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  • rufussondheim

    I was just going to link this!

    If I didn’t know this was Baz Luhrman and The Great Gatsby I would be utterly bedazzled by this trailer, thinking it was going to be great.

    But I do know it’s The Great Gatsby and Baz Luhrman, and so I’m skeptical. But I’ll have to see it now. In 3D.

  • Kane

    Baz Luhrman, often times like Tim Burton, is style over substance. We can expect something beautiful and theaterical but after the peak of the visual wonder it may just collapse under it’s own weight.

  • Anna

    Looks beautiful! You can spot a Baz movie a mile away. Style over substance? I disagree. Call me an easy target, but I cried at the end of Moulin Rouge AND Romeo & Juliet.

  • I can relax now that they’ve fixed the spelling of Ziegfeld.

  • Kevin Klawitter

    Leo seems to be trying to invoke Orson Welles with his accent.

    No problem for me… I love Leo and I love Orson Welles even more. I’m a bit mixed on the trailer, though. The last 45 seconds in particular kind of mess it up, with what could possibly be the absolute worst choice of a song to be covered in the “hoarse scream” style.

    Baz is pretty much as hit-and-miss as a director can get for me. I’ve only seen his “Romeo + Juliet” (hated) and “Moulin Rouge” (loved). I always admire his intentions and audacity, but sometimes he gets ahead of himself.

    I’ll still see this, though. I like the cast, and again, Luhrmann’s audacity in turning a a classic literary romantic drama into a big-budget 3D epic is incredibly admirable to me.

  • I like this trailer more than the last one. It’s still the most miscast movie of next year, sight unseen. Tobey, Leo (and that fucking accent AGAIN!), Carey… although I think Carey Mulligan is miscast in everything and then I see her in it and she’s great. But Joel Edgerton is acting them all off the screen in the trailers alone.

  • Radich

    Although I like Leo, he is no Robert Redford. That charm and mystery cannot be reproduced so easily. And the trailer is not selling this aspect very well, IMHO. Not to mention that I’ve always hated his voice. It might match with his character in Django Unchained – a more character actor’s voice – but not here.

    I don’t know, at some point during his career he started to try too hard for my taste. Maybe because he wanted to kill his heartthrob profile and be taken seriously. Still, it feels fake. Since then I kept some distance from his work (I like better the beginning of his career). But I will give The Great Gatsby a try because it looks like a feast for the eyes, really gorgeous. I’m not expecting too much though.

  • Astraisborn

    Why am I getting this vibe from Madonna’s W.E.?

  • The Pope

    Better trailer than the last one. And hands down, it’s going to be better than the Redford Gatsby from ’74… which wouldn’t be all that hard. At least you see Gatsby’s rage here. Gatsby was many things and one of them was that he was capable of being a thug. After all, he made his fortune through his ‘Chicago connection.’

    The real challenge is that Fitzgerald’s prose was like gossamer while Baz is as subtle as a hammer.

  • Jacob B

    Leo looks amazing in this. That’s all I have to say.

  • austin111

    Looks interesting. It might be great. I like Leo when he looks angry, though. Best part of his part in the trailor, imo.

  • steve50

    Never thought I’d hear a song by The Turtles in a F Scott Fitzgerald pic, but that’s what Baz does best.

    I’m leery, though. Loved Moulin Rouge for being the wild concoction that it was, but throwing something with Gatsby’s literary pedigree into the Baz blender is equivalent to painting multicolour stripes on a zebra.

    Really like the statement by The Pope above – it really is a gossamer/hammer challenge.

  • SeattleMoviegoer

    i agree about the baby face and voice of Leo that makes it hard to believe his “grown up” roles. he’s taking decades to mature. that said, he’s still a terrific actor. i look forward to his taking on the role of Dr. Henry Holmes in DEVIL IN THE WHITE CITY. he could use his talents to the creepy “doctor” and make the role all his own…and the Oscar as well–like Hopkins’ Lector. at one point Katherine Bigelow was attached to direct. now Scorsese? it can’t come soon enough for me.

  • Diana

    I can’t stand Leo DiCaprio, I think his face is what disgusts me even more than his voice. He’s a good actor, but he always plays the same character with the same mannerism in all his films.

  • Tengo

    @Diana: I hear that a lot about Leo playing the same character, but I just don’t see it. Just look at his last 2 roles: Django and J. Edgar. Completely different looks, voices, and styles between those 2 roles.

  • brian

    Hated Moulin Rouge, but …

    this movie looks fantastic … can’t wait!

  • Kate1232

    I’m skeptical of this and so tired of Leonardo DiCaprio. He is a good actor, but lately I cannot stand watching him. I don’t know if it’s over saturation or that he just seems to be trying so hard (as oppose to coming off natural), but I’ve seen enough of him for a while.

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