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  • Jacob B

    The reason I’m looking forward to the Globes immensely.

  • Jason

    Awkward. I hope they rehearse more than this. Tina Fey looks really thin.

  • luke

    The Globes will beat the Oscars by a mile because of these two.

  • It’s supposed to be awkward, Jason.

    Meanwhile, the Central Ohio Film Critics Association has announced its winners:


  • steve50

    The most telling thing about the Central Ohio FCA, other than the coup by Moonrise Kingdom, is who they chose in second place. Watts, score for Cloud Atlas, Affleck, etc. These all need a publicity bump that says they are still in play in people’s minds. Interesting choices.

  • That’s the closest Naomi Watts has yet come to a win this season. It could be just one of many critics groups making a unique decision, or it could be a sign that she’s becoming a stronger player for the Oscar win.

  • The Dude

    I wouldn’t mind seeing them at the Oscars, but the Globes should always have Gervais, or not happen at all.

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