Best Film: “Argo “
(runners-up: “Life of Pi” and “Lincoln”)

Best Director: Ben Affleck (“Argo”)
(runner-up): Quentin Tarantino (“Django Unchained”) and
Benh Zeitlin (“Beasts of the Southern Wild”)

Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis (“Lincoln”)
(runner-up): John Hawkes (“The Sessions”)

Best Actress: Jessica Chastain (“Zero Dark Thirty”)
(runners-up): Jennifer Lawrence (“Silver Linings Playbook”)

Best Supporting Actor: Christoph Waltz (“Django Unchained”)
(runner-up): Tommy Lee Jones (“Lincoln”)

Best Supporting Actress: (Tie): Ann Dowd (“Compliance”) and Helen Hunt (“The Sessions”)

Best Original Screenplay: “Zero Dark Thirty” (Mark Boal)
(runner-up): “Django Unchained” (Quentin Tarantino)

Best Adapted Screenplay: (Tie): “Lincoln” (Tony Kushner) and “Silver Linings Playbook” (David O. Russell)

Best Cinematography: “Skyfall” (Roger Deakins)
(runner-up): “Life of Pi” (Claudio Miranda)

Best Visual Effects: “Life of Pi”
(runner-up): “The Avengers”

Best Music: (Tie): “Django Unchained” and “Moonrise Kingdom

Best Foreign-Language Film: “The Intouchables”
(runners-up): “The Fairy” and “Headhunters”

Best Documentary: “Searching for Sugar Man”
(runner-up): “Ai Wei Wei: Never Sorry,” “Bully” and “How To Survive A Plague”

Best Comedy: (Tie): “Moonrise Kingdom” and

Best Animated Film: “Wreck-It Ralph”
(runner-up): “ParaNorman”

Best Art-House or Festival Film (Tie): “Compliance” and “Safety Not Guaranteed”

Special Merit (for best scene, cinematic technique or other memorable aspect or moment)
(Four-way Tie):
“Django Unchained” – The “bag head” bag/mask problems scene
“Hitchcock” – Anthony Hopkins in lobby conducting to music/audience’s reaction during “Psycho” screening
“The Impossible” – Opening tsunami scene
“The Master” – The first “processing” questioning scene between Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix

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  • Monchovader

    This is the Argo’s Day

  • phantom

    (I updated my Chicago comment) I know critics don’t vote for the Oscars but they DO influence films’ perceptions therefore they still count, so :

    St. Louis was the 15th group this year that announced its winners :

    BEST PICTURE : Zero Dark Thirty won 7 (Argo 3, The Master 2)
    BEST DIRECTOR : Kathryn Bigelow won 8 (Ben Affleck 3, Ang Lee 2)
    BEST ACTRESS : Jessica Chastain won 6 (Jennifer Lawrence and Emmanuelle Riva 4 each)
    BEST ACTOR : Daniel Day-Lewis won 12 (Joaquin Phoenix and Bradley Cooper 2 each)
    BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS : Anne Hathaway won 7 (Field, Adams, Hunt, Dowd 2 each)
    BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR : Tommy Lee Jones won 5 (Philip Seymour Hoffman 4, Waltz 2)
    BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY* : Zero Dark Thirty won 4 (Looper 3, The Master 2)
    BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY** : Lincoln won 6 (Argo 4, Silver Linings Playbook 3)

    *(there were 11 original script wins including 2 without a separate category)
    **(there were 14 adapted script wins including 6 without a separate category)

  • Archie

    Best Actress is between Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence. They’re the only ones who keep winning the critics awards. Best Actor and Best Supporting Actress are locks for Daniel Day Lewis and Anne Hathaway respectively. Unfortunately, it’s the end of Sally Field’s perfect track record,

    ‘The third time you don’t like me you don’t like me. The first time I felt it. The second time I felt it too. This time I can’t deny the fact that you don’t like me right now. You don’t like me. (Sobbing). Thank you!’.

    Best Supporting Actor is wide open. Tommy Lee Jones could win it. As Hoffman could or Alan Arkin as well. Depending on which movie is more loved, Lincoln or The Master or Argo, by the Academy.

  • Archie

    When will Sasha post the chart of up to date winners among critics awards? I wanna see the tab of what and who won so far. Please post!

  • phantom
  • Glenn UK

    So many “ties” – they must have been very undecided!!!!

  • Archie

    Thanks Phantom!

  • phantom, you’re missing Detroit and African-American critics

  • phantom

    Thanks, Paddy !

  • Argo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Rodrigo jp

    I still cannor understand why alan arkin is getting buzz…. He was just ok

  • scary

    These are another charts that splits categories and put all winners, nominees in.

    Best Picture:
    Best Director:
    Best Actor:
    Best Actress:
    Best Supporting Actor:
    Best Supporting Actress:

  • Michelle

    Don’t reward Beasts of Southern Wild, we can’t justify the child labor and child exploitation. We must be clear on that

  • ghk


  • steve50

    Michelle, dear – unless you are accessing AD telepathically, you are likely using a device made using child labour in conditions probably far worse than a (temporary) movie set. The likelihood of any of those children setting forth on a lucrative career as a result of their efforts is far lower than Miss Wallis.

    Perhaps you should redirect your attention to a more deserving industry. I’m sure your heart is in the right place, but your sermonizing is getting tiresome around here.

  • steve50
  • Odee

    Do not be so sure that Anne has it in the bag. If we go by critics awards, then Jessica Chastain should have had it in the bag last year, winning the major ones but losing the oscar. I do not see Field losing if DDL wins. I think that they will both win. Field is playing THE character and against THE actor and holding her own and no one does Ditzy like Field.

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