Congratulations to Ben Gordon and (I decided to give out another) of the Tarantino disk set to Cameron (charvey81208). Please email for prize info.

And now onto our special Christmas giveaway. For this contest you have a choice. You can enter a haiku about awards season, if you’re feeling up to it, or you can put down your favorite movie to watch around the holidays.

The prize is – a portable blu-ray player!



My favorite Christmas movies are It’s a Wonderful Life, No Country for Old Men, The Apartment, Love Actually, and the Twilight Zone marathon.  And here’s a haiku.

Anne Hathaway sing.
Fantine est miserables.
Because Russell Crowe.

My tiger is mean.
He and I live on a boat.
It’s a good story.

He might be crazy.
Silver linings everywhere.
You move your junk, girl.

Your turn! Good luck! Merry Christmas!

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  • My favorite holiday movies are: It’s A Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, and A Season For Miracles.

    I don’t really understand haiku. I’m not a poet and I know it.

  • When you are Murray. And you’ve done Ghost Busters. Who needs an Oscar.

  • Kevin Klawitter

    A studio year
    Big movies dominated
    Star power could win

    Too bad for small films…
    How many syllables are
    in Quvenzhané?

    Few dissapointments
    Most have lived up to the hype

    The less likely films
    Could have won in other years
    But this time they’re boned

    A big politics year
    Not a standard AMPAS thing,
    But can’t be denied.

  • Marc R

    Fav Christmas movies: Die Hard, Elf, Fanny and Alexander, A Christmas Carol (1957), Children of Men


    Zero Dark Thirty
    Stringer Bell cannot compete
    with this B&B

    Runs with a trash bag
    He is friends with chris tucker
    he must be crazy

    levitt and willis
    one of them is from the future
    he went to China

  • The Japanese Viewer

    Is the contest valid for those residing in US only or worldwide? (I am currently living in a Southeast Asian [host] country.) Any deadline?

    Happy Holidays, Awards Daily and everyone. : )

  • Dean

    Cotillard gets nom
    For Katy Perry dance and
    Texting for some dick?

  • Sasha Stone

    If you can use the player you can enter.

  • Watermelons

    Without Kate Winslet,
    this year is drab and silent;
    I pray she acts soon.

    The best of oh-twelve?
    Beasts of the Southern Wild.
    And it is not close.

  • Zach

    Australian Watts
    Faces Silver Linings and
    Chastain for the prize.

    (Team Watts, all biases admitted.)

    Fave Xmas/December movie: Meet Me in St. Louis. Favorite New Year’s movies: When Harry Met Sally and The Apartment.

  • Stephen Cross

    Chastain gets Oscar.
    Help from Bigelow and Boal.
    CIA don’t hate.

    Daniel Day is back.
    Liam Neeson has regrets.
    Field and Jones win too.

    ZDT Best Pic.
    What happened to The Master?
    Ann Dowd get a nom.

  • Casey

    My favorite holiday movie
    Is none other than Scrooged!

  • The Japanese Viewer

    (Thank you, Sasha, for the response.)

    My favorite — feel-good or not — movies to watch during special holidays: American Beauty, The Silence of the Lambs, Million Dollar Baby, Unforgiven, L.A. Confidential, Be with You (Japanese film), The Twilight Samurai, Transfomers (I & II for Megan), etc. And anything that shows up on my cables.

    But to be honest, I usually surfed the ’net while listening to loud music and watching HBO’s movies muted on TV regardless of the titles – my main thing is the Internet.

    F(or)’ever and a day
    My crush on Megan Fox be
    O cometh Transformers

    Upon Ms. Bigelow
    Ms. Stone beauteously clam’ring
    So she’s been methinks

    A box of choc’lates
    Life be; Mama Gump*
    Good luck for the nom.

    (Sorry, lol. I’m sooo all over the place.)

    [*This is Awards Daily; any further explanation shall be deemed, IMO, an insult.] xD

  • Melly

    My favourite Christmas movies are Spirited Away, Birth and Kill Bill.

    My Haiku:

    John Hawkes’ the virgin
    Helen Hunt stole it from him
    Thanks to sex Sessions

    Note: Love your feedback because this is my first time 😉

  • Reno

    I am quite certain
    I will not win this contest
    But fingers kept crossed

  • Reno

    The awards season…
    Season to award awards
    to the awardees

  • Derek 8-Track

    Love Scrooged! My Step Dad was an extra in it.

    Been right since Old Men.
    I did not guess Departed.
    I’ll be wrong again.

  • Reno

    “or you can put down your favorite movie to watch around the holidays”

    Am I supposed to disparage Home Alone?

  • DrewSF

    My favorite Christmas movies that I have to see at least once during the holiday season are: A Christmas Carol (1938), The Bishop’s Wife, Miracle on 34th Street (1947), Home Alone, The Santa Clause, and Elf 🙂

  • lily

    my favorite holiday movies are Meet Me in St. Louis, It’s a Wonderful Life, When Harry Met Sally, and A Christmas Story

  • BlueFox94

    Lincoln and Chastain
    Argo gains speed again
    Ralph for animation

  • pat

    favorite holiday movies are: The Family Stone, Elf, and Meet Me In St. Louis

    Holidays in swing
    Nobody really cares though
    The oscars are here

  • Mike

    My favorite holiday movies are The Family Stone, Love Actually, and Pieces of April.

  • Been watching love actually every Xmas since its DVD release with my two best friends. I adore it! Also love Gremlins.


    Sorry ZDT
    No sag nod means no BP
    Can’t all be Braveheart

    Lawrence v. Chastain
    Neither one is yet married –
    No Oscar curse here!

    When going to bed,
    Want a great story teller.
    Can has a Lincoln?!

    Dear Thomas Hooper,
    Camera should never shoot from
    Bottom right corner
    But, hey film pundits,
    Where were these observations
    During The Kings Speech?!?!
    It may be too late
    To give Fincher the Oscar
    But NOT THIS TIME, Tom

  • Oh damn. They are all separate haikus except for the three part one on Tom Hooper. I….should have used html like I was told.

  • k-a

    Fav Christmas movies: LOTR I, II, III

  • Alex M

    Every holiday season I have to watch “The Family Stone”! I know it’s a flawed movie but something about it just puts me in the holiday mood. Between the stellar cast and sweet ending its a holiday tradition I always look forward to!

  • Todd P

    My favorite christmas movie is a chtistmas story.

    Merry Christmas To All

  • My favourite Christmas movies: Muppet Christmas Carol and Elf.

  • André Gonçalves

    LOL, I suck at this (first timer). Here it goes:

    Sucks to be Keira
    She needs to move on
    And do Holocaust

    Anne is singing loud
    Thinking this is her year
    Can Kidman surprise?

    Politics are ruling
    And a certain wallflower too
    What else can we do

  • danny


  • Alice Yin

    My favourite christmas movie has to be Meet Me in St Louis – the scene where Judy Garland sings Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas made me tear up the first time I watched it.

  • As the are still no good Chanukah movies, my favorite Christmas movies are Scrooged, Elf, any Rankin Bass animated movie, and Die Hard

  • Dan

    P.T. Anderson
    Tops himself with The Master
    Oscars ignore him

  • steve50

    It’s awfully early for this, but here goes. I tried to adapt some favorite lines from this year.

    (Lester – Argo)
    The Ayatollah?
    If worrying is your thing
    Try the WGA

    (Mary Todd – Lincoln)
    Abolish Slavery!
    Sending my son into war,
    so woe if you fail!

    (Frobisher – Cloud Atlas)
    It’s waiting for us,
    Dear Sixsmith, a better world.
    I’ll be waiting there.

    Life is letting go.
    The moment that hurts the most –
    not saying goodbye.

    (Bane – The Dark Knight Rises)
    There’s no money here?
    Is this not the Stock Exchange?
    Then why are you here?

    Christmas movies? Unfortunately, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation accurately reflects many past holidays, especially the rogue eaves trough AND the squirrel in the house (I have a Great Dane). Have to go with that.

  • John

    My favorite Christmas stories to watch are pretty recent nes: Love Actually and The Holiday (2006).


    Cooper, not Phoenix?
    Waltz stealing Leo’s thunder?
    Woes of late season surges.

  • John

    Yeah, I f&$@ed up. 5,7,7 is not a Haiku. Woops. 🙁

    Cooper, nor Phoenix?
    Waltz stealing Leo’s thunder?
    Late season surges.

  • Andy

    Doona breaks my heart
    Where is the Cloud Atlas love?
    Not even Makeup.

  • Jon caliri

    It’s torture to see
    Shadow shell game on Fine Art
    Laden down Again

  • DBibby

    One movie this year
    Featured an erect penis
    and Kylie Minogue.

  • rufussondheim

    Fave Holiday Movie – Mysterious Skin (the climactic scene, hearing the carollers sing Silent Night – heartwrenchingly beautiful!

    Haikus! (Spoilers abound!)

    Suicide of Friend,
    Molested by Aunt Helen
    Cinema Goldmine!

    The Guy from The League
    Has invented time travel
    April, You Go Girl!

    Potus tells stories
    And then frees the slaves, fuck yeah.
    Kids, damn it, wake up!

    Roaming through Turkey
    Can be very transcendant
    If you have patience

    Junkie Interviews
    Then rides bike at night with girl
    Just to kill himself.

    Denzel does cocaine
    To be a better pilot
    No thanks, I will drive.

    Michelle Williams
    Eventually has threesomes
    Misses fried chicken

    Soderburgh shows bulge
    Of the world’s sexiest man.
    Yet still makes bad film

    Katniss fucks workmates
    Phil wants in on the action
    So scores five point oh.

    Guy drinks gasoline
    Imagines Naked Women
    How is this good film?

  • Patryk

    My favorite Christmas movie is “Truman Capote’s A Christmas Memory.” It was originally broadcast on television in 1966. Public TV used to replay it regulary. It stars Geraldine Page (in an EMMY winning performance,) as an older cousin of a young Truman Capote (who also narrates). It is incredibly moving in it’s simplicity and sincerity. It is not easy to find, but it can be found on the internet. I watch it and the second part, “The Thanksgiving Visitor,” also starring Page in another EMMY winning role and also narrated by Capote himself, every year. The book is still in print for anyone who can’t find the video. Together, they make for the best holiday double feature. For those looking outside the more well-known holiday movies.

    And please avoid the Patty Duke remake. It is horrible.

  • rufussondheim

    Thanks, Patryk, found it – will watch it Christmas Eve!

  • Tye-Grr

    Daniel Day-Lewis
    The Oscar is his to lose
    I’m betting he won’t
    History repeats
    This will be his third gold man
    World’s greatest actor

  • My favorite holiday films happen to be Love Actually, Elf, the first Home Alone, About a Boy and of course, Sleepless in Seattle.

  • knee play

    favourite christmas movies:
    a christmas tale
    fanny and alexander
    bad santa

  • PaulH

    Compliance walkouts
    No reason to let guard down
    And admit Ann Dowd

  • Danemychal

    Favorite Christmas movies:

    Miracle on 34th Street (with Edmund Gwinn), A Christmas Story, Its a Wonderful Life.


    Dear Academy
    I beg for your compliance
    Nominate Ann Dowd

    “Argo fuck yourself!”
    Oscar will instead say “I’m
    Fucking Ben Affleck!”

  • Matt T

    Around Christmastime I love to watch It’s a Wonderful Life, any of the Harry Potter movies, and Die Hard.

    Ben Affleck’s beard and
    Canada saved the day so
    “Argo Fuck Yourself!”

  • AdamA

    Is Ben Affleck running
    or just stealing headlines from

  • Tye-Grr

    And I forgot to throw in my fave holiday films:

    ‘Love Actually’ is one of my faves, and I’ve grown to love ‘The Family Stone’. ‘Home Alone 1 & 2’ have become classics in my house. ‘Elf’ is another new classic.

  • AdamA

    And in honor of the weird, sexual overtones I’m finding in some of these:

    You’re no Lenny Bruce.
    Adding sex to a bad joke
    Doesn’t make it good.

  • The Academy
    of Motion Picture Arts and
    Sciences is King.

    My wife is crazy
    because of all the dust in
    these old timey rooms.

    Hobbitses and Dwarves
    won’t get love this Valentine’s.

    Gary Oldman, Tom
    Hardy, Jessica Chastain,
    No one gives a shit?!

    Cloud Atlas is too
    complicated for feeble
    minds. Have fun voting.

    The Dark Knight Rises,
    The Dark Knight, Batman Begins
    Deserve nothing? Que?

    Blue wookiees are boss
    Look at the back of my head
    Really, look at it!!!

    Ang Lee’s latest film
    is just a paper tiger
    I’m sorry to say

    Independent films
    and foreign films don’t get seen
    ’til after Oscar.

    Adorable Ted
    says the F word and smokes weed.
    He’ll be a great host!

    Savages was great
    Feel like only I watched it
    Scooby Doo ending

    John Goodman is John
    Goodman in every movie
    You guys just love him

    Our Looper, trouper
    Somewhere in the crowd there’s you
    So Rainmaker, reign!

    Wow Prometheus,
    You really disappointed
    Not Fassbender’s fault

    Just watch the movies
    Really all you need to do
    It will all be clear

  • AdamA

    I’ve got a lot of favorite holiday films, but these are the three TV movies that I love best:

    1. Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas
    2. The House Without a Christmas Tree
    3. Truman Capote’s A Christmas Memory

    Oh how I wish TV could do Christmas like they used to!

  • Keil S.

    Films I love to watch at this time of year include:

    – Die Hard
    – Christmas Story, A
    – Royal Tenenbaums, The
    – Godfather, The
    – Hannah and Her Sisters
    – Bad Santa
    – American Movie

    Awards Season Haikus:


    Way to go, Joaquin!
    Like a phoenix from ashes,
    Rising to the top.


    Daniel Day-Lewis
    Looking great behind the wheel
    Of his new Lincoln.


    What’s The Deep Blue Sea?
    Being praised so suddenly.
    John Waters was right.


    A face in the crowd
    A win made her loud and proud.
    Celebrate, Anne Dowd!


    Ice storms, gay cowboys,
    And warriors who seem to fly
    Surpass Life of Pi.


    The Weinstein Brothers –
    Producers extraordinaire
    Trophies everywhere.


    Megan Ellison –
    Oracle of good fortune
    For auteurs in need.


    Poor Holy Motors
    Confounding Oscar voters
    Stop and eat a rose.


    Django’s off the chain
    Its maker won’t disappoint
    A Quentin T. Joint.


    Vote Tarantino
    Why be a slave to pundits?
    Break free of their chains!


    P.T. Anderson
    Truly a modern master.
    Where’s his damn Oscar?!

  • Spout

    Fav holiday movie: Elf

    Haiku (kinda short, but here goes):

    Burt Macklin storms in,
    UBL Dunzo.
    Torture worked?

    sing, Anne, sing
    sob, audience, sob
    movie over?

  • The Master is king.
    Joaquin gets so physical.
    Phil is at his best.

  • christiannnw

    Third Reich did not fuss over “Bastards”,
    Leave Bigelow alone,
    Vote Jess.

    Christmas Films!:

    1) Hannah and Her Sisters: I love the contentious dynamics that exist between the Lea, Holly, and Hannah, and how they must come to terms with the lives they are (or should) be making for themselves. The scenes that also see characters evolve throughout several consecutive Thanksgiving feasts also remind me of Thanksgiving with my family.

    2) Fanny and Alexander: a bit of a copout choice, since the holiday element of Hannah and Her Sisters is an homage to this Ingmar Bergman film, but their execution couldn’t be more different. Whereas Hannah feels contemporary and conspicuously mature, the Christmas festivities in Fanny and Alexander is fantastical, opulent, and bursting to the seams with color and detail. I love being able to experience the joy and curiosity felt by the children on Christmas Eve, yet it’s inclusion of the often-messy going ons of the adults in the Ekdahl clan also highlights the the harsh realities of growing up.

    3) Repulsion: because I watched this with my mom on Christmas two years ago, and I’ve been scarred ever since.

    4) Moonstruck: Cosmo and Rose are my grandparents.

  • Paul W.

    The two movies I watch over and over over the holidays are Its a Wonderful Life and Home Alone

  • My favorite Christmas movies are It’s a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street (though I watch it on Thanksgiving, because it starts with the parade, and because it’s a family tradition), Remember the Night, The Shop Around the Corner, The Man who Came to Dinner, The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, the Alastair Sim Christmas Carol, Stalag 17, We’re No Angels (the original, natch), The World of Henry Orient, The Godfather, The Dead, Scrooged, and the Ref. Plus, of course, the Charlie Brown Christmas special and the original How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Mind you, I don’t always get to watch all of them every year (it was easier when I worked at a video store and could just put them on), but those are my favorites.

  • RobS

    It’s 1183 and we’re barbarians!
    ‘The Lion in Winter’ reminds me that all families have their ups and downs.
    Merry Christmas!

  • Lucas Prata

    Nhan, I just can’t write a haiku in english, it’s already hard in my first language, imagine in this, that is so different. 😛

    Anyway, my favorite film to watch in the in christmas must be The King’s Speech. Not that I like so very much, but it does remind me of the christmas from 2010, which was a very good christmas. (:

  • PJ

    My favorite film to watch around Christmas time is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase.

  • Mattoc

    Dark theatre – at peace
    Ageing Breasts and throbbing Cocks
    Bless Riva, Lavant

  • Renae

    At this moment fav Christmas movie is:
    How the Grinch Stole Christmas
    Because my kid is sitting next to me not texting while we watch…

  • Mattoc

    Hardy wears a muzzle
    And falls for Reese Witherspoon
    Not the same movie

  • Mattoc

    ^ I just fucku’d my haiku.
    Delete ‘a’ from first line and replace with nothing.

  • Keil S.

    I hate The Grinch.


  • Drew W.

    An awards season haiku for my favorite movie of the year:

    Fake desert film crew?
    Affleck with a Bieber ‘do?

  • RobinTMP

    I may not watch them every year, but I’d count the following as my favorite holiday movies/shows: It’s a Wonderful Life (of course); the George C. Scott version of A Christmas Carol that I remember seeing as a kid years ago that’s always stuck with me; A Charlie Brown Christmas (been watching it since the year it first aired; yes, I’m an old broad…); Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (my dear friend Lisa gave me a sign for my apartment which reads “Embassy for the Island of Misfit Toys”); The Lion in Winter (it turns out I’m descended from Henry and Eleanor, so there’s a reason those family fights seem all too familiar); How the Grinch Stole Christmas (again, been watching since the first showing); and The Ref (another friend used to host annual viewings).

    This year, though, I might switch things up a bit, because if I can set up my old eMac to watch one of those instant Amazon movies, I’m seriously tempted to try and rent Dahmer, aka indie film’s version of The Velvet Underground and Nico. (In this case, rather than everyone who bought it starting a band, everyone who managed to watch it to the end wanted to hire Jeremy Renner.) I’ve read way too many accounts from people along the lines of “I had to turn it off after 20 minutes because it was too intense/I couldn’t sleep afterward/I got weirded out when I realized I felt sorry for a serial killer,” and after hearing this from umpteen gazillion people, including a boatload of Renner fangirls who’ll sit through anything the man’s ever been in, I can’t help but feel that the gauntlet has been thrown down…and I, having a suitably warped sense of humor and a fair degree of stubbornness to boot, am inclined to pick it up and watch the damn movie tomorrow night. (Yes, I’ll let you know what I think; yes, I fully expect to be creeped out; and yes, I have enough liquor in the house to help me get drunk enough to pass out and sleep when it’s over. Of course, if Amazon and my eMac don’t cooperate, or my 16-year-old cat won’t quit harassing me while I’m trying to watch, all bets are off, but right now, that’s the game plan.)

    As for a haiku, here’s my $.02 worth on the annual battles between rabid fanboys and equally determined supporters of more “artsy” movies:

    Fanboys v. auteurs
    Awards season bitchfest *sigh*
    Who gives a rat’s ass?

    Merry freakin’ Christmas, and God bless our sick and twisted asses, everyone!

  • DJP

    It’s Django Unchained
    Hip slavery by QT
    Truth is optional

  • Grace

    Definitely Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail and Last Holiday. I’m all for sap and for Tom Hanks&Meg Ryan during the holidays. I never tire of those movies. I’d even toss Notting Hill into the mix.

  • Sam

    Grand in scale or not
    Films show us human struggle
    Who saw Cloud Atlas?

  • Luis

    one oscar for who?
    not the best, just popular
    we still come back, oh my, my!

  • Ann

    I wrote my Haiku about two of my Christmas movies:
    Die Hard and The Holiday.

    Invincible Bruce
    Running over broken glass
    Love beats out money

    Two women switch lives
    New venue, new love menu
    Step back to get close

    Holiday travels
    Suspense and calamity
    Unexpected joys

  • Isai Rivera Blas

    My Favorite movies for the Holidays are:
    The Ten Commandments
    It’s a Wonderful Life
    The Sound of Music
    All Mine To Give
    The Bible
    Brokeback Mountain
    Batman Trilogy
    Lord of the Ring Trilogy
    All Hollywood Musicals
    Alien 1-5
    Arthur Christmas
    Toy Story Trilogy
    The Five Sullivans
    Jurassic Park Trilogy
    The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
    The Inglourioud Basterds
    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
    The Tree of Life
    Ocean 11,12 & 13
    Lawrence of Arabia
    West Side Story
    Romeo and Juliet
    Miracle on 34th Street (1947)
    A Chorus LIne
    Schindler’s List
    The Lion King
    The Exorcist
    James Bond Films

  • Rob

    Year’s best performance
    Top-rate action and story
    All here in Skyfall

    Lets not forget what a masterpiece the latest bond film was, whether or not the academy gives it some love. #BardemFTW!

  • rufussondheim

    Nine months on a raft
    And you ask what have I learned?
    That mom was a chimp!

  • rufussondheim

    These are so much fun to write, I’m making three more!

    I’m off to Iran
    To make a Persion Star Wars!
    Those hostages can wait.

    Dead Kids everywhere!
    I don’t have to try to live
    I’m making two more.

    What’s this strange birthmark?
    Why is Tom Hanks always near?
    Paul H. won’t approve.

    Thank God Judi died.
    Mr. Fiennes is more fine!
    Time for a desk job.

  • John Oliver

    Man, the beasts are wild
    But can it win the Oscar,
    Only Lincoln knows.

  • Henry Z

    Ben Affleck is back
    Bigelow returns with war
    Spielberg gets mature

    Anne sings her heart out
    Bradley Cooper turns to drama
    Ang Lee bought a tiger

    Daniel is Lincoln
    Beasts of the wild have roared
    Kidman please don’t win

  • Leo

    If Hollywood’s wood
    Could only show their soul like
    Holy Motor’s motors.

  • Leo

    (To Emma)

    The perks of being
    A flower from Potter’s garden:
    You don’t get a nom

  • Leo

    Frankly, no Oscar
    For Burton, what a burden!
    Go Frankenweenie!

  • Lop

    My favorite movies to watch during the wintertime is Home Alone, Homeward Bond, and the Little Rascals. These are the movies that remind me of the happy times with my parents.

  • RobinTMP

    Update: Well, so much for my anticipated Dahmer viewing tonight (e.g., “what’s potentially THE most inappropriate movie to watch on Christmas Eve?”); both Amazon Instant Video and Netflix require one’s computer to have an Intel processor, and my eMac, sadly, does not. I wonder if Netflix will let me scratch the instant option and just get DVDs in the mail? *sigh* In the meantime (because I’m Little Miss Stubborn, damn it), I’ve just ordered the DVD from an Amazon seller…perhaps it’ll show up in time for New Year’s Eve? *looks hopeful*

    Tarantino rule:
    No holocaust is sacred.
    What did Spike expect?

    Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays of your choice, and may Sasha bless us, everyone!

  • Nate Frey

    None are holier
    Than Holy Motors this year.
    A snub it will be.

    Happy holidays everyone!

  • melvel


  • @RobinTMP

    Netflix wasn’t working for me either last night. They said they had an outage. And about DAHMER, it’s sort of disturbing how sexy Jeremy Renner is in it. lol Have fun.

  • Jake

    Rust & Bone:

    Ouch my legs are gone
    I’m going to fight this guy
    OMG My Son

    The Impossible

    What did she vomit?
    Lord Jesus are those her guts?
    Mom don’t do that please.

  • livivua c

    I love home alones

  • RobinTMP

    Antoinette: Sorry you had Netflix trouble, too; unfortunately, mine is of the “my computer is out of date” type. You need an Intel processor to be able to use either Netflix or Amazon; my eMac, alas, is a PowerPC, and I can’t use my TV either, because it’s too old & not Blu-Ray compatible (and, AFAIK, there isn’t any way I can hook it up for this kind of thing, either). I do wish technology didn’t become obsolete quite so fast–even if you buy new equipment, it’s out-of-date before you even drag it to the cash register, and if you tend to get second equipment like me (hey, if it still works well & is cheap, why not?), you’re even more screwed. You’d think that someone would realize that, during a recession, (a) not everyone has a fancy-schmancy home entertainment set, and (b) some reasonably cheap and instant entertainment for enjoying at home is a Really Good Thing, but apparently not…

    (And yes, I’ve heard that about Renner’s performance; that may be part of the reason for all the “holy sh*t, I had to turn it off 20 minutes in!” reactions. Bad enough to start feeling sorry for a serial killer, but thinking he’s hot to boot? *shudder* Rumor has it that his mother couldn’t bring herself to speak to him for the better part of two weeks after seeing it, and his then-GF who saw it with him took off immediately afterwards and never spoke to him again; when you can scare the crap out of your nearest and dearest because you’re that damn crazyscarysexygood, well…it says a lot about your acting skills, IMNSHO.)

  • Michael Lewis

    Year-end prestige films
    From Argo to Zero Dark
    Oscar smiles with pride

  • Will L.

    My Christmas movies:
    1) Chocolat
    2) Eat Drink, Man Woman
    3) The Sound of Music

    My Haiku:

    Bruce Wayne met his match
    Bane: “I’m Gotham’s reckoning!”
    Selina: “Shrimp balls?” 😉

    “I’m adaptable”
    Catwoman meets Tom Hooper
    Anne Hathaway shines!

    Fantine sang heart out
    Highlight of Les Misérables
    Oscar Frontrunner!

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