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Les Miserables Review from The Atlantic, for Musical Obsessives, a Must-See


Les Miserables is getting hit pretty hard with some reviews but here’s a positive one from The Atlantic:

There are moments in Les Misérables, the movie musical adaptation from The King’s Speechdirector Tom Hooper, that are so rumbling and rousing and righteous that certain people might be immediately transported back into the theater seat where they, smaller of body but probably bigger of heart, first fell in love with the sweep and swoon of musical theater. That’s the big, definitive declaration I’m going to make about this turgid movie, a gut-pouring melodrama that never flinches in the face of its own largeness. I’m not sure how people who are not musical obsessives will react to the film — it takes the form very seriously — but for those with any decent amount of showtune-itis in their blood, Les Misérables is, I’m surprised to find myself saying, something of a must-see.