Nathaniel over at The Film Experience interviews Nicole Kidman for her latest role in The Paperboy. Kidman goes hot and sexy for her role in the Lee Daniels film, which is always her best side — see To Die For.

Yeah, yeah. I suppose i’m lucky enough that now my sensitivity in terms of needing mass approval is so diminished. I’m able to go ‘Hey, this is what i want to do’ and that’s a great place, as an actor, to be in. I’ve tried to live by that motto ‘Don’t try to please the masses. Sometimes that will happen. Sometimes it won’t.’ Just be very very true to your own instincts and voice. And that’s probably why I support filmmakers who have a really strong voice and that may make people uncomfortable at times.

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  • Jorge

    In a world with justice my Kidman would be the 3rd in the supporting actress list behind Anne and Sally she did way better than that Amy Adams overrated performance

  • moremovies85

    I hope she gets nominated. I thought it was a great performance. Plus, it would raise exposure for the movie, which should be seen. At least Daniels had a clear vision and I think he made the movie he wanted. It was full of good performances.

  • A. J. Roscoe

    Speaking for myself, I hope she gets the nomination because I loved her truly eye-opening, unflinching, fearless yet vulnerable performance in The Paperboy; objectively, I think she has good chances of getting in riding on the support she is getting among actors demonstrated by the SAG nomination.

  • Yes!

  • Bill

    I hope so. She should have six or seven Oscar nominations by now (for To Die For, Moulin Rouge, The Others, The Hours, Dogville, Birth and Rabbit Hole).

  • John

    To those who thought the movie was awful, do you think Kidman should still be in the discussion for a nom? Just curious. Thanks 🙂

  • Siam

    To Die For, what an incredible performance.

  • akumax

    She should be nom and also win – in my opinion. She is always great.

  • Jim

    @John I thought the movie was a total mess and still would like to see Nicole nominated. When someone elevates the material like that, and gives a brave, bold performance IN SPITE of the film they’re in, they ought to be commended. Just my two cents.

    And Nicole was much better than Amy Adams.

  • Odee

    To Doe For, is by far, her best work, but she deserves a nod for this as well. Brave performance, and so good, it helps me to forgive her for that awful performance in The Hours, not to mention getting the win over Julianne Moore in Far From Heaven!Even after that injustice, I would still nominate herf or The Paperboy. As someone said in an earlier post, she was also wonderful in Dogville and The Others, which reminds me so much of the great performance by Deborah Kerr, in a simliar film, The Innocents.

  • Academy Voters are snobs to the Max. Esp. the Actor’s Branch. This film is dreadful, though Nicole is fine in it. If only she didn’t urinate on Zach Efron…That kind of nixes it.

    Of course, Penelope Cruz also was filmed urinating in “Volver” and she DID get an Oscar nom. for that. Her first. But she was sitting DOWN.

    Last year a urination scene pretty much eliminated(a pun?) the excellent performance of Michael Fassbender for “Shame” from the Academy’s list. Most were shocked. I wasn’t.

    The Nicole/Paperboy flap-ola is reminiscent of that. SAG nominatad Fassbender if I remember correctly but the Academy did not.

    But then the gave the Oscar to Octavia Spencer who did what she did to that famous pie. HOWever, that all happened OFF screen. It was just the IDEA of what she did, symbolically to Bryce Dallas Howard’s character that I guess carried the day. And allowed Spencer to actually WIN.Of course, there were many other reasons, too.

    And while were mentioning race, did anyone notice that in this year of TWO movies revolving around Slavery, from the HFPA and SAG, Denzel was the ONLY person of color nominated by either group?

    I’m SHOCKED that SAG nominated Nicole for this. Not so much the HFPA, who have a history of over-nominating Nicole. And they like stars in their room, on their show.

    Basically, it was Nicole who stole Ann Dowd’s slot for “Compliance” and this was after Ann spent allllll that $ sending out 2000 screeners to the SAG nominating committee. That makes me sad. AND angry.

  • Drew

    I certainly have my fingers crossed of her getting a nod. My gut feeling is that she will narrowly miss out on the five actresses . I am sure Nicole was 6th or 7th for Best Actress in 2003 for Cold Mountain. But a SAG nod really helps Nicole in this case. If Amy Adams is the first name called when they announce Best Supporting Actress- then chances are , Nicole won’t be named among the list.

  • Drew

    I don’t think Nicole stole any slot from anyone. Nicole deserved her SAG nod as well as Oscar nod. I think she realistically has a 50/50 chance. She is no where near a mortal lock like Hathaway, Field and Hunt.

  • A. J. Roscoe

    @Stephen Holt,

    I don’t think it’s fair to say Kidman stole Ann Dowd’s slot. She was filming in Europe at that time, which prevented her from exerting much influence over a voting body that has over 100,000 members, which explains why the nomination came as a shock to her as well. The nomination could only be explained by the assumption that they saw The Paperboy and admired her performance in it.

  • Tero Heikkinen

    Stephen, yes, I also think that shitting always wins peeing. Ralph Fiennes was nominated in Schindler’s List and maybe it’s because he was peeing in that one scene. Nicole, I don’t know… Maybe this is easier for men, and only in Supporting Actor category. I mean, Robert Downey Jr got a nomination just faking peeing. Sick.

  • Aaron

    Nicole didn’t steal shit from anyone. Look at the lists for Golden Globes and SAG. Obviously Adams and Smith were the weak links in both lineups. And like someone said earlier, Nicole has been in Europe filming for the past few months, so it’s not like she’s been appearing on every tv talk show, Oscar party, roundtable, etc., other than a few excellent interviews about her role in the film (including here on this website). I’m sorry Ann Dowd spent all that money and didn’t receive a nomination but it’s not like Kidman stole it from her. She has NEVER been a favorite of SAG (she lost for The Hours and missed for her breakout year in 2001 for Moulin Rouge/ The Others). So the fact they nominated her for this ballsy, brave, gutsy performance makes me think they have mad respect for her this year, and I’m thinking the Academy will follow suit.

  • Aaron

    And Fassbender was snubbed by SAG last year.

  • Kholby

    Nicole can and should.

    Her performance is brave, unhinged and alive in a way that no other actress could have done. Especially one so famous. She basically disappears into the role. It’s a master class in full body acting. She is alive in every part of herself right down to her toes (The parked car scene.) She absolutely deserves the nomination.

    Can she get it? That’s a different story. She seems to be back in the inner circle of who’s loved and who’s not again, but it’s still a very daring, risky performance in an otherwise terrible all over the place movie – the movie is so bad it’s almost in my top 10 – just for sheer ‘everything but the kitchen sink-ness.’

  • Little MY

    I think Nicole deserves all the recognition she gets for this role, its a fascinating part in a strange little film.

    Just look at her reviews (not the film’s), for heavens sake, she’s got more raves than anybody in that category and not just one line raves, paragraph raves.

  • M

    She should get that nod. She should win.

  • Zach

    I’d love to see both Nicole Kidman and Ann Dowd nominated. I’ve seen Compliance and haven’t seen The Paperboy, but I’ve always been a big fan of Nicole’s work, even when the critics and audiences weren’t on her side. That said, I completely wrote off The Paperboy, like most of her projects, until the SAG nomination.

    I do love Amy Adams and haven’t seen The Master, but of the three, she seems to have the least consequential role (in the most consequential movie).

    Then again, when does the Academy ever nominate trash? It’s one thing to nominate an actress for playing a hooker in a Woody Allen film, another thing altogether to recognize the always-controversial Kidman for a critically reviled film.

    The SAGs are so unpredictable, I don’t know whether to put stock in them nominating Kidman when she lost for The Hours and canceled out for Moulin Rouge and The Others (or Jennifer Connelly took her spot, take your pick). Sometimes the SAGs champion actors and films the Globes would never touch (Demian Bichir, Melissa Leo for Frozen River). Other times the SAG throws in industry faves like Hilary Swank for Conviction or sentimental favorites (Maggie Smith this year; Cloris Leachman for Spanglish was a head-scratcher; surprised they didn’t do Betty White for The Proposal).

    I guess if you’re an indie actor nominated by SAG, you’re set (John Hawkes, PSH). If you’re a big star like Kidman or a snubbed indie actor like Dowd, it could go either way.

    I just don’t remember the last time the SAGs nominated someone that made me say, “Oh, I guess that’s happening.” The last time I thought that was Matthew McConaughey for Magic Mike after the NY award, but I don’t feel that way anymore.

  • SallyinChicago

    A lot of these movies are online now to see — the deep blue sea is online at AMZ. I’m downloading as many as possible to see what the hoopla is about.

  • steve50

    I haven’t seen The Paperboy and can’t say whether or not Kidman should be nominated, but I thought she should have WON for To Die For, let alone have been nominated.

    Among all supporting actress hopefuls this year, only Maggie Smith has a broader range of performances than Kidman. To suggest that Kidman “stole” anybody’s spot is ridiculous – she simply got more votes based on her performance and her standing in the industry.

    It would be nice if Dowd made it in, and it’s up to her studio to make that happen. Don’t play the larceny game, though, or the “pee” game, for that matter.

  • SallyinChicago

    Would be nicer if the Academy would bring itself into the 21st century. Would love to see Q Wallis get a nom for best actress but it aint happening, so start a category “rising star” or “little star”…or whatever for the “children” who act. Or give the best kid a special oscar for their performance like they did Mickey Rooney. It’s not like it hasn’t happened before.

    Why are there FIVE slots? Why not 6 or 7 like the best pictures?

  • Casey

    I’m so torn.

    Hear me out.

    I LOVE Nicole Kidman. She is easily in my top 5 best actresses of all time. Honestly I believe she deserved Oscars for Dogville, Birth, and To Die For. She is always stunning even in lesser films.

    I actually liked the paperboy. Sure it’s no best picture nominee, not even close, but it was pure trashy fun. I liked Matthew Mc, John Cusak, and Macy Gray (who’s a very good actress in a bunch of movies actually).

    However here is my dilemma. We all know Hathaway is being nominated. We know Sally Field is being nominated. Helen hunt will be in for the sessions. So we’re left with two slots. One of which will more than likely go to Amy Adams. There’s also Maggie Smith in the wings. Enter Nicole. She has the star power, she has the connections, and she’s great in the film.

    Then there’s Ann Dowd in Compliance. I believe she turns in the best performance of the bunch. Easily. But she’s a lesser known character actress in a smaller film made by a distributor who is refusing to campaign for her. The woman has had to pay for her own screeners for Christ sake. This is a tragedy in my mind.

    An Oscar nomination for Ann Dowd would change her career, hell her life. She gets in and her name gets out there, she’s sent more scripts (better scripts), etc. Nicole is already there, she’s a screen icon. Honestly no one else could have been in paperboy playing that role and even get consideration.

    I hate to say it… But I think if Kidman gets in, Dowd is left off. I cannot get on board with this despite my deep love for Nicole.

    However what I wish is both ladies could get in. I do think both dowd and kidman are deserving (over Adams, over hunt, and yes even over the baity Hathaway). Sadly I don’t think this will happen.

    I’m hoping for the deserved happy ending for dowd because she deserves it….. But honestly anytime Nicole can be nominated, I will be happy. She’s genius.

  • Talie

    Most people seem like they want to vote for Ann Dowd out of pity and that’s very messed up, and a big reason why Oscar voting is so screwed up. It was smart to put that story out there though, it seems to be tugging at people’s heart-strings.

  • Casey

    I would vote for dowd based solely on performance. She was brilliant.

    As is kidman

  • John

    What’s AMZ?

  • Tero Heikkinen

    Yeah, having seen Compliance now. She is worthy of a nomination.

  • The Japanese Viewer

    “(Kidman goes hot and sexy for her role in the Lee Daniels film, which is always her best side —) see To Die For.”

    ^ THAT!

    I love To Die For.

    Hot and sexy: Suzanne Stone, for the record, has taken both these plain and simple adjectives, “HOT” and “SEXY,” to another level. But make no mistake: It’s one of Kidman’s great performances if not the best itself in my opinion. I still couldn’t get over it, why they ignored such a brilliant performance in the (Best Actress) Female Lead Role category in that very year. (Actually, I have a theory, but not for now.) (Speaking for myself, for the time being I’d probably taken out another Ms. Stone or Ms. Thompson’s slot and fill it in with Kidman’s name for that year’s relevant category.) : )

    Looking forward to The Paperboy. (And all the best to you, Ms. Kidman.)

  • The Japanese Viewer

    My own correction (main things only): (Speaking for myself, for the time being I’d probably have taken out another Ms. Stone or Ms. Thompson’s slot and filled it in with Kidman’s name for that year’s relevant category.) : )

  • Daveylow

    I think Macy Gray deserves a nomination just as much as Kidman. The Paperboy was such trash, though. And John Cysack deserves a nomination for worst performance–I’ve never seen him so bad.

  • Casey

    Davey glad you also liked Macy. She was quite good in paperboy as well

  • Casey

    Tero glad you saw compliance too!
    I’m heavy on the Ann dowd bandwagon

  • Tiger Nueng

    NICOLE KIDMAN in The Paperboy! she really great so she deserves a nomination+++

  • Josh

    I personally would love to see Nicole Kidman’s name being announced come Oscar nominations and the only threats standing in her way are Amy Adams and Maggie Smith. But giving Adams a fourth nom in a span of 7 years is like too much, whereas Kidman had to wait 8 years for a third nomination for Rabbit Hole and some of her performances within that 8 years are Oscar-worthy (Birth, Dogville, Margot at the Wedding). As for Maggie Smith, SAG is her only precursor. I’d still give the edge to Adams in this one, so my predictions are: Adams, Field, Hathaway, Hunt, Kidman.

  • Arie

    Kidman will be in contention again next season, with The Railway Man and Stoker!
    She defies the odds in Hollywood for female actors over 40.

  • Anne

    Critics should not be allowed to critique without even seeing the movie yet. I watched some critics talking about who gets nominated in SAG and Golden Globes in youtube and they were saying that Nicole’s nomination was the most shocking and even criticizing her performance without even seeing The Paperboy yet. I hope they watch the movie first and then they can say if Nicole really deserves to be nominated or not. I think Nicole is one of the few actors that people have very high expectations on. So even if she gave an excellent performance compare to others who are not so good but at one point gave a decent performance, it will always be not good enough. Sometimes, it is a disadvantage if you are very good, people will always have high expectations on you. Look at Sandra Bullock, a decent actress yes, but not in the league of Meryl Streep or even Nicole. She just mostly stars in romcom movies, but when she did The Blind Side, she gave a decent performance at the very least but she won the Oscar.

  • the other mike

    i was just thinking, if there is one woman actor who can compare to Robert De Niro is his prime for being in interesting projects, its Nicole Kidman. I am not saying she is on his level as an actor, and I am not even saying she is on Meryl Streep level acting wise. But like De Niro is his prime, she makes intersting film that you can watch again, unlike Meryl who has been in a lot of junk, and won oscars for good performances in junk movies.

    now form what i can see, this movie Paperboy is a junk movie, and Lee Daniels is almost certainly living out some weird pervert race sex fantasy in his movies, what with nicole kidman peeing on a dude and intercutting sex scennes in Precious with someone fryng pork chops this film is certainly a hot azz mess .but from what i have seen, Nicole Kidman killed it in that movie. she was convincing in the trailers and clips.

  • ChrisFlick

    Would love to see Nicole up for this, she is a riveting knockout in The Paperboy. I like her in everything but this felt special. In a weaker year she’d be in Lead, inasmuch as she is the female lead and features throughout the movie, more or less. Have not yet seen Compliance but sense the same is true of Ann Dowd, the difference is starpower, so Dowd gets relegated to Supporting. It would be nice to see Dowd get the leg up that a nomination would secure for her (see Melissa Leo in Frozen River.)

  • Montage

    Stephen Holt:

    You have just done Ann Dawd a disfavor by dissing Nicole Kidman to get your Dawd a nomination. SO unclassy and desperate.. just because you are desperate to be a star publicist…
    Nicole DID NOT steal from your Dawd!!

    Can you please list down which movies in which Nicole was nominated by Golden Globe thats not worthy of nomination? (GG nominated her for Birth, mind you!!)

  • lenka73

    I’m not sure she will be nominated but I’m sure her perfs won’t be lesser than the nominated ones

  • M


  • Sammy

    She has a SAG nomination and the Academy always put some old horses in the list. She will probably be nominated but sadly she has no chance for winning.

  • A. J. Roscoe


    I agree. Even if nominated, she has no chance of winning. Her closest foreseeable winning opportunity is Grace of Monaco.

  • anny

    If there is justice, Nicole will be nomimated this year for the Oscar.

  • Tan Vampire

    Compliance (2012) – Movie Review (Shameless Exploitation / Absolute Rubbish)

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