Vanity Fair has dubbed Jennifer Lawrence Most Desirable Woman, ironic since in the movie Silver Linings Playbook she has to do everything but perform a lap dance to get Bradley Cooper to dump his fickle wife and fall for her. More pics after the cut.

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  • Selma

    Gorgeous and talented!

  • Julie

    Beautiful photos for the future Oscar winner (maybe this year, maybe not but… soon 😀 )

  • steandric

    From a Wall Street Journal’s interview with young Actress Jennifer Lawrence:

    WSJ: The Wall Street Journal: Your “X-Men” role is your first in a costume that transformed your appearance. Did it feel different to act that way?

    Ms. Lawrence: The acting is the same but I had to be conscious of my face. I never have before, which I always regret when I’m watching a movie because when I smile you see how huge my cheeks are. But when you’re in this makeup, your teeth are fluorescent and if you lift your cheeks too high, your scales go into your eyes. For a time they had me wearing these contacts that were dreadful. They were like eggshells. I could barely see and it seemed like a wall between me and the camera. I admire these actresses who look so beautiful all the time. Naomi Watts. When she cries she still looks gorgeous. When I cry I look like a platypus.

  • Scotty

    Her face looks too big and flat on the widescreen. Otherwise she is ok.

  • Lawrence’s self-deprecation is unmatched for someone in her age-range and stature.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    She’s hitting the campaign trail hard on all cylinders! Girl knows what them old buggers wanna see, yummy yummy… Better luck next time Jessica Chastain…

  • She seems like a good egg. I like her. Haven’t seen SLP yet though.

  • Tiano

    Kudos to the photographer with the PHOTOSHOP.

  • She complimented Naomi Watts. Can someone please check on me in a few minutes? I’m gonna go pass out.


  • Also, yeah, the photoshopping in the last two shots is frightening lol.

  • DJP

    She may be very talented. I’ve only seen her in X-Men: First Class but she is a plain woman. There is nothing extraordinary about her looks. The Hollywood Hype Machine working overtime.

  • Zach

    Meh, I like her a lot and think she’s very pretty, but I hate when every year’s presumptive Best Actress becomes The Most Desirable Woman on the Face of the Earth Since the Dawn of Man. And we’ve had some great beauties win Best Actress in the last decade or so – Halle Berry, Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron, Marion Cotillard. Just don’t overdo it.

  • The Japanese Viewer

    Thanks for the ups, Sasha. This is my second fanboy-drooling episode this new year. XD (First one over a Japanese actress’s pix but that’s another story.)

    She’s pretty. And I liked her performances in Winter’s Bone. But I need to see SLP to judge it for myself.

    Side note (no hatred): Her beautiful lower-bridged nose, uncommon *the lower-bridged part* among Caucasians in my opinion, looks as if she’d been through some sort of closed reduction or aesthetic osteotomy – either way it looks pretty. (I guess the idea if so, in her case, is to make it look less out-standing for the overall facial features. It worked for her, though.) Just saying.

  • Stanton Moyer

    She is the most beautiful,bright,sexy actor with great self deprecating sence of humor I have ever seen! Academy Awards are her’s for years to come!

  • melvel

    If ZD30 doesn’t win Best Picture (and I don’t think it will, Lincoln still has the edge at this point), they’ll give the Oscar to Jessica Chastain. Who, incidentally, is much more attractive to me than Jennifer Lawrence. A matter of taste, I guess.

  • Sam

    An overrated actress and for God’s sake…she’s 22. That is not even a grown ass woman yet. Please!

  • Dodger

    Definitely not plain looking. She’s incredibly photogenic the way her face captures light and her eyes. Plus she has a humor and a personality people like. All really good actresses have something with the way their eyes communicate emotion.

  • Biubel

    I find her fake and annoying, especially in all her interviews.

  • Liam

    Oh please, Stop overrated this average actress. Btw She has the personality of a moron.

  • Evan

    She is very talented, but not qutie beautiful. I think Jessica Chastain is far more appealing.

  • dee

    Comment cover. It looks like she’s literally glowing from within! Very talented actress and future Oscar winner

  • Sam

    Jennifer Lawrence…22 years old. Up and coming, yet still a mediocre actress. She has the personality of a 22 year old. She is not brilliant in the head or in the acting department….yet, she is one of the biggest female stars around.
    One word. Boobs. Guys are like Beavis and Butthead. Boobs. They will go and see Hunger Games over Twilight any day. Boobs. Heh-heh. SLP…lot’s of Boobs, and jumping up and down with boobs. That’s the secret to being a huge female star at a very young age for no good reason. Ask Scarlett Johansson.

  • Reno

    I desire Rachel Weisz the most, can’t wait for Oz.

  • Karen


    Say what you will but Jennifer Lawrence isn’t famous for being on tabloids, dating and partying around and whatnot. She’s known for her WORK. She’s definitely better than most of the actresses in her age range so kudos to her. She will have 2 Oscar nominations at the age of 22.

  • AD

    Cute yes, beatiful not really. She is a good actress, pretty funny and laid back but she is also only 22. And the boobs shots are getting old really..

  • Bells

    I love her so much. She’s an amazing actress and so cool and beautiful. I wish her all the best!

  • Nat

    Gorgessity and talented too

  • Deandre

    omg she looks so cute!!!!! Love her

  • So fresh and cute… 🙂

  • “Say what you will but Jennifer Lawrence isn’t famous for being on tabloids, dating and partying around and whatnot. She’s known for her WORK. She’s definitely better than most of the actresses in her age range so kudos to her. She will have 2 Oscar nominations at the age of 22.”


    You said everything.
    Great words.

  • christiannnw

    Her head looks huge.

  • Bee32

    That has to be the cutest high end fashion cover I’ve ever seen. Jennifer Lawrence is a force on her own. Incredibly talented, cute, lovely, and cool. I’m really looking forward to seeing what she does next.

    Future Oscar winner 😉

  • Sienna

    Overrated? I’m sorry what? She’s never been on a single tabloid cover. We rarely see paparazzi pictures of her out and about. All she’s in the news is for her films and work which is what every actor should be in the news for. I think she’s an amazing actress and grounded. Her parents seriously did a fantastic job raising her.

  • Sam

    Oscar gets it wrong most of the time, so that means nothing. Tom Hooper won an Oscar…Hitchcock never did. Jennifer Hudson can barely do a Weight watchers commercial and she has an Oscar. 2 Oscar nominations by age 22 just proves my point about Oscar. Not impressed.

  • jack

    She looks adorable on this cover. Talented and beautiful.

  • Sam

    What the hell do tabloids have to do with anything? Obviously you are too young to remember when amazing young actresses were Meryl Streep. Who, by the way, wouldn’t have done Hunger Games and X-Men. But, let’s look at that…she is also no where near a Sigourney Weaver in Alien or Aliens. Go back and look at what a great actress is! I’m not saying she’s bad…I am just saying she isn’t the second coming of Meryl Streep or Weaver or Goldie Hawn or fill in the blsnk. I have higher standards for what we should go gaga over. So sue me.

  • Jesse Crall

    “Hmmm, I think it would be fun to give acting a real shot. I’m sure a dedication to my craft will help engage and entertain audiences and give me the satisfaction of making people happy!” *browses through Awards Daily comments* “Never mind.”

  • Jesse Crall

    Lawrence rules and fuck Vanity Fair for titling their piece with something so subjective it can’t help but draw derision.

  • Winston

    @Sam-Sorry you are not impressed. No one could possibly argue with someone with your impeccable credentials, which amount to being an anonymous person with an internet connection, same as me and everyone else. Lol. That said, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion. Btw, Aliens is one of my favorite movies, but that was much more due to Cameron, a great script/screenplay and Giger’s aliens. Weaver was fine but hardly unapproachable in that role.
    IMHO Streep never had the charisma to pull off the Hunger Games. Then again, we never saw Streep in her early 20s (she was about 27 when she got into films). Still Streep is placed on way too high a pedestal. She got by to a large degree on pedigree early on, but some of those performances were not very good. (Kramer vs. Kramer was flatly bad, stagey and distracting). She gets a huge nod for career longevity, although how would she have fared in the 24/7 tabloid world today? As to my dumb opinion, I think Lawrence is more naturally talented than Streep was and is among the most naturally talented actresses I’ve ever seen. (So sue me right back at you). She is on course to be the youngest actress ever nominated twice for best actress. (And these are hardly outliers; the LA film critics awarded her outstanding performance for Poker House when she was 16/17.) All this doesn’t mean she will have the same career as Streep or others; the pressures today are much greater. But the talent is quite real. Of course we may all be wrong and you right. Then again, when you always think you know better, it’s time to look in the mirror. Still, it’s unintentionally hilarious to hear an internet “expert” who has likely accomplished nothing spout off as to the merits of people who have. I do it myself to be fair, but I try to avoid petty resentment. Life is much more fun when you focus on the people you enjoy and not the infinite number of people you deem “overrated.”

  • Winston

    *Jesse Crall-Hating is just part of internet life. I like it because I get to argue with someone other than the voices in my head. But healthier people should just ignore it. Lawrence rules.

  • Jesse Crall

    @Winston: Totally. I was just being flip.

  • Lawrence is really good and is really nice the fact she’s known by her TALENT AND WORK.
    Streep is great, an amazing actress, but sometimes is very booooooooring all this about her holy pedestal. For me, Glenn Close is an actress stronger than Streep.
    Everybody knows Streep is a extraordinary actrees, also a superestimated actress, whit surplus nominations…
    Lawrence getting her second at 22 is really someting… but let’s remember Natalie Wood, receiving her third nom at 25.
    And to stop the fight Lawrence vs. Streep, let’s think in something bigger… let’s take a look at 30’s… Katharine Hepburn’s debut in “A Bill of Divorcement”, at 25.
    “And the rest is silence…” 🙂

  • Nola

    It’s a shame that Vanity Fair didn’t focus on her talent, and instead zeroed in on her “desirability” and her, well, boobs. Surely someone could have come up with a clever play on words considering the fact that she is 22 and bound to receive her second Academy Award nomination? Vanity Fair did the same thing to Emma Stone and a few years ago they did a Jolie cover that looked like something Terry Richardson would have shot. They rarely do any “beefcake” photos of men, on the other hand.

    While I find Jennifer Lawrence to be a remarkably talented, attractive, and charismatic young actress, after reading the previous comments I realized I’m probably one of the few people who read Awards Daily who doesn’t find her reality television loving, transphobic joke making, and comments like “Fuck PETA” and silent movies are “fucking boring” all that charming. Charismatic, yes, but charming, no. As far as the whole argument above about Streep and Lawrence…I think a more apt comparison would be Kate Winslet and Jennifer Lawrence. Winslet had three Academy Award nominations at the age of 26, and if it’s not Serena another film is sure to garner Lawrence her third nomination. I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if Jennifer had three nominations by or before the age of 25.

  • Keeley

    I’ve been hearing Serena is an awesome film that requires Jennifer Lawrence to play a deranged psycho trying to murder a woman who bore her husband a child before they married. It’s an interesting concept and I’m sure Lawrence will surprise many again with her range. I definitely see another nomination for her before she turns 25. Also can I say how gorgeous and cute she looks on that cover?

  • Her head looks huge because of the comical photoshopping.

  • The Dude

    She looks fantastic and hot in the cover. Although in the inside photos, she’s so obviously photoshopped that it’s hard to take it seriously.

  • charlotte

    I think it’s Lawrence’s best shoot to date (particularly love the photo of her in the red Ralph Lauren dress)…I’ll be picking this issue up, I agree with Antoinette, Jennifer Lawrence seems like a good egg, and she’s very talented. Lawrence, seems to me,(based on her interviews) very different from the other twenty something actresses…down to earth, goofy sense of humor, it’s refreshing.

  • charlotte

    Fuck me, way too many commas in that post (LOL!). I must learn to EDIT.

  • Sonja

    Yeah, let’s just STOP compairing J-Law and Meryl right now. Jennifer is Jennifer, Meryl is Meryl.
    Always was, is and ever will be.
    She (Jennifer) is pretty and desirable. So is Jessica Chastain imo.
    You must give at least a little range on Meryl because she was never the classical Hollywood beauty and yet, still after more than 30 years, people are still watching her movies. She doesn’t complain. She won last year and did not wanted to be campaigned this year. (and even if she’d lost…. Come on, she wouldn’t have a shot in hell of winning a third Oscar for Hope Springs, still being “overdue” or not)
    I myself am still glad this whole “next time” thing is finally over and yes, still for a performance I truely think was Oscar-worthy.

    But Oscars are rarely about best performances, are they? Were they ever?
    It’s all about politics and campaign. And timing.
    We’ll see who will have it in the end.

    Good luck to both, Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Chastain!

  • charlotte

    Bravo, Sonja!.

  • Rod

    I really don´t understand why the media,the critics are trying to push her so hard.She could be a regular good actress,nothing special,but to call her a beautiful,is really too much.We are already tired about Jennifer Lawrence,she is just the new starlet of the moment.We are tired too about this fake PHOTOSHOP,in this Vanity Fair cover is really too much.

  • Rod

    This Vanity Fair cover is really funny!!! Is this Jennifer Lawrence or this is a Seventeen cover girl,maybe they made a mistake.
    Please stop with horrible,fake,not human PHOTOSHOP photos,we are living in a real World,not in a Barbie girl dream fantasy.

  • Did you really have to put the spoiler before the break?

  • Oliver_67

    Does the title suggest that Bradley Cooper is gay?

  • Candice

    Don’t understand what Sasha’s problem with Jennifer Lawrence is. I think she’s a really cool chick who can actually act unlike most of her contemporaries. She’s rarely in gossip or tabloids. She’s a great role model, funny, sweet, and talented. I wish her all the best.

  • brian

    Jennifer Lawrence is an absolutely stunning young woman …

  • Jason

    Comparing Jennifer Lawrence to Meryl Streep is like comparing Streep to Katharine Hepburn. Years apart as far as audience tastes or even styles of filmmaking. (No franchises in 1978 except Star Wars). And Streep WOULD audition for Hunger Games today like everyone else if she was young, because a good breakout role is hard to find at any age. I love Jennifer Lawrence because like Streep because she has confidence, and the camera loves her. That is always appealing.

  • mel

    charlotte: if we’re talking about 20-something actresses, I find Anna Kendrick’s humor and charm more appealing.

  • mel

    This twat is nothing more than the girl of the moment. Emma Stone was last years’ girl. All these young actresses and their love for fame is boring. Give me Saorise Ronan and Mia Wasikowska anytime; there you have two lovely young actresses who can actually act circles around Lawrence and are not interested in fame as much as she did.
    Please, Lawrence LOVES the fame. After all, she said she wanted to be an indie actors but keeps making big franchise movies and huge magazine spreads. She has a publicist of her own and works hard enough so “People” love her. She’s no different from the Kardashians but, at least, the clan doesn’t try to tell us they have talent, you know? They know their limits, unlike this overrated girl.

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