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Les Mis Sets Box Office Record, Zero Dark Thirty HUGE, Lincoln hits $120 mil

Wowzer for all three of these box office stories. The first, Les Miserables hits $18 mil for its opening. That makes it the second highest opener on Christmas, behind Sherlock Holmes and the highest grossing opener for a musical ever. Django Unchained, in more theaters, came out with less of a take, at $15 million.  But Les Mis really had the Must-See thing in its favor, especially over the Christmas holiday. Zero Dark Thirty is doing insane per theater numbers, $82 thou per theater average last weekend and is continually averaging around $23 thou every day.  It’s only in a few theaters now.

And Lincoln astonishes at $120 million. This, for a supposedly talky movie about ideas?  That’s fairly alarming in all respects, to me anyway.