If you have friends in high places you can get those swanky parties thrown around town this time of year – like the time Arianna Huffington held a party for the King’s Speech. Good times! But if you have friends in high places, and if your movie didn’t make a dime, and if your campaign rides on a wing and a prayer, well, you do what you have to do. Why, because let’s face it, getting work in Hollywood over the age of 40 is impossible, even for veterans like Sally Field who really had to audition the old fashioned way for Lincoln. Ann Down has been working in Hollywood for decades, in television and in film, and yet this is the first time even the faintest whisper of a potential Oscar nomination is upon her.

Hollywood Reporter’s Scott Feinberg:

Matt Cowal, Magnolia’s senior VP of marketing and publicity, tells THR they would have if Compliance had made money. “This is a film that, unfortunately, we’re going to take a loss on,” he says. “If it had worked, like some of our films have, we would have supported Ann with a terrific end-of-the-year awards campaign, like we did for Melancholia and I Am Love.” Instead, he says, “When a film is already out on DVD, supporting actress awards buzz does help, but it’s not a game-changer on the film’s bottom line, so we just are trying to be as responsible as we can.”

Dowd, a soft-spoken, working-class wife and mother of three kids, two of whom have special needs, reveals to THR that Magnolia’s refusal to pay for screeners—while her fellow contenders, few of whom have garnered the number of accolades that she has and almost all of whom have exponentially larger net-worths, had theirs paid for—prompted her and her husband to make a difficult decision: to foot the bill themselves, putting $6,000 on their credit card and borrowing $7,000 from friends. They feel that this might be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for her and that a nomination could change the course of her career, so they want to give her a fighting chance.

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    Oscar Breakthrough: Ann Dowd of Compliance

    From the first few moments of Compliance, actually apparent even from the trailer, it̵…
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  • Gautam

    Oh my god. Wish she gets nominated, though it’s looking less and less likely with the intrusion of Kidman.

  • JJ

    Oh, f$&k Kidman and her botoxed face. She’s won enough.

  • steve50

    “If it had worked, like some of our films have, we would have supported Ann with a terrific end-of-the-year awards campaign. (Matt Cowal)

    Pretty cheesy of Magnolia. Their only other awards hopefuls are/were A Royal Affair, which I guess is on the shortlist for FLF, and Queen of Versailles, which failed to be shortlisted for Best Doc.

    Pretty old school approach to taking the bottomline over celebrating achievement.

    Hope she gets a nod, and many more job offers, but doesn’t win. Wouldn’t want the execs to reap something they didn’t sow with the resulting additional DVD sales.

  • Jerry

    Stupid studio heads. This is worth the $13,000 investment. If she gets nominated, more people will see the film on DVD. The studio will get bragging rights too. It worked for Melissa Leo so I hope it works for her too.

  • PJ

    Magnolia really dropped the ball here. Cheering for her now!

  • A. J. Roscoe

    Ms. Kidman probably is making phone calls to her actor friends in the Academy as we speak..

  • phantom

    Although usually I am violently against category fraud, in this case I can see why everyone involved would be VERY happy if this lead performance received a nomination at least in the supporting category. Let’s see how that could work out : there are 3 presumed locks (Hathaway-Field-Hunt) and the last two slots are probably down to the Kidman-Smith-Adams-Dench-Dowd quintet. I think Adams will make the cut and take 4th place and then IF the Academy hates Nicole Kidman’s film enough AND the Maggie Smith-Judi Dench duo splits the British veteran vote, THEN Ann Dowd might be able to sneak in. I would love to see that happen and frankly I think the ‘PaperboyHATE/Britishsplitvotes’ theory could easily materialize…that is if the annual out-of-blue acting nominee won’t be a supporting actress contender (Samantha Barks, Kerry Washington, Jackie Weaver). If for example, Samantha Barks receives a Bafta nomination indicating strong support from British Oscar voters OR Django Unchained emerges as a top3-player during the guild-phase, then all bets are off.

    I just hope Ann Dowd will get bigger and better roles with all this Compliance-exposure, so even if she doesn’t make the cut this time, she will have the material to be in consideration in the future.

    Having said that, I AM violently against sob story-campaigns, I get that she feels this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, but I always think it’s unprofessional to bring detailed personal hardship into a PROFESSIONAL awards campaign. The work should speak for itself…and the sad part is, that hers actually DOES, so even though I would love to say she doesn’t need the human interest story and the narrative…but if there is one thing I learnt during my Oscar-years is, that usually the one who wins isn’t the best, it’s the one with the best story. Long story short, I don’t blame her for doing this and I get why she is, but I still hate this approach. I know. For her, that’s probably the only viable one. Also why should she be judged for something movie stars do every fucking time they want an Oscar, even though they COULD afford being professional. Dowd CANNOT.

  • Akumax

    I respect and I have sympathy for Ann Dowd but honestly I miss a little Mo’nique point of view in this game… remember, when she didn’t want to campaign?! “I want to thank the Academy for showing that it can be about the performance and not about the politics…”.

  • JJ-NOT

    Oh, f$&k Amy Adam and her so-so acting. She’s has been nominated enough for that level of acting.

  • SallyinChicago

    I for one am sick of seeing the same-o same-o actors get nom’d every single or every other year: Yeh, that means You Kidman, and you Lawrence, and you Streep…and you Phillip Hoffman, and you Chris Waltz and the list goes on. There seem to be 10 actors/actresses that dominate the screen every yr and get the awards nom’s every year and this is what’s killing the movie awards….people are bored.

  • Remember This is a Business

    Matt Cowal is just being honest and direct and should be applauded. Yes, this is a business of art but it is also a business. Kudos to Ann for taking it upon herself to go for it but there is no shame in watching the bottom line guys…every single business does (or should if they don’t).

  • Beau

    If there was a Kickstarter for this / donation box, I’d have given $100. She deserves it.

  • Adam


    Christoph Waltz only has one nom (and one win), Lawrence only has one nomination. But okay. You have obviously seen both Django and SLP and believe that both of those two don’t deserve the plaudits they have been earning from their apparently not impressive performances. You’re amazing. Start your own blog please, so I can listen to more of your amazing rants.

  • Kevin Klawitter

    Reminds me of how Richard Linklater had to pay for FYC ads for Christian McKay in “Me and Orson Welles” out of his own pocket. Of course, he’s in a better position financially than Add Dowd, and hopefully her work will pay off better(so to speak).

  • p

    Don’t know what Nicole Kidman has to do with any of this? She similarly is in a position of being in a small film with did not light the box office on fire. There are several other actresses competing with Ann Dowd….

  • AdamA

    At the very least Magnolia could start a Kickstarter effort to help support her efforts at a nomination. You can’t tell me one of their interns or publicists at Magnolia hasn’t thought about this. It should’ve been up the day after NBR…..They wouldn’t even really be spending much of their money just use their platform and connections to web sites such as this one to talk about their Kickstarter project for Ann Dowd…..Honestly a Oscar nomination for Dowd would be worth 100+ times more than a throwaway nom for Kidman in The Paperboy.

  • Aaron B

    Wow. I haven’t even seen “Compliance” yet, but I really hope she gets in.

  • Lester

    When is the last time Magnolia was nominated for anything? Very tacky, Matt.

  • m1

    You Kidman, and you Lawrence, and you Streep…and you Phillip Hoffman, and you Chris Waltz

    Waltz and Lawrence have only been nominated once. I don’t see how anyone can complain about them in this context.

    And even if Dowd doesn’t get the Oscar nomination, I think her acclaim for this performance will still help her career. But, I say this as someone who has little idea of how Hollywood works.

  • Terometer

    Speaking of Melissa Leo, she might win an oscar for what she did, but people will never see her as an artist anymore. The same can be said for Sally Field.

  • Lynne

    This is so unbelievably desperate! Just like Nicole Kidman giving interviews through Skype, lol.

  • André

    She shouldn’t have to do that. Her performance alone already merits a nod… She REALLY freaked me out in that film!!

    Shame money and politics play such a heavy hand in this… Her career is already gonna take a nice boost from all this though

  • Beau took the words right out of my mouth; she should’ve turned to Kickstarter. I would’ve given to that cause.

  • Mike

    I was already rooting for her, but this makes me want her to be nominated all the more. I don’t see why Magnolia wouldn’t bother. The film would indeed see a boost in interest if she were to score a nomination.

    I can absolutely understand why Dowd would do this. It would mean more roles being available to her. If she actually has a chance at a nomination then I don’t blame her for taking it. I sure hope it will pay off for her.

  • Checko

    This season is a little bittersweet to me because now I really love Linda Cardellini & Ann Down for what they are doing is just to awesome and painful to read about this wonderful performances without backing from their studios or from studios that can’t afford a campaign and this ladies putting their own money when they aren’t big superstars so they can send screeners to voters.

    But in the other way I totally lost respect from Nicole Kidman, she’s a great actress but she doesn’t need to do the Melissa Leo DESPERATE BS Campaign calling everyone who votes in any awards ceremony and it’s really absurd how everyone isn’t criticizing Kidman this year just because they received a call from a hollywood star and their delusional and think she loves them & she’s their friend just because they called them so everyone is like ”OMG please nominate Kidman she just said my name”

  • Film Fatale

    Oh, this makes me sad. Ann Dowd, marvelous, so memorable and tragic and haunting and mixed-up and trying to do the right thing but operating from a place of deep personal issues in Compliance — what a rich, layered, sometimes understandable, sometimes baffling character played to the hilt in a movie with a deep important message — THINK FOR YOURSELF — and she is relegated to being the low woman on the totem pole. There is no good reason for it at all other than a popularity contest.

    I adored Anne Hathaway in Les Miz, but honestly, she basically whimpered and cried through a song everyone loves — and she did it stunningly, so don’t get me wrong.

    The other Ann — Dowd — showed us a person we have never, ever seen onscreen, a belittled and diminished woman trying to establish herself in a world of condescending men, who inadvertently diminishes another woman in the most heinous of ways, thinking she is doing the “right” thing but at her core knowing it is oh, so wrong.

    Ann Dowd gave us ALL of this in her remarkable performance — one with no histrionics, no big “Oscar moments,” no monologues, no scenery chewing. She took a hell of a final scene and “went there” with a final expression so complex you could talk about it for days.

    Bravo, Ann, you killed it, and a lot of us saw it and loved it and will continue to, Oscar nom or not.

  • PaulH

    Two special needs kids and she’s maxing out her credit card to get an Oscar nomination?? Priorities inverted, I’d say. Another vote for kickstarter.

  • Casey

    This PISSES me off.

    Dowd deserves to WIN that Oscar!!

    I have even more love for her for putting her own dough behind her brilliant performance.

    Wish there was a way I could donate

  • g

    Me too, wow Magnolia stinks!

  • Jerry

    If she gets an Oscar nomination her pay rate goes up and she has access to more jobs, better scripts. Which all means more money to provide for those special needs kids. So I say her priorities are just right.

  • Film Fatale

    I wonder if we did actually create a fund, donate to a PayPal account, do something on Kickstarter — if Ann would accept it. I’d sure as hell chip in a hundred bucks, at least, to get things rolling.

  • Film Fatale, a PayPal account is not a bad idea. I think this would be outside Kickstarter guidelines which is used mostly to raise money for projects that result in a finished product. This sort of fundraising to support a cause is not a good fit for Kickstarter.

    PaulH, probably the least helpful thing you can offer Ann Dowd is parenting advice, alright?

    terometer, when you say “people will never see Melissa Leo or Sally Field as an artist anymore” I’d suggest you speak for yourself, because most people aren’t dumb enough to say such a thing.

  • But my guess is that any effort to lend a hand to Ann Dowd would be met with warm polite refusal. I’m sure she’d be touched by our support but it looks like she’s perfectly capable of implementing a smart career decision like this on her own dime without charity. I hope and expect she’ll earn salaries amounting to many multiples of $15,000 just on the basis of this publicity alone.

  • Winston

    i could understand if it could benefit the movie, but for a single performance it’s kinda silly to me. just saying.

  • ^
    it’s not silly to any actor who understands the value of an Oscar nomination to her career. Some of you guys should really stop looking at the Oscars as a nothing more than a craving to possess a shiny little statue.

  • MaryTodd

    Sasha, given your support for Ann from the get-go, have you been in touch with her about an interview? She’s one of the few contenders this season I’d love to see a Q+A with…

  • Winston

    @ ryan- of course it’ll make a difference in one’s career that’s why we pay attention to it. but if meryl streep or jack nicholson were to finance their own campaigns, they’re gonna hear some criticism too.

  • Terometer

    “most people aren’t dumb enough to say such a thing”

    You’re so right. Most people don’t say it openly. They just don’t nominate them for the next twenty or thirty years. You’re so right.

  • Winston, the whole point of bringing this situation to the attention of the site is because we should all be aware how tough it is for actors who don’t have the abundance of perks and massive support structure of the star-system that Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson have showered upon them and take for granted.

    You know what seems silly to me is anyone who thinks a movie’s reputation won’t benefit from an Oscar nomination in ANY category.

    A couple of years ago none of us outside Australia had ever heard the name Jackie Weaver. One single Oscar nomination for Animal Kingdom and now Animal Kingdom will always be associated with the Oscars. Not only that, Jackie Weaver — a relative unknown before her nomination — is now a featured player in one of this year’s locks for Best Picture.

    If Jackie Weaver had no other choice than to pay $15,000 to help her get a nomination then she would have been a genius to shell out that 15 grand, because now that nomination has paid off in roles that will earn millions of dollars for her.

    So I can’t see what’s silly. A nomination would boost the profile of Compliance in film history forever. A nomination might easily pay off in a vast windfall fortune and many more important roles for Ann Dowd. How is any of that silly?

  • You’re so right. Most people don’t say it openly. They just don’t nominate them for the next twenty or thirty years. You’re so right.

    yes yes, Terometer, you have it all figured out. The True Artistes of the Academy scorned Melissa Leo so much and looked down on her with such disdain they gave her a damned Oscar hoping to make her hush up about the Oscars for 20 years. 20 years in which she’ll continue to have an amazing career as an Oscar-winner, enhancing every scene In every movie she’s in. Harsh punishment, I agree, but she brought it on herself.

  • Terometer, I think you are drunk. Just because Sally Field wasn’t nominated for an award in two decades doesn’t mean nobody thinks she’s an artist any longer. Are you a master of slippery slope fallacies?

    By the way, Henry Fonda wasn’t Oscar nominated in an acting categories for 40 years. In-between, he wasn’t considered an artist either? What a laugh.

  • Tero Heikkinen

    Another proof of how poor actors can be in Hollywood. Borrowing 7K from friends.

  • Numil

    Clearly, Ms. Ann Dowd doesn’t have a PR team. This could have been handled more “appropriately” if she had one. But seriously, who cares? As one commenter pointed out, A-Listers do this all the time, albeit in a more organized and discreet way, courtesy of course by their hordes of PR people, agents, managers, lawyers. Nothing is really new with what Ann is doing. Campaigning, after all, is very much a part of Oscar season. I’m all for what she’s doing, good luck to her. But if she gets a nomination, I hope that she’ll downplay the sympathy posturing. Her performance could very well speak for itself, she could win it all.

  • Not saying Ann Dowd has no financial worries, but “borrowing $7000 from friends” can mean many things.

    Today we’ve seen perfect strangers on this page who have graciously offered $100 to help out. We can be sure Ann Dowd has many friends of various means who feel she’s been done wrong, and maybe a couple of wealthier pals offered to help her mount a screener campaign. I can imagine a scenario in which Ms. Dowd would say, ‘Oh that’s so kind of you to offer, but I’ll only accept if we call it a loan till my next big paycheck comes in.’

    $15,000 is a chunk of change for anyone, but it’s probably also incorrect to assume “she maxed out her credit card” — I doubt it.

    No idea how comfortable Ann Dowd is, but if I was in a similar situation I know I’d derive an uplift in my morale knowing that friends were there for me to pitch in. It’s a wonderful display of solidarity that I wouldn’t refuse.

    I see your point Tero — lots of actors struggle. But I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that she’s unable to scrape together this cash on her own.

    Ann Dowd made 3 movies this year, and has 2 in post-production for release in 2013. Hard to imagine that those 5 movies don’t pay her a living wage.

  • Drew

    Nicole was great in a mediocre film. She deserves a 4th or 5th nod in supporting actress. if I were to pick best supporting actress it would be Sally Field. Kidman runner-up. Hathaway is way overrated.

  • JJ

    Anne Hathaway is officially the Tracey Flick of this year’s Oscar race. Or the Rachel Berry (Glee), whom she more closely resembles, physically. I’d rather see Field win – her fight to stay in Lincoln is moving. Or Ann Dowd for her work and her story. Yes, the story has a lot to do with it – and why shouldn’t it?

  • Winston

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    i’m trying to logon to awardsdailyforums and its asking to me to enter first letters of THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES BY THE COWARD ROBERT FORD in reverse order…

    what the fck am i doing wrong here? i’ve tried so many times!!

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  • Cyrus

    @Ryan. I would also not assume that she is living comfortably just because she has some parts coming up.

    The reason I say this is as a Pediatrician, I know firsthand that a parent raising even one child with special needs can put a heavy financial weight on a family, and the fact that she has two kids with special needs, I imagine is even more difficult.

    Personally, I thought she was excellent in Compliance and hope she gets a nomination. I do think she is more deserving that Anne Hathaway’s melodramatic performance.

  • I think my point is that nobody, including me, has adequate basis to make any assumptions. I’m not interested in using this news as a clue to assess Ann Dowd’s financial situation.

    If someone says “she maxed out her credit card” I don’t want to let that go unchallenged.

  • Zach

    Good for her! I don’t blame her in the slightest. And though they’re competition, I don’t blame Nicole Kidman either, as she was in a position where she was just trying to get people to see her movie, which was critically trashed and not given a wide release despite the big-name cast.

    If she paid for a Melissa Leo “Consider Me” trade ad, I don’t think anyone would blame her. She wishes she were in the position Melissa Leo was BEFORE she took out that ill-advised but well-intentioned ad. I disagree with one of the posters above me, though. I don’t think anyone thinks any less of Melissa Leo as an ARTIST just because she took out an ad to try to get more strong parts.

    Maybe this will be a year when the actors who actually want to be nominated will be. For instance, Joaquin doesn’t care, Hopkins doesn’t care, but Richard Gere would like a career nomination (though I don’t see how he gets in). Hugh Jackman wants to win.

    And just putting it out there, we all know damn well that Maggie Smith will not show up to the Oscars and doesn’t give a fuck whether she’s nominated. She knows she’s not winning anyway.

  • Daniel B.

    It is ridiculous that she is doing that. (I am talking about telling the world where she borrowed money from, not about the screeners) Now people who haven’t seen her performance want her to be nominated based on what? Her personal story? I don’t think that this is right. Nobody is evaluating her performance based on it itself but on the comparison with other actors – who has and who hasn’t been nominated. The sad truth is that she has to campaign on her own but that is the fate of a lot of small movies. And still, as Ryan said, I doubt it that she earns a 1000 bucks per picture.
    Well, Mo’nique was right, that is for sure
    And as for Nicole Kidman, Lawrence etc. – there isn’t an actor who hasn’t struggled.( and a lot of them struggle in finding finances to get a passion project done). Ok, it is true that Ann Dowd gets her big breakthrough way older than most of the others but still – Streep and co. don’t get nominated for nothing.
    And what is wrong with Kidman giving interviews on skype? I prefer my star kind and down to earth.

  • The Japanese Viewer

    “let’s face it, getting work in Hollywood over the age of 40 is impossible, even for veterans like Sally Field who really had to audition the old fashioned way for Lincoln.”

    I love Sally Field. But it’s Spielberg’s film and a big project so competition had to be fierce. Good for her she’s garnered the role in the end though. : )

    Anyway, all the best to Ann Dowd.

  • A.J

    Let’s not get all righteous about miss Mo’ “I had Oprah, one of the most powerful women in the world behind my movie” Nique. Dowd would be a lock if she had a huge name behind her movie too.

  • jessie

    Why the hell would you borrow about $12,000 for something that might not even happen (talking nomination for best supporting actress). A lot of actresses after their nominations still don’t get jobs. I mean even a two time Oscar winner like Sally Field has to audition for roles like a newcomer and has to beg for jobs. This was dumb on their part.

  • Bee

    “If she gets an Oscar nomination her pay rate goes up and she has access to more jobs, better scripts. Which all means more money to provide for those special needs kids. So I say her priorities are just right.”

    Not true. Where is Halle Berry? She’s struggling for jobs and she’s one attractive woman. What about Sally Field begging for auditions and jobs even though she won not one but two Oscars? Helen Hunt? Tattum O Niel? Not everyone is as lucky and in demand like Meryl Streep.

  • Sebbers

    It’s just sad. This is, undoubtedly, one of the best performances this year. Lead OR supporting. The fact the the Supporting Actress category is SO weak this year that Nicole Kidman seems to be sneaking in for one of her worst performances, and one that hasn’t been talked about the entire year, shows how open this can be. I hope her efforts pay off, and anyone saying she needs to “get her priorities straight”, a $13,000 investment to getting an Oscar nomination IS worth it. Because if she does indeed get nominated, it will boost her career well beyond $13g.

    She deserves a nomination and I’m hoping all her hard work and effort pay off for her.

  • Manuel

    Excuse me but what kind of weird things did Melissa Leo do for her oscar win? Please tell me!

    The Ann Down situation just underlines my opinion of the Academy Awards: its a populist competition where network and politics rule rather than then talent and aristic value. BUT because the American movie industry is so powerful, getting nominated must feel like winning the Awards itself and a huge boost for the movie.
    In the future I hope the famous actors help other less famous actors for their brilliant work. Examples are Demian Bichir got nominated because the big ones loved his work, Reese Witherspoon wrote an open letter to support Naomi Watts, Cate Blanchett expressed her awe about Cotillard performance in La vie en Rose in an interview before the ballots were send

  • This is astonishing that the studio won’t go in a little bit more to help COMPLIANCE–clearly one of the year’s most challenging and accomplished films–and its star, Ann Dowd (the film’s MVP). Securing this Oscar nomination could do much to up the visibility and recognition of Dowd and writer/director Zobel’s masterful work. I don’t blame her a bit. I am really rooting for her, and have been ever since I saw the movie back in April 2012.

  • SJ

    @ Manuel

    Google “Melissa Leo Consider…”

  • Alper

    1- nicole kidman
    2- anne hathaway
    3- saly field
    4- helen hunt
    5- maggie smith

    anne hathaway will win because academy loves her so much!

  • Casey

    Thank you sasha and Ryan for bringing this to light on the website. I surely hope all the press on this makes people watch compliance and write down the name Ann Dowd. Out of every single nomination this is the one I want to happen the most. It should happen, and lets think positive… It will happen (put the vibes out)

    I’d love a dowd interview for the website too! She is always so warm and gracious I am betting she would do it. Maybe then you could bring up the idea of a fundraiser to her from fans on your page. Like many others, I would be happy to put my money where my mouth is and help Ann out.

  • Film Fatale

    I agree with Casey. A fundraiser/interview combined with Ann’s personal story could get just enough attention to keep her on the map as the underdog come nomination morning.

  • Not true. Where is Halle Berry? She’s struggling for jobs and she’s one attractive woman. What about Sally Field begging for auditions and jobs

    Bee, You can’t be serious.

    Halle Berry has made one or two movies every year since winning her Oscar. She has three movies coming out next year. She had a hugely important role in Cloud Atlas, one of my half dozen favorite movies of 2012. Halle Berry has earned probably $60- or $70 million dollars in salaries since winning her Oscar.

    Sally Field doesn’t go around Hollywood rattling a tin cup on street corners. yes, she had to convince Spielberg that she was right for the role of Mary Todd Lincoln and to do that she read for the role. How tragic if Ann Dowd is someday in a position where Spielberg asks her to read a few pages before he gives her a pivotal role in the best movie of the year. Sally Field is rich as Croesus. She doesn’t need to work unless a role comes along that inspires her. The residuals from her TV work alone is a vast amount of money that would enable any average citizen to live in luxury.

    pauvre Helen Hunt and Tatum O’Neil, so unfamous and destitute that their names pop right into your head. You’re aware that Helen Hunt is a likely Oscar nominee again this year, right?

  • Nic V

    Ms. Dowd is getting and has gotten a great deal of attention in the last few weeks. The reason she got the attention was based on her performance. So she finds herself in a bit of a pickle. She comes to the realization that the same audience who figure importantly in the awards season may not see her performance because as the Producers advise the film is already on DVD and has lost them money. So Ms. Dowd is faced with an alternative. She can let her chances ride on what press she gets from willing critics or those who will discuss and throw about the names of those they feel might be considered for a specific award. A Blog such as this one, however a Blog such as this one speaks on performances and might not give her the audience she needs for a shot at the gold. So she finds she has the opportunity to provide the screeners at a cost to herself. Everyone in the film or stage business is so used to pouring their hard earned money into their career that it might not have even been a huge consideration. The amount of money might have been a huge consideration but not the screeners themselves. I would have done it if I truly thought I had a shot and I don’t think I know an actor alive who wouldn’t do it.

    As for Magnolia this ia a business. They’re not in this to loose money although there is a lot of money lost in this business. I suspect if the film wasn’t already on DVD then perhaps the Producers might have re thought their position but if it’s already on DVD they’ve already expended money for the DVD would they then turn around and expend it again? Even I wouldn’t go that route. So you really can’t blame the Producers either.

    But hats off to Ms Dowd for doing it she’s taking a risk and it’s risk that can very well pay off in many ways. It won’t win her an Oscar but it certainly might help her find even more work.

  • Nic V

    One other thing in defense of Magnolia. In accounting terms they’ve already closed their books on Compliance. The only income they might realize at this point is from the sale of DVD’s or the sale of the film to cable companies. Usually the cable deals are already worked out at this point. A loss is a tax write off and someone should be questioning the business if they open up their books again to now reinvest in a project that has already lost money to increase the loss. I’m not sure that you’d be able to cover additional losses on a film where you’ve already reported the intial loss. Someone should certainly from an accounting standpoint begin to ask the Producer why they should be allowed to further deduct losses after making an additional investment on a film that has already lost money and where the expense of the DVD is already been expended. There are a lot of accounting issues that are raised by the Producer going back and revisiting and then throwing more money to increase the loss.

  • g

    I wish there was some way we could donate, I would give money for sure. I have not seen compliance yet but I just think its wrong that her studio won’t do anything for her. This woman has been a diamond in the rough for so long. Playing small roles on tv and in movies. And now according to so many on this site that have seen her in this movie she gives this amaze balls performance! As far as I know this movie never made it to my state in the theaters, I have it in my Netflix queue for release on January 8th!

  • Kjbacon

    I wonder where she got the Academy member’s addresses.

  • I was approached by Ann Dowd herself to be her de facto personal publicist. FOR FREE. I am so happy that she has gotten this far. I didn’t think I would be able to do as much for her as it’s turned out I did. But she has no money. This is a great hardship for her.

    She teaches at NYU. As far as I know, that’s her steady job. Teaching Chekhov and Tennessee Williams to students in their Musical/Comedy studio program.

    She was told when she started this that the first thing she should do is “hire a personal publicist for $50,000”! Can you imagine that’s what they get? I nearly fainted.

    If you want to see my interview with Ann just click on my name above and it will take you to my You Tube channel, and you’ll see parts One and Two on the main page.

    She’s an absolutely lovely woman and totally devoted to her children and husband. But she hasn’t got the $ for all this. She just doesn’t. And as I said, I’m not getting paid for this work and I got involved with this not knowing Ann previously. I did it because she is a great unsung(until now) American actress and her performance in “Compliance” is over-the-moon brilliant.

    Magnolia has done a COUPLE of things. They ARE transporting her and her husband to LA from NYC for the Broadcast Film Critics awards. They are helping I think arrange for hair and make-up on the day, but I’m not sure about The Gown.

    I’m doing the best I can for her. I feel like I’m going in to the Ann Dowd business. She just sent me an email saying that I SHOULD be a publicist. Well, at this moment in time, I’m not. I’m a journalist. And that’s a big distinction.

    But now with Scott Feinberg’s great article and is enlisting Melissa Leo’s support and equally great quotes on Ann’s behalf(She doesnt know Ann personally BTW). And of course, Sasha’s great help and coverage ON A DAILY BASIS. And this thread is certainly Ryan’s Finest Hour, too. And Scott Feinberg really hit the bullseye with this ALSO his best-ever piece.

    Scott is angry and he let his anger show in the article and it may have kicked off the real change in Ann’s career with his coverage in The Hollywood Reporter.

    Matt Cowal said EXACTLY the same thing to me when I called him just about a month ago when all this started.

    Hollywood is all about the bottom line. I’m was even shocked when somebody said this to me when I started working on Ann’s campaign. I still find myself incredibly naive in so many ways about all this. And so, incidentally, is Ann. She invited me to her Christmas party where I met her family and friends all of whom support her to the hilt.

    But when I mentioned that it was Melissa’s personal ads that may have really drawn attention to her plight/situation that year, Ann’s face just fell. Realizing that that is also something that she’ll have to pay for that Magnolia won’t do.

    If any body has any questions for Ann, or about Ann, just ask me here. I think Sasha relies on me to fill in the Ann Dowd blanks, and as I said my TV interview with her can be seen in the link above.

    And of course, she can’t thank Sasha enough. This is what Sasha is most effective at. She helped put BOTH Melissa Leo and Jennifer Lawrence where they are now by advocating for them EARLY for “Frozen River” and “Winter’s Bone.” I think “WInter’s Bone” also would never have got where it has gotten if it wasn’t for Sasha and Awardsdaily. In this Phase One of the Oscar Race coverage and the press is all. The more Ann is written about, the higher her stock rises with the Academy.

    And it’s working! Everywhere I went last night, everybody was talking/asking about Ann Dowd. And all were just as angry/mad as Scott Feinberg is about this appauling situation.

    Again, if you have any questions for Ann just ask me!

  • Wow, I can’t explain how immeasurably sad this has made me. It brought the politics and money of this entire awards season to the forefront. It’s all just part of the industry. The fact that she has to campaign for herself for a role that is supposed to be one of the best of the year is absurd. Not only that but because this recognition may mean so much for a struggling actress financially emotionally. Hearing of this disenfranchising hurts my heart.

    I want a nomination for her more than ever, and I will seek out this movie high and low.

  • Scott

    Hey, if she gets the nomination… $14K is NOTHING when she can use her nomination to get higher pay for other roles… so I say GO FOR IT.
    Remember Melissa Leo… worked for her…
    Girl got to do what the studio will not do… THEY SHOULD be campaigning for her… ridiculous…. this WOULD NEVER happen to a MAN.

  • Zach

    Watching Stephen Holt’s interview of her and she looks and sounds so different from her character in Compliance. It reminds me of when people were so surprised that Gabourey Sidibe was bubbly and funny and nothing like Precious. This is another mark of strong acting.

  • Thank you, Zach. And I’ll tell Ann of your kind remarks. I sent her a link to this thread. She’s VERY grateful to all at Awardsdaily, needless to say.

  • Zach

    Dreama Walker was in Gran Torino, and Ann was in Flags of Our Fathers. Someone should contact Clint Eastwood and ask him to write an FYC for the film. Can you imagine?!

  • Tero Heikkinen

    I remember seeing her in Lorenzo’s Oil the first time (I could be wrong and I had seen her somewhere else before this), tomorrow I get too see Compliance. Finally.

  • Film Fatale


    As silly as it may sound, please get Ann’s thoughts on the idea to contribute to a PayPal account or otherwise. Those of us who have been heralding this performance for months would be happy to help defray at least some of the cost – I speak for myself, of course, but I bet there’s enough goodwill to do something for Ann.


  • I will email Ann immediately about this PayPal Account idea.Thank you.

  • Amy Adam-Not

    Take out Amy Adams already, and give that spot to Ann Dawd…
    Let it be Anne/Nicole/Sally/Ann/Maggie

  • Odee

    What the real shame is, that Oscar should only be about performance. There has always been some star presence, but there was a time, when performance dominated and if you gave a performance like Ann Dowd, in the 60-70s for example, there’s no way she would not be a heavy for the race. Unfortunately, we’ve gotten into all of this “A-List” thing. I also remember when there was very little respect for the Golden Globes, for reasons you would suspect: If you are not a big star, you didn’t get nominated, unless they didn’t have enough stars to go around. Remember ’83 and the Pia Zidora fiasco? It appears that we always seem to favor “end of the year” films as well, as if people don’t give great performances throughout the entire year. And, we’ve practically given the Oscar away to several people already: Daniel Day-Lewis, for example: Same thing happened the year that Gangs of NY came out. Well, he didn’t win that year, but we also now have this fascination with playing “real people”, so Lincoln, given the current politics, and America, will probably make this a slam-dunk for him. Great actor, no doubt, but can you really say that what he did there is any better than what Denzel Washington did in Flight? It is a Washington you’ve never seen, when you look at the shades of emotion there, but no one is talking about it at that level, but any actor should be able to see what I’m talking about. Jennifer Lawrence is interesting for a strange reason: Normally movies and parts like hers would not be getting much praise, given the Oscar generally favors heavy drama, but Lawrence is the new kid in town, young, pretty and was in a big hit “Hunger Games”, which is probably the reason for her, but Chastain appears to be more of what Oscar is looking for and at the right age, so it’s no surprise that they are both being talked about for the win. But then, if you look at the actual acting, can either stand against what Marion has done in Rust and Bones, or Riva in Amour? Just being non-English, hurts their chances. Yes, Marion won for La Vie En Rose, but she was Edith Piaf, once again, a real person, and a VERY famous one, no doubt, most of the older voters really related to that performance and you know the younger ones did, and it didn’t hurt that it was the same year that Daniel Day Lewis won his 2nd Oscar for Blood, and many, including George Clooney, were saying that Marion gave the performance of the year, male OR female. That certainly had to help, now Daniel’s getting all of the raves again, but can you really say his name, without thinking about Phoenix in The Master? Makes you wonder why the late, great George C. Scott hated this competition so badly, how do you judge?

  • I spoke to Ann’s husband last night. Didn’t know what Pay Pal was. Awaiting a final reply.

  • Stephen, we’d love to have Ann on MOVIE GEEKS UNITED to talk about the movie and her campaign. We have a large listening audience in the movie industry, and I feel it could help. Contact me at and we could set it up. Here’s a link to our websites: and (where our 600 shows are archived). Watching your interview with Ann now…astonishing! She looks SO much different in real life. I can’t believe it’s the same woman! BTW, I plan to have COMPLIANCE in my top ten when we do our year-end wrap-up show. GREAT movie, GREAT performance!

  • Thank you, Dean. I will pass that on. Meanwhile, Ann and her husband have decided not to start a Pay Pal fund or anything like that. As some one above in this thread suspected, she declined.

    And she was totally overwhelmed, they both were, by everyone’s interest support, and generosity. I’m paraphrasing but she said “Is there a way to graciously decling?”

    So that’s what she’s doing. But the thought is deeply appreciated, and is constantly wanting me to thank Sasha and all her support and supporTERS!

    She’s a great lady.

    She certainly deserves AT LEAST a nomination. Now, if only you all were in the Academy!

    If you want to feel more connected to Ann and her struggle, you can friend her on Facebook! I’m sure she’ll friend you back!

    And again, she thanks Sasha and everyone from the bottom of her heart. She was really touched.

  • Tiger Nueng

    NICOLE KIDMAN and her both deserves a nominations!!!

  • what

    Come on,what??Dose there is anything connect with Nicole Kidman??Nicole is trying to let more people know The Paperboy,what is wrong with it?They are all want to nomination,Why some people blame Nicole ,Nicole is kind to give interview on skype,other people can do that too ,no one stop them.and nicole is great in the movie ,plus she is filming her film in France for some months ,she is using her way to get people notice Paperboy!

  • RLS

    I was one of the two people who saw Paperboy and I thought Nicole Kidman was excellent in it. I think she’s a very bold actress and I enjoyed her.

    Finally saw Compliance a few days ago and…WOW! Ann Dowd really did knock it out of the park. I’m going to watch again with a friend just to get a bit more of what she was really doing. It was a magnificent performance and lets not discount the power of the movie itself, either. It truly was a superior thriller. I think this is one of those movies that will do gangbusters on DVD. But yes I will be hoping for Ms. Dowd to get a nomination come next week and hope that at the very least all this attention leads to bigger roles with the heavy hitters in the future. She’s obviously capable.

  • Tan Vampire

    Compliance (2012) – Movie Review
    The Dumbest Movie Ever

  • DH

    I just watched Compliance and I think Ann Dowd gives the BEST PERFORMANCE OF THE YEAR. I was blown over by her amazing work. I keep hearing that this was “not a good year for women’s roles,” or “the women’s categories are weak this year.” These people did not see Compliance that’s for sure. And for the Academy to overlook her work would be ridiculous.

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