hathaway, Kidman, Watts who are everywhere at every possible party and magazine. . Then we have the Dame Mirren and Smith (which I both love) who get nominated just because of who they are not because their performance was out of this world.
    But we still watch and enjoy this process anyway.

  • Amanda

    Harvey gave up on the Master a long time ago. He saw it wasnt going to be his winner and just dumped it. He does it every year.

  • helios

    Brad Pitt in The Tree of Life is now considered a brilliant performance? I thought he was the worst part of an otherwise brilliant film. I’m sorry but he can’t act, like DiCaprio; ruins every film he’s in for me.

    On a separate note, I hope Day-Lewis shockingly loses to Cooper so people could say he was robbed of a third Oscar and Cooper’s win was a joke. Similar to Gangs of New York. There is always backlash against winners; this way his performance will be revered as the true winner lolz

    Because honestly the way Meryl Streep was treated last year left a bad taste in my mouth. She was almost going to apologise for winning during her speech. For years she was snubbed and taken for granted in favour of mediocre performances just because she already had two statues and would be back next year. When she eventually won a well-deserved third Oscar, there was none of that “OMG she was robbed!1” reactions but contempt. The same thing is happening to Day-Lewis, but unlike Streep he won’t be back next year.

  • Jim

    ”It is very gratifying that SAG has chosen to honor the work of all of the actors in SLP”

    Julia Stiles begs to differ.

  • Ahahaha I love Nicole!

    And Naomi.

  • Evelyn Garver

    Lincoln snoozefest, you can certainly criticize the film or performance, but you can’t really have a problem with the display of good manners, can you? You are yelling at a well-behaved grown up who can’t actually hear you. Also, the man didn’t single handedly nominate himself.

  • kasper

    I knew not to count out Maggie Smith in Best Exotic Marigold Hotel just yet! But I would trade her for her co-star Judi Dench for Skyfall.

  • Yvette

    Oh my d2,
    You’re favorites have been snubbed. The wrath of Master fans cometh.
    It doesn’t mean they’ll be snubbed by Oscar. Relax.

  • kasper

    The Bardem role is way deserved. Just because it’s a blockbuster? Mirren is the best thing about Hitchcock but that’s not saying anything much. If she gets her Oscar nomination, it’ll be just like the one for playing Tolstoy’s wife. They just want Mirren there because she brings some class to the joint.

  • keifer

    Random thoughts on these nominations:

    Spielberg Snore-A-Rama – the movie was dreadfully dull, I thought.

    Congrats to Javier Bardem. A well-deserved nomination in a very difficult role.

    Go Maggie Smith!

  • PJ

    SLP is coming. Expansion this week. Cleaning up SAG. Gonna clean up GG. Love that movie has Weinstein behind it. I am usually a Fox Searchlight guy but not this year.

  • I think Django Unchained’s total snub, and also the Hobbit, too, was that they simply were the last one screeing and maybe their DVD screeners didn’t get there in time.

  • unlikely hood

    Did DeNiro actually say “SLP” and not “Silver Linings Playbook”? HEYYYY…you think he reads this blog?

  • Christophe
  • Mikhail
  • Jesus Alonso

    Happy to see Naomi and Bardem there, I must admit. Would have liked to see Tom Holland surprise here – maybe he’s not a Guild member? – but it seems that “The Impossible” campaign is finally reaching some accolades. SAG means a lot and if Naomi earns a GG nom, she has half the Oscar nom deal, done. Bardem also looks on his way to be this year’s Heath Ledger/Christoph Waltz/Al Pacino (Dick Tracy)… the “super”villain nominated.

  • Christopher

    @Evelyn Garver-just ignore him and maybe he will go away. He’s probably in his twenties. You see, they can’t enjoy the movie because nothing was blown up, the camera didn’t bounce around and change images every 3 seconds-and it completely put them out that a film had actual dialouge! I find that most of the bad mouthing of critics comes from (as Jeff Daniels in Newsroom put it) the worst period generation period ever period.
    Lincoln is a masterpiece and the performances are perfect. Havn’t seen Les Mis yet, so can’t make a judgement call on it, but Lincoln is the best thing going this year.

  • mdbDuke

    0D30 certainly isn’t out of the running, and may still be a frontrunner, but we would be crazy to call it a foregone conclusion based on Critics Awards. The only combo of awards I’m aware of that leads to victory every single time is SAG Ensemble+PGA+DGA. Unless you get that sweep, all bets are off.

  • SJ

    @ rufussondheim

    You came to the wrong site if you are expecting people to not make judgements based on an award trend. That’s how everyone makes predictions here, at least when we are not letting personal biases and preferences get in the way. The DGA is the most reliable predictor of who wins best director and there have been three DGA winners that did not get the directing oscar since 1995. If there is only one oscar best picture winner without a SAG ensemble nom in the same timeframe, I’m sorry but I am paying attention. It obviously doesn’t eliminate ZDT chances of winning, but it is of concern. There are several valid reasons why ZDT missed out on the nomination including the late spike in buzz and the late screeners that could have resulted in not enough people seeing the movie before voting or it being considered an actor’s film and not an ensemble piece.

  • rodrigo jp

    please can anyone tell me if they are broadcasting tomorrow’s golden globes announcement? and what channel?

  • rodrigo jp

    please can anyone tell me if they are broadcasting tomorrow’s golden globes announcement? and what channel and time?

  • Robert De Niro, “”It is very gratifying that SAG has chosen to honor the work of all of the actors in SLP”

    Sometimes I think if he found a land made of cupcakes, populated with Pegasuses, where the sustainable energy source was giggles, he’d still be meh about it. It would have been nice if that nomination had gone to someone who’d be psyched about it.

  • murtaza

    why the hell is ALAN ARKIN being nominated, i mean what did he do in the film except for passing few witty one liners. His place should be given to McConaughey. This is absurd he’s being robbed after an incredible year an actor can have.

  • SallyinChicago

    The little girl in BEASTS did as admirable a job as any of those white women. Shame on SAG.

  • rufussondheim

    SJ, your post mostly annoys me, but since you spelled the word ‘judgment’ as ‘judgement’ the same way I spelled it in an 8th grade spelling bee and was eliminated, only to be saved by an alternate judge who said that indeed ‘judgement’ was a valid, but alternate, way to spell the word, I have decided to take the time to respond to you.

    But, sadly, I eventually lost because I could not spell ‘medieval’ properly. I was the runner-up, only to lose to that accursed 7th grader who actually chose to study the word list we were given beforehand.

  • filmboymichael

    Hey Sally, Beasts of the Southern Wild was not eligible because it was a non union production. The producers had the option to make it union by paying the performers union scale, but they opted not to.

  • name

    “The continued support from fellow actors has really meant a lot to me and the cast.” Steve Buscemi

    “Thank you fellow SAG Members. It means so much to me to be recognized by my peers. Political Animals was very dear to my heart and it’s a great honor to receive this kind of recognition.” Sigourney Weaver

  • Tin

    Jessica L, Jessica Ch, Maggie, Sigourney, Nicole … what a wonderful cast and so deserved nominations !

  • Freddy Ardanza

    I just saw Beast of The Southern Wild and is an OK film and I’m shock that so many people thing that QW is Oscar worthy, if you compares what Anna Paquin did in The Piano or Tatum O’neall in Paper Moon (both Oscar winning performance) or Kirsten Dunst in Interview With A Vampire (a criminally snubbed performance in 1994) how can anyone think that what this girl and the director did in BOSW is in any way special?

  • petros

    this arkin thing is getting me annoyed. mean ,ok, i dont agree with half noms and awards etc but i cant really see whats awards-nom-worthy about this role and this performance. and its definitely mc conaughey whos left out but a whole lotta others also

  • Yvette


  • Yvette

    I haven’t seen Beasts, so I can’t comment on her performance.
    But as far as I’m concerened, no one has ever come close to Tatum O’Neal in Paper Moon. And her win at the Oscars, wearing that tux! Perfectly badass.

  • himynameiscole

    well, looks like phoenix is this year’s fassbender. the best performance of the year getting snubbed.

  • Julia

    Does anyone know how SAG eligibility works for non-American productions?

  • steve50

    Ahh, SAG. The gang whose famous ensemble nominees include How to Make and American Quilt, Hairspray, Nine, Bobby, and Dreamgirls. They who started the Crash tsunami.

    The year No Country for Old Men won ensemble, it was the ONLY ensemble nominee that went on to an Oscar BP nod – the PTA hate is not new.

    Well, Phoenix and Riva can join the likes of Fassbender and Ramirez who gave the performances of their respective years, but got forgotten by SAG.

    Glad that irritation is over – they never fail to irk and appall.

  • Sarah

    I don’t know how Sasha Stone beggin’ for Quvenzhané Wallis’s Oscar nomination when she is only child. In fact she can’t the ability to create a rol and all moral people must be against of child labor and child exploitation. And for that thing I can’t comprehend how a mother is favour to child labor and to give a nomination to a child.
    I hope the Women Film Critics Circle and Alliance of Women Film Journalists don’t nominee Quvenzhané because that be a contradiction to Children’s Right and women rights.

  • Aaron

    Sarah, are you special or are you just being sarcastic? “Child labor” and “child exploitation”…you realize that on every film set with minors, it is legally required that a social worker be present so that the child is not overworked or exploited. That’s just an inane comment. And just because Wallis is a child shouldn’t exclude her from a conversation about the “best” of the year…personally I wouldn’t nominate her for Beasts of the Southern Wild, but I can’t deny that it was a compelling performance…

    …on another note, I’m really surprised Matthew McConaughey is getting so much love around these corners. I will say he was charismatic in Magic Mike, but honestly I have the same feelings about him as I have about Alan Arkin this year in Argo as well as Catherine Keener a few years ago in Capote…serviceabe performances, but in what universe are these Oscar-worthy? Especially when a performance like Ezra Miller in The Perks of Being a Wallflower is egregiously overlooked! I also haven’t seen Django Unchained, obviously, but I just have to imagine that at least one out of Waltz, DiCaprio, or Jackson makes it in to the best supporting actor race. The supporting categories are very hazy this year.

  • petros

    aaron, been around here commenting for the first time these days, allthough i am o fan of years (voyeur) and i wanna b friendly. i so agree for all supporting performances u mention (some seen, some like djangos not yet) and i could add a few more ( henry, fassbender,broadbent in atlas, willis etc)if i may. but u cant be sayin arkins role was like mmc in mm, sth i dont get. personally this is biggest surprise of the year and maybe greatest feelgood character, deserves the nom and i could add that these kind of momentum situations ( actor not previously considered even as a joke…)are not rear for oscar…

  • Sarah

    Children don’t must to work, so not Wallis nomination

  • Wellington

    I just LOVE to get to know the actor’s reaction to their nominations! I believe this is the best SAG in years! I’m only a bit disappointed for Hopkins and Phoenix omission. And what about Nicole Kidman? Hum… I really don’t know what to think about that. Does this mean that she will make into the Oscars too?!

  • d2

    Yah, DDL will probably win. John Wayne won for True Grit. A shit performance in a shit film. If it happened once, it can happen again. And it will.

  • Yvette

    So sorry you’re fave (presumably Phoenix) was overlooked. But look at it this way: He thinks the whole Oscar thing is B*#/ ….
    So it works out for everybody.

  • Drew

    Wow. What a pleasant surprise to go to my computer and find out Kidman was nominated for a SAG! No once but twice and the surprise was for ” The Paperboy” I really would be double happy for a Globe nod tomorrow for her in both categories as well. We will see. She really gave a great performance in “The Paperboy” and deserves this nod.

  • M

    too bad no Javier’s comment(((
    Id like to see his words
    So happy for the man!

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