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Oscar Season Haiku Giveaway (and Winners) Blu-Ray Player

Congratulations to Ben Gordon and (I decided to give out another) of the Tarantino disk set to Cameron (charvey81208). Please email for prize info.

And now onto our special Christmas giveaway. For this contest you have a choice. You can enter a haiku about awards season, if you’re feeling up to it, or you can put down your favorite movie to watch around the holidays.

The prize is – a portable blu-ray player!



My favorite Christmas movies are It’s a Wonderful Life, No Country for Old Men, The Apartment, Love Actually, and the Twilight Zone marathon.  And here’s a haiku.

Anne Hathaway sing.
Fantine est miserables.
Because Russell Crowe.

My tiger is mean.
He and I live on a boat.
It’s a good story.

He might be crazy.
Silver linings everywhere.
You move your junk, girl.

Your turn! Good luck! Merry Christmas!