On December 16th, 2012, the Kansas City Film Critics Circle announced the winners of its 46th annual Loutzenhiser Awards:

Best Film
The Master

Robert Altman Award for Best Director
Ang Lee
Life of Pi

Best Actress
Jennifer Lawrence
Silver Linings Playbook

Best Actor
Daniel Day-Lewis

Best Supporting Actress
Anne Hathaway
Les Miserables

Best Supporting Actor
Philip Seymour Hoffman
The Master

Best Adapted Screenplay
Chris Terrio

Best Original Screenplay
Paul Thomas Anderson
The Master

Best Foreign Language Film

Vince Koehler Award for Best Science Fiction, Fantasy or Horror Film
The Cabin in the Woods

Best Animated Film

Best Documentary
The Imposter

(thanks, Marshall)

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  • I do like the KCFCC. One of the oldest, and one of the wisest.

  • Jerry

    The Master and Ang Lee! Good job Kansas.

  • San Francisco Film Critics Circle is also currently voting. They’re live tweeting as I type.

  • Robert

    The Master? Sorry, but for me the emperor has no clothes. Try again, Kansas.

  • matthew

    This is me being REALLY picky because I’m from Kansas City, forgive me, but the KCFCC covers both Kansas AND Missouri, so it’s best to not credit just Kansas.

    Great picks–puts me over the moon Ang Lee for BD.

  • steve50

    San Francisco came thru perfectly – cheers for the naked emperor!

  • Lol indeed, steve.

    Here’s a link to the San Francisco Film Critics Circle’s picks:


  • Dan

    the San Francisco Film Critics Circle just tweeted the results of their votes.
    Best Picture – The Master
    Best Director – Kathryn Bigelow (Zero Dark Thirty)
    Best Actor – Joachin Phoenix (The Master)
    Best Actress – Emmanuelle Riva (Amour)
    Best Supporting Actor – Tommy Lee Jones (Lincoln)
    Best Supporting Actress – Helen Hunt (The Sessions)
    Best Screenplay Original – Mark Boal (Zero Dark Thirty)
    Best Screenplay Adapted – Tony Kushner (Lincoln)
    Best Editing – William Goldenberg (Argo)
    Best Cinematography – Claudio Miranda (Life of Pi)
    Best Foreign Language Film – Amour
    Best Production Design – Adam Stockhausen (Moonrise Kingdom)
    Best Animated Film – ParaNorman
    Best Documentary – The Waiting Room


    The African-American Film Critics Association have also announced today. Here’s that link:


  • Free

    As of now, I’m thinking Hoffman could win his second Oscar for his supporting turn. One thing I can’t understand is why the studio behind KILLER JOE isn’t pushing hard for McConaughey. It’s a juicy-as-hell role that’s Oscar-nomination worthy, unlike MAGIC MIKE, which will likely see him being snubbed.

  • Kansas City Film Critics: The Master and Ang Lee! Good job Kansas. [2]

    San Francisco Film Critics Circle: The Master, Phoenix, Riva and Hunt! Good job San Francisco.


  • One thing I can’t understand is why the studio behind KILLER JOE isn’t pushing hard for McConaughey.


  • PaulH

    Free, 2 words and 2 numbers why Killer Joe will NEVER have a sniff of Oscar stuff:


    Blue Valentine was a fluke.

  • Free

    Thanks Paddy Mulholland and Paul H for the quick responses. Second time in two years a great performance was snubbed due to its rating (Fassbender in Shame was the best male lead last year, in my opinion). I thought LD attempted to change it to ‘R,’ but I just found out that failed.

  • Candice

    At this point, I can’t predict who’s going to win best actress. I mean Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Chastain both have equal number of critics awards. It’s evenly divided and there’s no guarantee if Jessica or Jennifer will definitely win.

  • g

    Great job Kansas!

  • Edkargir

    The master and pi are very overrated.

  • André

    VERY odd… At my midnight screening of “The Hobbit” last Thursday, there were NO trailers, but there was a featurette on “Life of Pi” – oddly, in 2D. You NEVER see that here in Brazil. Funny cuz it seems like an art film getting a massive commercial push,which is always great. Definitely watching it on opening night this week.

  • Archie

    Anne Hathaway won again as Best Supporting Actress. She’s been winning the critics awards and all but one have chosen her to win the Oscar at goldderby.com. It looks like for sure Sally Field’s perfect track record at the Oscars will be tainted. She will be nominated but won’t win her third. I’m so sad. I’m so pissed. Why does Hathaway be so good with her scenes in Les Miserables. I wish the movie came out any other year. 🙁 Congratulaions in advance to Hathaway! 🙁

  • alexg

    But hasn’t Riva won the most Best Actress critic awards? Could she win the whole thing over Lawrence and Chastain? (If she is even nominated…I remember Sally Hawkins winning the most Critics Awards AND the Golden Globe and then no SAG, BAFTA, and Oscar nominations). Boo. But Riva will be nominated for Best Actress at the BAFTAs and likely Oscar.

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